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A reply to the sick and slanderous comments - Old Habits Die Hard

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

Other than the directly debatable vaccine and other allopathic medicine subject matters, I normally do not respond on this blog, to the slanderous personal attacks conducted by the editor, as to and in regard to this referenced to blog. I as well normally have not respond on this blog, to the attacking reply comments on those said blog articles. However, I am going to provide a copy of my response to all of that and which was recently made.

Response: As replied to the blog

I find it amazingly sick, editor; that you continue on with your now over 100 titled article pages of attack, with its endless game of perpetual lying, and attempted repeat and false character assassination. You are obviously and actually that desperate, that you repeatedly feel that you need to conduct all this false discreditation of one person, me. Obviously as well there something more than just a small thing you are if you cant not silence it, nor actually in honesty address it; then you must personally attack the source. No matter what that takes. You don't think that's seriously sick, editor? Yes, or no?

Funny thing isn't it; you do not ever find me needing to do that.

As a fact throughout your literally insane ramblings, editor; YOU in fact have no evidence nor proof of any claims you have made against me, ever. Oh, you are all to good at making claims of lying and anything else under the sun, and then you link to another blog page as your supposed proof. But what do you find there; do you find evidence and proof? No, what you find is only another baseless claims and opinion page, the same as the one your reading and before that and before that. Isn't it interesting as well that Gorski, (Orac), does exactly the same thing. Linking from page to page as proof and even scientific references, when all it is more of Gorski's mad attacking and opinion page ravings.
I would challenge you to come up with the proof and evidence of everything that you have accused and claimed to against me. Making an accusation in itself, is not proof. Obviously in your self exulting arrogance, you have come to believe that people and any readers should simply believe your statements, just because you say it is true. That in itself is the mindset of a mad man, Mr. Editor! If you have not figured out the reality of that and in regard to what this blog actually represents; you are only fooling yourself, and a handful of equally as sick people.

So, there you have it, Editor. You need to open your eyes to what you have here. Admit it. All you have here and have ever had here, is meritless and baseless claims that you can not prove one why or the other. Because YOU choose to invent whatever interpretation from a situation that you have a need to, doesn’t make a claim to be fact. That in itself, your unknowing opinion as to anything, doesn’t make it fact. Because you have a need and a vendetta to destroy a person personally, does not as well give you any credibility. In fact that gives you zero credibility.  As much as you want to portray yourself as somehow all knowing ; you do not have some super ability to determine facts from a situation nor any situation that you were never part of, nor were you ever there. Plain and simple, that only qualifies your statements as opinion, not fact. In your case what it ends up being is nothing but an endlessly slanderous  expose, against one certain person. That person is me. You can not honestly be proud of the mindless stupidity that goes on in this blog.

Again, go ahead and list everything you can find to back your said claims against me, and of the lies you claim I have told. You have zero evidence of anything, and you know that.

You can easily go to my information and see all the information, science and data, and that smokes your lying misinformation filled blog by 1000 miles, so that is no longer even in question; if it ever was. You again lied about that too.  Your hypocrisy level is thus there again as well, simply beyond unmatched.

You do not have it in you, to ever face the facts; and in any honesty. I guarantee it. You never could.


Second, and specific reply:

As a fact the DUI in 2005 was a paid off set up and it has been investigated and confirmed that it was a false charge. The person who did that is known, and it is as well known exactly why he did that, and was a person I used to know in 2002. He did that because he was set up falsely to believe I had committed an offense against  his niece, when I to date do not even know who his niece is. False charges were attempted to be brought and failed, yet this guy never stopped believing it were true. It all starts with one very sick individual who was jealous of my relationship with the guy who eventually set me up in 2005. Unknown to me he was bisexual and having relationships with men, and that was entirely hidden from me; as had I known that it would have ended any association, which was only an acquaintance friend so to speak who lived in the same building.

As a fact the 2005 DUI was a false charge, and there are enough corrupt cops and people in the system that it was accomplished, as I said. The next previous was 2003, and is already as well a long time ago. I took the 2005 case to jury trial and got screwed over by a public defender who refused to let me testify to what I knew. later I as well filed a habeas which was taken as far as the federal court; but all that ever matter was the blood test, which all to obviously was somehow a false sample and in fact was faked. The person who you allowed to reply post this reply garbage, Editor; is likely as well involved with and has been involved with a group of people connected to the person mentioned who set that charge up; and that person does know the truth regardless of the crap they are stating.

A person has to be really sick to have posted this above comment to begin with. The main reason being that it is only hate speech, and has nothing do do with the credibility I have in general, nor as to the vaccine and/or the existing allopathic medicine issues. As always, editor; your blog gets sicker every day.   


Third reply:

A reply to the sick and slanderous comments - Old Habits Die Hard (this blog page)

You see, you have a problem editor, no identity, Costner. People can go to my blog and see the response pages I have created, to your corresponding blog pages. They can see how misleading, lying, and intentionally ignorant you have been shown to be. Then they can see as well that you have failed to publish the page reply that you received, and on many pages-any reply at all. That really makes you look like crap, in case your delusional thinking hasn't let you realize or know. But keep on living in your world of delusions, there editor.

When are you going to actually create a page with any science on it, to counter all the scientific studies that I have collected, and as well showing the mechanisms of vaccine harm in regard to causation of ASD, and more. Just like now over three years ago on the Argus, you just keep on attempting to mislead the public; you keep on lying, and you keep right on ignoring the obvious. I know what you are, and you know what you are. Nobody, is that stupid.

Check out your published link as well to the court document here, what do you see? Amazing, isn't it.



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