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Reply to: The Impossible Demand for 100% Vaccine Safety

Thursday, June 27, 2013
The Impossible Demand for 100% Vaccine Safety

Here we go again with "the editor", again, and again, attempting to do nothing but conduct personal attacks with his outright slander, and with again and again false and twisted information with its endless unproven accusations of my reply posting anything and everything from anyone that and who doesn't support him. Anything he receives just had to be me.  In his hypocrisy all he can ever do as well is repeatedly attack people and the personal credibility of, (just like his hero Gorski;, and that of anyone and everyone that has ever put the common sense truth forward.

Here we go again as as well with this blogger, "the editor", again and again refusing any and all unbiased information. He has had that information put in front so many repeated times and he just again and again swipes it off the table without any consideration but to relegate it to some mislead conspiracy theories. This said editor, simply refuses to face the reality of the more harm than good done by vaccines. Nothing would ever be enough. The only information in this editors mind that ever holds any credibility is that of the CDC, Offit, and Gorski. There is no real debate actually ever conducted, when all other information and science is swiped off the table repeatedly without as much as a second look and consideration.

The reality of it is that the general public has not expected nor asked for 100% safety of vaccines and any more than they have any other pharmaceutical drug. What they expect is a relative proven safety level of vaccines, and that in the outcome does not do more harm than good. Vaccine safety and their so called science, has always been a completely and highly lacking, fraud. There are pharmaceutical drugs as well that clearly do more harm than good, and the FDA has clearly not been doing the job that is expected of them, job. Being a revolving door with the pharma industry of course protecting pharma corporate interest obviously comes before real safety and effectiveness. The priority of the FDA is obviously not truly focused on protecting the public.

It does not even matter what this editor ignores for information, as ultimately it is the public at large who will be the ones to decide what the real truth is. Provided with the complete information, often they can easily do that when the evidence is presented that makes it all become quite and overwhelmingly obvious what the real truth is.

Lets take just one article to start with, and this so called "the editor", can do an expose on that article in an upcoming blog page, exclusively. Are you going to tell me this is all incorrect and/or falsified information, "the editor"? See if you can actually do an analysis without copying someone else's work and only providing personal attacks and attacks on education background. When you combine that as well with all the other sets of unbiased and available sets of data and historical information, it just becomes extremely evident that we were all misinformed about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. In fact just the opposite is truth. As long as you refuse the information and call everything a or some only a conspiracy theory, it get no where and obviously never will. Deny it all you want.

Irrefutable Evidence Shows Historical Application of Vaccines Had No Health Benefit or Impact on Prevention of Infectious Disease

There you go, "the editor". What? More moving the goal posts claiming death rates don't matter, and only the incidence rates? Then posting one single graph from only the CDC? That, after making the unsubstantiated claim that vaccines have saved millions of lives, just because the CDC and the WHO say so. Where is their proof? It is only an anecdotal assumption, and then a matter of transcribing and extrapolating that assumption onto other time frames. The same thing that they have done every year with the highly inaccurate, over exaggerated and clearly false flu cases incidence and the flu death numbers. How obvious would that information need to be? 

And by the way I left a couple replies for you as well as to the studies you and Chris put forth in your replies to that article, claiming it was so easy to find vaccines safety studies. Obviously you did not even bother to look at what you put forth for information, as there appears to be far more negative information there than positive as to that safety studies issue. Those replies will likely never be published, of course.


Polio Elimination by Vaccine Is a Hoax 

Lioness Arising Mom #5: Melissa Vega


Injections also increase the susceptibility to polio. Researchers have shown since the early 1900′s that paralytic polio often starts at the site of injection (when diptheria and pertussis vaccines were introduced in 1940′s, cases of paralytic polio skyrocketed). This research has been confirmed in numerous published studies for decades, including a 1992 study, published in Journal of Infectious Diseases, showing that children who received DPT (diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis) injections were significantly more likely than controls to suffer paralytic polio within the next 30 days.  According to the authors, “this study confirms that injections are an important cause of provocative poliomyelitis”. In 1995, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that children who received a single injection within one month after receiving a polio vaccine were 8 times more likely to contract polio than children who received no injections. 

Failure of the Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign, (with multiple US and other country references to the real historical information and data related to the literal failure of both small pox and polio vaccine, as recorded by the people that lived in those past time frames. Learn how they covered it up.) 

Polish study: Vaccines carry the potential to do tremendous harm (Video) 

The Risks Of Vaccines Currently Outweigh Any Benefits To Human Health 

More than 100,000 Deaths By Diverting Funds From Clean Water Programs For Ineffective and Dangerous Vaccines 

Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis (AFP) and Death 

The rotavirus vaccine is a textbook example of what’s wrong with the vaccine industry. It works for only a limited number of rotavirus types, causes severe adverse effects including death, was approved via corrupt agencies & officials with financial ties to the manufacturer—and it results in far more cases of a far more deadly disease.

Rotavirus Vaccine: Diarrhea of Deceit 

Rotavirus Vaccines Still Contaminated With Pig Virus DNA 

Herd immunity is the clarion cry to press everyone into vaccination. It’s trumpeted by every health agency, in spite of the abject failure of the MMR in both measles and mumps. Even the vaccine’s failure is used to demand that everyone be vaccinated. There is no absurdity too great that it won’t be used to press for forced vaccination.

MMR Vaccination’s Abject Failure in Measles and Mumps 

Callous Disregard-Supporting Research References 

The Vaccine Hoax is Over
Food Freedom News
Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have.

1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies

Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US. 

You can access Dr. Tomljenovic's full paper here: 

Welsh Measles Epidemic Was Faked 

2013 MEASLES NEWS: The UK’s Fake Welsh Measles Epidemic – Only 8 Cases Confirmed For March – 302 Wrongly Diagnosed and “Notified” By Docs 

BBC News Removes False News Claims About Measles Epidemic “after being busted” 

Cases of Autism Dwarf Risk from Measles 

Measles: A Rash of Misinformation 

The Great Measles Misunderstanding 

What they won't admit about measles outbreaks: Most children who catch measles were already vaccinated 

Oh How They Lie – “Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage” 

Dr Andrew Wakefield - MMR Vaccine - Truth and Reality 

Biomedical Treatment in Autism (ASD) 

The False Theory of Vaccine Derived Herd Immunity 

Vaccine Decision 

Reported Pertussis cases in Australia.  5296 (75%) were fully vaccinated for their age.


For the years 2008-2010, there were a total of 9333 cases of whooping cough reported in children aged 0-4 years. Among them were 754 who were either too young or otherwise not eligible to have been vaccinated, and 1497 for whom vaccine status was not known.

Of the remaining 7082 cases whose vaccine status was known, and who were eligible to have received the vaccine, 5296 (75%) were fully vaccinated for their age. A further 986 (14%) were partly vaccinated. Only 800 (11%) were un-vaccinated. 

Death by Flu, The Big Lie Crumbles

Thirty-Six Thousand People Do Not Die Each Year from "Regular Flu" (Confirmed)
Learn more:

Annual Number of flu deaths: it’s a guess, By Sherri Tenpenny, DO

Danger and Ineffectiveness of the Flu Vaccines


The claim that homeopathic remedies cannot have any effect on biological tissues is simply false. The fact is that study after study has demonstrated their effect on cell lines in vitro. While we may not know how it happens, we do know that it does happen. 

These claims that homeopathy doesn't work because it can't are simply absurd. That is the antithesis of science. Science investigates phenomena, such as the fact that cell lines respond to homeopathic preparations. Real science does not use circular reasoning like, it can't work so it doesn't. That's religious thinking, not scientific thinking.

Homeopathic Treatments May Be Putting Patients At Risk 

Are Some Vaccines Contaminated?
Professor Garth Nicholson 


Vaccinations Can Cause Cancer … 

Excerpt: For example, we know that a monkey virus SV 40, found in polio vaccine, has been proven to cause cancer and to be responsible for an outbreak of lung, brain, bone, and lymphatic cancers in those people who received polio vaccines decades ago. In addition, vaccines drive cancer by depressing body immunity ; strong immunity is critical to defending ourselves against cancer.

In addition to being dangerous, no vaccines has ever been proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to be effective, the existing evidence indicates they are not effective. Given they are dangerous and of unproven effectiveness, it is unconscionable that by the time a child starts kindergarten s(he) will have received many doses of vaccines. Also many doses, will be given during the first 18 months of life when a baby’s body and brain are undergoing massive development. This helps to explain the EXPLOSION! of neurological and immune system disorders in our children, and almost certainly contributes to the EXPLOSION! of childhood cancer.

See original here: 

Medical doctor believes that polio vaccine does more harm than good 

Suzanne Humphries, MD, speaking on Polio at the Association of Natural Health Conference, (video above) 

Same video, 

Alex Jones w/ Shawn Siegel & Marcella Piper-Terry "The Vaccine Myth: The truth about changing the polio diagnosis criteria, once again showing that the vaccine never wiped nor eradicated polio. 


The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences

The real story of the covered up failure of the small pox vaccine.
History Repeats Itself: Lessons Vaccinators Refuse to Learn, by Jennifer Craig, PhD 

Smoke, Mirrors, and the “Disappearance” Of Polio, by Suzanne Humphries, MD 

Smallpox Vaccine: Origins of Vaccine Madness 

Irrefutable Evidence Shows Historical Application of Vaccines Had No Health Benefit or Impact on Prevention of Infectious Disease 

Decline of Diseases Prior to Available Vaccine Graphs 

Link Index for Graphs - A quick way to see Historical Trends 
Doctors Change Names of Diseases When Vaccines Do Not Work 

17 Examples of Admitted Vaccine Failure 

Dr. Kurt: Why I Will Never Choose to Vaccinate my Own Son and Any Future Kids my Wife and I Have 

K.P. Sethunath – Deccan Chronicle Rise in Paralysis Cases After Polio Vaccine 

Real history, recorded by those who lived at the time, and not some entirely fabricated history the CDC fed us.

Suppressed Facts About Vaccination
By Eleanor McBean, 1957 

The Hidden Dangers In Polio Vaccine 
(Chapter 10 of Poisoned Needle plus addendums) 
by Eleanor McBean 

Polio Perspectives
Edda West 

Greg Beatie  Hiding Polio 

Hiding Smallpox 

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune Published on Dec 27, 2012
As they say, the proof is in the pudding ! Well done Dr. Tent, now to get the world to come together and stop this madness. 

Danger of Vaccines admitted, Maurice Hilleman, vaccine developer for Merck 

Vaccine Illusion 

Vaccine Epidemic 

The Potential Significance of Aluminum/DNA Compounds in Gardasil on Health 

Gardasil - The Real Truth, more harm than good) 

JW Investigates HPV Injury Compensation Program
Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal 200 Claims Filed with HHS for HPV Vaccine Injuries and Deaths, 49 Compensated 

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - Payout Data

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

$2,550,640,666.73 is the current total figure paid out of this federal court fund, for attorney fees included, (paid out, win or lose the case).

Since the first Vaccine Injury Compensation claims were made in 1989, 3,110 compensation payments have been made, $2,389,329,250.45 disbursed to petitioners and $94,604,103.72 paid to cover attorney’s fees and other legal costs.

To date, 9,785 claims have been dismissed. Of those, 3,982 claimants were paid $52,680,057.05 to cover attorney’s fees and other legal costs. 

The Unbiased Vaccine Science and Data 

Newly published research by Keele Conference scientists shows that aluminum adjuvant in vaccines transfers to the brain. They have documented the path from injection site to the brain, and that once in the brain, it persists. Newborns, the elderly, and people with a certain genetic variation are particularly at risk. 

Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain



Long-term biodistribution of nanomaterials used in medicine is largely unknown. This is the case for alum, the most widely used vaccine adjuvant, which is a nanocrystalline compound spontaneously forming micron/submicron-sized agglomerates. Although generally well tolerated, alum is occasionally detected within monocyte-lineage cells long after immunization in presumably susceptible individuals with systemic/neurologic manifestations or autoimmune (inflammatory) syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA).


On the grounds of preliminary investigations in 252 patients with alum-associated ASIA showing both a selective increase of circulating CCL2, the major monocyte chemoattractant, and a variation in the CCL2 gene, we designed mouse experiments to assess biodistribution of vaccine-derived aluminum and of alum-particle fluorescent surrogates injected in muscle. Aluminum was detected in tissues by Morin stain and particle induced X-ray emission) (PIXE) Both 500 nm fluorescent latex beads and vaccine alum agglomerates-sized nanohybrids (Al-Rho) were used.


Intramuscular injection of alum-containing vaccine was associated with the appearance of aluminum deposits in distant organs, such as spleen and brain where they were still detected one year after injection. Both fluorescent materials injected into muscle translocated to draining lymph nodes (DLNs) and thereafter were detected associated with phagocytes in blood and spleen. Particles linearly accumulated in the brain up to the six-month endpoint; they were first found in perivascular CD11b+ cells and then in microglia and other neural cells. DLN ablation dramatically reduced the biodistribution. Cerebral translocation was not observed after direct intravenous injection, but significantly increased in mice with chronically altered blood-brain-barrier. Loss/gain-of-function experiments consistently implicated CCL2 in systemic diffusion of Al-Rho particles captured by monocyte-lineage cells and in their subsequent neurodelivery. Stereotactic particle injection pointed out brain retention as a factor of progressive particle accumulation.


Nanomaterials can be transported by monocyte-lineage cells to DLNs, blood and spleen, and, similarly to HIV, may use CCL2-dependent mechanisms to penetrate the brain. This occurs at a very low rate in normal conditions explaining good overall tolerance of alum despite its strong neurotoxic potential. However, continuously escalating doses of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe, especially in the case of overimmunization or immature/altered blood brain barrier or high constitutive CCL-2 production. 

The Vaccine Damage-Science 

The Real History of Modern Medicine 

The False Foundations of Modern Medicine 

This expose gives you a basic early in history time line, showing how well working and effective naturopathic means and homeopathy, were wrongfully replaced for the still existing making big profits pharma chemical industry, selling sickness and disease. 

–the AMA, American Medical Assoc., is founded by Nathan Smith Davis
–Homeopaths in the northeastern US control 110 hospitals, 145 dispensaries, 30 nursing homes and 62 orphanages
–May 1, the US Navy launches its first submarine, the USS Alligator, built by Neafie, Levy &Co
–first use of water desalination to support troops at Fort Zacchary Taylor
–John D. Rockefeller buys his first oil refinery 

1859 — Pennsylvania gives birth to the Oil Industry, allowing America’s Standard Oil under John D. Rockefeller to become the world’s largest producer of kerosene 

Take a lesson from history: In 1899, the American Medical Association (AMA) was a weak organization with little money and no respect from the general public. The AMA’s competition was reducing member physicians’ incomes. Chiropractic had just been introduced and homeopathy and herbalists were thriving while “regular” doctors were unable to profit from medicinal practices. By 1910, the AMA was broke until the Rockefeller's joined with the Carnegie foundation to bail them out. The resulting schools were required to teach exclusively drug-oriented courses, with no emphasis placed on natural medicine. By 1940, 1500 chiropractors were prosecuted for practicing “quackery.” 22 homeopathic medical schools dwindled to 2. By 1950, all schools teaching homeopathy were closed. Point and case? During the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, 550,000 people died in the US from flu. Homeopathic physicians treated far more documented flu cases than conventional medicine and had a flu-mortality rate of 0.7% while conventional medicine had a fearsome mortality of 30%. I ask you; which modality would you have rather chosen? ~ 

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, est 1901-03

The Rothschild-funded Pasteur Institute, est.1887 in Paris, provided a model for the organization of the RIMR. Baron Edmond de Rothschild invoked the Pasteur and the RIMR both as models meeting his approval for financing the future Weizmann Institute of Science, which in 1914 was yet an issue of contention among Zionists in its proposed form as a Hebrew University: “On January 3, 1914…Weizmann met with Baron Edmund de Rothschild for three quarters of an hour…Rothschild made it clear that he was only interested in a research institute similar to the Pasteur..or a Rockefeller Institute ‘where about 30 to 40 good men would work at scientific research’…the baron wished to have Paul Erhlich’s imprimatur on the research institute…Above all, the baron insisted on discretion and in keeping his name out of the news..[and] the most important demand that the idea of a university be abandoned, for the time being, in favor of a research institute..” –Jehuda Reinharz, Chaim Weizmann; The Making of a Zionist Leader, pp395-396.

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research followed a similar course; initially devoted to private research advancing in time to become Rockefeller University. “By the 1920s, the Rockefeller Foundation was the largest grant-making foundation on earth and America’s leading sponsor of medical science, medical education, and public health. John D. Rockefeller Sr. had established himself as the greatest lay benefactor of medicine in history. Of the $530 million he gave away during his lifetime, $450 million went directly or indirectly into medicine.” [p570, Titan]

Read more: 

Rockefeller FOUNDATION, chartered by New York State in 1913:
John D. Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller Jr.
Henry Pratt Judson – Pres. of University of Chicago
Simon Flexner – Director of RIMR,  NYC
Starr Jameson – legal counsel
Charles W. Eliot – Pres. of Harvard

“The list of officers of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1913-63 reveals a great deal about this organization. The four chairmen of the board have been John D. Rockefeller. Jr. 1917,1939, Walter D. Stewart, 1939-50, John Foster Dulles, 1950-52, and John D. Rockefeller 3rd, 1952-63… Examining the dominant members of the Rockefeller Foundation, we find men whose lives have been devoted to war and revolution, chemical warfare, international intrigue, and mass murder; …what we do not find is anyone who has ever engaged in any charitable endeavor.” –Eustace Mullins, The World Order; A study in the Hegemony of Parasitism, Ch7 The Foundations 

The Foundation began in 1902 as the General Education Board, a mirror of the Carnegie Foundation. Simon Flexner’s brother Abraham Flexner* became president of both General Education Boards. In 1928, significant breakthroughs in quantum physics appear to have substantiated the consolidation of the International Education Board (founded 1923), which undertook the direct financing of individual physicists who were dedicated to the production of nuclear weapons as well as other select projects of genetics and drug development. Abraham Flexner, under the auspices of Carnegie’s board in 1910, created the “Flexner Report”  to reform North American medical education to the ‘German model’ and eliminate ‘non-aligned’ institutions. Grants and publicity were used to leverage universities into cooperation.  As the influential president of Carnegie and Rockefeller education boards, Abraham Flexner carried the model to the reformation of all public schooling.

*Abraham Flexner co-founded the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, a hub for biological study during/after the Manhattan Project; founded Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Study (with L. Bamberger and Julia Fuld funding); influenced the founding of Vanderbilt Medical School; see Simon Flexner page links

Read more: 

Simon Flexner (Mar25,1863 – May02, 1946); career director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

As a teen growing up in Louisville Kentucky, Simon worked in the pharmacy of his older brother Jacob where he taught himself microbiology. In 1890 he received an appointment to study at the lab of William H. Welch at Johns Hopkins University. The Governor of Maryland requisitioned  S.F. to study cerebro-meningitis in 1893, later leading to his most significant contribution to medicine, a meningitis vaccine, tested on the soldiers of Fort Riley Kansas in the winter of 1918 (perhaps this military human-experiment contributed to the ‘Spanish Flu’ which swept the war theater at the end of WWI). It appears that between 1893 and 1895, S.F.  was in Europe studying in Prague and Strasburg. In 1895, Skull-and-Bonesman Welch appointed S.F. to teach at the new Johns Hopkins Hospital (until 1898), thereafter S.F. traveled on  medical missions;  to the Philippines in 1899 and other locations, including a visit to Japan.

Simon Flexner spent the rest of his career as the Director of the RIMR. He hand-picked his staff and ruled with an iron fist, noted for ‘hovering’ over the associates’ work who were admittedly afraid of him. A profile of his character and some of the momentous events in the RIMR are given in the book “The Great Influenza” by John Barry who writes that S.F. was “mean and ruthless”. In 1913, S.F. became president of the Carnegie Institute and an officer in the newly established Rockefeller Foundation. During the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919, the RIMR became the US Army Auxilliary Lab #1, a status that was never revoked. It does not appear in any biographical record, however the distribution of meningitis vaccine in Fort Riley by Rockefeller administrator Frederick Gates is noted in the Simon Flexner Papers collection at the American Philosophical Association 

After WWI, Flexner was apprised of “post-vaccinal” encephalitis caused by the vaccine, but no action is known to have been taken. S.F.’s meningitis vaccine was considered a great success, his enduring legacy, and no one has ever improved on his record of ‘prevention’. Post-vaccinal encephalitis commonly followed injection with vaccines and can be shown by WHO records such as this background of yellow fever. 

Read more: 


Merck & Co., Inc.
Type: Public Company
Address: One Merck Drive, P.O. Box 100, White House Station, New Jersey 08889-0100, U.S.A.
Merck's beginnings can be traced back to Friedrich Jacob Merck's 1668 purchase of an apothecary in Darmstadt, Germany, called 'At the Sign of the Angel.' Located next to a castle moat, this store remained in the Merck family for generations.

The pharmacy was transformed by Heinrich Emmanuel Merck into a drug manufactory in 1827. His first products were morphine, codeine, and cocaine. By the time he died in 1855, products made by his company, known as E. Merck AG, were used worldwide. In 1887 E. Merck sent a representative, Theodore Weicker, to the United States to set up a sales office. Weicker (who would go on to own drug powerhouse Bristol-Myers Squibb) was joined by George Merck, the 24-year-old grandson of Heinrich Emmanuel Merck in 1891. In 1899, the younger Merck and Weicker acquired a 150-acre plant site in Rahway, New Jersey, and started production in 1903. Weicker left the firm the following year
Read more: 

Merck Timeline 


Jennifer Lake's Blog 

Media Citizen's Blog 

Polioforever's Blog 

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Reply to: Irony at Work: Andrew Wakefield and Academic Integrity

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Irony at Work: Andrew Wakefield and Academic Integrity

The truth is there, the editor. Dr. Andrew Wakefield was never a fraud nor did he ever conduct any fraud. He as a fact was and had to be silenced and falsely discredited by the existing powers at work that be. His known at the time additional and onging work with primates and regarding vaccines, was simply to much potential risk to the CDC and pharma pro-vaccine agenda. They had to make sure that he was as well falsely discredited, and actually sandered enough so that no higher level and accepted journal, would ever publish his studies; just for the sake of how it would look. They did a good job; but in fact everything that was ever put forth claiming fraud, was clearly and indeed fraud in itself. He was guilty of no wrong doing whatso ever, and all diagnostic procedures as well were in fact for the most part standard and accepted diagnostics for any perosn with digestive tract disturbances of that severity; specifically speaking of the children in the 1998 published study.

Everything you should need to know to realize that what I have stated is indeed fact, is found in and on the below site page.

Dr Andrew Wakefield - MMR Vaccine - Truth and Reality

To additionally reply to your reply comments section of your previous page, in regard to the argued points between you, the editor, and Simon Flexcrit, June 19.

As far as those of us in the know, in regard to the decline in diseases, we don't use the Obomsawin graphs, due to the reasons of obvious controversy as to it and some claimed to incomplete years of data. Of course they again such as Gorski, have exploited that little issue to their false advantage. It does not necessarily make those graphs incorrect, we just have accessible, better and more complete information. We clearly have enough other and the over-all evidence for our claims, and without it.

The fact is that the Vaclib graphs and data that Simon Flexcrit, in their reply gave you; are NOT even from the Obomsawin graphs. Review it again and check the actual data sources. So why, "the editor", have you yet to this point failed to address those real graphs and the data, and only replaced it with an obviously biased and highly questionable and as said, CDC graph? You only thing you did here was replaced that real data and information, with a single CDC graph that has no historical resource at all, but a claimed to all knowing CDC. This is the best you can do, even by going and quoting the infamous denialist, Gorski?

These below are and were the said sources:



Excerpt: The graphs shown here represent the end product of data collected from a large volume of historical sources and show disease patterns and other information from the 1800s to the present day. The over 50 graphs are grouped into a number of categories. Please use the graphs freely to understand the decline of disease over time. If anyone has additional raw data from historical documents please send me feedback, as this is an on going project. Any provided data will be incorporated and provided freely to the public on the site.

Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics


Now lets go to the Obomsawin graphs, controversy:

In the Gorski article it states: Note how this graph, unlike all the other graphs used to make the claim that “vaccines didn’t save us” actually uses incidence data, in this case from Canada from 1935 to 1983.

Then in the same said no actual science there, Gorski article; it further goes on to state: I was immediately suspicious of this graph, though. The reason should be obvious; the decline in measles incidence is far too smooth. Measles incidence typically varies greatly from year to year. Note how this graph looks at raw case numbers and shows 40,000 cases of measles in Canada the year before the ten year interruption in the data. All in all, it’s a much clearer representation of the data than the first graph, showing a clear drop that occurred during the ten year period, in the middle of which the measles vaccine was introduced.

What is found in this is just another layer of obvious hypocrisy in it all as to what Gorki presented as counter evidence being a CDC measles graph, with an equally straight and smooth line sharply decending after introduction of the measles vaccine, and with no significant decline prior to the vaccine, and in fact a spike prior to the vaccine. That hypocrisy is found in the earlier found what appears to be a Gorski concession statement; stating that, All in all, it’s a much clearer representation of the data than the first graph, showing a clear drop that occurred during the ten year period, in the middle of which the measles vaccine was introduced.

The fact that all you could produce "the editor" was and to show the so called infectious disease incidence rates, was to produce a single and obviously biased graph, put forth by the CDC, showing simply the measles rates to drop off into the dirt right after the introduction of measles vaccine; would you not call that straight and smooth line, immediately suspicious? One set of rules for you and the acceptable data, and one set of rules for them, right? Your only other reference was an article by the most infamous denialist of all, David Gorski, (aka, Orac), that as well used the same CDC graph.  All of the phony CDC graphs have always shown the same thing; and what real evidence are they based on? They are based on nothing but their own incorrect and unwitting and intentionally incorrect and unwittingly fake numbers. Same thing with the WHO, and where is their actual evidence; there is none. See diseases, now we do not see them, its vaccine smoke and mirrors, magic. It is certainly not science, nor even actual historical record; as the original records in the relevant time period, show entirely a different and opposite story than vaccine success. The articles as well written in those relevant time periods of small pox and polio, and recorded with the true numbers by persons living at the time; also show an opposite story than vaccine success. Your only other evidence, the editor; was only a reference to your own previous blog page. I am wondering if you could create any response at all to any of this, the editor; if not for the availability of going and copying what the gone mad denialist Gorski has written? 

So, to recap this for you, "the editor"; all you could site was a single graph put forth by the CDC, and when you check their references for that graph, they come from nothing but a link to Paul Offits site, which as well has no historical reference, and a link to Stanley A. Plotkin, MD and Walter A. Orenstein, MD, which also have no actual historical reference. So, all that amounts to is the CDC citing themselves as a historical perspective authority. But yet even at that you are jumping at it ready to swipe off the table any and all information that does have a true historical reference background to it, often as well recorded by those that were there at the day and time of such as small pox and polio. Nothing would be enough.

After all the pro-vaccine sides insistance that vaccines have saved millions of lives, thus meaning preventing death; when the time to prove your case comes, all you can do is claim to that the death rates prior to vaccines and after, thus mean absolutely nothing, and begin claiming to that all of it can be explained away by a hodge podge of twisted in denial rhetoric. You the editor, nor anyone else can produce the evidence that vaccines ever caused eradication of any of the so called diseases, such as polio, small pox, nor measles. Your evidence claimed to is all anecdotal, and it is NOT science, nor does it follow any scientific method, and more than any of your vaccine safety and effectiveness claims. Yet when it comes to the vaccine harm done producing more harm than good, you reject both the parental anecdotal evidence, the VAERS evidence, the scientific study evidence, and any evidence of the facts at all, that do not come from the CDC, Offit, and the provaccine side.

How do you call it or that, or see any of this, as any form of an honest and unbiased debate? You say the vaccine truth side is biased, and even hypocrictical, and make endless claims of and as to them, including myself, as to being outright incompetent and crazy. How much time do you and Gorski spend endlessly, angrily and hatefully attacking the credibility of the author, and the messenger of the vaccine truth oppositions information? If you had a solid position, that certainly and obviously would not be necessary. There is as a fact no need for any vaccine truth provider to be biased; as most of us once believed what we were told, that vaccines were safe and effective, and needed resource. None of us would have any reason to trash vaccines, and waste any amount of time doing that; if all we were told, had been true and as CDC advertised. Such is clearly not the case.

Look at the list of vaccine ingredients, and that does not even include the contamination factors that both the CDC and FDA know are present and unresolved, and never will be resolved. Look at the increase in the numbers of vaccines on that CDC schedule; which carry absolutely no legal liability now since 1987. Who's crazy, believing in an obviously could care less about the actual health of children, for pharma profit, program like that? Where are the real safety studies, and the large scale comparison of vaccinated verses entirely unvaccinated health? You rejected all of the studies I have put forth, based on acceptance of being permitted only one study allowed to be put in front of you. I would say that is all the proof anyone would even need to see, that you in reality are clearly not interested at all in the real vaccine truth, but only in denial of all that you can possibly deny.

Here is a statement that you as well made, "the editor".

Measles Incidence Rate

You might also be interested to know that prior to a smallpox vaccine, up to 25% of those infected would actually die from the disease. Yes... 25%! That was happening as recently as the 1950s - so are you going to suggest smallpox was on the decline on its own and that the vaccine had nothing to do with it?

My reply; YES, that is exactly what I am going to not only imply, but state as a fact. When you make wild claims like that, the editor; what is it that makes you think that you would need absolutely no evidence to back those claims up? You claims can be countered one by one as to your endless and twisted ramblings, and as well can be those of one David Gorski. However, they are so endlessly numerous, that a person can only focus on a few highlights at a time.

No evidence proves, really??? The only reason you claim and can even claim to that is that you continually refuse to accept the information and the data. Only provaccine information and data is allowed, in your world. Thus, you will always remain an in denial sheeple; 'the editor", endlessly making denial of the since day one, far more harm than good evidence on and regarding vaccines. First of all you need to understand why the foundations of so called modern (pharma) medicine have been wrong from the start. You refuse as well all of the real and hidden history. That is as a fact not a conspiracy theory, as there is far to much evidence to support what has and can be put forth; and there is not a single reason whatsoever on planet earth for anyone to have ever fabricated any of that real historical record, evidence. Why is all that missing historical information not all in the standard medical text books? For pharma to survive as it is, and for their for profit pharma selling sickness and disease to get a foot hold decades ago and continue, it all had to be wiped from the public knowlege and view. Why in 100 years is there no real understanding of anything regarding actual causation in their circles, and no real cures? Do you really think that is because no such thing exists? But you as well refuse the, and any and all evidence of it. So you ..."the editor", will obviously always remain a pharma mislead and protecting pharma and main stream sheeple, and all by your own mislead and in denial, choice.    


Well, as this so called debate continued onward in the reply section of "the editors" said blog page, you can see and read his reply to this information, which again and as always essentially ignored everything that has been stated and put forth on that said blog page replies section. This below reply was additionally sent, and nothing would obviously ever be enough for this so called, "the editor".


 Again editor, you best go back and read what I have just put in front of you, because everyone else can. How many times would you need it to be recapped?

Your CDC source has no historical reference, thus it can not be validated.

Again, and I repeat, the whole premise behind the pro-vaccine, vaccine promoting agenda has been from day one, the claim that vaccines have prevented such horrible and deadly diseases, and with that vaccine sales pitch endlessly fear mongering about the same. Yet you refuse the data and the graphs that show that no such thing actually happened, and as well it clearly puts those said claims to some serious factual and ethical scrutiny. You have nothing to refute that evidence with, and you refuse to admit it.

We are not debating incidence verses death rates, we are debating the value of vaccines as they are CDC advertised, period. That includes the accuracy of what vaccines in complete truth have actually accomplished. You can't have it both ways, just on your own whim of what you are going to allow to be discussed and debated here. And isn't it you that always complains about alleged moving the goal posts? You have continued on here and quite obviously and largely based on what Gorski tells you are the only issues to be allowed discussed. All Gorski's material has ever been is about being a twisting the issues strategist and an in denial advocate on how to avoid the real debate; and that is why you use it. All of it is smoke and mirrors; and about keeping the public mislead.  


More resources:

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To date, 9,785 claims have been dismissed. Of those, 3,982 claimants were paid $52,680,057.05 to cover attorney’s fees and other legal costs

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You see, the editor, as opposed to the in denial refusal to ever actually link to my counter blog pages; I have no problem linking to yours. What should that tell you, and the public that would be so unfortunate as to find and read your pathetic and highly nauseating and tabloid style trash filled blog?

As to the ongoing reply comments made on the your previous blog article, I would leave it and that article with this additional reply. That page and its reference title is again, Monday, May 20, 2013 The Benefits of Vaccinations: History Continues To Frustrate Antivaxxers. This reply was as well sent to, "the editors" blog; but of course again remains unpublished.

The evidence is clearly against you and the pro-vaccine side, the editor. The fact is that it is YOU that can not debate the facts, and YOU have proven that time after time, going back to 2010, as a fact. The fact that you can not face that is the reason for this blog in the first place, as a source of peson attack, and in what you believe is personal ruin. You are one very very sick and twisted person, (less than human as a fact) and quite obviously the only person unable to see that is you.

Do you think there is anyone anywhere looking for the facts and truth, that will waste their time with this SICK blog for any amount of time at all? I can tell you as a fact that none of the people actually over 500 people on my friends list on facebook, will consider this as anything but very sick attack on the truth, and anyone that puts it forth. How's that sit with you Coster, the editor; and yes I can call you Costner, as that is the character name you used to falsely attack me and make denial of all in the Argus.

Why were you the editor blogging using a false identity known as, Costner Matthews, in 2007, and before you ever knew of me? Claiming yourself to be employed in consulting apparently as a consultant, and of course of an unknown nor stated nature of it and as to what exactly that business is or was. Is that all not a bit more than a little strange? What does that say about you? What kind of a person is so hypocritical that with no identity of their own, they make attacks and endless acussations against anyone else at all, claiming sock puppet accounts, and personal accusations of, oh yes it was this person, anything that does not support you was the same person you are attacking in over 100 titled blog pages, and oh yes you again and again claim to that you have proven it; in the clear light of evidence that you have falsely accussed this, repeatedly. Your previous blog pages prove you have proven nothing; and that each and every time you were guessing. There are no sock puppet accounts, "Mr. Conspiracy Theorist" "the editor"! How sick is that, and YOU with absolutely zero identity of your own; and never having had any yourself in over 3 years now of this personal attack and the blogging attack on the vaccine truth, and anyone anywhere that puts it forth. And you can actually look in the mirror and be proud of yourself? That is an amazing level of evil, and major denial.

Your blog was created for one reason, revenge on the fact that you actualy can not debate me unless you make all sorts of excuses to deny the information, and to refuse to accept the information. You must swipe as much of it off the table without consideration as possible, and then you in your twisted mind claim yourslef as the winner. How twisted and delusional is that? You could not hold a debate with me with all the information on the table and come out being anything in the publics eyes but a sick LOSER, and you know that, as a fact. It has been proven again and again. Again, that is the reason for this blog, so YOU can control all of the information, and fabricate it into whatever you want it to be.

Next time you see a mirror, stand there and tell yourself how proud you are of your sick work, the editor; and while thousands of children continue to be vaccine damaged, and so call modern medicine continues theo produce the endless and needless suffering that it continues to do? Why, because as I said the exclusive foundation of profit and money produced a false foundation to health care, for the past 100 years, that can do nothing but producer more sickeness and disease. There is no real science there at pharma and never was, its all a false illusion. If you think they at pharma follow or always follow the, and that said scientific method; then it is you that does NOT understand the true scientific method, nor as it was intended to work. Think thats only some conspiracry theory; start digging into my website, and see what you can do with that. "Stay a classy guy", "the editor"!!!

Oh, and by the way, "the editor"; you clearly and repeatedly have published some of the most hate filled and mindless comments by people using only that, "Anonymous" status. How classy is that, garbage? Yet people who have used the Anonymous status to publish something of truth, you have refused to publish that reply, and/ or in the alternative, falsely accuse it as being me that sent the reply. Each and every time, you have done that. How many times would we see that to have happened on this blog? But then you know all to well that no one is going to bother to check the comments on the last 50 sick and in denial blog pages you wrote. Have a wonderful day. What a sick, in major denial, evil, and extremely twisted man; "the editor". You should go ahead and retitle your blog to, The Smoke and Mirrors, No Actual Science (nor scientific method to it) - Pro-Vaccine Journal; or perhaps retitle that blog to, The I Have No Science, While Falsely Promoting That I Have The Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness Science and Data, That I, The CDC, Gorski, and Paul Offit... Don't Have Either, (and will never have). ( Or just pack it up and delete your sick blog, as that would serve the world much, and even better.