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Breaking News, Dr. Andrew Wakefield Cleared Of Fraud

The Breaking News. This is what we waited for, for to long!!!

We have had as well, the British Lancet also telling us that Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a fraud. And also we have in Costners blog that he claims as per the mainstream information that he Wakefield is a fraud, and committed fraud in producing his 1998 study in the Lancet, as to the MMR/ vaccine autism connection.

Well, lets take another look that picture as well. You know, I have always stated that the any doctors and people that put out the vaccine truth information are systematically destroyed. Costner states that this is not true, and there is no proof that it is true. He as well claims that any anti-vaccine information is pure quackery by misguided souls that do not understand the scientific method. He claims that any information by the anti-vaccine movement is purely only a conspiracy theory, put forth by people that should be wearing tin foil hats.

Well, meet fact verses the real fiction!!!  The British Lancet currently looks a little shabby, in its claims that Wakefield was the fraud. Looks more like, The Lancet was perpetrating the fraud!!! And what is the pharma advertising money mislead mainstream media going to eventually do with that now? There is no way out.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield - Truth



 Natural News

Documents have emerged today proving the innocence of Dr Andrew Wakefield, the vaccine / autism researcher who has been falsely accused by the British Medical Journal of "fabricating" the study data he published in 1998.

The documents, just made public yesterday, reveal that other researchers replicated his results independently and with documentation, 14 months before Dr Wakefield published his own work.

We have the full story and the links to these documents that now shatter the BMJ's false reporting and blatantly dishonest misrepresentation of the facts:

Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts.

Dr. Wakefield is now demanding a retraction from the British Medical Journal. Will the BMJ issue one? Unlikely, given that this whole thing has been a political witch hunt to begin with and never had anything to do with scientific truth from the very beginning!

Here is Dr. Wakefield's retraction demand:

Dr Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ after documents prove innocence from allegations of vaccine autism data fraud.

Interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield about vaccines and autism

Lancet Boss Failed to Disclose Own Conflicts to Parliament while Denouncing Wakefield

Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision/BMJ. [Lots of Information].

Dr. Andrew Wakefield on his new book Callous Disregard.

"Exposed: This Book Uncovers the Truth That You Were Never Supposed To Know" 

Submission to the UK Press Complaints Commission Complaint from Dr. Andrew Wakefield about the Sunday Times article  “MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism” of February 8th  2009, by Brian Deer. 

Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield, (with 28 supporting studies).

VRM: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Being Crucified By Big Pharma


Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and the GMC, Dr Andrew Wakefield Autism MMR Film  [The real facts. Learn about the lies you have been told!] 

Listen to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Clifford Miller and Isabella Thomas on The Gary Null Show.

And Wakefield's original Lancet findings HAVE been duplicated in independent studies; the fact is that the CDC refuses to acknowledge it.

See what happens to doctors with real integrity who challenge the Medical Mafia? They get the equivalent of a public lynching. You don't question the sacred vaccine cash cow! Think of the magnitude and outcome of admitting they knew all along!

MMR—responding to retraction.

Andrew J Wakefield a, Peter Harvey a, John Linnell a

Why they did it! The REAL reason!

Wakefield current studies.

Supporting research.

How the GMC framed Doctors Wakefield, Walker-Smith and Murch.

These links above also contain the information from the GMC hearings.

Dr. Wakefield, in his own words. A film By Alan Golding the full interview of 11 questions. Running time 1hr 2 minutes.

Silenced Witnesses, (the parents).

Dr. Andrew Wakefield  part 1 of 10

This series of 10 videos, posted on June 26, 2010, shows a presentation by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who is working in the U.S. now, about a collaborative 5 year project between Thoughtful House and the University of Pittsburgh looking at aspects of vaccine safety.

(These videos explain the vaccine primate studies showing the adverse effects of specific vaccines).  If you do not think that had any affect on the retraction of that 1998 Lancet study, and the further false smearing of this man, and as to that the powers that be have done. If you continue think as many people do, that this as to these said vaccine/ primate studies, had no effect as to Wakefield information being falsely put to the worlds major media, and that as well the parents; then you are either not paying attention, or simply choose not to know the truth. Most of the parents and the population have never been told of these studies. 

J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2010 Jan;73(19):1298-313.
Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine: influence of gestational age and birth weight.

Hewitson L., Lopresti B., Stott C., Mason N.S., Tomko J. 
Influence of pediatric vaccines on amygdala growth and opioid ligand binding in rhesus macaque infants: A pilot study. Acta Neurobiol Exp 2010, 70: 147–164

The 1998 Lancet study.

Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children.

A J Wakefield, S H Murch, A Anthony, J Linnell, D M Casson, M Malik, M Berelowitz, A P Dhillon, M A Thomson, 
P Harvey, A Valentine, S E Davies, J A Walker-Smith

It's not just the BMJ that's spouting lies, by the way. It turns out that much of modern medical "science" is technically and scientifically speaking just pure hokum and quackery. Get the facts on the fraud of modern medicine:

Medical research proven to be mostly flawed.

What do you think of that, now Costner? I always told you, you were full of crap!!!   Believe anything that the pharma and CDC controlled media tells you...Sheeple!!!

Dr. Wakefield TRUTH!

Read it again!



Controversial Autism Doctor Stands By His Research. [The Wakefield research HAS been duplicated, they refused to acknowledge it]. Listen to the brainwashed ...BS!

"Nothing, is ever ...enough proof"! "And this is why".

Thank you Andrew, a true truth warrior! And as you related to, who paid the real price, the children.

Ashley Ryburn's life ruined by HPV (Gardasil) vaccine.

It's time to wake UP to the reality thats there!  In Costner's world, no amount of vaccine collateral damage is enough. He still falsely believes the benefits of multiple vaccines outweigh the risks. That is because he does not admit to the real risks, and never will. You can as well go on believing that vaccines saved us from all the horrible diseases; and wiped out those diseases, but the evidence clearly does not support it.


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Same old stuff, different day. You and your idols continue to fall. Moulden, Wakefield. They have done more damage than good. How surprising that you have attended these seminars. They target fucktards like yourself. They prey upon the weak minded and stupid. You are too much of an idiot to wrap your mind aroud true science, because, like we all know, you have zero education. You are not qualified to comment. You are nothing, nada, zilch. Costner has torn you apart and shit you out. You are a puppet. A drunk, paranoid sheep fucker who doesn't have the balls to either post this or come to grips with are smegma.

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