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Response to: Lowell Hubbs Caught Lying Yet Again

 Lowell Hubbs Caught Lying Yet Again   


Will the REAL LIAR, please Stand UP????

Here again we have the absolute height of hypocrisy going on. This jackass does nothing but lie repeatedly and his mission is denial of any harm and ineffectiveness of vaccines, and as well denial of any negative information as to so called modern medicine. There are two things here that are self evident; this mans blog would have been finished long ago, and he knows it; had he actually published the information in replies I made. It would have been finished if he had to actually acknowledge the information that exists on the pages of this blog. He can get in his mind get nowhere and he knows that; unless he can control the information. He would as well have been finished if he had been required to provide his real identity. And why? Because no one would or could put forth that kind of personally attacking; those kind of lies, and the false garbage without eventual public ridicule and embarrassment. He instead in his warped and twisted mind would rather attempt to shift that to me, with having no identity. How credible is all that?

He denies that there is any better way than pharmaceutical and vaccines; and claims it is the ONLY way existing. ALL other knowledge is branded as quackery, and anyone putting it forth is branded in his mind publicly as QUACK! And he has done all this irregardless off, in denial of, and in light of modern medicine being as a proven fact, the 3rd leading cause of death in America. He, Costner; denies that. To show how truly delusional he is, he even had the audacity to create a page praising Pasteur. He has seen the real history and what is missing from it, and as well that true understand of the physiological workings of the human body was understood by true scientists 100 years ago; and the name of one of the main people of that time was not Pasteur; it was Becamp. They covered it all up in favor of Pasteurs kill the pathogens and germs theory; as it was the only thing that would sell drugs and vaccines. (Costner of course would call that an unproven conspiracy theory; no matter how much evidence was put in front of him; as it wasn't found in the current medical books). If they had accepted the proven principals of Becamp, that in its basics in form, it is the soil and not the seed; the whole foundation of modern medicine crumbles to the ground. That, is why there are no cures nor real healing. It is all about only treating the symptoms and never actually looking for, nor finding the true physiological the cause. Most of the cause can be found in what has been put into the body, by anything from dental procedures, to toxic vaccines, and the standard American diet. It is not all entirely as simplified as that but the basics can be found right here. Not all situations can be treated by naturopathic means; but a good share of it can be. Enough to make most pharmaceutical companies making billions, go broke. And there will be no end to the coming and approved pharmaceuticals and vaccines; assuring the continued and failed-so many people-path that this nation is on.

Costner's mission of denial is the same as that of Gorski from Pharmaceutical Junk Science Based Medicine. That mission is denial of all alternative information that would give people the knowledge to pull people from the failed grip of modern medicine. Just as the pharmaceutical company giants; the Goliath's. These people care less about the health of the average individual, or child. Its more profitable to spend millions advertising to the public and medical profession; profiling doctors for the next move. They are nothing more that  ruthless denialists with to much to lose if they ever put any focus on the true physiological workings of the human body and as well its immune system. its never been about healing, and every now and then there will be a pharmaceutical rep., that will pull the pin and give it up; fully disclosing the more harm than good they realized were doing.

Alias Costner does not care that modern medicine has been proven to be the third leading cause of death in the US. The original study being published in the American Medical Association Journal; author Barbara Starfield. He does not care that other well done studies have been published showing the same findings and  result. Costner in his self proclaimed brilliance even went so far as to create a blog page attempting to re-do the math as to the studies numbers; he fudged the math and ended up making a mathematical mistake a third grader would have caught and he tried to pass that off as all correct. He to this day will never admit to anything; and he is NEVER wrong, nor will he ever be wrong. is this the guy you should take your advise from? He believes you do not have the right to consider any information other than what promotes pharmaceuticals and toxic vaccines. He would have you believe there is no other nor better way to health care  than depending on vaccines and pharmaceuticals the rest of your life. Why is that? Is the body deficient of foreign chemicals and toxic vaccines? What God the creator screwed up and the only fix comes from a chemist and/ or vaccine manufacturer? Go to my site and realize just how for profit insane all that is!

Costner as well refuses to believe there are any alternative cancer cures, or ever were. The evidence of that there are, is quite overwhelming. The evidence that the FDA has suppressed any alternative means to healing as is a well is absolutely proven. Costner once stated that if he had cancer and there was no cure; he would just accept his fate and die. He would die for modern medicine and big pharma. I somehow doubt that and I think he would he would be running for the information I have put forth. 

As for the blog page I am responding to here; there was a reply that I made to it; however of course Costner again refused to publish it, as as always there was to much truth in it that he couldn't handle nor lie his way out of it had he published it. So what did he do as always; he entirely lied about and misrepresented what was in the reply, and refused to publish it. Compare what he stated existed in my reply with what actually did. Count the number of fabricated lies. It was all quite obviously completely fabricated misinformation. He just hates the truth, and anyone that puts it forth. He wants you to believe that anyone that puts information out there such as you see on my site; (the truth about modern medicine and vaccines), that they are mislead lot of incompetent fools, if not out rightly mentally ill and defective. He wants to put everyone with the facts in hand to be branded as only a conspiracy theorist; every time! Total denial of all. Who's, in all reality, clearly defective??? This person is so morally lacking of any form of a conscience in what he puts forth as to all the denial of fact, and real science, that is absolutely flat out sick. And he wants to personally attack And now you know the real truth.


Judge for yourself, a copy of that reply is right here.

Holy buckets, no identity Costner; you better get a copy and a nice and fancy frame on this blog page and hang it on your wall. Is there no end to these demented ramblings. Your attempt to claim to and believe you are a self proclaimed expert here, has failed again miserably. Then to just go ahead and have the audacity and title this page, Lowell Hubbs Caught Lying Yet Again. Based on WHAT?

I did not screen shot that page image by creating the image, nor did I paste it on top of the actual blog page! If I had any intention of doing that, I would have clearly and obviously created an image that was derogatory in your direction, and not mine. I simply copied what was there at the time. I did as well tell you I was not sure what it was as far as its true source. At no point was I dishonest. 

Your claims of lying and fabrication and as well your attempted explanation of all, does not even make the slightest sense. Somehow in your angry, exasperated, and desperate mind; any twisted explanation that somehow looks to discredit me in any form, is thus all good for you and your intentionally slanderous agenda. 

What you see is exactly what was there when I googled your blog. Although it appears as and appeared to be a hack of your blog; it is not my responsibility to determine what done nor how, and nor do I care. That is simply what was there, be it by someone interlinking to my computer or by any other possible means it may have been done. For you to again turn that into the garbage and false expose you see here on this blog page, it really again and again looks worse for you and your agenda than ever. But of course that is no concern for you as you have no identity anyway, attacking one man with full identity. How much credibility and honor is there in that? Not much. 

What kind of a twisted and miserable excuse for a human life creates the personally attacking garbage such as the like of what exists on this blog? I can say this as a fact; it is a near shocking, disgusting, and an amazing and endless level of pure evil. Pat yourself on the back for such a great public service!


Lets for a minute as well take look at all the crap Costner puts forth as to Dr. Wakefield, and no matter what endless information you show him; (all of it is on my site) as to the fact that Wakefields study never involved any fraud, and that that those claims were fabricated to discredit the vaccine damage he had investigated. They as well made a perfect example of Wakefield in the medical field; you play ball or lose the ball; noone questions the sacred vaccines! No matter what evidence you show him, and that the media just promoted and fed the public the bullshit they were misinformed with; nothing is enough. He is not ever going to be, nor admit being incorrect nor wrong. The evidence that Wakefields study was actually duplicated/replicated in studies more than once; call it which every you would like. He conveniently ignores that as well. The fact that a near endless list of studies as well support Wakefields finding; not considered, not ever. That is complete denial of all-at its deepest level. 

Let's look at just one article:

Parent from THE LANCET case series also complains to BMJ about Deer lies

Then lets look at those studies.

Research References

   Costner: The Personally Attacking - No Identity - Lying - Hypocritical 

                                      In Complete Denial - No Responsibility  

                                                    Refuse to be Educated - Medical Genius



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Response to: Quack of the Day: Jenny McCarthy

 Quack of the Day: Jenny McCarthy

          Will the REAL quack, please stand UP???

The editor of the above linked to blog was blogging with apparently the fake name, Costner Matthews listed in 2007; he removed that from his profile, after he knew I had found that. He replied to the Argus leader Voices section under the character name Costner, and had the above space suit picture attached to his character name. He did the same thing, and conducted the same kind of attacks, as to his replies to vaccine/ autism or other letters to that paper, as you see in the blog he has now. Denial of all and nothing is enough. A person could only ask what are the reasons and what drives that kind of in endless in denial of all activity. If a person were looking for the truth; those kind of attacks and that kind of suppression and denial of information and as to what the public should be allowed to rightfully consider; should be all the more reason to realize that we have all been mislead. It is a clear example and lesson in the need to educate yourself with the unbiased information and decide for yourself what is the correct information, which you need to know. 

The kind of bullshit that this alias no identity Costner puts out, is so beyond ridiculous and knowingly and repeatedly dishonest, it actually would and should need no reply. All he is conducting is one large cover-up; and then terming any alternative information as only non-provable "conspiracy theories". No matter how much proof and even the scientific studies are put to it, he keeps lying repeatedly that it was never there. It is so blatantly dishonest and biased, and this article clearly speculative only in the favor of vaccines, that it becomes worth very little to anyone looking out there for correct and honest answers in regard to vaccines, vaccine harm, and as well as to the subject of autism.

In fact I can attempt here to add a little humor to it, if that's even possible, and if it weren't so sad that people need to resort to personal attacks and on the truth put forth, through such as the blog this man (only known as Costner), created. One man with no identity, attacking another man with full identity. How sick and evil is that? His obvious and said intent, to destroy my life. He thinks it can and will do that, and stated it right on the blog his intent. Why does he do what he does? Because he hates the truth I put forth, in the past in the Argus Leader, (the area newspaper); and as well on my site,

Here is the reply he received, however you will realize that be never publishes anything that directly proves his claims to be misinformation and wrong. He only publishes most often partially what he can twist and lie about. How many replies do you see there in that blog where he only lied about what was sent to him in the form of a reply; without publishing the actual reply? Some if not most all of it so dishonest and a complete fabrication of what was in the actual reply, that it borderlines to something I would be at a loss to to even find the adequate terms to describe it. Its just that sick.

Below is the reply he received to this referenced to blog page. Judge for yourself.

You know as well as I do that you have been shown before that everything you have stated here has been proven to be misinformation.

What is the deal with you? Are you saying that no parent can claim their child had autism and that it was reversed? Not unless they have published a peer reviewed study to prove it, or can find one acceptable to you? 

You can see here again and again your personal attack on anyone that does not praise the holy waters of vaccinations. It clearly doesn't matter to you if it is a parent, someone who has done extensive research, a doctor, any professional at all is immediately shot down because they are unqualified, mentally incompetent, and mislead. Every one but you Costner; is either in your mind, incompetent or mislead, or trying to make money or get rich selling some snake oil information, item, or therapy. Anyone that disagrees with your take on vaccines and so called modern medicine. All of it parroted straight from the CDC, and such as Gorski claiming we have the proof science. but where is it? And what you have put forth, what happened to that when put to the test? You know all to well. 

All you are doing is parroting the misinformation you have read. And you would have the public believe an article by Daniel B. Rubin, MD, PhD, in Neurology Today, is conclusive proof that Evan McCarthy never had autism??? Mr. Rubin never even met Evan McCarthy, how can he make any fence line diagnosis, when doctors many times make an incorrect diagnoses, with the patient right in front of them? As well, Evan was well below the age of 5-7 at the time and this said false assumption and said rare diagnosis could be speculated for any number of autistic children out there.   


What is Landau-Kleffner Syndrome?

Landau-Kleffner syndrome (LKS) is a rare, childhood neurological disorder characterized by the sudden or gradual development of aphasia (the inability to understand or express language) and an abnormal electro-encephalogram (EEG). LKS affects the parts of the brain that control comprehension and speech. The disorder usually occurs in children between the ages of 5 and 7 years. 

Then you go to make the false claim that quote:  No matter what McCarthy seems to believe, it seems rather odd that her miracle cure hasn't translated so well. We don't hear of hundreds or even thousands of autistic kids being cured, so it would seem slightly odd that her magic only happened to apply to her son and nobody else. Unquote. 

The truth is that 100's if not thousands of children have recovered from autism, fully or partially by the use of biomedical treatment and the changes diet. You have clearly been shown that information, and you are aware of it; so why are you continuing to lie about that? You see, quite obviously the medical establishment must ignore that information and outcome and deny its existence when confronted with it. No proof no proof, never any proof, no matter what. "Where's the peer reviewed studies"? While thousands of autistic children continue to suffer along with their families; and when there is and was hope.

Autism Research Institute is just one of several sources for biomedical treatment information and many testimonials.

As does mainstream medicine who caused the problem; you must either ignore it or deny this information. To honestly evaluate it, or admit to the success thus directly points to vaccines as the cause, and they just are not going to accept that. They can't; there is to much to for them to lose. That said success of biomedical treatment also strongly implicates the MMR vaccine as cause of these changes in a healthy child and damage to the gut which no longer can tolerate certain typically allergenic foods, which previously had not caused any problem.

This is so simple Coster, an 8 year old could fully comprehend it, but not you. And by the way the Biomedical Treatment page of my site has had more views than any other page. Do you wonder why? I don't.

THIS is actually the only reply he needed; or ever needed!

Where that blog really belongs!

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Reply: Natural News: Another Website For Quacks

Natural News: Another Website For Quacks

The subject matter article is below

How the medical monopoly hides inconvenient vaccine truths

And this guy alias no identity Costner that has been after me for two years now, creates another mindless blog page! Who does he think he is fooling again with this mindless rant!  This blog page rightfully belongs in the lunatics and mindless rants hall of fame. Not much anywhere can touch this
kind of  demented blogger trash!

Against better judgement as to even wasting my time with this far less than diligent and again attacking and dishonest review regarding the content of the Natural News website, I will make a brief response here paragraph by paragraph.

Here we go, a direct reply to the said blog page.
Natural News: Another Website For Quacks

Recently, Mr. Hubbs thought it prudent to leave the following comment on an earlier blog post:

"[...] My site receives thousands of views per day world wide [sic]. My site pages are now even referenced to on Natural News, the second largest read alternative medicine and information website existing. Even the stupidity of your blog is referenced to on the N.N. page below. Check it out. How the medical monopoly hides inconvenient vaccine truths Learn more:" [...]  ~Lowell Hubbs

My site does get those 1000's of views per day, that is a simple fact as said, and that is something this said editor obviously has some difficulty comprehending and accepting. And you editor Costner would deny that? And based on what? The only one with access to my stats is me? 

This said blog editors game is to deny all on every level, mock and belittle it all and as well attack any alternative information other than what the pharma in denial and mislead white coats put out, and as well the FDA and CDC. The second agenda is to bash any person anywhere that dares to present the non pharma truth.

No one ever said that I was comparing my site view stats to that of any other site, nor compared to the views the CDC gets, nor to other highly popular natural health sites such as Mercola and Natural News. My site getting the 1000's of views that it does per day worldwide, means simply and just possibly at least one parent out there learned the truth about vaccines and about where to get the real truth information. I am actually a small seed in a literal ocean out there of alternative and unbiased internet information on vaccines and modern medicine. 

Just possibly there have been parents that went and acquired vaccine exemptions for all of their children, after viewing my site and other sites like it. Mission accomplished, I did something good I the world! All it takes as to letting medical tyranny keep getting its foothold, is for good people who know the truth to do nothing.  

But you know what, I think my site over-all has had a much larger impact than you would allow yourself to realize Costner! Deny it all you want. You wouldn't have spent two years going after me  and as well creating that twisted and misinformation filled and as well slanderous blog, if you didn't feel that my work had any impact! 

I had to laugh that NaturalNews couldn't even spell "vaccinations" properly in their URL (which tells us how knowledgeable on the subject matter they really are) but beyond that there are a few interesting points here.  Whether or not Mr. Hubbs cute little conspiracy theorist website gets "thousands of views" on a daily basis is doubtful... unless of course you count Mr. Hubbs own visits.  The reality of the matter is the traffic rank on Mr. Hubbs' website is 4,799,934.  To put that in perspective, the traffic rank for (a website primarily devoted to funny pictures of cats) is 2,711... which means there are approximately 4.8 million websites more popular that Mr. Hubbs' website, but yet less popular than random pictures of cats. 

Again you could not do anything but attack the spelling, Costner? Wow that is very impressive!  There was nothing more that you could provide that was more directly objective? That is known as an ad hom attack, the entire blog page, deny it all you want.  So what do we really have here? An English professor - slash - vaccine truth basher. Very good! 

I have seen many misspellings on your own blog pages dude; especially at times when your page just came out, and you then later go back in and correct it.  Maybe there is some incorrect grammar you can find there as well??? Like this.  "I waant to the pHaRmASEE end gOt my fLu SHOT twith 25mcg oF markuury, -Termersol and I stiLL gOt the FLUE"!!!!  

Hey, obviously allot of people like cats dude, I bet that is popular, but it means nothing; just like YOUR lying blog that no person in their right mind would take seriously. Lets compare your blog stats Costner to my website stats,   

Statistics Summary for

Site Information for  

Alexa Traffic Rank: 4,780,441  No regional data
Sites Linking In: 23 

Site Information for  
Alexa Traffic Rank: 27,783,510  No regional data
Sites Linking In: 6 

Do the 1st grade math Costner!!! 

My blog is not listed in Alexa traffic, as blogs appear to not normally be in those stats. Unlike you I didn't bother paying the $150 bucks to get it crawled and listed in an attempt to fed a large and self inflated ego. Why didn't you instead donate that money to the parents of child in need of biomedical treatment to reverse their vaccine induced and caused autism; and would have been a much better use?   

Better yet, the ranking for is 3,014 which means there are only 4,796,920 websites standing between the CDC website, and Mr. Hubbs' website.  Heck even (the aluminum / tinfoil hat wiki page) has a ranking of 539,607 which means there are only 4,260,327 websites less popular than tinfoil hats but yet more popular than Mr. Hubbs' website.  Yes... a website which is meant to be a joke and pokes fun at conspiracy theorists is ranked over four million pages higher than an actual conspiracy theorist.  Sort of puts things in perspective now doesn't it?  Oh and in the off chance you are curious, receives about half as many hits per month as a website devoted to photoshopped pictures of cats.  Seriously.

So here you have it Costner, if this is the gauge you want to use to determine a good website from a bad one, or more specifically the most visited sites verses the least.

Mercola is the most visited natural health website in the world, with natural news following right behind it. Compare their stats to those of the CDC, FDA, AMA, and AAP sites visit stats. Mercola and Natural news show stats that are better than all four of the a fore mentioned! What does that tell you about where public is interested in and wants to get their information??? And you know 1000's of doctors in clinics and hospitals around the world use those said afore mentioned sites. Those four said sites are thus as you may know, some pretty tuff competitors. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,847
Traffic Rank in US: 602
Sites Linking In: 13,897
Alexa Traffic Rank 3,257
Rank in US 1,064  American Academy of Pediatrics
Alexa Traffic Rank: 68,558
Traffic Rank in US: 18,189
Sites Linking In: 11,111 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
Alexa Traffic Rank
Global Rank  6,115
Rank in US 1,911 Food and Drug Administration
Alexa Traffic Rank
Global Rank 
Rank in US
1,911 American Medical Association - AMA 
Alexa Traffic Rank
Global Rank 
Rank in US

American Academy of Physicians 
Alexa Traffic Rank:
Traffic Rank in US:
155,490  National Vaccine Information Center
Alexa Traffic Rank: 212,724
Traffic Rank in US: 47,997
Sites Linking In: 1,702

Site Information for  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Alexa Traffic Rank: 500,278
Traffic Rank in US: 181,768
Sites Linking In: 550

Statistics Summary for
Global Rank
Rank in US

Site Information for  Mary Tocco
Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,405,007 No regional data
Sites Linking In: 111

Site Information for
Alexa Traffic Rank: 4,780,441 No regional data
Sites Linking In: 23

Not that website rankings really mean anything of course.  First you need to realize that search engines can (and often do) skew rankings do to how they catalog specific pages and how the automated bots perform searches.  Second, even if a website is "popular" it doesn't mean it is being visited by unique people.  It can be a handful of people (or bots) who cycle the page hundreds of times a day.  Third, popularity doesn't equal influence.  Websites that are controversial (or dare I say it)... even ignorant and silly tend to get hits out of morbid curiosity.  That doesn't mean they are influential.  One has to keep in mind the website devoted to two girls and one cup received millions upon million upon millions of hits... that doesn't mean people are going to repeat that practice at home.  (If you don't know what 2Girls1Cup is... be warned you do NOT want to google it and find out).

There you have it, your admission that many factors can play into these stats and that is not necessarily a true gauge of accuracy! You could have spared people the headache of trying to reading all that garbage, and just got to the point.

Hell even that stupid Rebecca Black "Friday" song received more than 175 Million hits.  Yes... over one hundred and seventy five MILLION views of that one single YouTube video.  Yet that video is well known to have exponentially more "dislikes" than "likes" which tells us one thing: Popularity does not equal agreement, (in fact even suggesting there is a link is a common appeal to popularity logical fallacy) and sometimes when something is popular it is merely because people are curious what all the fuss is about.

Just more meaningless garbage!

So, beyond the actual popularity (or lack thereof) what is the point of Mr. Hubbs?  He seems to be proud of himself that his website was linked in an article which is posted to but is that anything to actually be proud of?

Yes I am proud of that fact, and as well that people at Natural News realized your profound selective ignorance and denial! And that they regarded that as well worth publishing. I hate to bust your bubble full of such deception filled statements Costner, but not just anything and everything is allowed to be published at Natural News. That is why it is the second rated natural health publication. 

Truth be told ANYONE can write an article and have it posted to by filling out a simple form.  NaturalNews is a pseudoscience aggregating site and provided the article is written with an anti-science and pro-alternative medicine slant, it will most certainly be published.  There is no requirement that articles be fully sourced nor are there are any requirements the author even be a journalist.  Heck, NaturalNews even admits they don't provide editing services so the authors are pretty much on their own.  Mr. Hubbs himself can actually write and submit articles to them and they may even be published (assuming Mr. Hubbs can perform a basic spelling and grammar check before submission which could be his downfall).  There is no check of credentials, no verification of identify, and no attempt to determine conflict of interest.  The only requirement is that the author has a Google adsense account so they can collect ad revenue.  Red flag number one.

What a crock of bullshit! You can possibly be that stupid Costner! Actually look at the many authors that have had their work published over-all, and they are very good writers. A hell of allot better than you, and they don't lie about the truth and facts like you do. See again the above statement as well.

Is this how a reputable "news" website operates?  No.  Is this how a website operates when they are only concerned over aggregating biased materials in order to drive traffic to their website and in turn sell all types of advertisements, nutritional supplements, books, newsletters, gadgets and other alternative medicine swag?  You bet.  Red flag number two.

Why don't you actually review what the mission statement is on that site. And you actually believe that there are people stupid enough out there to believe that shit! Your just one hell of a researcher and an investigator aren't you. Repeated and persistently filling people full of misinformation and lies is the only agenda and game you have going. Read it!

Natural News
About us

The NaturalNews Network is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism. The NaturalNews Network is owned and operated by Truth Publishing International, Ltd., a Taiwan corporation. It is not recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States, but it operates without a profit incentive, and its key writer, Mike Adams, receives absolutely no payment for his time, articles or books other than reimbursement for items purchased in order to conduct product reviews.

Did I mention that is NOT recognized as a non-profit in the US?  You read that right... they can claim to be non-profit all day long, but legally speaking they are not and the IRS does not recognize them as non-profit.  They can (and likely do) make millions from the sales of various supplements and gadgets most of which have never undergone any testing to prove efficacy.  This is part of the explanation for the disclaimers found throughout their website which remind you their products are "not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".  Red flag number three.

Read it again, no identity Costner! Are you unable to read?

The NaturalNews Network is owned and operated by Truth Publishing International, Ltd., a Taiwan corporation. It is not recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States, but it operates without a profit incentive, and its key writer, Mike Adams, receives absolutely no payment for his time, articles or books other than reimbursement for items purchased in order to conduct product reviews.

So this brings us to the actual article that Mr. Hubbs cited.  I'd love to tell you a bit about the author, but "PF Louis" doesn't provide us with any background information about him or her.  In fact there is no byline information and nothing can be found on the NaturalNews website telling us about this particular author.  Red flag number four.

Oh now Costner, that is low and desperate, and you think no one can see that? But why can you again not just address the actual information?  Again just bashing the authors credentials repeatedly attempting to claim they have no credibility. it doesn't really matter, because you have repeated in the past bashed the people that have fully sufficient credentials as well. Nothing is enough. Don't you have some more of that Gorski bullshit to read? 

Let me ask you, why is it again that you can  not address the actual content of information,  and/or so little of it?

So aside from the 25-30 graphic advertisements shown in and around this article and ignoring the numerous unrelated links trying to get you to visit other quack websites (which in turn drives ad revenue based upon click-through rates) the article itself really doesn't contain any actual reporting.  It starts off by repeating a couple of quotes taken out of context, and inserts some opinions... but where is the actual reporting?

Mr Adams likely is not to anywhere near being a poor man in need of money, as he owns a soft wear company, he travels the world and the money derived from the site itself very likely just goes back in for operating costs. He operates that site because he so strongly believes in the information  need and cause, period. His father by the way worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Quite obviously your investigation never got past the deliberately inventing allot of misinformation phase.

Listen to the audio on this site page by Mike where you see the caption on the right side panel and it says, Welcome to Natural News - An Introduction To What We're Are All About Audio.

Mike is as well by the way another health recovery success story, escaping the trap of modern medicine

Wake up, FOOL! Attempt to something positive in your life!

Of course what vaccine conspiracy article would be complete without an accusation that the CIA is helping "Big Pharma" control the media?  For good measure, Louis goes on to speak about the Rockefeller conspiracy (something Mr. Hubbs has been known to jabber on about quite often), and then Louis goes on to mention the Wakefield incident.... conveniently ignoring the fact that Wakefield was found guilty of fraud or that he fabricated patient records as well as glossing over the fact that Wakefield had a vested financial interest tied to the idea that vaccines can be harmful.  Oh how soon we forget... or in this case - ignore.

Bullshit! It is all fact. And how many damn times have you had it shown to you the evidence and with the sources, that prove beyond any doubt that Wakefield was never the fraud. You have been shown beyond any reasonable doubt as well where the real fraud was and is at the GMC and much more. Yet, you keep on mindlessly lying and continuing to mislead the public, deliberately. Does anyone feel like you want to vomit when you see repeatedly the denial and how this pro- pharma and lying stooge "Costner" operates?

Andrew Wakefield, MD Speaks to Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Wakefield speaking at the 68th Annual Meeting of AAPS.

Complete proof of the MMR vaccine cover-up and the direct conflicts of interest within the BMJ, and as well connected to pharmaceuticals maker Merck.

This below audio is somewhat lengthy as to its subject matter, however the said interview with Dr. Wakefield is at near the end of the audio, but well worth listening to. More damning information as to the GMC, Glaxo Smith Klines involvement, and MUCH more! This audio details exactly what was covered up as to the MMR vaccine, and why. Wakefield was never the fraud, ever. Learn the truth as to what really happened. Do parents deserved to be informed of the real truth? Yes they do.


Callous Disregard - Book by Wakefield

Research References

Dr. Andew Wakefield - the truth videos

All of the above is interesting of course, albeit predictable considering we have seen this same pattern of grouping together various conspiracy theories, accusations, and opinions and presenting them as "journalism", but Louis is just getting warmed up.  Louis uses the last few paragraphs of this 'article' to bring up Andrew Moulden.  Note that Louis doesn't say "Dr. Moulden", but instead references him as "Canadian medical scientist Andrew Moulden, PhD".  Could that be because Moulden has no license to practice medicine?  Could it be because Moulden has no actual expertise in the fields of study surrounding vaccines or autism?  Or could it be because the terms "medical scientist" seem harmless enough to cover the work of someone that has never had a single one of this theories proven or even published in a peer-reviewed journal of any type?

Dr Moulden does not need to have specific training expertise in the field of vaccines, he is very well educated in the field of brain function and brain function science, in fact his original intent in his training was to work in research and help brain injured victims recover. A far more noble mission than you have ever had in life Costner. The very bold man was silenced by the powers that be in a very cruel way; and don't be thinking that I don't know the real story. You have no clue, jackass! 

Partial third nerve palsy after Measles Mumps Rubella vaccination

Dr. Andrew Moulden, ischemic strokes from vaccines, watch. (This man since was silenced by a few powers that be - as a fact; it was to truth-damaging to the vaccine program)!

09 Andrew Moulden En 06 de 11

09 Andrew Moulden En 07 de 11

(Part 2 of 3) Vaccines, Autism and the Solution. Featuring Dr. A Moulden

Whats yet coming!!!!

You just hated it when he had his website when he had it still up didn't you, Costner? I rubbed that in your face over and over when you and I battled on the Argus Leader Voices section nearly now 2 years ago. You keep spouting like a broken record he has no peer reviewed studies so it can't be true and regarded it all as selling snake oil. Conspiracy theories, its all endlessly only a conspiracy theory in your mind, nothing is ever enough unless the CDC admits it. Well dude there is one way to prove the  vaccines all safe and effective, start taking them on the CDC vaccine schedule for a child. You should have no problem as you are 8 times the weight of an infant. Go get Paul Offit and have him sit beside you and you both can take them. You know he stated that children can safely tolerate 10,000 vaccines, so 100 should not be any issue at all for you Costner!

I can't really say, but this is where Louis lack of credibility really shines.  He doesn't cite Moulden's work to validate his theories.  He doesn't cite scientific research nor does he reference the work of others to validate any of Moulden's views.  Instead, Louis claims that any doubt about Moulden's work shall be cast aside because (are you ready for this?) Moulden was listed as a "Quack of the Day" on this very blog.

Would it matter to you that Dr Moulden prior to his take down was lecturing in front of 100's of medical so called professionals, to include neurologists, and they were stunned by it and the evidence. Not a one of them could ever refute it! How do you refute 5000 picture images all showing the same thing, with the physiological explanation and research to back it. How the hell do you think a website like that just goes down and disappears and as well as the man? It happened right at the time we were battling on that second 300 reply Voices letter on the Argus! I know who did it, and how. Same guy that has been after me! And now as well even you! Wake up, dude! 

Yes... you read that correctly.

This is what is so amazingly comical about so many of these alternative medicine bloggers and self-proclaimed "citizen journalists".  They don't even understand the basic premise of journalistic integrity and instead they spout off opinion that they don't even attempt to support with evidence.  Louis actually believes because I wrote a blog post about Andrew Moulden, that it somehow means Moulden must be credible.  I know... I can't exactly wrap my head around that type of logic either and it is nothing more than a guilt by association logical fallacy, but I'm flattered that my blog seems to be so darn influential within the NaturalNews community that I'm single handedly able to sway opinions.

That one too needs to go into the bullshitters bullshit hall off fame, Costner. and you do know better.

Of course Louis couldn't be bothered to link to the blog posts of mine which he cites because that would be objective journalism, and not only is Louis incapable of journalism... it is obvious he/she is incapable of remaining objective as well.  Instead, the search of my site lead Louis to Mr. Hubbs, and it was a match made in heaven.  So I suppose if you are actually honest about the situation you would agree that if anything Mr. Hubbs should be thanking me for allowing him the recognition he so desperately was seeking, because without this humble little blog, Louis would never have found Mr. Hubbs silly website.  

"because without this humble little blog"

I had actually never realized how twisted the human mind can get until I knew the likes of you editor Dr. Ozz! Keep pulling all the the levers and the switches, the sheeple really can't see you! Or so you hoped.

And no alias no identity Costner, that is what you call not giving you actual credit by actually providing a link to your blogger garbage. There is also a factor of slander and liability for that in providing and link to your blog page. Certainly natural news has had enough sense to not allow that. It is not like your fucked up blog just provides information on health issues pro or con ! It is a flaming bullshit blogger rag full of more personal attack and demented and lying thought process than the devil himself would bother to take the time for. What kind of publication, other than your gay brother Gorski's deliberate misinformation rag, would or should ever allow that url to be published anywhere???

Am I the only one who sees the irony here?  

I should thank good old PF though.  I noticed a spike in my blog traffic a bit over a week ago all based upon common search terms (various versions of "Andrew Moulden" and "Quack" etc) and I honestly had no idea what was causing it until Mr. Hubbs was so kind as to show me this "article".  So kudos to you PF... you not only directed a few of your fellow vaccine conspiracy theorists to Mr. Hubbs website, but you diverted a few of them my direction as well.  Of course more importantly, PF has shown the true colors of NaturalNews and how don't appear to care about facts or the quality of their content... only the quantity.

More endless lying bullshit from Costner. But you could not honestly even begin to refute the information in that article, editor douche bag! Why is that? The only one that doesn't actually care about the facts and quality of the content is clearly you. But then neither do your twin brothers, Offit and Gorski. A simple roll of toilet paper has more value than your twisted in the mind and demented blog, Costner.


This below left is what Costner imagines himself as, an educated/ uneducated smart guy.
                                                        But THIS is what he really looks like!
             I take lots of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, and look at me. Can't you see                                                                                                               
                               I am a perfect specimen of non-human life"!
                                                 "My pharma spin doctor KNOWS what is BEST for me"!

             His grandpa told him to never play around with all those mad ass toxic
                                    pharmaceuticals, monkey, chicken virus,
                                                      and aborted fetal cells filled vaccines.                                                                             


                     He wouldn't listen! He thought it was only a "conspiracy theory"....

                                                         And look what happened to him!...



                                              Deadly Vaccines (Truth Untold by Goverment)


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Response to: Louis Pasteur: Driven By Purpose Rather Than Profit

Louis Pasteur: Driven By Purpose Rather Than Profit

Here again is a copy of the reply sent to this blog with my name in the url. Something as always and again he likely will never publish.


Your mindless and knowing use of such selective ignorance, amazes me Costner! You KNOW the truth as to this issue; as it has been put in front of you repeatedly before. You know very well that is there, right on my site. Yet you deny you know anything about that. Haaaa haaaa haa haa ha...LOL. What is YOUR head made of ....SWISS CHEESE?

Noone ever said alias no identity Costner, that Pasteur was ever after profit nor even necessarily great fame. He was just a mislead stooge that the Rockefellers could use for gain. Oh course they (allopathic medicine and vaccines) are going to tout his mislead works.

Here is your outline of the actually very basic question put to you! Please go ahead and answer it completely!

Are you going to tell me that in the time era of Pasteur, that there were NO other physiologically based human health care scientists?

Are you telling me in that time era that there were NO other such scientists that had an opposite view point in their studies as to health care? You have heard of the soil and the seed, correct? What are the opposing view points in science regarding the concepts of the soil and the seed?

Are you aware that Pasteur knew that there was indeed such a controversy as to the human health care science of that time? Pasteur knew in that time who the equally as educated (if not more so) opposing viewpoint scientists were, such as Becamp, Tilden and Koch. Tell me why a typical medical text book never mentions those people; and only Pasteur? Thats right, just as if no one else anywhere ever existed. How would that be possible? Rockefeller oil money have anything to do with it?

You need to wake up, as until you have that basic ground work firmly understood in your mind, you can continue to deny all. Once you see that said revelation for what it really shows humanity; nothing will ever be the same. It ALL comes together. It shows you exactly why the alternative means actually work, and as well why the pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have not been the answer. It shows you why there can never be any real cures, and as well why there never will be as long as pharma and the FDA have the control of all. It was ALL based on a false premise! Why? Because it was the only thing that could make millions and billions; and they knew it.

Once you establish the kind of financial backing that the Rockefellers have had. Once you establish as well the total control that the pharmaceutical industry has had on all medical schools, there is little that can stop it. The only thing that can stop it is the existence of people who are willing to and can actually think for themselves! People are endlessly and falsely brainwashed into thinking that anything but drugs and vaccines is unproven, if not outright quackery. They have been entirely mislead for generations and repeatedly flock to their believed savior all knowing doctors for any perceived need.

One factor that allopathic medicine clearly has realized, is that you can hold 1000's of people back that eventually jump ship after finding that they ended up clearly experiencing more harm than good.
When people realize their health and the publics health in general is often only getting worse with the pharmaceuticals and endless vaccines route; they start to wake up to the fact that they must start to educate themselves and take their health care into their own hands. They realize the clear need to do some non-biased and independent research. Then they see and read the success stories and learn the truth never to return to what they formerly lived; and lived with. You can NOT deny the studies as to modern medicine being the 3rd leading cause of death, behind cancer and heart disease Costner, unless you distort and lie about the math, and as you did.

I have to laugh at your futile effort here, losing more ground with every blog page. As if what I have put forth - never existed. I have to laugh at what a fool you are and always and repeatedly were. And you actually think people looking for the real answers will buy into such falsely attacking bullshit as this? The people in the medical field possibly like it; knowing they have to much to lose. Whats all that actually worth Costner? Not one damn thing! Who's the real fool Costner? Who is the REAL nut job? "Conspiracy theorist". You can NOT get dumber that THAT!

End of that reply:

If you now go to the said blog replies you can now see that he again only published half of this above reply. Would anyone question just why as editor of that blog he would do that? As well then as editor he just continued to put forth even more deperate and angry lies and deception, about and concerning the said information. Here below is additonally my additional reply and response to that.

The link.


Again, and as always, why did you Not publish BOTH sections of that reply? To much truth? Yup, as always quite obviously again YOU can not could not handle it.

Again you have falsely believed in your obviously twisted smoke and mirrors filled mind, that you control the information, and again that thus it is yet all good for you, correct?

In your mind no one seen this belwo information in my blog counter reply, correct? The reply where I show your basic math to be incorrect as to the 3rd Leading Cause studies. There is as you should know, more than one study; and by the way alias no identity Costner, none of those studies have ever been refuted, by anyone nor within the medical community, and you know they clearly would know they are there. The original study was never refuted even when it still appeared in the AMA Journal. You see, as always you can get nowhere unless you lie again and again. What is that actually worth - in the real world? You know the answer. Nothing. 

Response to: Lowell Hubbs Quote of the Day
Monday, October 25, 2010

Those studies put in front of you as well clearly show that modern medicine is NOT the savior nor cause of any increased mortality. And really, how do you prove that anyway, with a world that has steadily increased for population for decades. Epidemiological studies can clearly be skewed in any direction you want them to go; it is common knowledge. This below and recent AMA based vitamin study was epidemiologically based. In this below article analysis-realize the many ways that an epidemiological study can be skewed as to the reults, and as outlined in that article. You can deny all that; well then get started?? You have seen me reference to that sort of thing and the sources of analysis many times as to the issue of vaccines and those epidemiological studies as well. Nothing would ever be enough for an obviously sick and persistent denialist that is hell bent on denial of all truth.

This response as well will be added to the below page. That, is viewable by the public, dude! How dumb do you look!

End of reply:

More information:
Response to: Louis Pasteur: Driven By Purpose Rather Than Profit

3rd Leading Cause

History of Medicine, (the real history)

"Oh, hes only a vaccine and modern medicine conspiracy theorist" "No proof, no proof; (repeatedly lying), he has no no peer reviewed studies". "Oh, he's crazy and mislead, taken in by and bought the misinformation, the lies and a scam".

Who's obviously mislead? Who's crazy..Costner? You or me? You Costner, are truly as refuse to be educated as it gets and as foolish as a monkey chasing his tail.

The origins of western medicine exposed


The Smart Guy - Becamp

The Dumb Guy And Fraud! - Pasteur

I then presented as well presented this below information and video to editor Costner and asked him for his repsonse and analysis of that video? Do you think we will ever see that? What will it contain? More lies and angry personal attacks; oh, you know it will.

Worse than Bad Advice - This Can Lead to Seizures, Paralysis, Blindness, and Death

Story at-a-glance - Gardasil

Award winning documentary offers a fresh look at what’s behind the sharply polarized vaccine debate in the U.S., and offers the opportunity for a new, more rational discussion about how to create safer and more effective public health policies to help our children stay healthy.

Health officials insist vaccines are the best way to protect the health of individuals and the public.. As a result, the number of doses of vaccines included in the childhood vaccination schedule has tripled over the past 30 years, increasing from 23 doses of seven different vaccines to 69 doses of 16 different vaccines. At the same time there has been a rise in the numbers of vaccinations given to children, we’ve also seen a significant rise in the numbers of children suffering with chronic disease and disabilities.

According to Judicial Watch, 26 children died after receiving the HPV vaccine between September 1, 2010 and September 15, 2011. Other serious side effects reported during that time frame included paralysis, speech problems, memory loss, blindness, pancreatitis, ovarian cysts, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

According to one of the world’s top experts on HPV, the HPV vaccine is associated with enough serious side effects that it could prove riskier than the cancer it is supposed to prevent in women, as cervical cancer is usually entirely curable when detected early enough through normal PAP screenings
Rigidly maintaining the assumption that an ever increasing number of vaccines must be mandated “for the greater good” is a dangerous assumption that fails to take into account the possibility that one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies may be contributing to the rise in chronic disease and disablility among children.

Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines

End of what was sent in the reply:

Outline of reply number 3

Editor Costner makes a claim that my life efforts at putting the truth out there are wasted. He would really like to believe and hope that to be true, but such is not the case. My website receives thousands of views per day worldwide. My site pages have been referenced to and actually as well his idiotic blog itself have been mentioned recently on a Natural News article, the second largest read alternative health information site, next to Mercola, in the world.

Thats all a failure? Huh? Really?

Check out the bottom of the page references in the below article. My site is referenced to however the blog is clearly referenced to only in the article, of course without a link.

How the medical monopoly hides inconvenient vaccine truths
Learn more:

Worse than Bad Advice - This Can Lead to Seizures, Paralysis, Blindness, and Death

Story at-a-glance - Gardasil

Award winning documentary offers a fresh look at what’s behind the sharply polarized vaccine debate in the U.S., and offers the opportunity for a new, more rational discussion about how to create safer and more effective public health policies to help our children stay healthy.

Health officials insist vaccines are the best way to protect the health of individuals and the public.. As a result, the number of doses of vaccines included in the childhood vaccination schedule has tripled over the past 30 years, increasing from 23 doses of seven different vaccines to 69 doses of 16 different vaccines. At the same time there has been a rise in the numbers of vaccinations given to children, we’ve also seen a significant rise in the numbers of children suffering with chronic disease and disabilities.

According to Judicial Watch, 26 children died after receiving the HPV vaccine between September 1, 2010 and September 15, 2011. Other serious side effects reported during that time frame included paralysis, speech problems, memory loss, blindness, pancreatitis, ovarian cysts, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

According to one of the world’s top experts on HPV, the HPV vaccine is associated with enough serious side effects that it could prove riskier than the cancer it is supposed to prevent in women, as cervical cancer is usually entirely curable when detected early enough through normal PAP screenings
Rigidly maintaining the assumption that an ever increasing number of vaccines must be mandated “for the greater good” is a dangerous assumption that fails to take into account the possibility that one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies may be contributing to the rise in chronic disease and disablility among children.

Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines


THIS below is the vaccine profits insane and presumed credible CDC - YOU TRUST - alias Costner!!!

CDC warns Americans to prepare for zombie apocalypse (really).

CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey has been with the Centers for Disease Control for 12 years.

CDC official accused of child molestation, bestiality

Official, Kimberly Lindsey, Charged With Bestiality, Child Molestation

Central Figure in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds With $2M

Emails released in response to FOIA filings by parents also show that Kreesten Madsen, one of Dr. Thorsen's research partners, had acquiesced to the wishes of CDC officials who wanted to cherry pick facts in order to prove vaccine safety. Furthermore, according to an April 28 report by Natural News: Read the evidence in the below article.

CDC vaccine scientist who downplayed links to autism indicted by DOJ in alleged fraud scheme

Chapter V: 2003
It's Rotten in Denmark

The CDC finances, writes and helps publish Danish research
Another useless CDC-supported autism study

Pediatrics. 2003 Sep;112(3 Pt 1):604-6.
Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data.

The discontinuation of thimerosal-containing vaccines in Denmark in 1992 was followed by an increase in the incidence of autism. Our ecological data do not support a correlation between thimerosal-containing vaccines and the incidence of autism.

Anyone with even half a brain would know that was impossible!!!

How the CDC really spends your tax dollars

CDC Accused Of Misusing Funds

A congressional report charges that the CDC squandered millions of dollars on its new headquarters while the agency's disease fighting initiatives languished. Sharyl Attkisson has more.

CBS Video:

... or just watch the short video report yourself at:

Neurotoxicology Conference

Vaccination “Trivia” Facts

The big vitamin scare: American Medical Association claims vitamins may kill you
Learn more:

Media hoax exposed: Recent attack on vitamins a fabricated scare campaign
Learn more:

NaturalNews readers demand retractions from major media outlets over erroneous reporting of antioxidant study
Learn more:

JAMA Anti-Vitamins Studies Flawed

The great direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising con: how patients and doctors alike are easily influenced to demand dangerous drugs

How the American Medical Association Got Rich

What the American Medical Association hopes you never learn about its true history


Gardasil and Cervarix: Are strains targeted by the vaccines replaced by other HPV viruses?
Thursday, March 31, 2011 by: Rosemary Mathis, Director of SANE VAX, INC.
Learn more:

More info:

Mike Adams: Natural News: Also today: I demolish the silly claim based on a new Lancet study which says that flu shots are "60% effective." I read the study and it says that for every 100 adults vaccinated, only 1.5 of them will avoid influenza as a result.

Mike Adams: Seriously, when will mainstream media journalists ever learn how to understand math? Here's my breakdown of this latest vaccine quackery:

Seriously now? The U.S. government wants to use innocent children as medical experiment guinea pigs by injecting them with experimental anthrax vaccines! Yeah, as if we didn't already commit enough crimes with the dead children in Nigeria, or the dead prisoners in Guatemala, right? Now we gotta poison our own American children with experimental medicines, too?


What possible benefit could 25 mcg. of mercury, "thimerosal" in a flu shot have on improving your immune system function? Wouldn't it be much smarter to take adequate amounts of vitamin D and C? The immune system benefits of vitamin D studies are numerous.

Dr. John Cannell on vitamin D

Vitamin D kills the flu virus

Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times

Some more flu vaccine reality

Vitamin D - More information


The MedAlerts Blog, Analysis of trends in VAERS data, (NVIC)

By Steven Rubin


It has been suggested that the H1N1 Flu vaccine causes miscarriages (see, for example, here, here, and here). This month, I want to see if the claim is supported by VAERS data.

The results are shocking. First of all, the H1N1 Flu vaccine has appeared in miscarriage events more often than almost any other vaccine. Of the 1115 VAERS events that mention the abortion/stillbirth symptom, 203 are cases where the H1N1 Flu vaccine was given (200 with the FLU(H1N1) vaccine code and 3 with the FLUN(H1N1) vaccine code). This ignores the current Flu vaccine being given which has the H1N1 strain in it (the FLU(10-11) vaccine code). By contrast, there are only 63 abortion/stillbirth events associated with the Seasonal Flu Vaccine (vaccine codes FLU and FLUN) and this vaccine has been administered to millions of people over 21 years of data collection!
If you consider that the H1N1 Flu vaccine has been associated with 3 times as many abortion/stillbirth events, and that it has been given for just 5 percent of the time that Seasonal Flu vaccines have been given, then it appears that the H1N1 Flu vaccine is 60 times more likely to cause a miscarriage than the Seasonal Flu vaccine.

H1N1 Miscarriages: Hundreds of women claim miscarriage after taking vaccine

H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages

Randomized Trials to Study the Nonspecific Effects of Vaccines in Children in Low-Income Countries

More evidence against multiple vaccines.

DTP with or after measles vaccination is associated with increased in-hospital mortality in Guinea-Bissau
The case fatality was increased for children who had received DTP with or after measles vaccine compared with children who had received measles vaccine as the most recent vaccine, the ratio being 2.53 (1.37–4.67) and 1.77 (0.92–3.41) in the two periods, respectively. The combined estimate was 2.10 (1.34–3.28). These results were not explained by differences in nutritional status, number of doses of DTP or discharge policy.