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Reply to: Old Habits Die Hard

Old Habits Die Hard

Again the following reply was sent to this linked to above blog, and again likely will never be published, to much truth.

The reply:

And after the bulwark load of reply information referencing all that data and science that you refused to publish any trace of that it was there, this was the best you could come up with, and attack on How entirely pathetic are you and do you look, editor. Wow. Your desperation shows.

Why is it that you wasted the time to write a blog page like this, but yet failed to actually address any of the actual information in that, The Poisoned Needle, article; editor? All you pro-vax zealots can ever do again and again is to fail to address the information in any honesty, and then you simply throw any childish and misguided false discreditation of the information source at it that you think might work.

Do you actually think any person would just create a document like The Poison Needle, and simply fabricate it all? You would like to believe that, but the fact is that it is again real history recorded by a person who lived it at the time. But that's not good enough for you. I have never referenced any other such subject matters of that site, (if they exit), than the modern medicine and vaccine history that is there. Again, most all of it is recorded information by people who lived in those time frames in history. And you are going to tell me those are all fabrications and lies. What else can you come up with, because you know you can not deal with the reality of any fact found in that. Wow, how foolish do you look. And you are actually so delusional that you think none of the readers will see and realize that? Who are you fooling? For the liars and to much to lose must deny it all segment of people that read this; truth doesn't matter to them anyway. The only thing that matters is the people actually looking for the truth, and you are obviously not fooling in any reality, fooling them either. Use your head.  

FYI, I have never referenced to any claim to the Newtown shooting being vaccine connected. What I have referenced to however is the likely connection to psychiatric drugs, SSRI's and anti=psychotic drugs. The connection has been made in most all of the past school shootings to such drugs, and Mr. Adam Lanza has been confirmed to have been on those. In fact there are sources that have recorded a near endless list of such homicides, suicides and murders on those drugs. Another pharma nightmare that does more harm than good and never addresses any real cause. It is a false and pseudo science; there is no actual science to that field of prescribing. I could reference to you numerous sources, but you have failed in the past what 90 blog pages to ever publish one single link of information from me, so that would be of course again useless. You know, anything with to much truth information; and you can't handle it; and never will.


Of course without publishing the above, there was of course as you can see, a reply by the editor on that blog page.. A reply that has as well been responded to, and as was sent as is copied and pasted below. 

The reply:

No, all to clearly YOU are the sick and twisted man here, editor Costner. If you had actually published the corresponding reply you received, and then posted what you have here to compare that with; all to obviously that would have ended up at an obvious hideous level of mindless twisted stupidity for you, and that all to obviously any reader would have realized. All you are doing is throwing a lying, sick, and twisted smoke screen at, because the truth is and would be evident if you ever were honest enough to publish what you were sent.

Nothing replied to you indicted anything at all to do with my involvement whatsoever with child porn nor being connected to anyone selling children to johns and pimps. What I said is that your supplier of information is as a fact directly involved as a supplier in that business. That is a different thing. To falsely claim that I have any obsession with child porn; proves you once again to be nothing be lying, sick, and demented asshole that you actually are. Again to make it clear; that reply had nothing to do with anything I am connected to, but what YOU are connected to. I know that to be fact because it has been investigated, and the person D.J. that gave you the above screen shot, also called me just today and quite obviously informed me he gave you that.

I'm not credible? Really? Let the public be the judge of that. You can not handle the truth and your never could. You and me in a real debate where you could not censor and deny access to the information, would be a entirely hideous shame for you and your outcome in that, and you damn sure by now are aware of that. That's why and the real reason you refuse to publish anything because you know the truth ends your misinformation and lies, and and it does that right in its tracks. Then you lie about it all and turn around and call me sick? What a twisted, demented and a complete hypocrite you are. Everything you state against me, is exactly true for YOU; not me; as a fact.

Again to make it clear. The thing that is really sick about it all is how you fabricate and twist everything to an opposite of truth claim, when it is you that has done what has been done and connected with who you have, as a fact. Either that or you have been smoking something that has your  comprehension skills and your brain in a condition of being a literal pile of mush. Are you making an effort to become and show yourself to be sicker than pharma shill, Gorski? If so, you really have obviously succeeded in that effort.

Hateful of the truth and anyone that puts it forth; what a sad existence you actually live. Three years of it now. Anyone who realizes that, what do and should they think of you in regard to that? You have nothing with this blog and you never will, because any honest person can literally smell your hate, denial of all, and sick puke coming off the pages.

If you can not read everything that was replied to these pages, (another false excuse); you can go to my blog and read a copy of it there, and on the corresponding page.


Additionally the following reply was as well sent to the previous page titled, HuffPo: Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason and was a reply to the editors reply on that said blog page. Which as well of course will never be published either, because it is of course again, to much truth.

The reply:

I see editor, first months ago already; you made that sock puppet accusation; and since then, you have allowed comments to be published. You only do that and allow that comment, if you think you can lie about it and twist it all to fit your sick purposes. Then, when the comment contains to much truth and the real science; and you can not handle it because it exposes your blog page for its lies and misinformation; you then go back to the previous claim and sock puppet excuse for not publishing the reply. That then as said. go right back to that old excuse of you created sock puppet accounts, and thus I refuse to publish your reply. Any excuse will do for you to avoid dealing with, and facing, publishing, and/or debating the real truth and the factual information you receive in response to your mindless articles, here. The reason is and the problem for you is that even after now three years of your going after me, you still continue to make denial of and censor all the information, and as if it were never there. You failed to ever have any ground to debate me on three years ago on any of these issues, and absolutely nothing has changed today; same thing. Then you even have the audacity to falsely claim that what you were sent as to a reply here, was not civil. In fact when it could not have been made any more civil. You are again simply lying, because if you had actually published what you were sent, not only would have your pages information look like and be shown to be all deception, lies, and fraud; but your whole blog would be shown as only that. And you definitely know it. Hows that feel for you, knowing what you are and what you really represent? It is sick, and that is something all to obviously you know you can not deny.



 T h e D R U G  S T O R Y


Provax Quacks

Since the belief in vaccines is more like faith and religion than it is science, we thought we'd present the Vaccinology 10 Commandments as we see them:

1. Correlation doth not equal Causation (unless it defends the Sacred and Holy Vaccine).
2. It is NEVER the Sacred and Holy Vaccine. Any injuries associated with the Sacred and Holy Vaccine must be coincidence, or a lie.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Holy Vaccine in vain. Thou shalt not question the Holy Writings that defend the Sacred Vaccine.
4. Thou shalt not hold any medical procedure above the Sacred and Holy Vaccine. Only the Sacred and Holy Vaccine can perform the miracles claimed.
5. Thou must always follow the Vaccine Schedule, for the Sacred Vaccine is a jealous God.
6. Honor thy Offit and thy Salk, for they are the prophets of the Sacred and Holy Vaccine.
7. Thou must always trust all studies that are done by the makers of the Sacred and Holy Vaccine. They have no interest in profit, only in the health and livelihood of their congregation.
8. Thou must always take the holy sacrament of Vaccination. Any who does not Vaccinate, or who question the holy sacrament, must be called heretic.
9. Diseases that were once benign must become deadly once a Sacred Vaccine is made for them.
10. The Sacred and Holy Vaccine is always safe and effective.

Vaccine Nation, (a lengthy by very informative video)

Vaccine Epidemic

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reply to: HuffPo: Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason

HuffPo: Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason

Here we go again, another lies filled and misleading blog page by this said editor, known only as alias Costner Matthews, which is a and the same blog profile identity he blogged under and listed as so in 2007. later when he knew he was found out, he of course removed that profile identity. There is no known person by that name, which he is, nor that has a name, Costner Matthews. There is however a person with that name in the Sioux Falls, SD area; but was confirmed to be not him. I would put forth that the 80 some titled pages personal attacks seen in that blog, and this editors real hidden having been identity hidden for now 3 years, is in itself representative itself of and clearly based within a mental sickness and denial of the issues that is obviously and clearly unmatched nearly anywhere.

There comes a point when the lies have gone on for far to long to in reality deserve any form of a response. So long and as well the refusal to acknowledge data, facts, the real historical record, and the existing large amounts of real and unbiased relevant science clearly showing the mechanisms of vaccine damage and harm. Clearly showing the direct repeat vaccine links to not only ASD, but as well neurological, immunological, and as well significant harm to the brain of an infant, child and/ot adult. Nothing would be enough.

You will as well notice that this said editor refused to acknowledge my put forth replies to both of his last titled blog pages, which is and has been a common occurance throughout his said blogging pages. If he could not misrepresent and lie about what was replied to the specific blog page, he simply never published the reply; as if he never recieved anything. Either that or he only particially published a portion of it, and lied about and misrepresented the rest. So much for any credibility that said sick blogging trash editor could ever have had, and all to obviously. Then with no identity to simply spew the same old denial of all, misrepresentation, and repeatedly the same proven false propaganda, and clearly known to him by now lies, every time.

The blog page starts out attempting to of course again paint the vaccine truth promoters and parents as antivaccine; which is not the case because most all of us at one point in our lives believed the story told that vaccines were safe and effective, and that they had prevented suffering, illness and so called disease. We had not concept of the truth of course at that time, of that nearly the opposite had been reality. We learned that through a process of course of learning piece by piece of the evidence found that vaccines were not only toxic, but contaminated, and contained heavy metals that should never be injected into a human body at any age. We learned of the cover-up and the pharma corruption, and a pharma connected CDC with to much to lose if the truth were known of the far more harm than good that vaccines have clearly done. With more and more added vaccines and repeated vaccines that has only become far worse. Where will it end? We have a revolving door with the pharma industry with the FDA. An FDA where you do not rock the boat and become a whistle blower, and you question nothing but to agree with the work and decisions made, or you lose your job. They are not protecting us, and they never were; not even. These are simply understood and obvious facts. We as well have a WHO that is a swell majorly corrupt and in bed with pharma; and there is no where to go for the truth but in the search for unbiased information. Using your own mind to think outside the box and determine what exactly is the truth and what is clearly fiction.

These people such as that editor stand in the circle and proclaim that the vaccine truth movement has no ability to use common reason; while it is their own blind, refusal of obvious facts, and in denial refuse to get it reasoning; that is in the camp of clearly beyond unreasonable.

The blog article goes on to praise all the science they have, and again and again gets waved that banner over and over in a result that ends up literally the equivalent of the and a mindset no better than the Wizard of Oz falsely claiming to be the wizard granting immunization from illness; only to be found he there was no such thing nor entity there ever at all. All that was there were misinformation filled misrepresentations of all the good vaccines had done in history; while as a fact no such thing was ever true. Instead what was created was chronic illness and a need for pharma in and of unpresidented proportions never seen ever before on the planet earth.

The said and referenced to blog article and as well its reference to the Huffington Post article, go on and on as well as to making excuse after excuse for why vaccines have never been properly tested, claiming that such testing is always unethical; you know of course leaving a segment of population vulnerable to not having their so live saving vacines, even as to the proven toxic and essentially near worthless flu vaccine. Nothing would be enough, and they ignore time and again the real and true data when it is taken from an unbiased evaluation of the existing studies. Cochrane data base and other analysis all ignored; it was never there; they MUST continue to deny all. Natural protocols and even adequate amounts of vitamins D and C, and all prior evidence in history account of its use, all must be ignored. The Huff Post articles author even has the audacity to claim he works with a naturopath, and like protocols; and as if he actually understands it all and still promotes, vaccines. This is the height of deception and purely deceptive evil.

The article as well sings even the praises of the oral polio vaccine in underdeveloped countries, and ignores that the said polio vaccine used has caused mutations that are potentially more deadly, and 80 some thousand cases of acute flacid paralysis, only being found in the said countries that - that vaccine is used. Blaming it all on unrelated to the vaccine enteroviruses, and realy they are in a major pickle and of course deny all of it. 

Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

In reality, nothing would ever be enough, they totally and entirely must continue to deny all the harm, and far more harm than good that vaccines have done and continue to do. THAT deserves the honesty of both the FDA and the CDC, and as well that of the WHO, but we will never get it. As a fact. Thats why we educate others and/or attempt to and provide the real information that is available. We do not compare car wrecks and parachutes to vaccines, and in an attempt to excplain away the lack of proper studies. We can as well can clearly compare ourselves the unvaccinated to the vaccinated children that we know of, and see the major difference in the quality of health. That is all to obvious. NOTHING would ever be enough for these people, and such as that editor, all to obviously. When you as well compare all of the information on my website and all the information I have put on and into this counter blog; you can all to easily see how deceptive and lying that blog editor and author is. He knows better, and it clearly does not matter to him what the truth really is; as he has been shown that repeatedly. He knows is there, and it doesn't matter. I would ask you right here and now...WHO IS ACTUALLY LYING AND MISINFORMING and continuing repeatedly to misinform the public. Is that criminal??? It most certainly and obviously is. The entire system that editor represents if of the same cloth and the same thing; all lies. And they have the audacity to claim that it is just the opposite, and to present with that it is us that is without reason, and any reasoning ability? How flat of bullshit is that? Amazing isn't it?

Never stop learning the truth.



After a significant period of time now, and editor Costner has not published any of the replies that I sent him, I sent this message to the blog, and reads as follows.

Editor, you have failed again to publish my replies that I sent you on the two previous pages here. What seems to be the problem with, and for you? To much truth, and you know it will blow wide open as exposed, all your knowingly false information and lying about the facts? If you obviously can not handle the truth feed back, then you should not be writing these blog pages. But then from day one, you never were and never have been able to debate anything whatsoever in any honesty, nor without denial of all and censoring the information as if it were never there. Again, what is it all worth and worth for you, when you continually refuse to be honest? LOL, what a flat out and pathetic joke you are.

Reply to: HuffPo: Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason

Reply to: Need Another Reason to Get a Flu Shot?

Reply to: Move the Goalposts... It's Time to Talk Aluminum

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Reply to: Need Another Reason to Get a Flu Shot?

Need Another Reason to Get a Flu Shot?

Reply to:

This blog page again contains a collection of nothing but obvious epidemiology based pseudo science, Mr. Blogging Editor. Yet, when provided it, any real and unbiased science, you refuse to acknowledge and consider. How’s that for being fitting for the obvious title of hypocrisy and being hypocritical, Mr. Editor?

Nothing produces inflammation like a vaccine by the way, especially aluminum and/ or mercury containing vaccines; and they are going to claim a vaccine reduces arterial inflammation? You don’t know much about that adjuvant related science in Pubmed do you? Maybe its long past time to educate yourself. What about the mercury in a flu vaccines effect alzheimers? They obviously forget to study that?

Check out the comments on that article you linked to as well, that pretty much as well tells the story.

When they as well go as far as claim that these two below vaccines also prevent heart attacks, they are simply full of it.

The herpes zoster vaccination against shingles.

Vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia.

What about all the unbiased studies and as well the analysis done by Cochrane database main line that show the true ineffectivenss of flu vaccines; and as well the high level of bias in any most flu vaccine study connected to pharma, editor? Does that matter in and as to defermining the worthyness of getting a flu vaccine? It should. Should the ingredient list matter, as to what you are actually injecting? How about the unproven safety of flu vaccines and especially containing thimerosal, and for and given to pregnant women, that they still irresponsibly promote? What about all the reports of miscarriages after the thimerosal containing H1N1 and the flu vaccine; and you are ignoring all that, of course. Doesn't matter, to you? Of course not, just more added denial of all; right, editor? If the FDA and CDC can continue do it, so can you, right?

Danger and Ineffectiveness of Flu Vaccines

Flu Vaccine Ingredients

Flu Vaccine Ingredients As Lethal As Ever: Don't Risk Your Health, Pass on The Flu Shot

Health Basics: The 11 most toxic vaccine ingredients and their side effects

And by the way editor, as to your third article down on your page in which you made a reply to my comment. The article, one you titled, Will Antivaxxers Embrace the HIV Vaccine? Wednesday, November 7, 2012. Here is my response to that.

Any person who would state that they would allow themselves to be experimented on with a proposed HIV vaccine, and especially given the immense failures and side effects that vaccine in clinical trial phase has seen, is either lying or extremeley ignorant; which is it? Trusting the science is one thing but being flat out fool hardy is quite another. Anyone that would trust any form of HIV injected into the human body obviously does not understand the dangerous and crude process of vaccine development; especially with a pathogen like that. Dumb!

Reply to: Move the Goalposts... It's Time to Talk Aluminum

Friday, November 16, 2012
Move the Goalposts... It's Time to Talk Aluminum


Reply to:

Your again intentional denial of the facts, surely does not even deserve a response as to this ridiculous and again in denial blog page, editor. You do know better; and you have no excuses left to continue in that kind of repeat denial of all. However, I will respond with this.

This reply was as well sent to the said editors blog page.

I assure you as well editor, that you can not lump all vaccine truth people into one stereotyped category, nor as to any of your and those mentioned as put forth claims in this again and again in denial article.

You made again the following below statement in the comments section of your previous blog page. Just as you always do and claim to, and the same as of course the false pretender Gorski, always falsely claiming that his keep on claiming to that vaccine safety and effectiveness science. The truth is that such science nor any sufficient any sufficient amount of science, simply does not exist to make any such stand as to your claims, and as you have been shown again and again long ago. How many mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant harm studies did and have I put in front of you in the past. Studies you refused to publish. You falsely claimed that none of the were from any reputable journals; yet about 95% are published right in Pubmed. There are numerous studies in Pubmed and other actually quite reputable sources that show the direct mechanisms of harm of and regarding both thimerosal and aluminum, and as well vaccine aluminum adjuvants. You simply and refuse to face it; and obviously must continue to ignore the facts.

Here below as said, is your said claim.

 (Quoting you, editor) You see Mr. Hubbs, I trust the science behind vaccines because I know the research has been done by people with scientific backgrounds and with credentials that prove to me the vaccines are not only effective, but that they are safe as well. I don't rely upon theory, but rather upon proven science. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks, and as such I would have no problem taking a vaccine which would benefit me. (unquote)

When we look at the what they would call the main line believed hard line studies; what are they? Are they physiological studies as to toxicology and blood work performed on an actual infant, or a child; or anyone else? No, what they have is only so called epidemiological studies. Who funded those studies. Answer, the CDC What were those studies done in regard to? Answer, the only epidemiological studies ever done were on one single vaccine ingredient, thimerosal, and as well of course the Danish study on the MMR vaccine. In your mind do you think there is were any clear flaws in the study design and or any predetermined outcome present? Of course there were, and I have pointed that out to you long ago. You ignored it.

And when we look at vaccine clinical trials and any proof of efficacy, or that the vaccines actually work, they look at what? A certian level of antibody increases after a vaccine correct? So, in the year 2012 and as to the CDC and big pharma; that is all they know about the immune system. There is nothing there more complex than that? And how do they ever actually show or prove how many people the vaccines actually worked for or in? They don't, period. They never have. Better yet how long are the recipients of the vaccines ever followed for any significant time as for their health and record of ever getting those communicable illnesses? They aren't and they don't follow much of any of it. It then goes to VAERS as an after market reporting; which of course they all together ignore and deny that data and the outcome as well, and the only 1 to 10% known reporting. Never finding a common link to anything ever, no matter what. Gardasil, being the most prime example of that denial of all.

Both aluminum and mercury are neurotoxins, by the way; something else you ignore and likely as well deny. That fact has been known for decades. You are injecting a neurotoxin. A neurtoxin that can as well produce overactivation of the brains microglia and resulting chronic levels of brain inflammation. Is that good thing? Many studies have now shown this to be a finding in those with both ASD and those with ADHD. Other studies have shown the direct mechanism of harm and action regarding those said and often repeatedly injected aluminum adjuvants. Both aluminum and mercury injected cause an adjuvant effect, which clearly results in inflammation and non specific increased targeting of no onlya  killed/attentuated antigen; but as well can result in allergic and autoimmune reactions and conditions. Is that an important consideration? It should be?And the CDC remains silent. That science is all clearly there; why is the CDC and FDA not acting on it and demanding and doing further studies?  Answer, they have to much to lose, if the truth be known and admitted to, and they already as a fact know the truth.

So, where are the safety studies on aluminum adjuvants? I noticed that you did not have one single study provided for the public in this blog article. Didn’t you say you were about trusting the science? So, what science is acceptable to you; only that which is accepted by the CDC, the FDA, and the IOM? And if you think that the IOM is not directly influenced by big pharma and the whole of so called organized chemical based medicine, you are again entirely delusional.

Should it be of concern to a parent who is allowing all the vaccines on the current CDC schedule, that despite the number of references to aluminum toxicity, the FDA has always exempted it from testing from testing by putting it on their "Generally Regarded as Safe"  (GRAS ) list. Aluminum can be added to foods, medicines or water without restriction from the FDA.

Aluminum toxicity is a widespread problem in all forms of life, including humans, animals, fish, plants and trees, and causes widespread degradation of the environment and health. Over 7000 reference articles on aluminum toxicity exist in various data bases; ( as of 1996 ) all recognizing the toxicity but concluding the mechanism of action is unknown. — [ Search results - ]

From: History of crime against the Food Laws (1929) by Dr. Riley, the prime mover behind the original Pure Food Law and Director of the FDA. He resigned in disgust in 1912 over exceptions granted to the law and lack of enforcement.

Aluminum has been exempted from testing for safety by the FDA under a convoluted logic wherein it is classified as GRAS. (Generally Regarded As Safe.) It has never been tested by the FDA on its safety and there are NO restrictions whatever on the amount or use of aluminum. Diseases Associated with Aluminium Intoxication. H. Tomlinson, M.B., Ch.B., MRCS., LRCP. Since that time thousands of studies have been published indicating aluminum is involved in neurological dysfunction, immunocompetence, as well as a host of other morbidities. I cannot begin to reference them all. Sepsis: a cause of aluminum release from tissue stores associated with acute neurological dysfunction and mortality. Davenport A. – Williams P.S. – Roberts N.B. – Bone J.M. From: Clin Nephrol (1988 Jul) 30(1):48-51.

You can find the references to this on this page of my site. No, don’t be backing out of publishing this reply because you falsely claim this is from a personal website. There is a collection of actual unbiased science here that you can even touch and explain it away, and you do know that is there, editor! So, let me ask you this editor, why is it that all of the unbiased non pharma connected science is all off limits to you, and swiped off the table, and all the while that you make denial of its existence? That amounts to intellectual dishonesty of actually the highest order, and we are talking about the health and well being of millions of people here, who were actually mislead as to the safety and as well the effectiveness of vaccines.

Aluminum Adjuvants - Lack of Safety Data - Lack of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Studies

You simply can not explain away that level of real science, editor. And you definitely can not do it without scientific safety studies on such as aluminum adjuvants of your own, which of course you provided none of. It is the largest elephant in the room, that as well both the FDA and the CDC as well ignore. So, editor; it is all good as long as they ignore it all as well? You as well can not explain that way with the CHOP, Paul Offits claim that ingestion of aluminum and mercury is all the same thing as if you inject it. You can not make the claim that such substances are handled and detoxed in the same way, without adequate physiological toxicology studies done on an actual human being. And you are telling me that Paul Offit has proven that ingestion of aluminum in dietary form, is physiologically detoxed the same way as injected aluminum adjuvants? Simple common sense should tell that is an entirely without any merit and a flat out bogus claim. Where is Offits science; he has none to make that claim. The real studies themselves prove that he is clearly wrong, as clearly are you.

How much collected and real science do you see on this page of my site? Showing you exactly the mechanisms of harm regarding aluminum adjuvants, and as well thimerosal? Your going to continue as always to ignore that? Of course you are, you have to or you could not continue to lie to and misinform the public like you always do. How much real data and real science is on this site in general? It is an overwhelming and massive amount of factual data and real science. And you as said go on rejecting it. The purpose of your whole blog is to make a mockery of facts and anyone that puts them forth. Who, is the real fool? You or me? That answer is all to obvious, when the real information is not censored, denied access to; or refused to be published in its entirety. You know it, and I definitely know it as a fact.

The Vaccine Damage – Science

Recovering Caroline, The Journey (an example of biomedical treatment, where parents have taken the time to do the needed and completed homework. Helping as well other parents to recover their children). Does it matter; oh yes it does matter.

They are detoxing the vaccines and healing the damage. Heavy metals, viral overload, and the harm done by the MMR vaccine. This would, not be possible if it were not the vaccines, as a fact. But what can the average mainstream doctor or pediatricain offer? More pharma chemcial drugs that may drug away the childs behavior; more therapy that never gets to the real causation? What a picture of evil, destruction, cluelessness, and dishonesty within the so called medical profession. To much to lose, it is all a simply uinderstood as that. All of us were once trusting that vaccines were effective and that they worked as advertised, and we would have continued to believe that, had we not investigated the truth. There is little way to in any honesty claim there is any bias in that.

Vaccines Cause Autism and More - The Scientific Explanation

Vaccine Caused Ischemia/Hypoxia


Vaccine Production With - Human Diploid Cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

The False Theory of Vaccine Derived - Herd Immunity

Chiropractic - Correcting Physiological Function and Strengthening Immunity

Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

Post Vaccination - Vaccine Targeted Strain - Viral and Bacterial Pathogen - Shedding

Gardasil - The Real Truth

FDA Reply Letter - and Further Questions Raised on Gardasil, (nothing would ever be enough, as they have to much to lose to ever admit the truth and their liability; as they at the CDC and FDA would be finished, as would be the entire vaccine program then put under a forced and far more appropriate spotlight of investigation)

Scientific proof that the known cancer causing SV40 virus, a previous contaminant in the polio vaccine, is obviously either contagious; or the virus is still in the vaccine/s.

Danger And Ineffectiveness of Flu Vaccines

The False Foundations of Modern Medicine

Death By Medicine