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Response to:The Condition or the Person?

 The Condition or the Person?

I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. 

I have never been able to conceive how any rational being could propose happiness to himself from the exercise of power over others. Thomas Jefferson - quotes

Thomas Jefferson - quotes

Quotation: What difference do you want to make in the world and what are you willing to sacrifice for it?

And here we go again, in the link [above] to another created blog page by a man that is clearly psychotic and apparently so delusional that he actually and obviously thinks he is doing right and doing a service by this garbage, and to society. In overview of it all; do we actually need more people like this in our world, or less? Wow. And all done from a no identity himself, standpoint. What a wonderful information tool the Internet is, and can be; until people like THIS come along and change it from a system of finding the truth, to one of attacking the truth!

The below is the initial reply I made to this said blog page, as well are two rebuttals posted to the blog page above, and were as well refused to be published.

You can not create any sicker nor any more false an expose than this. Your blog pages obviously are getting more sick and desperate as they go here. And if all that is truth, then why did you refuse to publish the reply rebuttal I made to your comment in the comments section of your previous blog page, and as well the previous blog page before that. You have refused to publish rebuttal replies to endless blog pages here, that effectively shows any possible readers the real truth. Those reply sends to you have repeatedly shown the depth of your lies again and again; and you refuse to publish it because you know it effectively sounds the death knell for your lying blog pages.

Let's see if you can explain what you were doing driving around my residence and investigating what is there? How sick is that! And really, lets have you explain how and why you acquired my address at all, and why you did. What was the point, that should be a good one? The point being that the address has 3-6's in it. So what, that means I am evil and you are not? That kind of stupidity and mentality just about boggles the mind, and it should for anyone that reads or had the stomach to read that blog page.  

And you are still claiming to not be involved in all you have been accused of? Keep rolling, Buckwheat! 


[Rebuttal below, to the one reply Costner made to this page.]

Just like always, you refuse to publish a reply comment from me that exposes the truth! With every new page, it is the same thing! If you publish an initial reply and then you respond to it in your typical twisted and lying fashion, then you refuse to publish my rebuttal. Those rebuttals have proven every one of your claims are false, and yetr you refuse to publish that! Again and again.

Just like on the Argus, and just like here; you can not hold any debate nor address the facts, unless you lie and suppress and as well as attempt to silence the real truth information. What is that worth? Absolutely nothing! On no level can nor could you compete with me, ever. You know it and I know it, and that is why you attempted to go after me. of course if all else fails you have achieved nothing more than harassement and mockery of fact, together with a false and slanderous attack on the messenger. What is THAT worth? Nothing. What is it worth to do all that from a standpoint of no identity on your part, lying about someone putting forth full and fearless identity. Wow, there has to be a special place in hell for people like you.

And your not going to tell me what you were doing driving around and investigating my neighborhood? And you obviously are not going to tell me why you needed my exact address, nor how and why and the reason you sought that? What was the point? Wow. And other than your equally brainwashed cronies that have to much to lose, and your hacker/stalker connections that have left replies here; who is going to read this blog and take anything at all you have put forth and stated, seriously. You are more delusional than even I realized. I have had people read some of what is on this blog, and say, "wow that guy has some really serious problems"; and, "that is a serious psycho case". I would tend to much more than agree.

I presume you are going to deny any knowledge and involvement in the several breaks in's over the past two months to my apt as well? That, using some sort of burglary tool where they can even lock the door when they leave; but there is alway evidence, as I know how it was left. Top that off H. Manning and his cohorts even admit he and they, [the Kingpin], did it. Oh of course they had spotters watching where I was at the time, and they knew when I left to return. Yup, a new lock on the door and they got right thru that too. Then top it off the back door which just had a new lock put in is now damaged and won't open at all.

But never mind, the coincidence of your publishing this page, would not lead anyone to think you were with knowledge of that, especially when that log in costner 360 had clearly been involved with what I outlined before. I bet thats all a concidence as always, and only my imagination. Wow.

Keep chanting it Costner, "No proof exists" "None ever, of anything, nothing is enough"! "I am a complete GENIUS, and the pharma science can not be debated nor challenged"!



Reply, also not published.

I am getting a little fed up as well with throwing out any open food, and removing the refrigerated water, because I know they were there. Why? Because the reason they are claiming to be there is to put stuff in the food, and install some undetectable surveillance items, and you don't know what is spoof and what is real anymore.

This is my home and residence I am talking about. Yes, the same one you are publishing a page about its location. And you ARE involved and have knowledge of it all! You people are sick! But then I have always known that about you.

Just because I put forth the truth and proof information that shows you what modern medicine and vaccines are really all about, and that it is for the most part nothing but a for profit sham and scam; you thus in return attempt to rape me and my life, endlessly. Stalking, hacking, small undetectable video cameras set up in my alley, the same thing at anotht location you know I frequent. Those are extremely sick activities Costner; and dont even attempt to claim I can not prove it. It is all beyond any doubt, and that you as well are involved. Look at you blog page, and tell the readers why you would need to do that, if you can actually debate me in honesty. It is all a plan of harrasssment, mockery of fact; and anyone that puts it forward. Anyone can see on the Argus how you even continue to atttempt to take control and belittle people that have the facts right. You are flat out sick. Society most definitely doesnt need more people like you, attempting to mislead the masses. Unbelievable evil! And you want to claim my number is 666? Wow. Someone who has done what you have? Amazing, denial of all.


The Importance of Getting Factual Information on Vaccinations

Investigators and Families of Vaccine-Injured Children to Unveil Report Detailing Clear Vaccine-Autism Link Based on Government’s Own Data.

Watch the press conference live on UStream  on Tuesday, May 10th at EDT.Channel:

FDA approved Big Pharma drugs without effectiveness data

CDC Allegedly Falsifies Reports: Ignores up to 3,587 Miscarriages From H1N1 Vaccine

CoMeD Files Evidence of Miscarriage after Thimerosal-containing Flu Shots

Vaccine Documents 

Posted as a Public Service by and taken from U.S. Printing Office Washington, DC 20402–0001
SEPTEMBER 10, 2003

PDF Direct Download

60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child

Dr. Confesses Cancer & Deadly Viruses are Present in Vaccines
Leading Vaccine Expert, Dr. Maurice Hilleman Tells All Before His Own Death. (No log in required).

No Pharma Liability? No Vaccine Mandates PSA

Research – Is There a Toxin-Virus-Cancer Connection?

Have you ever wondered why so many people are gullible enough to believe everything they're told on the TV news, or by the FDA, or the White House?

Our world suffers from an epidemic of what I call "Gullible Minds," and in today's article, I take a deeper look into the strange but consistent pathology of "Gullible Mind" people who seem to dominate our social landscape.

This article will open your eyes and help you see why you are different from the gullible masses:

The gullible mind explained

Achieving the Deepest Level of Health

HIV/AIDS in Africa Caused Through Doctors Vaccinating With Contaminated Needles
"Children At Fort Collins Clinic Need To Be Tested After Syringe Mix-Up"

Double standards in research ethics, health-care safety, and scientific rigour allowed Africa's HIV/AIDS epidemic disasters

Infant Mortality Rates Increase With Vaccines

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

New study: Nations requiring the most vaccines tend to have the worst infant mortality rates

Research – Vaccines and the Basics of Biology

Video – Shiv Chopra talks about how Health Canada is Corrupt to the Core. [Doesn't MATTER, where it is! The money, power and protentially lost careers present with a to much to lose, must attack the truth information, encasing in itself the true battle of good and evil.]

Book Review: Vaccine Epidemic

Vaccine Epidemic the Book

Discover through this live presentation by Dr. Shiv Chopra how and why vaccines are produced. Learn about their ineffectiveness and the twisted approval process they often take. Very important information to have before you or your family members are injected. 

BREAKING NEWS: Indictment proceedings against CDC Adviser Poul Thorsen unfold amid allegations of fraud exceeding $1 million in Grants.

(New Information) VRM: CDC-Gate Exposes A Trail of Fraud Behind Autism Studies

And again, how and why is it the false smear on Wakefield by Brian Deer the obscure journalist, is world media news worthy, yet news like that never sees the media spotlight, nor any media coverage at all. And if you believe the information is not controlled by the big money, power and censorship of the powers that be, you have to be pure stupid.

Dr Andrew Wakefield, the truth.

Supporting Studies.

Vaccine Damaged Kids and the Media Attack on Dr. Andy Wakefield

I am Josh

VRM: Vaccine Industry Deception, Propaganda & Media Collusion « Vaccine Resistance Movement

Vaccine Induced Child Abuse Exposed, “Vaccine Damage Denial"

An adverse reaction to Cervarix has caused a British parent to be falsely accused of child abuse

The LIES of the CDC, [concerning flu vaccines]
CoMeD Files Evidence of Mis-Carriage After Thimersol Containing Flu Shots 

Paul Offit's Science Friction 

Flu Vaccine Caused Over 1000 Adverse Reactions

Website Documents Over 300 Gardasil Horror Stories

But Costner, as always, would have you believe there is NO proof, as with everything, from A to Z. An evil agenda it is!

Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis On Shaky Ground 
by Viera Scheibner, PhD

Experts Recommend Delaying Breastfeeding Until Vaccinations Have Taken Effect

Why? Because maternal antibodies transfered to the child cause any vaccine induced antibodies to be destroyed; eaten up. So, here again they are replacing God and nature with the failed ways of man. Wouldnt natural immunity be better than slambing injections and hoping for something to take; whcih it often doesnt; look at all the vaccine and vaccine herd immunity failures in almost every class of vaccine.   

Investigators and Families of Vaccine-Injured Children to Unveil Report Detailing Clear Vaccine-Autism Link

Vaccines do not Cause Autism. The real issues regarding that of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity [Vaccines].

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days Trailer.

And did you see Costner's pathetic page where he attempted to address and dispute the issue of raw food and juicing in relation to health? No intelligent person can deny those benefits. Just like Orac and Gorski; Costner is out to throw everyone into a pit of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines only, and falsely bash anything natural and/or any alternative information as quackery. It is all to clear where the REAL quackery always has been. One thing is for sure, natural means and protocols are clearly not known as the third leading cause of death in the US, like the main stream pharma system is!


Cancer – A Natural Approach

Modern Medicine Facts

Now, known to be - "The Third Leading Cause" of Death in the US; and all they want to do is add more unproven and dangerous drugs and vaccines!


CDC Under Formal Investigation For Covering Hidden Dangers of Fluoride

FLUORIDE: How WRONG Can Health Agencies Be?

Monsanto is Poisoning Us All: Famous Scientist, Don Huber Exposes Hazards of Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide.

117 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Expose Hazards of Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide & "Roundup Ready" GMOs

Institute For Responsible Technology, [GMO Truth]

They have to much to lose, the truth be known, and he calls me, evil. Wow, the insanity of and in that, is just profound.

North Carolina SB 31 bill seeks to turn healers into felons; but the health freedom backlash has already begun

Health Freedom victory within reach in North Carolina as SB 31 amendment clarifies definition of medical felony crimes

Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama, on 9-11

Charlie Sheen - 9/11 World Trade Center Conspiracy

Charlie Sheen on 9/11

MARTIN SHEEN questions 9-11

Willie Nelson Questions 9/11 Official Story On National TV

Response to: The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep

As to this blog page.

Only 2 published comments show:

 Lowell said...

You know you are lying. You know you are publishing nothing but false accusations and slander. Who's actually stupid here Costner, and you think I will give you the answers to what I know, and how I know; when you already know how I know what I know? And you are looking to publish that, you will never get it. Oh, but you know, if nothing else; in your mind its a good chance for more mockery of fact and more slander. You know what you are doing and I know exactly what I am doing. Face it. It is YOU, and only you! It is one hell of a revelation on many things that have gone on.

April 21, 2011 8:59 PM


 thē editor said...
..."you think I will give you the answers to what I know, and how I know; when you already know how I know what I know?"...

Is that an Abbott and Costello routine or are you hoping that makes sense? If you think I know something, then why would you be reluctant to tell me what I already know?

You really haven't thought this one through have you Lowell? Keeping trying buddy... you'll get there eventually.

April 21, 2011 9:53 PM


What was refused to be published by Costner - below. 

And noone Costner, said I reported Manning to the feds. That was a baseless assumption. You claimed I said I did and that it was a fabrication. Really? Now how would you know that? Oh ya, it is actually you that has not thought it though. You keep getting caught in the trap. You are owed nothing as to what I do, and or how I know anything. No explanations, nothing.

Your responses are and have been entirely inapproriate and always were, as to anything you have replied to as to these issues. Any person knowing the truth can see right throught it.

I have put this challenge before you before. Is there any reason you can not debate me in person one on one, on any and all the issues here? The fact that you even created this falsely attacking blog shows you true agenda. That agenda is not truth but personal attacks and silencing the truth. You may have a handfull of brainwashed sheeple that love your attack, as they as well have to much to lose if they were to accept the facts. It is interesting how they have no higlighted names nor connection to anything, just like you. 

If you want to as you claim leave the serious discussions to the adults, and thus make such a false claim, then you will not have any reservations as to conducting a debate with me face to face. Bring your video camera and crew, I'll bring mine. Let me know when and where you want to set that up? Any suggestions?

You clearly want to attack another person (me) with the courage to stand up with full identity, and to expose and put forth the truth as to the tyrony and destruction modern medicine and vaccines have caused. You have in your sickness maintained doing that with no identity of your own, now for over a year. How sick is that? How non credible is that? You can just say anything you want; with no identity. It's time for you to put your cards on the table and start facing the real facts.


So there you have it, the exposure of more lying and asinine mockery and stupidity, by alias no identity.... Costner. What, would could possibly possess any person to do that, and to publish that kind of attacking bullshit?

Response to: The Difference Between Caring and Pretending To Care

 The Difference Between Caring and Pretending To Care

What was not published, and refused to published by Costner - Below. Citing only more twisted and false excuses and accusations as to why he wouldn't and couldn't publish it..  


As a fact I found no actual contact link in their site contact link, or that would have been done! Of course I have no hatred toward the autistic, that claim is absolutely replusive. They that post on that thread need a wake up call; what they believe is flat out stupid and they have been so very much mislead. Harsh language there, yes; and I leave nothing in uncertain terms, as you can see. You see Costner, you caused that need and the problem, and then you capitalize on it, again much like modern medicine. Go figure.

As far as disrespect, you will obviously, falsely and intentionally twist that claim until hell freezes over. As a fact I do have allot of respect for the autistic, but I do not have much personal respect for autistic people that keep spreading, and are involved in spreading such misinformation, and as well that the autism epidemic is genetic. That claim has no proof; and that (the) actual science has never proven that. It would be impossible to have a sudden genetic defect that resulted in that large an increase in autism; common sense tells you that. The only thing that may be some what genetic is the low levels of glutathione in some children, needed to detox thimerosal, and only that in the 3 way protocol options in biomedical treatment.

You see Costner, obviously that site supports your ridiculous claims that vaccines have no connection to autism, so it is all good for you. As long as they blamed it on anything else but, even Dominos pizza, you would support it. The science that supports the fact that it is the vaccines, is endless and you would deny that no matter how many endless studies you have been shown. What have you to counter that with Costner? 14 CDC and AAP funded studies that are as proven bogus as it gets. You have been shown that over and over. Then the current situation with Poul Thorson fraud and regarding the Danish study, used to deny thousands compensation at the federal court. But of course you falsely claim to that Wakefield was a fraud; no matter how much evidence I presented that he is not. Yet the fraud committed by Thorson will never see the media nor CDC spotlight. Right Costner, nothing for information is suppressed, money, power, credibility and saving careers have nothing to do with it. And what about the the thousands of parent s that have seen their children regress into the hell of autism, right have a load of vaccines? And you have the audacity to claim it is I that does not care about the autistic? Talk about a twisted and delusional and rant you have going. How is your denial of all helping those children; including the major help they could be getting, but the medical establishment denys it. Why? To admit it points directly to vaccines, and they are not going down no matter how many children are damaged. Thats why I got into this information and putting it forward. For you to claim that the real reason is some related to some sort of  of perversion in regard to children, is just flat out asinine, and as well IT Firestone claiming my putting the truth out there on Gardasil was related to some perverted interest. 

You know what, if you can not address the information, you/they will lie about it and falsley attack the messenger. How many times have I said it and has it been seen so many times as well throughout the systems of organized so called health care? You don't question their false authority. 

Now you go crawl under a rock or your pharma journals, which ever you prefer.


Then when the above was refused to be published, this reply was sent and again was refused to be published.

Just like I thought. Just as always, the truth was again to much for you to handle, and that put forth would allow any reader here to thus see right through your lies and misinformation.  And again you refuse to publish another reply comment. As always, you refuse to publish anything that puts the actual truth into perspective. If you are going to make the accussations you do against me, the least you could do in honesty is publish the replies you recieved. Like I said, your game is lies mockery and silencing the truth. The excuses you once again used here to falsely deny the publishing of that reply, are just so beyond pathetic; it is flat out sick.

You have recieved no threats, and you are balsy enough to create this blog with no identity; why is it you have no courage to debate me in person? Only seems fair, to me?

What exactly was unfit for publication in those two replies. Nothing Wow, is there no end to your lies?

Hey Sugar, S. Dealer is proving once again what she is made of. Wasn't that impressive? Wow. And the least of your concerns here, are spelling Costner; was that the best you could do? Again, wow.

That's ok, you are to dishonest to allow it, so I guess I will just have to publish the copy of those comments, on my blog.


And as to SEV's lying reply comment which he Costner again did allow to be published, which is nothing more lies that he knows is lies, and those comments clearly aimed at retaliation for exposing Costner, and what he has been involved in. Again, attempting to falsely bring me down to their level.

You SEV, know those accusations are lies and nothing but lies. I have the proof of what I claim to as to Costner, and you have no proof nor any reason to claim to what you have in that reply. As well, your claims have been clearly addressed before and have been refuted as absolute slander. And it has been stated again and again, I have no association whatsoever with Manning; once it was proven that he is the same person with the charges, and that he is still clearly involved in the same thing; the manufacture of child porn and allot more. It is you is clearly involved with him, and that would make far more sense here. Slanderous retaliation for what I know, that is all that is. If you can give me one single reason and/or excuse and /or reasoning for your false claims that would lead anyone to come to any other conclusion, go ahead and post reply that SEV!!!


So that is how it works. Any false accusations at all are allowed to be published on Costner's blog, yet the truth is not allowed to be published, claiming theres no proof or using some other lying excuse. Wow, is there any end to the demented sickness and dishonesty of this man?