Monday, December 26, 2011

Response to: Lowell Hubbs Caught Lying Yet Again

 Lowell Hubbs Caught Lying Yet Again   


Will the REAL LIAR, please Stand UP????

Here again we have the absolute height of hypocrisy going on. This jackass does nothing but lie repeatedly and his mission is denial of any harm and ineffectiveness of vaccines, and as well denial of any negative information as to so called modern medicine. There are two things here that are self evident; this mans blog would have been finished long ago, and he knows it; had he actually published the information in replies I made. It would have been finished if he had to actually acknowledge the information that exists on the pages of this blog. He can get in his mind get nowhere and he knows that; unless he can control the information. He would as well have been finished if he had been required to provide his real identity. And why? Because no one would or could put forth that kind of personally attacking; those kind of lies, and the false garbage without eventual public ridicule and embarrassment. He instead in his warped and twisted mind would rather attempt to shift that to me, with having no identity. How credible is all that?

He denies that there is any better way than pharmaceutical and vaccines; and claims it is the ONLY way existing. ALL other knowledge is branded as quackery, and anyone putting it forth is branded in his mind publicly as QUACK! And he has done all this irregardless off, in denial of, and in light of modern medicine being as a proven fact, the 3rd leading cause of death in America. He, Costner; denies that. To show how truly delusional he is, he even had the audacity to create a page praising Pasteur. He has seen the real history and what is missing from it, and as well that true understand of the physiological workings of the human body was understood by true scientists 100 years ago; and the name of one of the main people of that time was not Pasteur; it was Becamp. They covered it all up in favor of Pasteurs kill the pathogens and germs theory; as it was the only thing that would sell drugs and vaccines. (Costner of course would call that an unproven conspiracy theory; no matter how much evidence was put in front of him; as it wasn't found in the current medical books). If they had accepted the proven principals of Becamp, that in its basics in form, it is the soil and not the seed; the whole foundation of modern medicine crumbles to the ground. That, is why there are no cures nor real healing. It is all about only treating the symptoms and never actually looking for, nor finding the true physiological the cause. Most of the cause can be found in what has been put into the body, by anything from dental procedures, to toxic vaccines, and the standard American diet. It is not all entirely as simplified as that but the basics can be found right here. Not all situations can be treated by naturopathic means; but a good share of it can be. Enough to make most pharmaceutical companies making billions, go broke. And there will be no end to the coming and approved pharmaceuticals and vaccines; assuring the continued and failed-so many people-path that this nation is on.

Costner's mission of denial is the same as that of Gorski from Pharmaceutical Junk Science Based Medicine. That mission is denial of all alternative information that would give people the knowledge to pull people from the failed grip of modern medicine. Just as the pharmaceutical company giants; the Goliath's. These people care less about the health of the average individual, or child. Its more profitable to spend millions advertising to the public and medical profession; profiling doctors for the next move. They are nothing more that  ruthless denialists with to much to lose if they ever put any focus on the true physiological workings of the human body and as well its immune system. its never been about healing, and every now and then there will be a pharmaceutical rep., that will pull the pin and give it up; fully disclosing the more harm than good they realized were doing.

Alias Costner does not care that modern medicine has been proven to be the third leading cause of death in the US. The original study being published in the American Medical Association Journal; author Barbara Starfield. He does not care that other well done studies have been published showing the same findings and  result. Costner in his self proclaimed brilliance even went so far as to create a blog page attempting to re-do the math as to the studies numbers; he fudged the math and ended up making a mathematical mistake a third grader would have caught and he tried to pass that off as all correct. He to this day will never admit to anything; and he is NEVER wrong, nor will he ever be wrong. is this the guy you should take your advise from? He believes you do not have the right to consider any information other than what promotes pharmaceuticals and toxic vaccines. He would have you believe there is no other nor better way to health care  than depending on vaccines and pharmaceuticals the rest of your life. Why is that? Is the body deficient of foreign chemicals and toxic vaccines? What God the creator screwed up and the only fix comes from a chemist and/ or vaccine manufacturer? Go to my site and realize just how for profit insane all that is!

Costner as well refuses to believe there are any alternative cancer cures, or ever were. The evidence of that there are, is quite overwhelming. The evidence that the FDA has suppressed any alternative means to healing as is a well is absolutely proven. Costner once stated that if he had cancer and there was no cure; he would just accept his fate and die. He would die for modern medicine and big pharma. I somehow doubt that and I think he would he would be running for the information I have put forth. 

As for the blog page I am responding to here; there was a reply that I made to it; however of course Costner again refused to publish it, as as always there was to much truth in it that he couldn't handle nor lie his way out of it had he published it. So what did he do as always; he entirely lied about and misrepresented what was in the reply, and refused to publish it. Compare what he stated existed in my reply with what actually did. Count the number of fabricated lies. It was all quite obviously completely fabricated misinformation. He just hates the truth, and anyone that puts it forth. He wants you to believe that anyone that puts information out there such as you see on my site; (the truth about modern medicine and vaccines), that they are mislead lot of incompetent fools, if not out rightly mentally ill and defective. He wants to put everyone with the facts in hand to be branded as only a conspiracy theorist; every time! Total denial of all. Who's, in all reality, clearly defective??? This person is so morally lacking of any form of a conscience in what he puts forth as to all the denial of fact, and real science, that is absolutely flat out sick. And he wants to personally attack And now you know the real truth.


Judge for yourself, a copy of that reply is right here.

Holy buckets, no identity Costner; you better get a copy and a nice and fancy frame on this blog page and hang it on your wall. Is there no end to these demented ramblings. Your attempt to claim to and believe you are a self proclaimed expert here, has failed again miserably. Then to just go ahead and have the audacity and title this page, Lowell Hubbs Caught Lying Yet Again. Based on WHAT?

I did not screen shot that page image by creating the image, nor did I paste it on top of the actual blog page! If I had any intention of doing that, I would have clearly and obviously created an image that was derogatory in your direction, and not mine. I simply copied what was there at the time. I did as well tell you I was not sure what it was as far as its true source. At no point was I dishonest. 

Your claims of lying and fabrication and as well your attempted explanation of all, does not even make the slightest sense. Somehow in your angry, exasperated, and desperate mind; any twisted explanation that somehow looks to discredit me in any form, is thus all good for you and your intentionally slanderous agenda. 

What you see is exactly what was there when I googled your blog. Although it appears as and appeared to be a hack of your blog; it is not my responsibility to determine what done nor how, and nor do I care. That is simply what was there, be it by someone interlinking to my computer or by any other possible means it may have been done. For you to again turn that into the garbage and false expose you see here on this blog page, it really again and again looks worse for you and your agenda than ever. But of course that is no concern for you as you have no identity anyway, attacking one man with full identity. How much credibility and honor is there in that? Not much. 

What kind of a twisted and miserable excuse for a human life creates the personally attacking garbage such as the like of what exists on this blog? I can say this as a fact; it is a near shocking, disgusting, and an amazing and endless level of pure evil. Pat yourself on the back for such a great public service!


Lets for a minute as well take look at all the crap Costner puts forth as to Dr. Wakefield, and no matter what endless information you show him; (all of it is on my site) as to the fact that Wakefields study never involved any fraud, and that that those claims were fabricated to discredit the vaccine damage he had investigated. They as well made a perfect example of Wakefield in the medical field; you play ball or lose the ball; noone questions the sacred vaccines! No matter what evidence you show him, and that the media just promoted and fed the public the bullshit they were misinformed with; nothing is enough. He is not ever going to be, nor admit being incorrect nor wrong. The evidence that Wakefields study was actually duplicated/replicated in studies more than once; call it which every you would like. He conveniently ignores that as well. The fact that a near endless list of studies as well support Wakefields finding; not considered, not ever. That is complete denial of all-at its deepest level. 

Let's look at just one article:

Parent from THE LANCET case series also complains to BMJ about Deer lies

Then lets look at those studies.

Research References

   Costner: The Personally Attacking - No Identity - Lying - Hypocritical 

                                      In Complete Denial - No Responsibility  

                                                    Refuse to be Educated - Medical Genius



Sunday, December 25, 2011

Response to: Quack of the Day: Jenny McCarthy

 Quack of the Day: Jenny McCarthy

          Will the REAL quack, please stand UP???

The editor of the above linked to blog was blogging with apparently the fake name, Costner Matthews listed in 2007; he removed that from his profile, after he knew I had found that. He replied to the Argus leader Voices section under the character name Costner, and had the above space suit picture attached to his character name. He did the same thing, and conducted the same kind of attacks, as to his replies to vaccine/ autism or other letters to that paper, as you see in the blog he has now. Denial of all and nothing is enough. A person could only ask what are the reasons and what drives that kind of in endless in denial of all activity. If a person were looking for the truth; those kind of attacks and that kind of suppression and denial of information and as to what the public should be allowed to rightfully consider; should be all the more reason to realize that we have all been mislead. It is a clear example and lesson in the need to educate yourself with the unbiased information and decide for yourself what is the correct information, which you need to know. 

The kind of bullshit that this alias no identity Costner puts out, is so beyond ridiculous and knowingly and repeatedly dishonest, it actually would and should need no reply. All he is conducting is one large cover-up; and then terming any alternative information as only non-provable "conspiracy theories". No matter how much proof and even the scientific studies are put to it, he keeps lying repeatedly that it was never there. It is so blatantly dishonest and biased, and this article clearly speculative only in the favor of vaccines, that it becomes worth very little to anyone looking out there for correct and honest answers in regard to vaccines, vaccine harm, and as well as to the subject of autism.

In fact I can attempt here to add a little humor to it, if that's even possible, and if it weren't so sad that people need to resort to personal attacks and on the truth put forth, through such as the blog this man (only known as Costner), created. One man with no identity, attacking another man with full identity. How sick and evil is that? His obvious and said intent, to destroy my life. He thinks it can and will do that, and stated it right on the blog his intent. Why does he do what he does? Because he hates the truth I put forth, in the past in the Argus Leader, (the area newspaper); and as well on my site,

Here is the reply he received, however you will realize that be never publishes anything that directly proves his claims to be misinformation and wrong. He only publishes most often partially what he can twist and lie about. How many replies do you see there in that blog where he only lied about what was sent to him in the form of a reply; without publishing the actual reply? Some if not most all of it so dishonest and a complete fabrication of what was in the actual reply, that it borderlines to something I would be at a loss to to even find the adequate terms to describe it. Its just that sick.

Below is the reply he received to this referenced to blog page. Judge for yourself.

You know as well as I do that you have been shown before that everything you have stated here has been proven to be misinformation.

What is the deal with you? Are you saying that no parent can claim their child had autism and that it was reversed? Not unless they have published a peer reviewed study to prove it, or can find one acceptable to you? 

You can see here again and again your personal attack on anyone that does not praise the holy waters of vaccinations. It clearly doesn't matter to you if it is a parent, someone who has done extensive research, a doctor, any professional at all is immediately shot down because they are unqualified, mentally incompetent, and mislead. Every one but you Costner; is either in your mind, incompetent or mislead, or trying to make money or get rich selling some snake oil information, item, or therapy. Anyone that disagrees with your take on vaccines and so called modern medicine. All of it parroted straight from the CDC, and such as Gorski claiming we have the proof science. but where is it? And what you have put forth, what happened to that when put to the test? You know all to well. 

All you are doing is parroting the misinformation you have read. And you would have the public believe an article by Daniel B. Rubin, MD, PhD, in Neurology Today, is conclusive proof that Evan McCarthy never had autism??? Mr. Rubin never even met Evan McCarthy, how can he make any fence line diagnosis, when doctors many times make an incorrect diagnoses, with the patient right in front of them? As well, Evan was well below the age of 5-7 at the time and this said false assumption and said rare diagnosis could be speculated for any number of autistic children out there.   


What is Landau-Kleffner Syndrome?

Landau-Kleffner syndrome (LKS) is a rare, childhood neurological disorder characterized by the sudden or gradual development of aphasia (the inability to understand or express language) and an abnormal electro-encephalogram (EEG). LKS affects the parts of the brain that control comprehension and speech. The disorder usually occurs in children between the ages of 5 and 7 years. 

Then you go to make the false claim that quote:  No matter what McCarthy seems to believe, it seems rather odd that her miracle cure hasn't translated so well. We don't hear of hundreds or even thousands of autistic kids being cured, so it would seem slightly odd that her magic only happened to apply to her son and nobody else. Unquote. 

The truth is that 100's if not thousands of children have recovered from autism, fully or partially by the use of biomedical treatment and the changes diet. You have clearly been shown that information, and you are aware of it; so why are you continuing to lie about that? You see, quite obviously the medical establishment must ignore that information and outcome and deny its existence when confronted with it. No proof no proof, never any proof, no matter what. "Where's the peer reviewed studies"? While thousands of autistic children continue to suffer along with their families; and when there is and was hope.

Autism Research Institute is just one of several sources for biomedical treatment information and many testimonials.

As does mainstream medicine who caused the problem; you must either ignore it or deny this information. To honestly evaluate it, or admit to the success thus directly points to vaccines as the cause, and they just are not going to accept that. They can't; there is to much to for them to lose. That said success of biomedical treatment also strongly implicates the MMR vaccine as cause of these changes in a healthy child and damage to the gut which no longer can tolerate certain typically allergenic foods, which previously had not caused any problem.

This is so simple Coster, an 8 year old could fully comprehend it, but not you. And by the way the Biomedical Treatment page of my site has had more views than any other page. Do you wonder why? I don't.

THIS is actually the only reply he needed; or ever needed!

Where that blog really belongs!