Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reply to: Lowell Hubbs Hacking Failures

Lowell Hubbs Hacking Failures

Look at the title of this again very sick and twisted blog article. What goes on in the twisted mind of anyone that would spend that much time creating these kind of personally attacking blog pages, directed at one man with full identity, and while of course this blogger has none of their own. How much credibility does that hold, answer; zero. Hacking failures? What a completely mindless, twisted, and utterly clueless excuse for humanity; alias no identity, Costner. You see, when he again can not respond to the information debating the vaccine, etc, issues; he again retorts back to the same bullshit of creating pages that become direct personal attacks. It is the same endless cycle, over and over.  

This said and linked to for you blog page, did amazingly for once have one reply from me published. You can read that there, and I will publish here the second reply which again will be unlikely to get published.

Here is the copy of that said reply:

Really, alias Costner? What a twisted and delusional man you are. Where am I getting mocked and ridiculed at? You can see on the articles I go onto that I literally rule the proverbial article roost, (like I always have); making a mockery of their inept to the facts and science on vaccines, brainwashed ignorance. You can honestly not deny that; and you know it. What was the reason you created this blog? Answer: Because you know I was doing exactly that. Your blog is nothing but a sick attempt at false discreditation and a smoke and mirrors filled attempt to get the public to not even consider the information I put forth. Those attempts are complete joke, because the people looking for the truth can see the level of deceptive denial in your agenda, and that only helps me, as then they look even harder to find out what it is you so desperately try to keep hiding about vaccines.

Quoting you, Costner
[As far as lying, I have no reason to be dishonest. You have yet to present any legitimate evidence or peer-reviewed research to support your original claims about how vaccines cause autism.] unquote.  Actually go to my website and look Costner, there is more than enough science there as to aluminum vaccine adjuvants alone, to conclude that vaccines do cause autism. Shown is the direct mechanism for not only ASD that but brain and neurological damage and autoimmune disorders. And they sure amount to far more than the stupid eluding to possibly this or that articles you have put forth. You call that science? You are only as ignorant as you choose to me.   

Facts About Vaccine Aluminum Adjuvants, (with the real and unbiased science)

You Costner, are willing to search through my facebook, without the proper way or reason; yet you refuse to review the science on my website, that you say I do not have. Do you not think that is just a bit mess up there, alias Costner? Showing again and again, that you do not care what the truth is; and that you only care about maintaining your in denial of the vaccine harm, agenda. How sick does it get?

Like a complete buffoon you keep repeatedly claiming that you have the science, and that people like me don't understand the scientific method. Who has the real and the damning science, Costner? You? You have nothing, and nothing to counter it with; anything I am putting out there. Its just to damaging to the vaccine misinformation. When are you going to ever back up your said claims and accusations. How long do you need? You can't do it. You have nothing and you just keep on lying that you do. Prove me wrong. Get off your dead ass and back up your words!

You stupidity and moronic claims are beyond laughable. You look like a complete stooge, while in your delusional mind can yet do only one thing, live in your endless denial and throw more personally attacking mud.

And what did you do here; you open it back up again you say to people without blogger. They did not need to have blogger to comment under the accounts available; and anyone could get one. So them you immediately publish a sick, mindless, merit-less, and baseless comment from some one that has not the courage to even use their own name. And then to reply back to it like actually had any basis. How sick are YOU?

The fact that you had the audacity to publish a screen shot of a reply on and within my facebook account, shows just how demented you really are. Are YOU on my friends list; you complete asshole? Or are you a friend of a friend on my friends list? So, what is your sick and no identity ass doing in my facebook, searching through everything? You don’t think that proves how sick you really are? Do you even have a facebook account? No you don’t; so without that you wouldn’t even be able to view anyone’s profile.

The asshole that you published the comment from, who do you think that is? I know who it is, and if the public knew who that really is you would look more than just a bit bad for collusion with criminals and that are murderous and sick child molesting trash like that. There is a reason he does it. I know exactly the kind of people you get your so called information from, and always have. I don’t think you actually even have a clue; as you are just that dumb, sick, and desperate for anything and any dirt that you can get. 

You have a sick and twisted excuse for everything, alias Costner. I as well have never stalked or harassed anyone on the internet, you twisted and asinine jerk! You have not been threatened by me, nor have you had numerous threats, and you know you have never had any valid excuse, and all your chicken shit excuses for writing a blog with my name in the url while having no identity of your own, are just that, complete bullshit. You don’t even know what a real threat is.

50 different user names? You are an lying idiot, making bullshit up as you go.  

What was seen was that your blog appeared to have been hacked open, there was no screen shot of that. The screen shot was obviously only a DNS redirect.  

You repeatedly call me a liar when there were no lies ever told; that while your own blog here is filled with nothing but twisted misinformation and lies. I don’t have any reason to tell lies, Costner; the truth is actually all I have and all I will ever need. You couldn't do what you do if you had to put your real name to it; it would quite obviously be to embarrassing for you to have that known in any circles you exist in; to have it know as to what kind of twisted sickness you are really capable of.

End of reply.