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Response to: Quack of the Day: "Dr" Ben Rall

Quack of the Day: "Dr" Ben Rall

Here we go again, more false attacks by Costner! Is there anyone out there he has not yet attacked? Pharma is the best, anyone else out there claiming to anything else for alternative information is in his world, a quack, and a snake oil salesman! 

Wow, and this guy Costner, is again actually attempting to claim to and feed the public all this delusional bullshit and garbage, as if it were honest and all literally gospel fact. These are of course the same old typical, well known, worn out and sick tactics used time and time again. Claiming, "Oh he or they are selling something, (automatic dis-creditation), with the same claims of that it has no scientific peer reviewed and factual backing". And, are we really to be expected to be conned into believing pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have all the non-debatable science and facts behind them? The fact that pharma make millions and billions in profits, on chemical drugs and endless toxic vaccines, that is ok for them but it is not ok for someone making little to no actual profit margin selling a few natural supplements? And all that pharma science and what he falsley claims are the facts, Costner states can not be debated. Costner, as he has said - buys into Gorski's claim that for anyone to accept any form of a debate as to that science and the claimed to modern medicine facts, to accept participation in such a debate, up against what he calls "only conspiracy theorists", is an old trick. Really? Being required to answering to the needless harm that has been done, is a just a trick? It even  admitted by them that they, (people like Costner and Gorski), could never win any such debate, and then walk off calling themselves the winners. : ) And the sheeple apparently are expected to believe that? In fact with every new blog page you make lately Costner, you literally make more of a fool of yourself than the one before. If thats even possible. You obviously have some major personal problems!

Here below is the reply I made to the said referenced blog page linked to above, which he refused to publish the first half of it, and that which was contained in the first reply post. All of it would not fit in one reply post, so there were two initial reply comments. Why he refused? It was to damaging, and even he could not find lies big enough to attempt to counter it. So he just went on of course, as if it were never there. If the man could not publish the entire reply, obviously there is something he is unable to answer to, and actually he can not answer to anything without his ongoing denial, lies, and endless false delusions of medical grandeur.   


My Reply:

If you think "they" can not clearly identify the "root causes" in the first place, then you either have not attended any events, or perhaps you did, and yet keep lying about what you heard.

I do not take any of Mr. Ralls supplements as they are not within my budget. If they were, I certainly would. They are quality supplements which cost only slightly more than perhaps lower quality cheaper supplements. However, I have taken similar supplements in the past, and can testify to the fact that they do provide increased benefit to health.

How can you understand toxicity Costner; when you can not even understand how prescription drugs and vaccines cause toxicity? Do you not have the ability to research the topic of toxicity in the human body? What, your pharma journals never covered that issue? Do you know what a toxicologist is? Do you know what a lymphatic system is? Did you or have your studied anything at all as to human anatomy, all the organs and systems of the body, or as well the biological functions of the body? How about nerve and organ function, as relates to the spine? Have you studied any of that? What exactly is your expertise if any, in the medical field? I know you read Gorski's blog, but beyond that aspect to your aspirations of an alternative medicine and protocol's revelations expert; what do you have to stand on?

And have you met and talked to any of Dr. Rall"s patients, Costner? How many seminar-events have you been to? Can you name them? Admit it, you really do not have a clue, without that! What does it cost to put those events on? There is no profit in it, and most likely most of the time a loss.

I know as a fact that Dr Ben Rall has treated and educated through his said information and practice, countless people who modern medicines prescription drugs and protocols had utterly failed them. What they found and experienced, likely to your utter dismay Costner, is amazing and renewed health through that education as to how to regain and maintain their health naturally. Chiropractic is only part of the means to regain that health; without the rest of it, as to the correct diet and perhaps at times other supplement protocols used, that outcome is found in implementing the whole package, and as well restructuring the needed knowledge and as well the attitudes to success, instead of failure. I know you hate that when big pharma and modern medicine are made to look bad, and the truth comes out and again bites you. I know you hate to see anyone get healthy by natural means; as you maintain that -that can not be done with anything other than endless vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs.

But really Costner, as to and in regard to all those people following those your believed in protocols; are they getting healthier or sicker? By the looks of the true reality of that said picture, they are for the most part getting much sicker, requiring more interventions and more pharma drugs, and the endless merry go round continues. So, I ask you, who is really selling the snake oil? Do corrupt pharmaceutical clinical trial studies where they bury the adverse results until they can spin the multiple end point numbers to show a mild benefit, really impress you that much? What about all the drug side effects known and unknown to the patient? At what point does there become more harm than good? Never?

As for the benefits of chiropractic. You have been shown over 100 studies that do show the benefits of chiropractic as to immune function. Studies you scorned as only peer reviewed by the chiropractors and their organization. Well, who reviews the pharma drug studies, same deal.

As for me personally, and as for chiropractic. I have many old accident related injuries, some fairly severe. I have degenerated discs in my neck and lower back. I came to Dr. Rall in not so good shape in regard to that; and even chiropractic can obviously not fix all of that, and is admitted to. Nothing can. I had seen chiropractors now and then but not often - for years, and always was an obvious benefit. As well, the beneficial improvements and changes it made for me, being adjusted by Ben, were amazing. I live in this body, and I do not need a peer reviewed study to tell me how much it helped. As for that vibrating plate, after I am on it, the benefits leave me feeling awesome, energized and all the sore spots freed up. I also do not need a peer reviewed study to show me what that did, but I am sure if I looked for it, there would be some proof of what it does; that of course you would never accept. That is because it is YOU that is clearly a denialist! No facts nor proof is enough for you, you are not going to admit you are wrong, nor that the whole system of modern medicines pharmaceuticals has been heading for an obvious train wreck for decades.

The pharmaceutical train wreck is evident every day, if you were honest enough to look at what really goes on. Without that true knowledge and honesty, you will remain a denialist forever. And who in reality suffers for that, you? What large successes have you had with pharmaceuticals, please list them? How much experience can you actually point to in regard to that issue? Please let me know all about it, and don't give me some pharma spin story; I want to hear about all those actual real life successes with pharmaceutical drugs?

(End of reply)


And here below, is Costner's reply, after refusing to publish the first half of this reply, (to damaging). This is actually what alias no identity Costner published as a reply to the above. On his blog with MY name falsely created in the url. What does he care how badly he lies and attempts to deceive the public, he has no identity of course. 


thē editor said...

You are making my case for me Mr. Hubbs. Casual observations or personal experiences are inherently biased and are never sufficient enough to determine causation. I’ve heard stories from people who have claimed smoking a cigarette relieves joint pain so does that mean smoking should be prescribed to those who have bad knees? I’ve know people who proclaim caffeine will stop a headache and they claim it works for them… does that mean coffee or Mountain Dew should be a legitimate prescription for migraines?

I’m sorry Mr. Hubbs but personal experiences are not good enough when you are talking about matters of science and health. If a pharmaceutical company released a drug and said it lowers cholesterol but they didn’t have any scientific studies to support it – would you actually believe them? Of course not. So what if they came out and said they had a few hundred people who said they personally believe their cholesterol was lower after taking the drug – does that make any difference? No. 

If you don’t understand the power of the mind then so be it, but I have no doubt you will feel better after a visit to the chiropractor. I also have no doubt many people feel better after a visit to an acupuncturist, a hypnotist, or a faith healer either – but not because any of it actually does anything. The reality is the power of healing touch is very powerful which explains why people feel better anytime someone pays attention to them and actually touches them. It is a mental thing Mr. Hubbs, and it has been documented for decades.

Since you don’t have any peer-reviewed studies showing the effectiveness of your treatments including that silly vibrating plate machine, nor do you have any studies that show the effect of consuming those various supplements… that tells us everything we need to know. Personal bias and observation and experiences will never be a match for unbiased legitimate science no matter how much you wish that not to be true. The fact that you misunderstand this very simple concept is evidence enough of how little you understand about science and medicine.

May 26, 2011 8:41 AM


Wow, and he thinks that people looking for real answers will actually believe all that? Some of the brainwashed sheeple may believe it, but thats why they are sheeple, and will remain so.


This below is another reply I made to this said blog page. One that he will of course again, likely never publish; to much truth.

You claim that as to any other benefit regarding chiropractic, other than in regard to making a sore back feel better, (which you claim the same effect for the back can be accomplished through massage); as to anything chiropractic claims to do, and finds that it does; you proclaim is all due to the placebo effect. You claim that because they have simply been touched by another human being, and as someone payed attention to them, that the benefits they believe and or know they received in the outcome; that was all in their head. Thus in your mind, every claim as the benefits of chiropractic that is stated, and that goes beyond the scope of only helping a sore back; all of it was only in these people heads. In other words what you are claiming to is that all people who believe in chiropractic for much more than a sore back or neck, are just a lot of mislead nitwits, who haven't a clue. 

You thus proclaim Costner, again and again that the only true way that there is to stay healthy is through the use of pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. You know that is what you are claiming. Thus you again refuse to acknowledge the well known failings of so called modern medicine. If it was all good, with all the added pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines added to the arsenal they have, people should be getting healthier. Are they? No, as a result they are getting sicker, and the people and the children are sicker than they have ever been. But its all good for you Costner, pharma and medical establishment acquires large profits - either way. You have seen all the bombardment with selling sickness ads on TV, ask your doctor for this and that, because you may have this. How much does pharma spend on all that and the advertising as well to the doctors; it is in the millions. The large percentage of it is selling nothing but pure worthless snake oil!  

With you yourself Costner having never experienced chiropractic of any kind, you can honestly and conclusively state there is no benefit to chiropractic, other than possibly making a sore back feel better. Any other claims are 100% due to the placebo effect; and that you claim is correct. Based on what? Another Gorski article, claimed to be science based medicine? Well obviously if that is their science claimed to, its quite obviously not so hot. 

And are you aware of anything that mainstream medicine does that the results could and would be result of the placebo effect? How about millions of people that faithfully become "patients", falsely believing that these men and women in white coats have been educated in all physiological aspects to function of the human body. They as well falsely believe and trust that these same assumed highly educated people will know exactly what is wrong with them and know what they need. They can run test after expensive test and find exactly what it is; right? If nothing else the MD will run tests the patient doesn't even need, and prescribe something, anything at all, so as to protect themselves from lawsuits if they did and do nothing. The patient then, no matter how ridiculous, is considered to have received the standard of care, even if it were the wrong care, and/or the wrong diagnosis. Think there is any brainwashing going on there? These people are like drones, accepting anything they are told, and anything they are prescribed; without question. Flu shots, toxins filled vaccines, near worthless and dangerous more harm than good statin drugs, bone building drugs that cause worse fractures than if you did nothing; as well has has caused necrotic rotting of the jaw; nice trade off. The problems on prescription caused, then requires another one, on and on. Thousands of known needless surgeries; is that a good thing? 

Do they ever explain to the patient how to effectively deal with those issues with proper diet and exercise? Rarely, and if they suggest dietary means it is nowhere near adequate what they are outlining, and the real knowledge needs to go much farther than it ever does. Is it ever stated and understood how most any processed food contributes to health problems. Are bad fats explained verses good fats and oils? There are doctors out there that will still maintain that you can get everything you need from the overprocessed Standard American Diet. They obviously do not have a clue.

And what are these main stream doctors trained in? Are they trained in nutrition? No. How many hours of training have they had as to understanding phytonutrients, vitamins, and omega 3 and 6; and determining good and needed fats verses bad fats, etc. There is little to no training for them in the most essential areas of health care. Why? Because their training comes from predominately the pharmaceutical industry; and pharma believes that is all they need to know. 

Healthy people are no profitable target for pharmaceuticals companies. When will they realize that the only true healing is when the body heals itself? And the power to do so is amazing. The concepts of soil and the seed. Becamp knew it 100 years ago. Do a comparison of knowledge of Becamp verses Pasteur, there Costner. Explain to me why any knowledge of that is now absent from any medical text books? 

Tell me Costner, how any knowledge of natural protocols that had worked well at the time, could ever survive such a money driven and all out powerful attack, and that after the Rockefellers bought control of all medical schools in the 30's.. Millions of dollars in oil money profits pumped into a drugs and vaccines only protocol; the protocols that worked well be damned, we can't make any huge profits nor any money off of that! In fact at a time in our history when there was no regulation at all on physicians nor protocols; clearly there was an open door as to control, and an attack on working natural protocols long before that, and  was already taking place and had its beginnings in early 1900, and as later the Drug Trust was formed. You can easily search that on google. Do you think that is all some made up and fake story? No one would or could make up a story like that, it actual history? Does it serve the well being of anyone at all, to simply proclaim all that to be a conspiracy theory? At what point does a claimed theory, or as you put it, "a conspiracy theory", become actual reality, Costner? In your world obviously it never would, and no proof nor common sense is ever enough. Yet you clearly accept everything so called modern medicine puts before you at face value, unquestioned. Who is the "real" denialist here? 

You know that all of modern medicine had to have it beginnings somewhere. Do you have or have you ever found a better representation of what happened as to that history, than what I have outlined? Do you believe there was never any controversy, no other people in the picture,  nor any other history than that which surrounds Pasteur and what he put forth. And you Costner, believe that any natural protocols were always quackery, and were always proven to be quackery; correct?

There you have it, the false foundations of modern medicine. Look at the reality of their picture today within so called modern medicine. No real cures, existing. Very little to no real understanding of the real cause/s of disorders,  disease; nor cancer; and no matter how many billions are thrown at it. Yet the natural protocols that have worked because they actually address the cause of health problems, disorders and disease, are senselessly attacked and ridiculed as worthless. This goes on while yet nothing yet exists within the pharma world that can even come close to the healing that much of natural means to health have accomplished. Attempts made continually by the FDA to silence and censor any truth information. They proclaim that any health claims made to a natural substance or protocol are thus promoting and selling a drug; because only drugs can make those claims. I can not think of anything to much more evil than that!

How Costner, would you explain that it all happened, if not the way I have put forth? You know exactly what I am referring to; go ahead and provide all the links you want and explain that in detail! Go ahead and show me what part of my expose here is wrong and why? You know as well that I can back all that up with more information than you can deal with, and you know it.


Additionally: Short version written prior to sending the above reply.

You can not have a medical successs story, when you have the Rockefeller family owning and buying out the original AMA during the 30's, and trashing all working and existing alternative means to health, pouring millions into the medical schools pushing a drugs and vaccines only approach. Once that is established, how could we expect anything to ever change? It wouldn't. Once they are this far into it, to admit they were wrong and mislead from the start, would destroy endless careers and the credibility of the whole medical establishment, to now go back and make it right. As well the profits of the pharmaceutical companies would literally disappear. They will refuse to let that happen even up and until the time hell freezes over. In fact the Rockefellers had their hand in it all as early as 1909. Educate yourself.

Modern medicine, proven in well done studies to be the 3rd leading cause of death. How is that happening? For one, the principals of modern medicine have been in error all along. You do not heal, cure, nor prevent, with toxic substances. You provide the body with what it needs to heal itself, and naturally be strong enough to prevent and fight off what you want it to, and what you want prevented. The soil and the seed. Becamp and several other real scientists knew the truth 100 years ago. What did so called modern medicine run with? The only thing that could make billions in profits, the false teachings of Pasteur. Once you understand that true history, the whole picture of why it is like it is, becomes self evident.

The True History of Medicine

Now all in all the 3rd leading cause of death, modern medicine. How impressive is that? Costner obviously couldn't even do basic math in his febile attempt to refute that on his blog.

The common mislead claims "Oh, all he has is references to his blog and his own website, and all those vaccine conspiracy theory sites"! "He has no medical education and no time spent in a lab"! He is only google educated. 

 Isn't the attacking, lying, and delusional insanity of this one man Costner, just amazing?  And WHO would pay him for that? Clearly someone does. How deep does that rabbit hole go, Costner? Obviously, quite deep.

The real answers:
When the FDA can remove the ban on darkfield blood microscopy that it has placed on this diagnostic procedure, and that in determining the causes of human health conditions; then we will have a chance at real understanding of human health and the real causes of what goes on, and as well the real understanding of the adverse effects of pharma drugs and vaccines. It would cause to much to be realized and they are not about to let that happen. Becamp already had a crude form of darkfield blood microscopy he used in what was known, 100 years ago. Learn the real history by going to the History of Medicine pages above, and as well do more of your own research. We have all been lied to. For profit.


In Memoriam: Infant Death & Vaccination, May 25, 2011

Examining the Caduceus: The Symbol of Greed and Profit in Modern Medicine
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Health Ranger unveils The God Within documentary, exposes the false philosophical foundations of modern science
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Healing Cancer From The Inside Out.

Who's the real..... "denialist"..... Costner???? Amazing. 


Is There A Hidden Agenda In Vaccines?

Excerpts from the above article:

Polysorbate 80 is known to cause anaphylactic shock. So why is it in vaccines that are given to infants, toddlers, teens, and just about everyone who receives a flu vaccination?

Because of that ability to cause anaphylactic shock, FDA should mandate that polysorbate 80 be removed from all vaccines. Additionally, polysorbate 80 must be investigated for the role it may play in infant brain swelling or encephalitis that emergency room medics label and the law prosecutes as Shaken Baby Syndrome and/or Non-Accidental Injury.

According to the CDC’s Pinkbook, numerous vaccines contain Polysorbate 80 or Tween 80. Here is a listing taken from that source:

Vaccines Containing Polysorbate 80

Research on Polysorbate 80 (Tween 80)
Polysorbate 80 is ‘valued’ for its ability to produce infertility in animals. Research indicates

Delayed effects of neonatal exposure to Tween 80 on female reproductive organs in rats.

Furthermore, the University of Georgia is working on producing a vaccine that will cause infertility. Fertility Impairing Vaccine and Method of Use / University of Georgia Research Foundation, Athens, GA, USA The vaccine can be used as an immunosterilant or an immunocontraceptive.

Does it contain Polysorbate 80? Yes, Tween 80. Refer to this link for verification.

Read more:

Polysorbate 80

August 30, 2008
Polysorbate 80 and Histidine, a marriage of disaster - (Gardasil).

"Trust us", were the FDA and CDC!!!  "Don't question a thing"!


Is the FDA About To Eat Their Words on the Safety of Vaccines?

(Gardasil, and in the end what did the FDA do? Nothing. To do so would shed questionable light on all vaccines and they are NOT allowing that!)

Vaccines & Vaccinations: The Need for Congressional Investigation

Vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases of the Adult

Study clearly demonstrates that aluminum found in vaccines can cause neurologic damage

Aluminum in vaccines increases thimerosal’s toxicity

Aluminum in Vaccines.


Aluminum in Vaccines: Where Are the Safety Studies?

Excerpt from the above article:

Since the 1930s vaccine makers have been using aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines. However, from what I’ve been able to gather over years of researching vaccines and vaccinations, there doesn’t seem to be studies determining aluminum safety issues. If such studies exist, I hereby request the U.S. CDC and FDA please publish them and supply me with a copy, as I’d love to ‘digest’ and dissect them.

As a matter of fact, when Congressman Dan Burton held his vaccine-autism link hearings from 1999-2004, the question that FDA was asked repeatedly was, Where are your [safety] studies? The FDA’s reply was that they would be very expensive to do.

One of the more compelling facts about aluminum is that it is a blood brain barrier neurotoxin as reported by W. Zheng in 2001 and Bioport Corp. in 2002. Additionally, there are many studies confirming its ability to activate brain microglia and increase inflammatory cytokines thereby contributing to brain excitotoxicity as reported by C. Garrel, et al., in 1994; M. Tsunoda in 1999; C. Struys-Ponsar, et al., in 2000; A. Campbell, in 2004; M.S. Petrik, et al., in 2007; Blaylock and Strunecka in 2009; C.A. Shaw, et al., in 2009; and X. Li, et al., in 2009.

Regarding the role of aluminum in vaccines and brain inflammation, I just co-authored a paper with Dr. Harold E. Buttram, MD, titled “Vaccines and Brain Inflammation,” which has been accepted for publication by an online journal. Dr. Buttram and I are hopeful our paper will bring more issues to the forefront regarding vaccines, brain inflammation, and the probable etiology that adjuvants, excipients, and neurotoxins have with regard to brain inflammation and encephalopathy.

Recently a post-doctoral fellow, L. Tomljenovic, and a professor, C.A. Shaw, both associated with the University of British Columbia, Canada, published the paper, “Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants: Are they Safe?” that needs to be taken seriously by Big Pharma, vaccinologists, and the U.S. HHS, CDC, and FDA for the documentation of research regarding aluminum in vaccines and health-related problems associated with it.

According to Tomljenovic and Shaw, In spite of these above data [regarding parenteral exposure], infants and children up to 6 months of age in the U.S. and other developed countries receive 14.7 to 49 times more than the FDA safety limits for aluminum from parenteral sources from vaccines through mandatory immunization programs.

Table 2, which accompanies that statement, indicates that in the United States the “Estimated total aluminum body burden (pg/kg bw/day) per vaccination” is as follows:

At birth        73.5 pg/kg bw/day      [14.7 times FDA safety limit]
1 month      -0-
2 month      245                                [49 times FDA safety limit]
3 month      -0-
4 month      171.1                              [34.22 times FDA safety limit]
5 month      -0-
6 month      161.2                              [32.24 times FDA safety limit]

FDA Safety limit for aluminum from parenteral sources is 5 pg/kg bw/day. [Emphasis added]

The question everyone ought to be asking is this: What is the cumulative or total amount of aluminum storing as a toxic body burden in tiny infants’ bodies? From my math calculations, there is a total of 650.8 picograms/kilograms body weight injected over the first six months of infants’ lives. What kind of toxic burden does that body load place on a six-month-old infant whose immune system is developing? How does the liver detoxify such a heavy-duty load of aluminum? What does that amount of aluminum do to the kidneys? What effect is there on brain cells? After all, these infants aren’t fully-grown and don’t possess healthy adult body detoxifying capabilities.

Science and medicine know what happens to kidney dialysis patients if they receive kidney-filtering water that contains aluminum used as a flocking agent in municipal water systems. In these patients the accumulation of aluminum in tissues causes an encephalopathy (dialysis encephalopathy or dialysis dementia), a specific form of metabolic bone disease (osteomalacic dialysis osteodystrophy), and an anemia and also plays an etiological role in some of the other complications associated with end-stage chronic renal disease.

Tomljenovic and Shaw state that In addition, fatalities have been reported among individuals who were vaccinated against with the anthrax vaccine. These included deaths from sudden cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction with polyarteritis nodosa, aplastic anemia, CNS, lymphoma, and suicide, as per the Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed product monograph (2002).

If we read the above statement again, we realize deaths from sudden cardiac arrest. In an infant can that be equated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)? However, Tomljenovic and Shaw point out that According to Zinka et al. , there was a 13-fold increase in infant death following introduction of hexavalent vaccines into immunization practice.

Fatal outcomes have also been reported following administration of pediatric aluminum-adjuvanted hexavalent vaccines, one of which (Hexavac) was subsequently withdrawn from use, apparently due to its poor effectiveness. Zinka et al. reported six cases of sudden infant death that occurred within 48 hours after vaccination with hexavalent vaccines. The post-mortem analysis of six children aged 4 to 17 months (five of whom were vaccinated with Hexavac and one with Infanrix Hexa), revealed abnormal pathologic findings particularly affecting the nervous system.

To read Tomljenovic and Shaw’s excellent paper on aluminum in vaccines, please see

Currently four formulations of aluminum are used in vaccines: Aluminum phosphate, Aluminum hydroxide, Aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, and Aluminum potassium sulfate. One of the above four formulations of aluminum is in most infant/toddler vaccines, and there is a heavy-duty amount in the HPV vaccine Gardasil®. Here is a listing for just a few vaccines:

Aluminum load in vaccines
DtaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) [each 0.5 mL dose] 625 mcg
Hepatitis B [each 0.5 mL dose] 375 mcg
Hepatitis A [each 0.5 mL dose] 250 mcg
Hib (haemophilus influenza type B) [each 0.5 mL dose] 225 mcg
HPV (human papillomarirus) [each 0.5 mL dose] 225 mcg  (Gardasil - times 3 shots, the total = 675 mcg.)
PVC (pneumococcal [pneumonia] conjugate vaccine) [each 0.5 mL dose] 125 mcg

Source: Vaccines & Vaccinations: The Need for Congressional Investigation

So what do you think the FDA should do about aluminum in vaccines?

Read the article:


And the parents go in to the pediatrician and ask how much aluminum is in the vaccines, a very very angry pediatricians nurse tells them it is safe and they do not need to know. If to many questions are asked the parents are then threatened to be kicked out of the practice. It happens! Most parents have no clue what is in the vaccines.

Take a look!!!!;topic=119197.0

Welcome to the Australian Vaccination Network, one of the most attacked for truth sites there is. To much truth!

The gullible mind explained.

Have you ever wondered why so many people are gullible enough to believe everything they're told on the TV news, or by the FDA, or the White House?

Our world suffers from an epidemic of what I call "Gullible Minds," and in today's article, I take a deeper look into the strange but consistent pathology of "Gullible Mind" people who seem to dominate our social landscape.

This article will open your eyes and help you see why you are different from the gullible masses:

Costner could care less, its all about his ego, and silencing the truth!

          Costner's Dream World!

Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity


The cause of autoimmunity, which is unknown, is investigated from a different angle, i.e., the defect in immune ‘system’, to explain the cause of autoimmunity.

Methodology/Principal Findings

Repeated immunization with antigen causes systemic autoimmunity in mice otherwise not prone to spontaneous autoimmune diseases. Overstimulation of CD4+ T cells led to the development of autoantibody-inducing CD4+ T (aiCD4+ T) cell which had undergone T cell receptor (TCR) revision and was capable of inducing autoantibodies. The aiCD4+ T cell was induced by de novo TCR revision but not by cross-reaction, and subsequently overstimulated CD8+ T cells, driving them to become antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL). These CTLs could be further matured by antigen cross-presentation, after which they caused autoimmune tissue injury akin to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).


Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host's immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system's self-organized criticality.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Response to: The Difference Between a Skeptic and a Denialist

The Difference Between a Skeptic and a Denialist

This is a copy of the reply that Costner refused to publish, and lied about its content. And why? Because the real truth is to damaging! Go ahead and go to the linked to blog above and read misleading read the comments he made to it.  This is the same thing he has done repeatedly, as to my replies to many of the pages he has created. 

The only person having a repeated train wreck here is you, alias Costner. You have been again reading and quoting to much of the David Gorski false propganda. The only reason Gorski exists is to keep the sheeple mislead.

You have had it proven to you that every last statement you made in this blog is false information. Time after time you had that shown to you and you keep on lying.

I have shown you again and again how those CDC and AAP funded vaccine/autism studies are fatally flawed, and all as well having had clear predetermined outcomes. I gave you the sources repeatedly that proved that point. I as well given you countless studies that would prove in any rational mind that in fact vaccines do cause autism. Yet, you keep lying, and as well keep making false claims and accusations of their nonexistence.

I have shown you repeatedly the undeniable facts that modern medicine is clearly the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The U.S. as well now ranks dead last amoung industialized nations for its efficacy of health care, being as well yet the most expensive. That which you believe is such wonderful pharma science, is doing far mmore harm than good on ALL levels; and THAT is only getting worse. You can not put that kind of million and billion dollar profit in front of humanity, without there being mass corruption. You also fail to realize that Gorski is wrong about the germ theory; something I realized long ago. You do not make people healthy pushing endless toxic drugs, and more than you do pushing endless toxic vaccines! What produces health and a strong immune system is something that comes from making the body strong from within by providing what the body needs to heal itself. Those pharmaceuticals, for the most part, and vaccines only serve to cause more dysfunction within the human body than had existed already. Most of the health problems seen today come from toxicity. Unhealthy over processed food, with all the added chemicals and processed and altered oils and fats. When you detox the body and add back in what it needs to repair, something you obviously have no clue about; then people start getting healthy. It has been seen over and over again. But you need to see a peer reviewed study. Let the people just go on suffering needlessly; it's all yet good for you Costner!

Take a look at the exceptionally healthy and brite children that have never been vaccinated! Compare that to the average highly vaccinated children going in and out of the medical clinics these days? Which would you rather have. And don't even attempt to tell me that herd immunity is protecting them, because you know how many endless herd immunity and vaccine failures I have referenced. Oh, thats right, you probably weren't paying attention; you know allot like you claim that the people who put forth what I do all have a personal bias. There is noone more bullheaded and biased than you Costner!  

If you were honest enough to look at and review the successes of alternative medicine and the very successful natural protocols that exist; it would leave no doubt in an honest mind as to which is the best route. But instead you choose to keep lying about it. No matter what, you always will.

The man who is presented with the truth of both sides of an issue like this and yet refuses to accept that there is any validity whatsoever in the other sides views and evidence; THAT man is a TRUE denialist! Period. At some point you have to use your head Costner, and you clearly refuse to.

Even I, once believed that modern medicine had all the science, the best that there could be, and also that the FDA and CDC would know if anything were in need of correction. Well, I was personally lead down a road where I eventually found that to be far from truth. I wish I could have said, yes you are right Costner, and I would have liked to believe that our world is not the corrupt place it is. However, at some point the facts become all to evident; and there is and no longer can be any denial of what is there, and what is going on with modern medicine and vaccines. I do what I do, to get the truth out there. As for you - you can keep promoting that to much to lose, (the truth be known), tyranny and greed propaganda. You can choose to do that, while thousands needlessly suffer, and all while there is a much better and proven way.

You can live in your delusional state all you want, alias no identity Costner, and keep on patting yourself on the back as to how much good you are doing society by attacking me like some insane mad man. The fact is, you are entirely wrong; and quite clearly you could care less!


Read it here!!!! More lies from Costner!


 thē editor said...

Mr. Hubbs, aside from the fact your comments are just more of the same ramblings, what gives you the right to say what is fact versus what is myth? You have no training, you have no expertise, you have no education... all you have is the word of some fellow antivaxers who for the most part either have already been entirely discredited (Wakefield, Moulden, et al) or they have never provided any evidence in the first place.

I realize you have a problem with Dr. Gorski because he relies upon valid scientific studies, but the simply truth is your opinion matters not. You aren't a compelling expert and your opinion is essentially worthless because there isn't any science to support it.

For a guy who complains every time I post a link to an article by a real scientist or real doctor, you might want to go visit your website sometime and see how much of your "data" is written by others. At least when I post the work of others I'm up front and honest about it and I don't pretend that it is my original thought.

Your misunderstanding of the data is only matched by your hypocrisy.
May 24, 2011 2:18 PM

 thē editor said...

Mr. Hubbs whining about me not posting the same comments over and over which don't include anything new and are full of your continual false accusations and lies isn't going to change a thing.... and it surely isn't going to convince me to publish your nonsense.

The fact is you wouldn't know 'truth' if it introduced itself while holding a long-form birth certificate and social security card... but since I have no idea what color the sky is in your world, you are free to believe whatever you choose.

Bye bye now.
May 24, 2011 9:03 PM


Who is the REAL "denialist", Costner? Me, or YOU?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Response to: Yet Another Identity for Mr. Hubbs

Yet Another Identity for Mr. Hubbs

And Here

Just look at this sick and twisted Costner go, attack, attack, attack.

He DEMANDS to know the identity of any Argus Leader reply posting character name used that even suspects could be me, yet in over a years time of attacking me, he has refused to provide any identity nor qualifications for the endless misinformation and lying and attacking rants he puts forth.

If alias Costner doesn't get provided with a direct answer to who the Argus posting character name is for true identity, he gets angry and claims the poster is being dishonest, if they do not admit to who they are when he demands and requires that they do. How sick is this man. How delusional is he about who and what he is? The man with a falsely enlarged ego, so large that he thinks he rules the (truth) information highway on modern medicine and vaccinations. No truth information gets by him that he will not attack, slander the author, and mock person and the information put forth; to include any sources of that information.

What kind of a man does what he does? Then denies all that he has been involved in. No proof is enough for him of anything. He denies all as swiftly as if it all came off the devils tongue - himself. And he has the audacity to claim "MY number is 666"? Wow.

He goes on to claim that there is no proof of anything, yet he allows sick and perverted and slanderous reply comments to be made and published about me on his blog; yet as well refusing to allow any rebuttal nor reply from me to be published, as if ti were never there. Or in the alternative he will make lying excuses why to could be published. Like some child or a sick and deranged being with a power and control complex, repeatedly bans me from posting for two weeks over and over for stupid reasons. When the real reason is he has just published more bullshit that he knows he can not defend against, if I were allowed to comment on it.

How many replies have you refused to publish from me now, all in all Costner; that totally blew your claims to pieces, and exposed you for the misinformation liar you are? There are on almost every blog page you have, still unpublished, and/or as well lied about as to why you refused to publish it. What is that worth, when you must maintain such a high level of dishonesty? Which is a larger issue, your falsely inflated ego and self image, or your dishonesty?

Costner then tops it all publishing a new blog page, praising the likes of the CDC and vaccine patent profits as well as conflict of interest ridden ...Paul Offit. You refused as well to publish any rebuttal, with the information I provided to you in response to that page. There is a special place in hell for Paul Offit, right along side of you Costner! As well as many others that deserve the same. I obviously won't be your judge, but I would take a long hard look at what you do, and the misinformation you KNOW you represent! 

Paul Offit's Science Friction's_Desk/post/Paul_Offits_Science_Friction/

Paul For Profit Offit


Here below is a reply I made to the comments section of the blog page linked to above. Just in case he doesnt publish it and he likely won't; you can read the real truth he knows he alias - no identity - Costner is covering up.

By the way Costner, it was never stated nor were you ever told there was any "hit" put out by Krabbenhoft; CEO of Sanford. What was involved was that payment made to shut down my pathways of information. And yes, like you, I made a fool of Krabbenhoft and his facility, that on the Argus articles reply posting, and he knew that. The money was to not only shut down my pathways, but also that of Shaun Vuong, a medical student at USD, who through his blog and school activity had created some problems, and also that regarding violation of the hipaa laws.

I still have the copy of the script sent by someone claiming to be a black hat hacker, and that works for anyone who pays him. He did a good job of shutting me down on the Argus, and he wiped out every reply post I made. In fact I watched him hack that system reply posting right in front of me, and show me what he was able to do. In fact at first I didn't know how that was happening, or if the Argus itself had done it. Thus you see the need for the change in character names, and none of that was done because I wanted to use a different name. The long list of names you claim to however, include several names I have never used. Quite obviously that was not ever my intent to use any change of character names, but became necessary to counter the hacking of the reply information I was leaving on the Argus. And all of it was truth information, to counter the lies and misinformation that was there. But again you cause the problem and then capitalize on it by making what you know are false claims about the issue. You knew the real story, and as well you were told.

Kelby Krabbenhoft, Dave Link, and Paul Richards, WERE involved in that payoff, as a fact.

And as far as the identity of character names on the Argus. You have the arrogance to demand the identity of and to be able to personally identify character names, that you claim to be me; yet in over a year you have never provided your own identity; isn't that a little sick? You want to be intimidating and domineering with me; good luck with that one!  When you can provide your own identity, you may have something to say; even then you really would not. Quite clearly the Argus uses character names instead of real names because of people like you who do things like you have. Personal attacks of the nature you have conducted, are clearly against the Argus terms of service policy. The only reason you get away with it is apparently because it helps defend and support the hospital advertising money they get. You deserve to be removed from that reply posting registry, and never has there been a better example of it.

I would read this below article Costner, if you believe there is no cover-ups!

Infant Mortality Rates Increase With Vaccines

In Memoriam: Infant Deaths & Vaccination

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died After Vaccination

Sudden and unexpected death between 1 and 5 years

Blue breath holding is benign

More than 2,000 vaccinated babies died: The cost of doing business

Learn more:


Another picture below of refuse to get it, arrogance! They will never get it or admit it. So, delusional that they have to hire people to hack the sytems of people who put the real truth forward.

"I am ready to take over the country". "We will OWN every hospital anywhere in 500 miles. There will be so many blue lights, you will never get the image of blue lights out of your head, and we will own you and your health ". "Don't listen to those conspiracy theorists that claim there is a better way, there is NOT"!

You can not have the Rockefeller family owning and buying out the original AMA, trashing all existing alternative means to health, pouring millions into the medical schools pushing a drugs and vaccines only approach, and then once that is established expect anything to ever change. Once they are this far into it, to admit they were wrong and mislead from the start, would destroy endless careers and the credibility of the whole medical establishment, to now go back and make it right. As well the profits of the pharmaceutical companies would literally disappear. They will refuse to let that happen even up and until the time hell freezes over. Educate yourself.

"I am T. Denny Sanford, and I am here to improve your human condition", (and yet the children and adults are increasing sicker than they have ever been). How is that happening? Because the principals of modern medicine have been in error all along. You do not heal, cure, nor prevent, with toxic substances. The soil and the seed. Becamp and several other real scientists knew the truth 100 years ago. What did they run with, the only thing that could make billions in profits, the false teachings of Pasteur.

When  the FDA can remove the ban on darkfield blood microscopy that it has placed on this diagnostic procedure, and that in determining the causes of human health conditions; then we will have a chance at real understanding of human health and the real causes of what goes on, and as well the real understanding of the adverse effects of pharma drugs and vaccines. It would cause to much to be realized and they are not about to let that happen. Becamp already had a crude form of darkfield blood microscopy he used in what was known, 100 years ago. Learn the real history by going to the History of Medicine pages above, and as well do more of your own research. We have all been lied to. For profit.


His intentions were good, but apparently he just doesn't understand what is really going on!

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

Examining the Caduceus: The Symbol of Greed and Profit in Modern Medicine
Learn more:

Health Ranger unveils The God Within documentary, exposes the false philosophical foundations of modern science
Learn more:

Cancer – Preparing To Deal With It God’s Way