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Response to: Alternative Medicine: A Conspiracy Theorist's Trusted Friend

Just like I thought and knew, he refused to publish it. Heres more that was added and also will never be published, as it would effectively shut his blog down, and he knows it. Just like I said Costner, I won't any longer respond to all of your increasing desperation and stupidity, but will respond to ...THAT! Response below; what was NOT published. 3 replies.

Isn't it just more than a bit disingenuous to claim that modern medicine has all the answers and that alternative medicine has none,(and actually its not medicine). Modern medicine was determined the 3rd leading cause of death in the US already some years back, and that was first published in the AMA journal, clearly never retracted, but just the citation removed.

The JOURNAL of the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (JAMA) Vol 284, No 4, July 26th 2000 article written by Dr Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

You attempted to refute that right here in this blog, and failed; because when you go to my corresponding blog page which of course you ignore, I clearly there show the error in your math and your false claims. You know as well of the several well done studies I have put forth, that since have backed that first finding. You deny it all. You mock the truth and harass anyone that dares put it forward. You slander and mock that truth, repeatedly attempting to falsely discredit any person or source at all, for it. Wow, what an honorable mission.

It is very hard to dispute the fact that countless people have regained their health entirely by the use of alternative health measures, after modern medicine had miserable failed them. That, when you can see and meet those people and see the proof of the many others that are referenced to. For an endless number of people modern medicine continues to fail for them. It doesn't need to be that way, and that is why I put forth what I do, and why I have learned what I have, by the proven sources that see those people, and the healing that takes place every day. Do you think that Maximized Living is some sham and scam place where people get conned and swindled? Maybe its a placebo effect, thats it. Do you think such places as Hallelujah Acres, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Gerson Insitutue, and many many others just rip people off? I bet Gerson Insitute has been riping people off for decades, right? And nooone ever got cured of anything. Just like the corrupt FDA from day one would falsely have liked you to believe. Wow. You would like to believe that and as well scam and sham the public into believing it is all conspiracy theories; but really, and in truth, that is NOT the case. You just refuse to be honest about it. So tell me, why would you do that?

As well, why would you deny the endless numbers of children that have been harmed by vaccines. There is a better way.

Why would you deny the fact that this nations population including its children have become much sicker, not healthier, by the ever increasing number of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. That is what it all boils down to, and for some reason you refuse to face that. You deny it on every level. Why?

You are clearly obsessed with shutting that information down, and in remaining in denial of all. What would be your motivation/s. You can't honestly answer that and you know it. And you won't have the honest to publish that either. You are to intent on covering up the facts. If you had any real concern for humanity, you would not be doing what you are, period. You have a different agenda, and all the medical denialists love it. It doesn't however fix, what is wrong with pharma healthcare; nor ever will. There is simply to much to lose.


All your talk about you haven't ever worked in a lab, and done research in a lab. What kind of lab? Does good health come from figuring out what kind of pharmaceutical chemicals you have deficiency of? Or does it come from detoxification and proper living food nutrition? How about attention to body and blood ph. How many hours of training has the average doctor had in that, little to none. Do an essay for me Costner in one of your next blog pages, detailing the differences in health care philosophy between Pasteur and Becamp; then tell me why Pasteur is still right? We can see how wrong he was every day, and it is only getting worse. The soil and the seed refers to what; agriculture? 

Is the best way to avoid and eliminate illness and so called disease, to invent and slam one chemically and biologically contaminated vaccine, one after another into a child and or adult? No end to that in site? Ok, health comes from a chemical and biological lab. Only if you are diagnosing disorders and disease, not necessarily if you are treating them.

Tell me why the FDA banned darkfield blood microscopy? If the lab is the best place to understand it all, why would they ban that from diagnostic use? You don't have an answer? I do, they don't want to know. They are not looking for the real answers and that is where they would find them. That is where Becamp found them nearly 100 years ago, with a crude but working version of it. Why is he not in your test books? They don't want you to know. Who are the Rockefellers? What is there history in regard to the AMA? Detail that for me Costner, you know I have. Who is selling the real snake oil, Costner? And you think there is no major corruption nor suppression of information. You think if all that were true there would be plenty of peer reviewed journals ready to accept it and plenty of sources ready to fund it. No actually significant get rich profits to be made from it. The all natural means to true reversal of disorders, illness, and disease, and true healing that can not be patented for billions in profits. And there would be no repercussions for anyone in that. And you think the FDA and the CDC are doing their job, and just a fine job, every day. Wow.

You would have to be living in a cave with no communications with the outside world anywhere. Either that or never looking at the reality that is all around you.


Costner, you remind me of the Wizard of Oz. You behind the curtains, pulling levers and switches like a mad man. You get the circuits overloaded and everything starts blowing up on you, smoke and stink from burnt wiring everywhere. All the cracked mirrors on the walls with the demonic pictures of Paul Offit and Nancy Snyderman saying, "Just get your damn vaccine"! Pretty soon Totto pulls the curtain back and there stands Costner, "Pay no attention to that mad man behind the curtain", "I am the great and wonderful Ozz", "look no further for your medical misinformation". Dorothy, the Tin Man and even the Cowardly Lion, standing there laughing at you. 

You know what, you and Sugar and as well all the people that in denial are stupid enough follow you. You need to keep your appointments at the sheep shears, cause you haven't near enough wool to keep the wool pulled over everyones eyes, nor as well the thousands of people out there that have and are realizing the real truth!


Hope you liked that Costner!!!!  I do what I do, because it is right, like it or not!

What's the Yankies score, Costner????

And not only are you a pharma and modern medicine whore, but you are a proven and sick pervert! Deny it all you want, Costner! Caught with your hand in the cookie jar, if not as well elsewhere. Wow! You know it and I know it!  You ARE the SAME Costner! Just like all the other degenerates that post replies on your blog, involved with the same thing.  costner360, ya I bet its a different Costner!

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Your sick, demented and angry replies under the name Mike Honcho, will not be published due to the endless profanity and perversion they contain. Your replies are nothing but a personal attack and have no merit nor justification. They are just more sick lies.

As well the last time you sent me a reply it had a hack link in it, there jackass. So "bon voyage", S.Dealer, same as sick and twisted as always Sugar Dealer! It is the same wording every time. Don't bother posting again!

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