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Reply to: Review, Revisit, Recap

Review, Revisit, Recap

And do you have any proof of all that??? or as to anything in your most recent pages. Answer: No. It's absolutely nothing but mindless denial and stupidity, all of it; anyone can see that for what it is. In comparison, what exists here amounts to no more than you have on the proof of vaccine safety and effectiveness. It's worthless.

On the other hand, I have all the proof and specific information and the science to show they are not safe nor effective. So, what do you have? Answer: Nothing, and you never have. You can not debate me on a one on one, and you never could, and never will be able to. What I have is to much fact and truth, and you now that. You are simply a a very angry person who can not tolerate nor accept the facts.

Everything in your life is a smoke screen and a lie, Costner; how does that feel? Do you not think nor realize that you have done your agenda more harm than good? As well, anyone that is looking for the real truth, will be even more determined to find out the facts. Why? Because they can clearly see that someone with that big of an agenda to destroy one person and their credibility, clearly has a great deal to hide, as to the truth. What you believe you have done, is exactly the opposite of what you have in reality actually done. The sheeple will always be sheeple, no matter what; nothing much can change them, they are simply to dumb and brainwashed. Those with to much to lose will always be complete denialists. So, who in the mix actually matters??? Answer: Those who are actively searching for the vaccine and as well the so called modern medicine truth. Those are the only people that matter, those who we and I can put the truth forth in front of, and that they will realize that truth, and further educate themselves to the same. Do YOU actually think you can hold those people back by the bullshit personal attack on credibility you have going on here? And additionally you are going to do that from a position of no identity? It is not happening, I guarantee it. You are clearly and entirely insane, alias Costner! You only a product representation of the sickness that 100 years of lies within allopathic medicine circles has produced. It is that simple.

I can shut you down on any level you try at, given the chance; and you clearly know THAT. Want to dispute that; then put your words to the actual test? You can't and you know it. How's that feel? That is why you do the personal attack you do, while having the opportunity to control all the information you can. How sick is that? When you look in the mirror, do you EVER see what you really are? Do you ever realize even for a minute, how sick you really are?

What you have done is in what now some what, 80 titled pages of personal attack on on individual; only shows clearly just how very sick you are, and in fact how sick the whole allopathic medical system in reality is. How you liking, that fact?

You know of all the studies that exist on the harm of vaccines, and especially aluminum adjuvants, that the CDC refuses to acknowledge??? Yup, and you have clearly seen those.


Now. DID YOU SEE THIS above REPLY, "alias no identity, COSTNER" - That I sent to your blog. YOU ARE ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO POST REPLIES - WHEN YOU ARE A BLOGGER!!! How sick is that when you allow nothing for information, to or that counters any claims you have made? Then you just repeat the same lies and twisted misinformation, over and over. You have done that here repeatedly.


Well now, how about another expose on the aluminum adjuvant issue, straight from the documents of the CDC itself? They and YOU, have all the vaccine safety and effectiveness science right? Really?

Take a look!

If you think an aluminum adjuvant is entirely safe to use in a vaccine, check out the references at the bottom of this article.

For Review Only
Public Health Goal for ALUMINUM In Drinking Water

Prepared by
Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology Section
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
California Environmental Protection Agency

Here is a list of the same research:

If you think all the safety studies have been done on aluminum, read through some of this information!!!


Prepared by:
Syracuse Research Corporation
Under Contract No.  200-2004-09793

Public Health Services Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

In welding/aluminum

So if they have NOt filled these data needs on aluminum; WHAT have they filled??? Clearly have have not filled the data needs for human consumption, much more infant consumption, as far as in foods? Yet paul offits claims that aluminum adjuvants are entirely safe, simply because he claims that injected aluminum is detoxed the same way as ingested aluminum in foods. Thye have not proven any amount  of aluminum to be safe in foods, oh they are concerned about larger amounts, but where is the safety data on even small amounts consumed, in foods. It doesn't exist.

ATSDR’s Substance-Specific Priority Data Needs - Unfilled


Dose-response data for acute-duration
via oral exposure
Exposure via environmental media for humans living near
hazardous waste sites
Exposure via environmental media for children living near
hazardous waste sites
Exposure via environmental media for adults and c

Take another look; this information, comes RIGHT from the CDC itself!!! Notice what is in the url! One could only ask as well, where is their document on mercury?

[Federal Register: October 27, 2009 (Volume 74, Number 206)]


Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry


Announcement of Final Priority Data Needs for Six Priority
Hazardous Substances

Notice: one of the listed substances!!!! No mention of mercury, though, nope?

Announcement of Final Priority Data Needs for Six Priority Hazardous Substances, 55240-55242 [E9-25776]

See there with the same data, they have added exposure levels in children! Reallyl what kinds of exposure does that include????

Aluminum ..................... Exposure levels in humans living near hazardous waste
..................Exposure levels in children.
.............Exposure levels for adults and children who do not live near hazardous waste sites (as controls).
........Dose-response data for acute-duration 1
oral exposure.

So here they are ONLy concerned about hazardous waste sites? How disingenuos is that?

HHS: More Data Needed for Six Hazardous Substances

Substance-Specific Priority Data Needs for Six Priority Hazardous Substances

--Exposure levels in humans living near hazardous waste sites.
--Exposure levels in children.
--Exposure levels for adults and children who do not live near hazardous waste sites (as controls).
--Dose-response data for acute-duration \1\oral exposure.

Aluminum, again, straight from the CDC.

Toxicological Profile for Aluminum  Immunological and Lymphoreticular Effects
No studies were located regarding immunological/lymphoreticular effects in humans after intermediateor chronic-duration dermal exposure to various forms of aluminum.  Neurological Effects
No studies were located regarding neurological effects in humans after acute- or intermediate-duration
dermal exposure to various forms of aluminum.  Reproductive Effects  Developmental Effects  Cancer
3.3  GENOTOXICITY [Find ANYTHING reassuring in that information??? I sure don't!]  Other Routes of Exposure
Flarend et al. (1997) estimated aluminum absorption in rabbits following intramuscular injection of
26  Other Routes of Exposure

Flarend et al. (1997) estimated aluminum absorption in rabbits following intramuscular injection of
26 Al labelled aluminum hydroxide or aluminum phosphate adjuvants used for vaccines.  Aluminum from both
solutions was absorbed, appearing in the blood as early as 1 hour after injection.  Three times as much
aluminum from the aluminum phosphate adjuvant was absorbed during the first 28 days after exposure;
since the terminal phase of the blood concentration curve was not reached by that time, this difference
may be due to differences in the rate of absorption.

3.4.2  Distribution

Aluminum occurs normally in all body tissues of humans (Ganrot 1986).  The total body burden of
aluminum in healthy human subjects is approximately 30–50 mg (Alfrey 1981, 1984; Alfrey et al. 1980;
Cournot-Witmer et al. 1981; Ganrot 1986; Hamilton et al. 1973; Tipton and Cook 1963).  Normal levels
of aluminum in serum are approximately 1–3 μg/L (House 1992; Liao et al. 2004).  Of the total body
burden of aluminum, about one-half is in the skeleton, and about one-fourth is in the lungs (Ganrot 1986). 
The normal level of aluminum in adult human lungs is about 20 mg/kg wet weight (w/w) and increases
with age due to an accumulation of insoluble aluminum compounds that have entered the body via thephagocytosis and transported to pulmonary lymph nodes for insoluble compounds.  Pulmonary
concentration of aluminum increases with age.  Oral Exposure


Once into the blood, aluminum is believed to be present almost exclusively in the plasma where it is
bound mainly to transferrin (Ganrot 1986; Harris and Messori 2002; Martin 1986); recent data suggest
that over 90% of the aluminum in serum is bound to transferrin (Harris and Messori 2002). There is in
vitro evidence indicating that aluminum can bind to the iron-binding sites of transferrin (Moshtaghie and
Skillen 1986), and that Al+3 may compete with similar ions in binding to transferrin (Ganrot 1986).  As reviewed by Priest (2004), approximately 10% of the aluminum in blood is found in the erythrocytes;
peak levels occur 1 day after peak serum aluminum levels were reached. The half-life of aluminum in the
erythrocytes appears to longer than the half-life in plasma.  In addition to binding with transferrin, Al
+3 is also known to bind to a considerable extent to bone tissue, primarily in the metabolically active areas of
the bone (Ganrot 1986).

In addition to distribution of aluminum to the brain (hippocampus), bone, muscle, and kidneys of orally
exposed animals, there is evidence in animals that aluminum crosses the placenta and accumulates in the
fetus and distributes to some extent to the milk of lactating mothers (Cranmer et al. 1986; Golub et al.
1996; Yokel 1985; Yokel and McNamara 1985).  Aluminum levels were increased in both fetuses and
placentas of mice treated throughout gestation with aluminum chloride (Cranmer et al. 1986)

Then we can add the synergistic effect of fluoride and at times mercury to this, and what would you have?

And THis is the data that the CDc and Paul offit use to claim that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, are SAFE? Really?  Other Routes of Exposure

In rabbits given a single intravenous dose of aluminum lactate, aluminum concentrations did not increase
above controls in the cerebellum, white brain tissue, hippocampus, spinal cord, adrenal glands, bone,
heart, testes, or thyroid (Yokel and McNamara 1989).  Treated animals did have significant increases of
aluminum in the liver, serum, bile, kidneys, lungs, and spleen.  Throughout the 128 day study, the liver of
exposed rabbits had over 80% of the total body burden of aluminum.  Persistence of aluminum in the
various tissues, organs, and fluids varied.  Estimated half-times of aluminum were 113, 74, 44, and
42 days in the spleen, liver, lungs, and serum, respectively.  The kidneys of treated rabbits demonstrated two half-times with an initial time of 4.2 and 2.3 days for the renal cortex and renal medulla, respectively,
and a second half-time of >100 days for kidney in general; the relative amounts subject to each half-time
were not addressed.  The half-life of aluminum in the brain of rats receiving an intravenous dose of
aluminum citrate was approximately 150 days (Yokel et al. 2001b).

Subcutaneous injection of rabbits with aluminum chloride daily for 28 days was associated with
significant accumulation of aluminum (measured at the end of the exposure period) in bone, followed in
order by significantly increased aluminum concentrations in renal cortex, renal medulla, liver, testes,
skeletal muscle, heart, brain white matter, hippocampus, and plasma (Du Val et al. 1986).  Because the
brain tissue of treated rabbits had the lowest aluminum concentrations of the tissues evaluated, the authors
suggested that there was a partial blood-brain barrier to entry of aluminum.

Differences in brain aluminum levels following administration of different aluminum compounds may also be due to the presence of carrier systems that can transport aluminum into or out of the brain; this has been demonstrated for aluminum citrate (Allen et al. 1995).

Following intramuscular administration of aluminum hydroxide or aluminum phosphate vaccine
adjuvants in rabbits, increased levels of 26 Al were found in the kidney, spleen, liver, heart, lymph nodes,
and brain (in decreasing order of aluminum concentration) (Flarend et al. 1997).

There is also evidence from animal studies indicating that aluminum administered parenterally
accumulates to a small extent in the milk of lactating mothers, and that aluminum crosses the placenta and accumulates in fetal tissue (Cranmer et al. 1986; Yokel and McNamara 1985; Yumoto et al. 2000).
Intraperitoneal exposure of pregnant mice to aluminum chloride on gestation days 7–16 has been
associated with significantly increased concentrations of aluminum in both placental and fetal tissues
(Cranmer et al. 1986).

3.4.3  Metabolism


As an element, aluminum is always found attached to other chemicals, and these affinities can change
within the body.  In living organisms, aluminum is believed to exist in four different forms:  as free ions,
as low-molecular-weight complexes, as physically bound macromolecular complexes, and as covalently
bound macromolecular complexes (Ganrot 1986). 

Because aluminum has a very high affinity for proteins, polynucleotides, and
glycosaminoglycans, much of the aluminum in the body may exist as physically bound macromolecular
complexes with these substances.  Metabolically, these macromolecular complexes would be expected to
be much less active than the smaller, low-molecular-weight complexes.  Aluminum may also form
complexes with macromolecules that are so stable that they are essentially irreversible.  For example,
evidence suggests that the nucleus and chromatin are often sites of aluminum binding in cells

The mechanism of action for aluminum toxicity is not known, but the element is known to compete in
biological systems with cations, especially magnesium (Macdonald and Martin 1988) despite an oxidation
state difference, and to bind to transferrin and citrate in the blood stream (Ganrot 1986).  It may also
affect second messenger systems and calcium availability (Birchall and Chappell 1988), and irreversibly
bind to cell nucleus components (Crapper McLachlan 1989; Dyrssen et al. 1987).  Aluminum has also
been shown to inhibit neuronal microtubule formation.  However, much more work is needed before a
mechanism can be proposed.

3.5.1  Pharmacokinetic Mechanisms


The mechanism by which aluminum is absorbed and the chemical forms of aluminum able to pass
through the intestinal wall are not completely understood (DeVoto and Yokel 1994; Exley et al. 1996;
Lione 1985a; Priest 1993; Reiber et al. 1995; van der Voet 1992; Wilhelm et al. 1990).

3.5.2  Mechanisms of Toxicity

In the cases in which human aluminum toxicity has occurred, the target organs appear to be the lung,
bone, and the central nervous system.  No specific molecular mechanisms have been elucidated for
human toxicity to aluminum.  In animal models, aluminum can also produce lung, bone, and
neurotoxicity, as well as developmental effects in offspring.


Various neurotoxic effects of aluminum have been induced in animals, ranging from neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental alterations following repeated oral exposures in mice and rats to neurodegenerative pathological changes in the brain caused by acute parenteral administration in  nonrodent species.  Numerous mechanistic studies of aluminum neurotoxicity have been performed, but no single unifying mechanism has been identified (Erasmus et al. 1993; Jope and Johnson 1992; Strong et al. 1996); it is likely that more than one mechanism is involved.  The main sites of action of aluminum are difficult to discern because the studies have been performed using a variety of exposure methods (including a number of different in vivo injections and in vitro systems) and animal species, and a number of typical effects are not common to all species and exposure circumstances (i.e., are only expressed using certain models of neurotoxicity).  Although insufficient data are available to fully understand the mechanism(s) of aluminum toxicity, some general processes that are involved have been identified.

The species (rodents) in which aluminum-induced neurobehavioral effects (e.g., changes in locomotor
activity, learning and memory) have been observed fail to develop significant cytoskeletal pathology, but
exhibit a number of neurochemical alterations following in vivo or in vitro exposure (Erasmus et al. 1993;
Strong et al. 1996).  Studies in these animals indicate that exposure to aluminum can affect permeability
of the blood-brain barrier (Yokel et al. 2002; Zheng 2001), cholinergic activity (Kaizer et al. 2005; Kohila
et al. 2004; Zatta et al. 2002), signal transduction pathways (Montoliu and Felipo 2001), lipid
peroxidation (Deloncle et al. 1999; El-Demerdash 2004; Fraga et al. 1990; Khanna and Nehru 2007; Nehru and Anand 2005), and impair neuronal glutamate nitric oxide-cyclic GMP pathway (Cucarella et al. 1998; Hermenegildo et al. 1999; Llansola et al. 1999; Rodella et al. 2004), as well as interfere with metabolism of essential trace elements (e.g., iron) because of similar coordination chemistries and consequent competitive interactions.

3.5.3  Animal-to-Human Extrapolations

The appropriateness of extrapolating health effects of aluminum in animals to humans cannot be
conclusively determined due to limitations of the human database.  Information on toxicity of aluminum
in humans is not extensive because the preponderance of studies are in patients with reduced renal
function who accumulated aluminum as a result of long-term intravenous hemodialysis therapy with
aluminum-containing dialysis fluid and, in many cases, concurrent administration of high oral doses of
aluminum to regulate phosphate levels.  No clinical studies on health effects of aluminum medicinals in
people with normal renal function have been performed, largely due to the fact that exposures typically
consist of over-the-counter products such as antacids and buffered aspirins that have been assumed to be
safe in healthy individuals at recommended doses based on historical use. The assumed safety of
aluminum is also partly due to the FDA-approved GRAS status of aluminum-containing food additives. 
Other human data largely consist of studies of aluminum-exposed workers that are limited by the lack of
quantitative exposure data and/or co-exposure to other chemicals.  Subtle neurological effects have been
observed in workers chronically exposed to aluminum dust or aluminum fumes, but these studies only
provide suggestive evidence that there may be a relationship between chronic aluminum exposure and
neurotoxic effects in humans.  Aluminum is generally considered to be neurotoxic in animals, and there is
an adequate basis to conclude that neurotoxicity/neurodevelopmental toxicity is the critical effect of oral
exposure in animals.  Whether the subtle neurotoxic effects seen in adult and developing animals exposed
to relatively low doses of aluminum would definitely manifest in humans under similar exposure
conditions remains to be determined. 



No studies were located regarding endocrine disruption in humans and/or animals after exposure to
aluminum.  No in vitro studies were located regarding endocrine disruption of aluminum.


There is a limited amount of information available on the toxicity of aluminum in children.  As with
adults, neurological and skeletal (osteomalacia) effects have been observed in children with impaired
renal function (Andreoli et al. 1984; Griswold et al. 1983)

[Well, of course; so then the CDC states that it is ONLY in those children with impaired renal capacity and with impairment that there needs to be any concern over aluminum or aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, correct? While what they do NOT tell you is that there are absolutely no studies and no adequate data on children with normal renal capacity!!!]

Most of the available data come from animal studies that examined the distribution, neurotoxicity, and
skeletal toxicity of aluminum at several ages (e.g., gestationally exposed, neonatal, young, adult, and
older animals). 

[Yet they admit that they do not know what if any correlations there are between these animal studies, when applied to humans. And yet they mae a damning statement like this below!!!]

Fetal exposure may result in a higher distribution of aluminum to the brain, as compared to adults.  In the fetuses of rats receiving a single subcutaneous injection of aluminum on gestation day 5, the amount of the radiolabelled aluminum in the brain was 30% higher than in the liver; in the dams, brain aluminum levels were only 1% of the levels found in the liver (Yumoto et al. 2000).

3.11.3  Interfering with the Mechanism of Action for Toxic Effects

The mechanism of action for aluminum toxicity is not fully understood; thus, there are no known ways of
interfering with its mechanism of action.  Some pathways of aluminum chloride toxicity include induced
lipid peroxidation, altered enzyme activity, overexpression of hippocampal Aβ immunoreactivity, and
biochemical parameters.  These toxic effects were shown to be improved in rats or mice when administered vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, beer (due to its silicon content), centrophenoxine (an antiaging drug), and the herbal medicines Dipsacus asper Wall extract and Bacopa moniera - - . 2007; Jyoti and Sharma 2006; Nedzvetsky et al. 2006; Nehru and Bhalla 2006; Nehru et al. 2007; Saba-El Rigal 2004; Zhang et al. 2003).

[And what has been stated repeatedly about SIDS, it can be prevented with vitamin C]

Genotoxicity.  Several in vitro studies have found significant increases in the occurrence of
micronuclei formation (Banasik et al. 2005; Migliore et al. 1999; Roy et al. 1990) and chromosome
aberrations (Roy et al. 1990) in human lymphocytes; no human in vivo studies were identified.

Reproductive Toxicity.  No studies were located regarding reproductive effects of various forms of
aluminum following inhalation, oral, or dermal exposure in humans.

[They go on to mention a rat/guinea pig aitborn aluminum study, and as well that a number of oral-exposure
studies examining reproductive end points in several animal species were identified.  In general, the
results of these studies suggest that aluminum is not associated with alterations in fertility. And then they make the blanket statement that: Wow, how conclusively scientific, is that?]

Further studies in this area do not appear to be necessary at this time.

Developmental Toxicity.

No studies human studies examining the potential of aluminum to induce
developmental effects in humans exposed to aluminum via inhalation, ingestion, or dermal contact were

[But in this section the animal studies appear to be fairly to significantly - damaging]



A few reports indicate hypersensitivity in children and adults who have received aluminum-containing vaccines (Bergfors et al. 2005; Böhler-Sommeregger and Lindemayr 1986; Castelain et al. 1988; Veien et al. 1986).  A human oral exposure study (Gräske et al. 2000) did not find alterations in the concentrations of immunoglobulin, interleukin, natural killer cells, or B- or T-lymphocyte populations in humans ingesting an antacid suspension for 6 weeks.  No other human
exposure studies examining immunological end points were located. 

[Then they go on to focus on only dermal sensitivity; are you kidding me?]



There are suggestive data that the nervous system may be a sensitive target in humans. Subtle neurological effects, such as impaired performance on neurobehavioral tests and increases in objective symptoms, have been observed in workers exposed to aluminum dust and fumes, McIntyre powder, or welding fumes (Bast-Pettersen et al. 1994; Buchta et al. 2003, 2005; Dick et al. 1997;

[Are YOU kidding me? Where are the actual human studies involving an injected aluminum adjuvant???]


Oral exposure studies are also needed to evaluate the potential neurotoxicity of aluminum following acute-duration exposure and to confirm or refute the potential for aluminum to induce cognitive effects.  Additionally, neurotoxicology studies measuring blood aluminum levels would be useful in determining the relevance of the animal data to humans.  Research issues related to neurodevelopmental effects of aluminum are discussed in the Data Needs section on Developmental Toxicity. 

[They do not have a damn clue, and they know it. Aluminum adjuvants have been said to have been used for 90 years, and just like silver mercury amlagm tooth fillings they thought that because they had been used, they had to be safe; but on BOTH counts they were CLEARLY wrong! And neither the CDc nor the ADA will admit to the damage it all caused. They can't; the outcome and the liability would be literally staggering, for them.

And what about all the existing aluminum adjuvant harm studies that currently exist? You know, the studies that the CDC refuses to acknowledge as to their existence. You got it, you have been lied to and fed the vaccines are safe and effective and effective mantra; and that endlessly, no proof exists. YOU, were flat out mislead and lied to, period.]

[Go ahead and read the entire document, if you have the stomach for it! You will find it in the below links.]

Risks of aluminium exposure during pregnancy
Josep L. Domingo*, Mercedes Gómez and M. Teresa Colomina
Laboratori de Toxicologia i Salut Mediambiental, Facultat de Medicina, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Reus (Tarragona)

Vaccinations, in other words, are not immunizations. The term is falsely used to promote vaccines based on quack science that simply doesn't pan out in the real world.

Read more:

Science? Where is YOUR proof science you always say you have? They told you it was there, but actually it was never there!!! Imagine that; they lied, just like they have lied to us for the last 100 years and more! get over it, that is the reality of it all.


Here is some more on Gardasil; you know being you are such an expert, you should be able to refute all of this; but actually when have you ever done that on any issue. What kind a mental disorder would allow you to be that entirely delusional, alias no identity Costner?  You do not have a prayer against me and you never have; because I deal in the truth, facts and actual unbiased science; while you deal in misinformation and lies. It is as simple as that, and always was.

If you would like to read the actual 2006 Gardasil FDA pre-approval document that has been made reference to here, luckily Natural News in approximately 2008 had saved a copy of it to their files, just in case the FDA removed it, and sure enough it appears the FDA did. Take a look.

From my site page:

Excerpting from the article titled, The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed

Do HPV Vaccines Increase the Risk of Precancerous Lesions?

The reclassification petition cited above also reveals that Gardasil vaccines may increase the risk of developing precancerous lesions by 44.6 percent in some groups of women. This is found in a quote referencing a document mentioned in the petition, which states:

"PCR-based HPV detection device with provision for accurate HPV genotyping is more urgently needed now because vaccination with Gardasil of the women who are already sero-positive and PCR-positive for vaccine-relevant genotypes of HPV has been found to increase the risk of developing high-grade precancerous lesions by 44.6%, according to an FDA VRBPAC Background Document : Gardasil HPV Quadrivalent Vaccine. May 18, 2006 VRBPAC Meeting.

NaturalNews tracked down the correct URL of the document referenced above and found it in the FDA docket archives. We have placed a safe backup copy at:

Sure enough, that FDA document has now been removed from their site.

Further excerpts.

Sure enough, this document reveals startling information about the extreme dangers apparently posed by Gardasil vaccinations. On page 13, this document states:

"Concerns Regarding Primary Endpoint Analyses among Subgroups

There were two important concerns that were identified during the course of the efficacy review of this BLA. One was the potential for Gardasil to enhance disease among a subgroup of subjects who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine-relevant HPV types at baseline. The other concern was the observations of CIN 2/3 or worse cases due to HPV types not contained in the vaccine. These cases of disease due to other HPV types have the potential to counter the efficacy results of Gardasil for the HPV types contained in the vaccine.

1. Evaluation of the potential of Gardasil™ to enhance cervical disease in subjects who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine-relevant HPV types prior to vaccination. The results of exploratory subgroup analyses for study 013 suggested a concern that subjects who were seropositive and PCR-positive for the vaccine-relevant HPV types had a greater number of CIN 2/3 or worse cases as demonstrated in the following table:
Observed Efficacy
- 44.6%

Again here is the url for the now missing FDA VRBPAC 2006 Preapproval Meeting Document

And again, here is the back up copy of that 2006 document VRBPAC pre-approval document, here:

NOW, would the FDA like to explain WHY they removed that document from their site??? What do they have to hide? That is legal justification for criminal charges, because it proves that they knew, and they know, and with the power they hacve they thought they could get away with it, and no one would take it seriously, and the harm would never be connected; nor to their reckless approval.

This references the contents of that said FDA VRBPAC document, but is not the actual said document: it is only the approval letter.

Nor is this the actual document: just want to make that distinction.

SANE Vax Inc. Discovers Potential Biohazard Contaminant in Merck's Gardasil™ HPV 4 Vaccine, (this is an amazing video that clearly outlines the found contamination of Gardasil, that of course the FDA has since again, white washed. No proof of the harm, ever).

SANE Vax Inc. Discovers Potential Bio-hazard Contaminant in Merck’s Gardasil™ HPV 4 Vaccine

SANE Vax to FDA: Recombinant HPV DNA found in multiple samples of Gardasil

Vaccine ingredients: (Look healthy?)

Gardasil HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed, Mike Adams, (also a very informative video)

The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed, (Page 1)
(a significant amount of written information and documents)

Dr. Sin Hang Lee: A case study in ethics don’t pay

In the fall of 2010, without Dr. Lee’s knowledge or having an opportunity to defend himself, the newly appointed Chairperson of the Pathology Department at Milford Hospital informed the hospital’s credentialing committee that she was not recommending for approval or supporting Dr. Lee’s application for renewal of his medical staff privileges. For those who do not know, medical staff privileges at a hospital are a major asset to a medical doctor and they establish the relationship that permits among other things, the doctor to practice at a particular hospital.  When medical staff privileges at a hospital are revoked or not renewed, the doctor no longer has permission to practice at the hospital or use its facilities.  The non-renewal of the medical staff privileges, may also adversely affect the doctor’s license to practice medicine. In Dr. Lee’s case, the non-renewal of his medical staff privileges at Milford Hospital is under appeal.

Although Dr. Lee still maintains his medical staff privileges during the appeal, his position as director of the laboratory was summarily terminated along with his employment relationship at Milford Hospital on December 13, 2010 and he has been prevented from using the hospital’s laboratory to continue  his testing and research there ever since that time.  A lawsuit addressing the wrongful termination claim has been brought against the Milford Hospital.

Still think vaccines and Gardasil, are all safe and effective, like you have been told? Welcome to the real truth.

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