Saturday, October 13, 2012

General Notice (as to personal attacks)

General Notice!

Regarding all personal attacks on me in regard to this said and linked to blog, and as found linked to below.

In regard to the titled pages that have been created on the said blog referenced to above. Any blog pages on that blog which are designed and designated as exclusively a twisted, lying and fabricated personal attack on me; as to those such and said blog pages, they have not will not continue to be within the scope of what will be addressed here on this blog. Those pages have been responded to directly, thus correcting that editors misinformation, and very few of those replies have ever actually been published. He can either directly respond to it there and allow those comments in their entirety, or he can as ususal and most often is the case, refuse to. To date what has appeared there as well is that editors effort in taking bits and pieces of my replies on only publishing those in an effort to construe those into an out of context array of more fabrication and falsee insinuations. The man is clearly very sick, and the DOJ needs to put an end to his slanderous attack on one person. There is no way that the editor known only as alias no identity Costner, can justify in any way the conscienceless, and desperate false and lying person attack he is repeatedly conducting. The question should be, is there at any time, that such mindless stupidity, and that level of sick and desperate human depravity, that such personal attacks ever deserve any response at all?

All that will be continued to be discussed, responded to and addressed on this blog, are the subject matters of vaccines and the related issues of health care, and so called modern medicine; and which have been addressed on that said blog. That, of course in and as the related to said matters, and in response to the majorly distorted and incorrect claims that the opposing blog has had on those specific pages, titled and directed to those specific and said vaccine and health care matters and issues. There is nothing to debate as to any such personal attack issues, as what is presented on those said personally attacking blog pages, amount to nothing but entirely a false fabrication of information, top to bottom. The man, this called blogging editor Costner,  is all obviously, and has been now for a long time, a very sick person. Over 80 pages of personal attack on one man, me. Thats some and obviously a major and very sick obsession, going on.

Costner! As well I will take a complete psychological exam at the professional facility of your choosing, and you can set that up. You will be needing to pay for it as well; being you are the one that is doing the accusing as for the calling me crazy, on your blog pages there, editor. However, I want a copy of your own said exam, done at the same time, and to be published on your blog as well. I will give you complete legal rights to publishing it, when completed. It is time once and for all, for you to prove what you are accusing and stating. There is only one way to do that.

Anything less here, is simply wasting my time, to respond to it.



Reply to: Child Abuse and Vaccines


Ok, again alias no identity Costner was sent this below reply to the above referenced to blog page of his, already now days ago; and it still remains unpublished. Again, it all amounts to again and again, to much truth, and again exposes his endless sick game and as well amounts to - to much truth, and which is to damaging to his in denial, lying and full of intentional deception...agenda. This puke of a man, then sits on a continued claim that, oh, YOU posted on my blog under sock puppet accounts, and thus you are not allowed to reply post in any form of your defense personally, nor as to the false information he publishes on his blog. Each and every published blog page he publishes as well of course designed to be a personal attack on one person, me. It really is near to impossible to get nor be any more screwed up in the head, than is one alias, Costner Matthews; which was the previous name he blogged under in 2007. That prior to my finding his profile and his later immediate removal of it that profile when he realized I was aware of it. The man; this jerk, was already blogging with a fake name profile, before he even ever knew who I was was? How entirely sick and obviously having a less than honest and forthright agenda, is this guy? Amazing.

Here is the reply that was as said sent regarding that and the blog page referenced to above.

The problem with this blog page, is that it only exemplifies your own selective ignorance. The reason for that is found in the fact that generalized google searches under a specific title such as vaccine safety, and vaccine effectiveness, simply and obviously do not provide any actual evidence of the same being in existence there. That alone obviously does not prove that what is in that generalized list of links, in any way proves vaccine safety and effectiveness; and is actually showing in many cases to be just the opposite, and/or with conclusions in those studies that are far less then adequate to prove any such point

All you did was prove that when you say there is scientific evidence, in reality there may be only little to none in the actual data. But nice job in your attempts to mislead and to keep misleading the sheeple. I have shown this as well in my previous analysis of your studies, the very few time that you put anything forward to claimed to be proof of your claims. Such was again not actually the case.

When you are so non observant that you even put forth the claim that Gardasil has been shown to be safe and effective, when actually what is there shows no such thing; that in itself shows clearly the height of your desperation as to regarding your own denial of all.Increased antibodies do not necessarily equate to vaccine efficacy; and they certainly as well do not equate to efficacy in preventing even one single case of cervical caner. This page clearly contains nothing much but actually false and misleading information nothing but. But what else is actually new here, for you. Not much. You even went so far as to claim there were studies done comparing vaccinated verses non vaccinated; just because typing in a google search resulted in those studies. What an idiot you are Costner. Nothing in reality could be further from the truth. Scam, smoke screen, and smoke and mirrors strongly comes to mind here. You lose, again. 

This is NOT even debatable, as it is all an obvious fact. What a clearly very twisted man you are.

End of reply.

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