Monday, November 29, 2010

Response to: Quack of the Day: "Dr" Bruce Hagen

This above titled misinformation blog is found at this link.

This type of and line of garbage has already been responded to once, in this below blog page.

Response to: Chiropractors Admit Their Treatments Are Based On False And Outdated Beliefs

In all of the claimed to science that the author of this said blog claims to have, as well in the claiming of that to have followed that scientific method, it sure is amazing how many times that all has been shot down as worthless. You know pharma and the CDC would never cheat nor fabricate anything? Yet when you bring him any real science that actually heals people, he calls it selling snake oil and fraud. Just like a bratty 3 year old that runs his world his way. The real snake oil is no longer called snake oil, but falsely claimed the savior of all. It has been the very same thing ever since the Rockefellers got their hands on it, follow the truth history of modern medicine they deny. Oh course, they have to deny it, they have no choice. Common sense fires up and takes a road out of town...permanetly.

You know what Costner, you could be the next editor for Orac; I heard he is doing poorly. You could head editor for both Quackwatch and Orac. You know writting articles one after another. You know all their lying and refuse to get ignornace and misleading the public, to this point - has had nothing on you?

If you want to understand what real Chiropractic is about.

2nd Medical Study in the Last 13 Months Reveals Connection Between Life, Death and Spinal Curves.

Will you share the facts and tell the whole truth? By Renae Tocco, chiropractor

Subluxation Update.

Spinal Kyphosis Causes Demyelination and Neuronal Loss in the Spinal Cord:

Spinal Kyphosis Causes Demyelination and Neuronal Loss in the Spinal Cord: A New Model of Kyphotic DeformitySpine
Volume 30(21), November 1, 2005 pp. 2388-2392

110 Studies Showing the Benefit of Chiropractic as to Immune System Function.

The Truth About the Flu Shot, (with reference studies showing the
ineffectiveness of flu shots in all age groups).
Sherri Tenpenny, DO

The truth About the Flu shot in Pregnancy, (more studies)

The Lack Of Actual Scientific Evidence In The Claim Of Flu Shots
Safety And Effectiveness.

When the Children Cry: Suicide, School Shootings, and Violent Crimes.

But don't go to a chiropractor or listen to them, big pharma has a much better plan? Forget about the soil and the seed concepts of Becamp and others, those alternative medicine and information people dont have a clue. Pasteur was hero, and don't believe that story about that he recanted his false germ theory on his death bed. Its all myths.

Now, when you get chiropractic combined with the real means to proper dietary information, and the real truth information on their drugs and vaccines; what do you have? You have people throwing away their prescrition bottles one after another. That after doing nothing but getting worse, and then now actually getting healthy like they were intended to be.

Even a tree can heal itself after a 8 inch branch was cut off it; wouldnt you think the human body was the same way? Don't stand there and just watch it Costner; saying it isn't true; it takes a while.

You do not heal with poison! You also do not make the body healthy and build a strong immune system, by slambing one toxic vaccine after another into an infant, child, or teen. Paul Offit states children can safely tolerate 10,000 vaccines, and he is their head CDC spokemen. Of course he never took any millions in profit from that thought, nor voted to approve his own vaccine that was later pulled from the market for the damage it did. Trust us, we are the official authorities. There is no conflict of interest that affects our decisions, nor at the FDA. Our pharma peer reviewed journals are a perfect example of how we never lie nor fake the predetermined outcomes. Nothing would ever be enough. I have to end this blog page now, I need to sit down and watch some TV and drink in some more of those drug ad commercials. Tommorro I am going to go to my doctor and ask him, what disease do I have today doctor; I think I know; on TV it states I may have this, can you test for that? I wrote all the drugs down that pertain to me these past two weeks and it amounts to 8 more than I am already taking. Oh thank goodness for pharma, they know whats best for me.   ......sheeple running; baaaa, ...baaaa, half of them head stuck in the fence. Hey, while were at lets get flu vaccines, "safe and effective"! Mercury never hurt me! The FDA would tell us all, if that were bad! They perform a valuable service and they would be right on that if any of it were true. ....."Baaaaa".

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