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Reply To: The Profit of Vaccinations

Monday, January 14, 2013
The Profit of Vaccinations

Mr. Blogging (no identity) Editor; you should have this (above linked to) article, analyzed by a qualified psychiatrist; regarding a determination of if it was written based on your total ignorance of immunology science; or if there is something other going on here. It appears that you were actually having another major psychotic episode; as it would be impossible for a thinking normal person to write something that unrealistic and twisted. 

What do you not understand about that a flu virus, and that flu viruses are continually changing and that they mutate to forms that the next years vaccine would be ineffective for? That would be to presume as well that the currents years selection based on their all knowing wisdom was correct as to the prevailing strain of flu virus in our communities.

What do you not understand about the fact that in regard to flu and colds that the human body has never developed anything but relatively short term temporary immunity, to either one. Therefore due to the fact that the human body is incapable of producing long term immunity to such as the flu; in turn it would be impossible to create a long term and or life time vaccines. And in your world, this said long term flu vaccine should have been possible? Your whole argument is preposterous and falls flat on its face.

Current and unbiased studies show just how ineffective flu vaccines actually are, and in all age groups. Some studies have as well shown a more harm than good effect in children, and increased hospitalization after a flu vaccine. Why as well would the benefits outweigh the risks in injecting a thimerosal containing vaccine in a pregnant women, when the unbiased studies show no actual benefit? Several neonatal studies exist as well showing the harmful effect of thimerosal on the brain of a fetus. They are listed right in Pubmed. 

The Cochrane data base as well shows in overall analysis just how biased pharmaceutical company studies actually are, comparatively to unconnected studies, regarding flu shot effectiveness.

When we read the fear mongering studies such as the one you referenced to, why are we not as well getting the data on how many of those deaths were in people that did receive the flu shot? Are you going to tell me that there is no reason to record that data, nor to provide it to the public? How about the fact as well that no state departments nor the CDC are ever providing any information mid flu season as to if or not the flu vaccine is a match with the predominantly encountered strain of flu virus? Any public authority neglect in the failure to provide that information shows clearly that they do not want to know, nor the public to know the real story on flu vaccines. It would be pretty hard in a rational mind to disagree with that.

I could provide you many studies and a lot of further data, but as always you have since day one here, refused to ever once publish any of it in the past that was ever provided to you, and would be useless to attempt it again, now. You can go to my site and see a full page of it, regarding flu vaccines. You know as well, that is there.    

You can go on living in your land of delusions, but you have no right to tell anyone else to keep following you there. Vaccine decisions deserve to be made by the public, with all information on the table, not with just what and the incomplete you select for them to consider.

Danger and Ineffectiveness of Flu Vaccines

Paul Offit - Falsely Defends Thimerosal  


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