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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Blog Transition 

Reply sent:

Go ahead and keep the url with my name in it and see what happens; I dare you to prove me wrong. It is exactly as I said it is and was. I don't give a damn if you change that url or not, because it all will eventually redirect to my name anyway. It will change little to nothing, and it actually ruined my counter blog because now my pages do not have an active link in them that correspond to your being replied to pages. So no; I don't care and would have actually prefered that it remained the same as it was, simply because of that reason and issue.

The fact that you make denial of that page the feds took down, and you know that they did; makes you the biggest psychopathic style liar there ever was. What a twisted man; you are a man, right? I went right to your blog that night and seen that page; are you telling me I never seen what was there? All that and with all your personal attack comments about how you knew it and warned about that I would lose it one day and end up, whatever. All mindless bullshit, Costner; every bit of it; but then false discreditation is what you must maintain no matter how sick the attacks; because you have nothing else in honesty to counter the truth information with, but personal attack.

You simply can not and refuse conduct an honest debate on any issue at all. All that ever transpires is more of your endless denial, lack of critical thinking ability, and intellectual dishonesty, and of course more of your obvious to any thinking person, endless lying bullshit. You can not tolerate the truth nor anyone whatsoever that puts that truth forward. How either completely lying, or entirely delusional, does a person have to be to conduct what you do?

Have a nice day; and ask yourself what you are really seeing, when you look in that mirror. You are proud of that? Really?



And THIS below is nothing but a bunch of sick and shameless lying; and he alias no identity Costner, as a fact knows that.

thē editorAugust 9, 2012 10:26 AM

What on God's green Earth are you talking about Lowell? The "feds" or the "DOJ" didn't have anything to do with me moving this blog, and I somehow doubt they care what I name the blog... it isn't illegal to post a blog with a URL named after another person.

Besides - if you visit the old URL you will note I still control that site and it has a message directing users here. So your information and your conspiracy theories are flat out incorrect (as usual).

As far as blog posts, I've never removed a single post since I've started this blog so I'm not sure what you are referring to there. Most of these posts are also found in Google cache so if you think something was removed it should be pretty easy for you to find it. Sorry Mr. Hubbs - you're still dead wrong.

Do you really think the "feds" would tell someone to rename a blog? Honestly? Do you think they would give someone time to do it on their own schedule rather than just putting up a takedown notice like happened to your website?

Come on Mr. Hubbs, even you aren't that stupid are you? I reached out to YOU directly and asked your opinion on whether I should change the name because it was the right thing to do, and because many of my posts relate to vaccine conspiracies in general rather than just your crazy ideas. Thus the decision to move this blog was mine and mine alone, and I've kept the old URL active with the hopes of shutting it down eventually... but now you have me wondering if perhaps I should just keep it in place since it proves your little theory is dead wrong.

Seriously Mr. Hubbs - where do you come up with this stuff? Do you just spend your days dreaming up stories that make you feel better about yourself? Honestly it is almost sad how misinformed you really are.


And if any public reader of your blog actually knew how messed up and knowingly lying those said comments are, they would want to puke. Sick stuff. Did they per chance make you say that, Costner? Amazing.


Here we GO; in the replies on that page, more outright slander was directed to me; and without questioning any thing he just publishes it.

This is a copy of the reply post, by some character name, BIG Jim. My reply will be below.

BIG Jim August 14, 2012 12:15 AM


After working with you at Ellison’s through Labor Ready, reading through this blog, including your own blog and website, I believe that you’re a psychopathic man with some kind of a vendetta full of hate towards the public, your employers and co-workers.

One only has to look at why you’re no longer welcomed at Ellison’s, and got the entire Labor Ready contract pulled after it was your razor blades found in the meat product production line, forcing Ellison’s to shut down all production for clean-up and investigation.

It appears that in addition to your prior legal troubles, you are back at it again with an active warrant out of Brule Co, for violations of SDCL 22-24-1.1, 22-24-1.2, 22-32-20, 22-34-1 for vandalism; defecating and urinating inside a law enforcement vehicle.

I'm still working at Labor Ready going to Mitchell daily, where have you been??? Are you afraid of Alfred??? He won’t hurt you because he has priorities and doesn't want to go to jail over you - you're not worth it! Grow up a little…


Then alias no identity editor, and previous character name, Costner; of course makes his half baked and actually supporting reply.  

thē editorAugust 14, 2012 4:20 PM
Big Jim - I'm sure you understand just because someone says something it doesn't make it true. I'm reluctant to accuse Mr. Hubbs of any nefarious activity without some proof, so I hope you'll understand that I take what you have written with a grain of salt.

I should also note that normally I'd say this has nothing to do with vaccines and vaccine conspiracy theories, however if what you claim is true it surely goes to character and calls into question the mental stability of Mr. Hubbs. That said, I won't be accusing Mr. Hubbs of any crimes without some form of corroboration.

Hope you understand, and thanks for contributing.


thē editorAugust 14, 2012 4:25 PM
One final note - I find it incredibly coincidental that "Big Jim" posts a comment merely minutes after Mr. Hubbs, especially considering the time of night they were posted. I suspect this is yet another example of Mr. Hubbs using a sockpuppet account to make claims which he will later complain about, which is why I wrote my comment about not trusting those accusations until there is more evidence.

Yes I'm sure he will deny posting the comment as he typically does, but I also imagine if I refused to publish it that he would complain... so I can't win either way.

Either way I find Mr. Hubbs' tactics shameful. It is too bad he has to play these little games rather than trying to defend his statements about vaccines, but I've learned long ago that when anti-vaxxers are pressed for science they often resort to childish antics and any attempt to shift the conversation to themselves or their self-proclaimed status as martyrs. Sad.


Then editor alias no identity Costner replies in off the wall support of this fake and fraud of a guy.

Reply, he refused to publish.

First, I do not know of any person named Jim, nor do I know of any issues whatsoever regarding any personal problems between anyone there. Nor were there any problems whatsoever that I am aware of, regarding any other employee and myself. If there were any issue I definitely was not made of aware, nor was there any conflict nor reason to believe that there was. This appears that this person clearly never worked with me; and that something quite odd is going on with this. It is all of it, a complete fabrication.

I had nothing to do with getting the Labor Ready contract pulled, and that it appears to be was simply a matter of economics, as they began hiring workers through a temp to hire staffing agency that obviously provided them full time employees at apparently a cheaper cost. We were not told why.

As for his claim of razor blades in the meat; there was no such thing that ever happened. There was a person somewhere during break time that apparently removed the blade from my box cutter, and threw it under the meat cutters table, and which the knife was never used there in that location. All knives and tools must be accounted for, and I was honest enough to let the supervisor know that single blade was missing. After some extensive search, it was later found, but was never in a meat product; it was on the floor, under a table I do not even work at.

As for the legal charges, they are of course again fabricated and false. The charges appear to come out of Chamberlain, SD., and they do not and are not deserving of even a response. I have not been to Chmaberlain in about 34 years. These are not the first charges to be falsely fabricated, and has become quite obvious who the person is who is doing it 

So, Costner is this the kind of mindless and pointless trash you again, just love to publish? It doesn't make you look very good, and far worse than you already did; if that is even possible. All you did here was allow again some major slander to take place. But then that how you attempt to persuade people to never consider my information, personally attacking false discreditation. You have to because you know you can never directly address the information and the issues; not without lying and false and twisted misrepresentation. How sick is that?

The said timing of the reply post by the way, was a coincidence entirely; as a fact.

Jim obviously has something going on which is of the nature of some sort of personal vendetta, and he obviously has some major issues. I am unaware of who he is or why that would be. In fact I do not have any idea who he might be; therefore I will state it again; he clearly has never worked with me, and to my knowledge. He appears to be someone unrelated to that said work, who has obviously acquired some very incorrect second hand information. If he had worked where he said he has, he would know that none of that was truth. I also do not know anyone by the name of Alfred, nor anything even close to that name.

As well, you are of course lying again and again, because as a fact, and you know that it is; I can produce more proof science than you have or even could even begin to, to support your own, vaccines are safe and effective agenda, and as well in regard to vaccines and ASD. You refused to publish it, so you can not in any sense of honesty say it has never been there. The level of lying and mindless denial here is mind boggling. Its a nice fit though with the as well lying personal attacks and all. Your blog is nothing but filled with your sickness and tabloid style trash.


On a different note:

Hey, they say Wakefield was a fraud, right? And people just make up stuff like that, that they found that the MMR caused gut damage and resulting ASD, because they wanted to get rish off of a lawsuit, even though they knew the study was faked? In his 1998 study accepted by the Lancet, it remained published for ten years, but then when Wakefield got involved in the primate studies it got to be to much risk of the truth being known, for pharma; and they had to falsely discredit him by saying his 1998 study had been discredited as fraud, even though they never proved anything of the sort.

Murdoch and Vaccines: Exposure of Crimes Reveals a Much Larger Story

Modern Medicicne and Vaccine Truth

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