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Reply to: Old Habits Die Hard

Old Habits Die Hard

Again the following reply was sent to this linked to above blog, and again likely will never be published, to much truth.

The reply:

And after the bulwark load of reply information referencing all that data and science that you refused to publish any trace of that it was there, this was the best you could come up with, and attack on How entirely pathetic are you and do you look, editor. Wow. Your desperation shows.

Why is it that you wasted the time to write a blog page like this, but yet failed to actually address any of the actual information in that, The Poisoned Needle, article; editor? All you pro-vax zealots can ever do again and again is to fail to address the information in any honesty, and then you simply throw any childish and misguided false discreditation of the information source at it that you think might work.

Do you actually think any person would just create a document like The Poison Needle, and simply fabricate it all? You would like to believe that, but the fact is that it is again real history recorded by a person who lived it at the time. But that's not good enough for you. I have never referenced any other such subject matters of that site, (if they exit), than the modern medicine and vaccine history that is there. Again, most all of it is recorded information by people who lived in those time frames in history. And you are going to tell me those are all fabrications and lies. What else can you come up with, because you know you can not deal with the reality of any fact found in that. Wow, how foolish do you look. And you are actually so delusional that you think none of the readers will see and realize that? Who are you fooling? For the liars and to much to lose must deny it all segment of people that read this; truth doesn't matter to them anyway. The only thing that matters is the people actually looking for the truth, and you are obviously not fooling in any reality, fooling them either. Use your head.  

FYI, I have never referenced to any claim to the Newtown shooting being vaccine connected. What I have referenced to however is the likely connection to psychiatric drugs, SSRI's and anti=psychotic drugs. The connection has been made in most all of the past school shootings to such drugs, and Mr. Adam Lanza has been confirmed to have been on those. In fact there are sources that have recorded a near endless list of such homicides, suicides and murders on those drugs. Another pharma nightmare that does more harm than good and never addresses any real cause. It is a false and pseudo science; there is no actual science to that field of prescribing. I could reference to you numerous sources, but you have failed in the past what 90 blog pages to ever publish one single link of information from me, so that would be of course again useless. You know, anything with to much truth information; and you can't handle it; and never will.


Of course without publishing the above, there was of course as you can see, a reply by the editor on that blog page.. A reply that has as well been responded to, and as was sent as is copied and pasted below. 

The reply:

No, all to clearly YOU are the sick and twisted man here, editor Costner. If you had actually published the corresponding reply you received, and then posted what you have here to compare that with; all to obviously that would have ended up at an obvious hideous level of mindless twisted stupidity for you, and that all to obviously any reader would have realized. All you are doing is throwing a lying, sick, and twisted smoke screen at, because the truth is and would be evident if you ever were honest enough to publish what you were sent.

Nothing replied to you indicted anything at all to do with my involvement whatsoever with child porn nor being connected to anyone selling children to johns and pimps. What I said is that your supplier of information is as a fact directly involved as a supplier in that business. That is a different thing. To falsely claim that I have any obsession with child porn; proves you once again to be nothing be lying, sick, and demented asshole that you actually are. Again to make it clear; that reply had nothing to do with anything I am connected to, but what YOU are connected to. I know that to be fact because it has been investigated, and the person D.J. that gave you the above screen shot, also called me just today and quite obviously informed me he gave you that.

I'm not credible? Really? Let the public be the judge of that. You can not handle the truth and your never could. You and me in a real debate where you could not censor and deny access to the information, would be a entirely hideous shame for you and your outcome in that, and you damn sure by now are aware of that. That's why and the real reason you refuse to publish anything because you know the truth ends your misinformation and lies, and and it does that right in its tracks. Then you lie about it all and turn around and call me sick? What a twisted, demented and a complete hypocrite you are. Everything you state against me, is exactly true for YOU; not me; as a fact.

Again to make it clear. The thing that is really sick about it all is how you fabricate and twist everything to an opposite of truth claim, when it is you that has done what has been done and connected with who you have, as a fact. Either that or you have been smoking something that has your  comprehension skills and your brain in a condition of being a literal pile of mush. Are you making an effort to become and show yourself to be sicker than pharma shill, Gorski? If so, you really have obviously succeeded in that effort.

Hateful of the truth and anyone that puts it forth; what a sad existence you actually live. Three years of it now. Anyone who realizes that, what do and should they think of you in regard to that? You have nothing with this blog and you never will, because any honest person can literally smell your hate, denial of all, and sick puke coming off the pages.

If you can not read everything that was replied to these pages, (another false excuse); you can go to my blog and read a copy of it there, and on the corresponding page.


Additionally the following reply was as well sent to the previous page titled, HuffPo: Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason and was a reply to the editors reply on that said blog page. Which as well of course will never be published either, because it is of course again, to much truth.

The reply:

I see editor, first months ago already; you made that sock puppet accusation; and since then, you have allowed comments to be published. You only do that and allow that comment, if you think you can lie about it and twist it all to fit your sick purposes. Then, when the comment contains to much truth and the real science; and you can not handle it because it exposes your blog page for its lies and misinformation; you then go back to the previous claim and sock puppet excuse for not publishing the reply. That then as said. go right back to that old excuse of you created sock puppet accounts, and thus I refuse to publish your reply. Any excuse will do for you to avoid dealing with, and facing, publishing, and/or debating the real truth and the factual information you receive in response to your mindless articles, here. The reason is and the problem for you is that even after now three years of your going after me, you still continue to make denial of and censor all the information, and as if it were never there. You failed to ever have any ground to debate me on three years ago on any of these issues, and absolutely nothing has changed today; same thing. Then you even have the audacity to falsely claim that what you were sent as to a reply here, was not civil. In fact when it could not have been made any more civil. You are again simply lying, because if you had actually published what you were sent, not only would have your pages information look like and be shown to be all deception, lies, and fraud; but your whole blog would be shown as only that. And you definitely know it. Hows that feel for you, knowing what you are and what you really represent? It is sick, and that is something all to obviously you know you can not deny.



 T h e D R U G  S T O R Y


Provax Quacks

Since the belief in vaccines is more like faith and religion than it is science, we thought we'd present the Vaccinology 10 Commandments as we see them:

1. Correlation doth not equal Causation (unless it defends the Sacred and Holy Vaccine).
2. It is NEVER the Sacred and Holy Vaccine. Any injuries associated with the Sacred and Holy Vaccine must be coincidence, or a lie.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Holy Vaccine in vain. Thou shalt not question the Holy Writings that defend the Sacred Vaccine.
4. Thou shalt not hold any medical procedure above the Sacred and Holy Vaccine. Only the Sacred and Holy Vaccine can perform the miracles claimed.
5. Thou must always follow the Vaccine Schedule, for the Sacred Vaccine is a jealous God.
6. Honor thy Offit and thy Salk, for they are the prophets of the Sacred and Holy Vaccine.
7. Thou must always trust all studies that are done by the makers of the Sacred and Holy Vaccine. They have no interest in profit, only in the health and livelihood of their congregation.
8. Thou must always take the holy sacrament of Vaccination. Any who does not Vaccinate, or who question the holy sacrament, must be called heretic.
9. Diseases that were once benign must become deadly once a Sacred Vaccine is made for them.
10. The Sacred and Holy Vaccine is always safe and effective.

Vaccine Nation, (a lengthy by very informative video)

Vaccine Epidemic

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