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Response to: The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep

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 Lowell said...

You know you are lying. You know you are publishing nothing but false accusations and slander. Who's actually stupid here Costner, and you think I will give you the answers to what I know, and how I know; when you already know how I know what I know? And you are looking to publish that, you will never get it. Oh, but you know, if nothing else; in your mind its a good chance for more mockery of fact and more slander. You know what you are doing and I know exactly what I am doing. Face it. It is YOU, and only you! It is one hell of a revelation on many things that have gone on.

April 21, 2011 8:59 PM


 thē editor said...
..."you think I will give you the answers to what I know, and how I know; when you already know how I know what I know?"...

Is that an Abbott and Costello routine or are you hoping that makes sense? If you think I know something, then why would you be reluctant to tell me what I already know?

You really haven't thought this one through have you Lowell? Keeping trying buddy... you'll get there eventually.

April 21, 2011 9:53 PM


What was refused to be published by Costner - below. 

And noone Costner, said I reported Manning to the feds. That was a baseless assumption. You claimed I said I did and that it was a fabrication. Really? Now how would you know that? Oh ya, it is actually you that has not thought it though. You keep getting caught in the trap. You are owed nothing as to what I do, and or how I know anything. No explanations, nothing.

Your responses are and have been entirely inapproriate and always were, as to anything you have replied to as to these issues. Any person knowing the truth can see right throught it.

I have put this challenge before you before. Is there any reason you can not debate me in person one on one, on any and all the issues here? The fact that you even created this falsely attacking blog shows you true agenda. That agenda is not truth but personal attacks and silencing the truth. You may have a handfull of brainwashed sheeple that love your attack, as they as well have to much to lose if they were to accept the facts. It is interesting how they have no higlighted names nor connection to anything, just like you. 

If you want to as you claim leave the serious discussions to the adults, and thus make such a false claim, then you will not have any reservations as to conducting a debate with me face to face. Bring your video camera and crew, I'll bring mine. Let me know when and where you want to set that up? Any suggestions?

You clearly want to attack another person (me) with the courage to stand up with full identity, and to expose and put forth the truth as to the tyrony and destruction modern medicine and vaccines have caused. You have in your sickness maintained doing that with no identity of your own, now for over a year. How sick is that? How non credible is that? You can just say anything you want; with no identity. It's time for you to put your cards on the table and start facing the real facts.


So there you have it, the exposure of more lying and asinine mockery and stupidity, by alias no identity.... Costner. What, would could possibly possess any person to do that, and to publish that kind of attacking bullshit?

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