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Reply To: The True Anti-Vaccine Warriors

Wednesday, January 2, 2013     
The True Anti-Vaccine Warriors

The central focus of the above linked to blog page is mainly in regard to the claims made in the article below.

Pakistan child measles deaths surge in 2012.

The central focus of the page is of course measles outbreaks in under developed countries.

Lets get started breaking it down, as to the real facts.  
I am going to provide here myself, a counter article that this time has pretty much already done the needed information analysis job for me on this said subject matter; and clearly quite well, I would add. The title and link to that said analysis article is below.

Pakistani Children Die of Malnutrition: Measles Blamed

One other distinction we need to make here as well is that it is clearly improper to make comparisons as the situations of communicable illnesses in that of clearly underdeveloped counties, and then equate and make a claim and comparison of that as and to be one and the same as that in the US.

At the end of this reply I am going to as well provide some vitamin A treatment of measles information. Vitamin A and its as well deficiency is a significant factor even in the US, much more a an undeveloped country with obvious much lower levels of existing nutrition.  Supplementing vitamin A and even intravenous vitamin A has been a life saver in the treatment of measles, and has been largely overlooked by the whole only promoting vaccines, pro-vaccine agenda. They have even at the CDC stayed largely silent about the promotion of vitamin A in the treatment and or prevention of measles, and of course to prevent measles cases from reaching a state of hospitalization, and/or death. How irresponsible is that. You may be surprised by the information I will add here later on this article. There is clearly as well existing a vitamin A deficiency here in the US as well, but of course is not as severe as would be in such as Pakistan, or Africa for, example. And what of course has the revolving door with the pharmaceutical industry... FDA, stated as their standing policy,” ONLY a drug can cure or prevent illness and/or disease”… (and of course a toxic and often contaminated vaccine). How’s that been working?

Death By Medicine

The False Foundations of Modern Medicine

Vitamin A

Lets start by just providing right here a copy of the whole article; or you can go to the article link and read it there. As to this article by Heidi Stevenson which is posted on her site, what I can tell you is that Heidi has had one of the most informative and well researched vaccine truth sites with articles,that exist out there on the net, anywhere.

Pakistani Children Die of Malnutrition: Measles Blamed

by Heidi Stevenson

Even the WHO admits that it was malnutrition from the ravages of floods that killed Pakistani children who’d contracted measles. But it’s a great excuse for a vaccination campaign.

It’s now being reported that 306 Pakistani children died of measles last year, a record number. The truth, though, is that these children died of malnutrition following three years of record flooding.

If your child is hungry, are you more interested in food or vaccines?

Most, if not all, of the deaths happened in the flood-ravaged areas. Even the World Health Organization (WHO), a major vaccination promoter, acknowledged that the deaths happened in children suffering from malnutrition. That is, if these children had not been suffering from a lack of food, they wouldn’t have died. So how can the disease be blamed? To blame a disease that leaves healthy people unscathed for these deaths, other than permanent immunity from measles, is either an enormous misunderstanding or intentionally misleading.

It should also be noted that WHO spokesperson Maryam Yunus refers to the cause of death as “suspected measles”. In truth, they aren’t even sure that the children who died suffered from measles—but it certainly sounds good if you’re pushing vaccinations.

Another interesting point is that the reference to this being a record number of deaths is based on absolutely nothing. The previous year, 2011, the reported number of measles deaths in Pakistan was 64. However, the WHO was unable to provide records for measles deaths for any years before then. So how could they possibly know that the 2012 measles deaths were a record? Then again, perhaps it’s not such a record, since other sources state that the annual number of deaths was around 20,000 per year prior to a vaunted vaccination campaign completed in 2008.

That measles vaccination campaign bears a more careful look. Let’s ask a simple question: What is the point of a massive one-time-only vaccination campaign for a single disease? Does a nation as a whole truly benefit from a single campaign like that? Such vaccination campaigns must be ongoing if they’re to work. Otherwise, why do the industrialized nations keep their vaccination campaigns going year after year?
Who benefits from a one-time vaccination campaign? We know that no vaccine provides lifetime protection, so you’d think there’d have been a plan in place to provide ongoing vaccines. Apparently, though, there wasn’t. This was quite literally a one-shot deal. So what was the point?

Could it possibly be that the purpose was as a boon for Big Pharma? The vaccine doses were not donated—and the usual suspects were behind the campaign: GAVI, the Gates Foundation, the WHO, the CDC, and the Red Cross, which is deeply tied to GAVI. GAVI is an organization dedicated to one thing: vaccinations for everyone everywhere. Board members include current and former representatives from the Gates Foundation, Goldman Sachs (responsible for the current disaster in Greece), Chase Manhattan Bank, the US’s NIH, Man Group (one of the biggest hedge funds), the World Bank, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals. Finance-related corporations are interested in one thing only: increasing their income.The other organizations are neck-deep in Big Pharma money. The Gates Foundation is invested in the same corporations that it promotes.

It certainly looks like the one-shot Pakistan measles vaccination campaign existed primarily to funnel money to Big Pharma. What other reason could exist for a one-shot measles vaccination campaign? The stated goal of measles eradication cannot possibly be reached that way, so it doesn’t even fit within the stated goal of the Measles Initiative campaign.

The response to the measles-blamed deaths is, as always unassociated with the true problem: malnutrition or other causes of poor health. Instead, the intent is to force measles vaccinations on everyone in the hardest-hit areas. Rather than putting extra effort and resources into feeding starving children, they plan to jab them with vaccinations, to create excessive immune system responses—the goal of every vaccine—in children with malnutrition-weakened immune systems.

If your child is hungry, are you more interested in food or vaccines? Answer that question and you’ll know the truth. The vaccine profiteers are moving in on the flood-devastated people of Pakistan and presenting it to the world as charity.


Above article sources:
Pakistan suffers ‘record’ child measles deaths

KARACHI–More than 300 Pakistani children died of measles last year, a staggering increase on the previous 12 months and a result of three consecutive years of flooding, officials said Tuesday.

The United Nations’ World Health Organization said 306 children died of the highly infectious illness last year, 210 of them in the southern province of Sindh, where the worst floods occurred in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The WHO said 64 children died of measles in Pakistan in 2011, 28 of them in Sindh. It was not immediately able to provide statistics for earlier years.

“Most of the affected children died due to post-measles complications such as pneumonia, post-measles encephalitis and diarrhea,” said WHO spokeswoman Maryam Yunus.

The UN body said most of the cases occurred between October and December in northern districts of Sindh, but was unable to provide a breakdown.

“Most of (the) children who have died because of suspected measles are reported from the districts affected by the floods for (the) last three years,” said Yunus.

She said WHO investigations had shown that malnourishment was a major reason for such a high number of deaths of children in Sindh.

“Floods, displacements and food shortages have played a major role behind these deaths,” she added.

A Pakistani health ministry official said more than half the deaths in Sindh occurred in the last three months of the year, with 50 children dying in December alone.

The official, who did not wish to be named, told AFP that the number of deaths in 2012 was “a record high”.

Pakistan on December 31 started a new measles vaccination drive in the worst affected areas, which will run until January 9, officials said.

Children under nine months are not eligible for the vaccine.

WHO: Measles deaths surge in Pakistan in 2012; 306 childrenkilled by disease
GAVI Board Members  10. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Measles Initiative

AND WHERE IN ANY OF THAT INFORMATION, HAVE THEY MENTIONED EVEN ONE WORD ABOUT PROVIDING ANY GOOD FOOD, OR PROPER VITAMIN A SUPPLEMENTATION??? How about as well the issue of sanitation? As if it just doesn't matter, and ALL that matters is just pushing more of the toxic vaccines. Criminal, heartless, and irresponsible. And these are the people that the public is expected to trust to be knowing and doing the right thing. Amazing. 

Lets look at another article that addresses measles outbreaks in Africa, and is as well an under developed country which in reality can not be compared to the communicable illnesses situation in the US. And what are we reading in this article as well? Answer: A story of lack of sanitation, malnutrition, and lack of necessary vitamins like vitamin A. And ask here as well, why do none of these articles mention any health organization providing decent food, and that needed vitamin supplementation? All you will ever hear of if anything is the push for more vaccines. is that not largely irresponsible and in defiance of recognition of real physiological problem. And they say they want to wipe these illness out, right? They obviously never will, with that plan! Any more than they have won the war on polio in under developed countries. Take a look as well at the information on this below page.

Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

Ok, lets go to that said article, I just talked about.

Measles epidemic spreading in Central Africa


A large measles epidemic is spreading in Central Africa, endangering the lives of thousands of children, the medical charity Doctors Without Borders warned last week.

Since October, the charity has vaccinated more than 226,000 children in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The organization has also treated nearly 13,000 Congolese for the effects of the disease.

Measles is very contagious. In places where many children are malnourished and vitamin-deficient, it kills 1 to 15 percent of those who don't receive medical care, Doctors Without Borders estimated. (Even in the United States in the 1990s, although cases were rare, the fatality rate was 0.3 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In AIDS patients, the rate is 30 percent.)

The eastern Congo basin has serious shortages of medical workers and of drugs. While there is no treatment for measles itself, antibiotics can save those who develop pneumonia, meningitis or other secondary infections. Measles can also cause blindness by scarring the eyeball.

The outbreak is taking place despite enormous success against the disease worldwide. According to a study released earlier this year, deaths from measles have dropped by almost 75 percent since 2000.

Most of the lives saved were in Africa and India. Measles shots are often cited as one of the chief reasons that deaths of children under age 5 around the world have fallen steadily.

Now lets take a look at a bit of that vitamin A supplementation in the treatment of measles, information.

Vitamin A for measles in children (abstract)

The authors conclude that vitamin A megadoses appear effective in reducing mortality from measles in children under two years old and have few associated adverse events. There is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions regarding effectiveness in preventing pneumonia or other complications in children. However, the quality of the evidence was generally moderate. Better quality randomized trials are needed to evaluate the efficacy of Vitamin A for treating measles in children.

Vitamin A for measles in children (full study)

Measles is caused by a virus and possible complications include pneumonia. Measles is a major cause of death in children in low-income countries and is particularly dangerous in children with vitamin A deficiency. Eight studies involving 2574 participants were included in this review and we found that there was no significant reduction in mortality in children receiving vitamin A. However, vitamin A megadoses (200,000 international units (IUs) on each day for two days) lowered the number of deaths from measles in hospitalized children under the age of two years. Two doses of vitamin A are not considered to be too expensive, and are not likely to produce adverse effects.

The authors conclude that vitamin A megadoses appear effective in reducing mortality from measles in children under two years old and have few associated adverse events. There is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions regarding effectiveness in preventing pneumonia or other complications in children. However, the quality of the evidence was generally moderate. Better quality randomized trials are needed to evaluate the efficacy of Vitamin A for treating measles in children.

Vitamin A for treating measles in children (same study, alternate source-and not exactly,
Y Huiming, W Chaomin, M Meng

Editorial Group: Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Group

Published Online: 20 JUL 2005

THIS below is what they already new in 1937, and nothing has been looked into as to that by modern medicine to date in 2013; and ALL they continue to promote is a clearly failed vaccine, where not even vaccine cocooning the parents and the family, has prevented all cases of pertussis? Only a drug (or of course a toxic vaccine), can cure or prevent illness and/or disease, (policy statement made by the the revolving door of the FDA)

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, December 3, 2009
Vitamin C As An Antiviral: It's All About Dose

Can Med Assoc J. 1937 August; 37(2): 134–136.

PMCID: PMC1562195

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Treatment of Whooping Cough 

The short series of cases presented is too small to draw any statistical conclusions, but one fact stands out. Ascorbic acid has a definite effect in shortening the period of paroxysms from a matter of weeks to a matter of days. We have not checked by cough plates or otherwise in this preliminary work to see whether the infectivity subsides simultaneously with the spasmodic symptoms, but are continuing with a larger series of cases in which these and other tests will be employed.

Br Med J. 1938 October 8; 2(4057): 742–744.
PMCID: PMC2210412

Vitamin C in Treatment of Whooping-cough

Here is what the BMJ (British Medical Journal) had to say in 1938. And there appear to be no studies done by them since?

It is considered that the statement that the administration of vitamin C in whooping-cough has an effect upon the course of the disease is at present unproven. My thanks are due to Dr. Donald Paterson for permission

Can Med Assoc J. 1937 September; 37(3): 268–272.
PMCID: PMC536087



Evidently,hypovitaminosis-C may be of much commoner occurrence than has been considered hitherto, and as long as it is not severe enough to show as clinical scurvy may pass unrecognized unless chemical investigation of urinary ascorbic acid is carried out.


1. Chemical examination of the urine shows varying degrees of hypovitaminosis-C in whooping cough.

2. Saturation of whooping cough patients with ascorbic acid decreases markedly the intensity, number and duration of the characteristic symptoms.

3. A simplified routine for such treatment is described, as used by us in this series of cases of whooping cough.

In 19 FRICKEN 37...THAT was known!!!! And other than promoting a now known toxic and failed vaccine, how far has modern medicine come in regard to that information? You guessed it, no where.

Even the AAP admits it; but yet have done literally nothing to promote it, as well of course they do not even realize vitamin A deficiency in our over processed Standard American Diets, can easily be a common occurrence, and it is.

Vitamin A Treatment of Measles

So why are they nor treating measles with vitamin A? Forgetting the nutritional factors and just mass vaccinating, under conditions like that, is reckless and irresponsible. But then modern medicine based on false foundations since its first existence; intentionally, they never have never been allowed to comprehend the concept of more harm than good, not ever in the history of modern medicine have they ever understood nor have they ever attempted to comprehend that concept. If they did of course, they would have to quit doing everything they are doing and actually admit there was a better way.

The False Foundations of Modern Medicine


And as long as we are on the subject of vitamin deficiency, lets as well look at a similar situation with pertussis.

The truth regarding the claimed to increased cases pertussis and in regard to the pertussis vaccine, is that they have again of course falsely blamed the few parents that have not vaccinated.

1. There are not enough vaccine exemptions existing in the nations schools, nor in the schools that have had outbreaks, to even have dropped the vaccination rate below that of the established vaccine uptake rate required and set by the CDC, to attain their so called herd immunity.

2. The pertussis vaccine has caused a similar strain known as parapertussis, to become more prevalent and is often not tested for when suspected cases of pertussis are present. (Only the B pertussis strain is targeted in and by the vaccine).

Acellular pertussis vaccination enhances B. parapertussis colonization

An acellular whooping cough vaccine actually enhances the colonization of Bordetella parapertussis in mice; pointing towards a rise in B. parapertussis incidence resulting from acellular vaccination, which may have contributed to the observed increase in whooping cough over the last decade.

Read more:

3. There is sufficient evidence to make the claim that also the B pertussis strain has mutated just enough to evade the vaccine, and that outcome is highly likely to have been caused by the vaccine. Antibiotics end up mutating bacteria creating resistant strains due to repeat antibiotic use; so is it improbable that vaccines can do the same thing to a pertussis pathogen that is actually a bacteria and not a virus? Vaccines can do the same to viruses, there is ample evidence regarding that with the oral polio vaccine now used in under developed countries. Read the related site polio page below.

4. Pertussis is highly treatable and better treated with use of vitamin C, than any other known remedy; and the pediatricians are silent about it. (ONLY a drug can cure or prevent illness or disease, the revolving door with the pharmaceutical industry, FDA).

Special Report: The Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

Report 2

Why is nobody studying vitamin C in whooping cough? – Conventional medicine’s hypocrisy. by Suzanne Humphries, MD

“Anti-vaccine movement causes the worst whooping cough epidemic in 70 years”- Oh Really???

Whooping cough and chameleons.

But in their world they must maintain that everyone that is not exclusively a pro-vaccine pusher, is either misguided, ignorant of all their science they claim to, (but never had), or they are falsely attacked and  accused of being quacks, involved with quackery, and/or wearing tin foil hats. Who are the real quacks, it should be all to obviously evident to you.

The False Theory of Vaccine Derived - Herd Immunity

What Is Coming Through That Needle? The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination

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