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Reply to: HuffPo: Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason

HuffPo: Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason

Here we go again, another lies filled and misleading blog page by this said editor, known only as alias Costner Matthews, which is a and the same blog profile identity he blogged under and listed as so in 2007. later when he knew he was found out, he of course removed that profile identity. There is no known person by that name, which he is, nor that has a name, Costner Matthews. There is however a person with that name in the Sioux Falls, SD area; but was confirmed to be not him. I would put forth that the 80 some titled pages personal attacks seen in that blog, and this editors real hidden having been identity hidden for now 3 years, is in itself representative itself of and clearly based within a mental sickness and denial of the issues that is obviously and clearly unmatched nearly anywhere.

There comes a point when the lies have gone on for far to long to in reality deserve any form of a response. So long and as well the refusal to acknowledge data, facts, the real historical record, and the existing large amounts of real and unbiased relevant science clearly showing the mechanisms of vaccine damage and harm. Clearly showing the direct repeat vaccine links to not only ASD, but as well neurological, immunological, and as well significant harm to the brain of an infant, child and/ot adult. Nothing would be enough.

You will as well notice that this said editor refused to acknowledge my put forth replies to both of his last titled blog pages, which is and has been a common occurance throughout his said blogging pages. If he could not misrepresent and lie about what was replied to the specific blog page, he simply never published the reply; as if he never recieved anything. Either that or he only particially published a portion of it, and lied about and misrepresented the rest. So much for any credibility that said sick blogging trash editor could ever have had, and all to obviously. Then with no identity to simply spew the same old denial of all, misrepresentation, and repeatedly the same proven false propaganda, and clearly known to him by now lies, every time.

The blog page starts out attempting to of course again paint the vaccine truth promoters and parents as antivaccine; which is not the case because most all of us at one point in our lives believed the story told that vaccines were safe and effective, and that they had prevented suffering, illness and so called disease. We had not concept of the truth of course at that time, of that nearly the opposite had been reality. We learned that through a process of course of learning piece by piece of the evidence found that vaccines were not only toxic, but contaminated, and contained heavy metals that should never be injected into a human body at any age. We learned of the cover-up and the pharma corruption, and a pharma connected CDC with to much to lose if the truth were known of the far more harm than good that vaccines have clearly done. With more and more added vaccines and repeated vaccines that has only become far worse. Where will it end? We have a revolving door with the pharma industry with the FDA. An FDA where you do not rock the boat and become a whistle blower, and you question nothing but to agree with the work and decisions made, or you lose your job. They are not protecting us, and they never were; not even. These are simply understood and obvious facts. We as well have a WHO that is a swell majorly corrupt and in bed with pharma; and there is no where to go for the truth but in the search for unbiased information. Using your own mind to think outside the box and determine what exactly is the truth and what is clearly fiction.

These people such as that editor stand in the circle and proclaim that the vaccine truth movement has no ability to use common reason; while it is their own blind, refusal of obvious facts, and in denial refuse to get it reasoning; that is in the camp of clearly beyond unreasonable.

The blog article goes on to praise all the science they have, and again and again gets waved that banner over and over in a result that ends up literally the equivalent of the and a mindset no better than the Wizard of Oz falsely claiming to be the wizard granting immunization from illness; only to be found he there was no such thing nor entity there ever at all. All that was there were misinformation filled misrepresentations of all the good vaccines had done in history; while as a fact no such thing was ever true. Instead what was created was chronic illness and a need for pharma in and of unpresidented proportions never seen ever before on the planet earth.

The said and referenced to blog article and as well its reference to the Huffington Post article, go on and on as well as to making excuse after excuse for why vaccines have never been properly tested, claiming that such testing is always unethical; you know of course leaving a segment of population vulnerable to not having their so live saving vacines, even as to the proven toxic and essentially near worthless flu vaccine. Nothing would be enough, and they ignore time and again the real and true data when it is taken from an unbiased evaluation of the existing studies. Cochrane data base and other analysis all ignored; it was never there; they MUST continue to deny all. Natural protocols and even adequate amounts of vitamins D and C, and all prior evidence in history account of its use, all must be ignored. The Huff Post articles author even has the audacity to claim he works with a naturopath, and like protocols; and as if he actually understands it all and still promotes, vaccines. This is the height of deception and purely deceptive evil.

The article as well sings even the praises of the oral polio vaccine in underdeveloped countries, and ignores that the said polio vaccine used has caused mutations that are potentially more deadly, and 80 some thousand cases of acute flacid paralysis, only being found in the said countries that - that vaccine is used. Blaming it all on unrelated to the vaccine enteroviruses, and realy they are in a major pickle and of course deny all of it. 

Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

In reality, nothing would ever be enough, they totally and entirely must continue to deny all the harm, and far more harm than good that vaccines have done and continue to do. THAT deserves the honesty of both the FDA and the CDC, and as well that of the WHO, but we will never get it. As a fact. Thats why we educate others and/or attempt to and provide the real information that is available. We do not compare car wrecks and parachutes to vaccines, and in an attempt to excplain away the lack of proper studies. We can as well can clearly compare ourselves the unvaccinated to the vaccinated children that we know of, and see the major difference in the quality of health. That is all to obvious. NOTHING would ever be enough for these people, and such as that editor, all to obviously. When you as well compare all of the information on my website and all the information I have put on and into this counter blog; you can all to easily see how deceptive and lying that blog editor and author is. He knows better, and it clearly does not matter to him what the truth really is; as he has been shown that repeatedly. He knows is there, and it doesn't matter. I would ask you right here and now...WHO IS ACTUALLY LYING AND MISINFORMING and continuing repeatedly to misinform the public. Is that criminal??? It most certainly and obviously is. The entire system that editor represents if of the same cloth and the same thing; all lies. And they have the audacity to claim that it is just the opposite, and to present with that it is us that is without reason, and any reasoning ability? How flat of bullshit is that? Amazing isn't it?

Never stop learning the truth.



After a significant period of time now, and editor Costner has not published any of the replies that I sent him, I sent this message to the blog, and reads as follows.

Editor, you have failed again to publish my replies that I sent you on the two previous pages here. What seems to be the problem with, and for you? To much truth, and you know it will blow wide open as exposed, all your knowingly false information and lying about the facts? If you obviously can not handle the truth feed back, then you should not be writing these blog pages. But then from day one, you never were and never have been able to debate anything whatsoever in any honesty, nor without denial of all and censoring the information as if it were never there. Again, what is it all worth and worth for you, when you continually refuse to be honest? LOL, what a flat out and pathetic joke you are.

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