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Response to: Herd Immunity: A Scientific Fact

Herd Immunity: A Scientific Fact

Now really, (alias) Costner, how many times have you had to have this rubbed in your face? No matter what you are shown, you still come right back with the same old misinformation and disinformation!!!

Herd Immunity
This is a message I posted on the above blog.

Your statements once again have all been previously refuted. Top to bottom proven as false and refuted. The problem is once again that you refuse to acknowledge it. I challenge you to show me once piece of valid science, actually any science at all that supports the concept of herd immunity. The concept of herd immunity was coined actually from veterinary science, and it involves natural immunity not claimed to vaccines or vaccine strain immunity. I could again and have presented this argument and the reference sources time and time again, and you know it, but just keep on lying and ignoring it. Nothing would be enough, ever.

And really if vaccines actually worked, and at all as advertised, there would be no need of herd immunity. There would not be happening as well the endless vaccine and herd immunity failures I have referenced, and that have occurred throughout the history of vaccines to the current day.

What you have here is purely misinformation, and to prove that would take far more information and references than there is space for, I assure you however that in my information I have put forth, and it is all there. You just refuse to acknowledge it and keep on presenting the same misinformation.

Do you expect me to repost all that information, and the references to all the herd immunity failures? And you keep putting forth to the public the same false information over and over again that has been clearly refuted.

And in CA, did the CDC ever acknowledge that the majority of those in the claimed to pertussis outbreak had been vaccinated ...Costner? The issue is that if vaccines actually worked at all, how could that be happening? The science for herd immunity is just a fabrication to falsely fear monger the parents that didn't vaccinate. The CDC will never admit the failure of vaccination, period. Ever!

It is, that said proof of your misinformation, with the real and truth information being all here on this blog, and as well as on my site. Right here below for one, is the real explanation of herd immunity. Like I said, go ahead and search for some of your claimed to science to prove there is actually some scientific validity to that term herd immunity, and that in relation to actual use of vaccines? I knew you would never publish that message post if I put the link to my site in it. That, because you are to chicken to actually provide real information, instead of the false and fabricated CDC referred to information.

Here is just a small sample of the real information, to put it in perspective.

Whooping Cough Kills 5 in California -- State Declares an Epidemic.

And gee Costner, you have referred to me as dishonest and non credible? Really, you couldn't be more dishonest yourself, if you tried. But then you can never convince anyone of anything that already knows the truth, just like the CDC knows the truth. You can also never prove your point to lunatics. To attempt to do so, is exactly what goes on here, and was always futile. However, the more the public knows of the truth, the better it is. So, if even on person learns that truth by the bullshit you have put forth, and sees through it even better because of it; you have then failed again. Why? The sheeple never will be convinced. I am only concerned with and put the information forward for the people who will be. Those people are growing in numbers all the time; irregardless of your delusions that its not happening.

Herd Immunity
First they want to vaccinate your child with multiple repeat vaccines.

After they over vaccinate your child, and the resulting outcome from repeat vaccinations then allows them to medicate and over-medicate YOUR child for what they caused, and many times gave them a diagnoses of the same problem they caused. Over-activation of the brains microgila in repeated vaccination is well documented and scientifically by some of the most educated and best research and put forth information minds you can find. I have put this forth repeatedly, that information. Nothing is enough.


They don't give a shit if they harm your baby before its even born!!! They aren't going to admit anything, no matter how much harm is done. it is always just a coincidence, no matter what. Oh well, where are the pharma peer reviewed studies... for that?  No common sense nor poof is enough...they claim there is never any proof ...they will accept. So, what do you need to do? Educate yourself from unbiased sources!

Vaccines and Pregnancy Do Not Mix.

Some really good information!!!!

Dr. Blaylock: Vaccine Dangers to Pregnant Women and Small Children

And really, can the CDC discount the several Amish communities in this country that do not vaccinate, and there are thousands of un vaccinated children that never get autism, asthma, diabetes, cancer, ADHD or any of the so called vaccine preventable diseases. Do you actually think herd immunity is protecting them when it doesn't even protect the communities and schools that do vaccinate??? The references to that are numerous. The CDC refuses to address that as well. And why does the CDC refuse to educate the public as to the now known and proven huge benefits of vitamin C and D? That, in regard to prevention in and of acquiring and fighting off any virus of any kind.

And they go and test D2, and claim it is toxic; then test only 400 IU and claim it didn't work. You need 2000 IU or more of non-toxic D3, to be effective. To be sure, get tested for your vitamin D levels.

False Foundations of Science: Can Vaccine Studies Be Trusted?

Mike Adams on Alex Jones Show Special Health Report 10-5-2010 (1 of 2)

Ignorance is power: Exposing the FDA's censorship of nutritional supplements:

On top of all the information now proving that Dr. Wakefield was never a fraud, and that in fact it was the fraud of Brian Deer and the GMC, that was behind the actually and real fraud happening. Now we have as well this below. And Wakefields 1998 study HAS been replicated on a larger scale more than once, they just refuse to admit it. As well endless studies support that finding.



IMFAR 2011 - The 10th Anniversary Meeting!
Over 1000 abstracts submitted for IMFAR 2011.

The Journal


New Medical Journal Review: Vaccine Injury is a Documented Cause of Autism

Consent for Administration of Vaccination, Physicians Liability Statement!

Costner. Here's your favorite physiological fact finding and educated doctor, on vaccines; Dr. Andrew Moulden!!! Who is the real quack??? You, or him? Oh, but you must deny that, it is the most damaging information you have seen; and as well to the CDC. He had to be stopped, just like Andrew Wakefield. Nothing is enough for you is it Costner, and how many times do I have to prove to you that Wakefield was never the fraud??? Again, nothing would be enough for you to admit it, as long as the CDC refuses to and main stream media remains mislead and refuses to admit it. But they will, it is a matter of time.

The work of Dr. Andrew Moulden. If you can not respond to it, nor refute it, and no doctor nor brain science expert ever could. Then it stands as fact until someone does refute it. There were 5000 images of the same thing happening in use of vaccines! You can recover from a viral illness, given that you keep the body healthy by the right means. You may not recover, from a vaccine injury. The public and the parents have the RIGHT to know the truth. They have the right to know about the reality of actual effectiveness of vaccines as well; and the lack of real science for that. For profit and to much to lose pharma and the CDC, will never provide you with the real facts.  The CDC clearly knows this is there! Educate, before you vaccinate.

In a country that even allows the murder of the unborn, where are the priorities as to truth and decency?

Life is Beautiful (Planet Earth Rendition).

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