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Response to: The Self-Medicating Mind of Lowell Hubbs

 The Self-Medicating Mind of Lowell Hubbs

And this time I am NOT linking to it, because the evil intent and falsified nature of that blog, I am not putting further onto the internet system.

Here again we have Costner desperately once again trying to falsely discredit the information I put forth as a whole. It in reality doesn't even deserve a response; however I will respond to it anyway, because in all reality I have nothing to hide, and the mis informer's  such as Costner will only attempt to falsely exploit information such as this for their own twisted and selfish gain.

If all you claim to is true, do you actually think I would have created this site page right here? Why would I do that? Because I am a hypocrite? Who's the real hypocrite and as well the dis informer and mis informer?


Disinformation is false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately with intentions of turning genuine information useless. For this reason, it is synonymous with and sometimes called black propaganda. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. 

Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false.
Unlike traditional propaganda techniques designed to engage emotional support, disinformation is designed to manipulate the audience at the rational level by either discrediting conflicting information or supporting false conclusions. A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth and observation with false conclusions and lies, or to reveal part of the truth while presenting it as the whole (a limited hangout).

Another technique of concealing facts, or censorship, is also used if the group can affect such control. When channels of information cannot be completely closed, they can be rendered useless by filling them with disinformation, effectively lowering their signal-to-noise ratio and discrediting the opposition by association with many easily disproved false claims.

Psych Drugs Truth

As far as this blog page. Are you aware of all the incidences that SSRI drugs have caused compulsive shoplifting? Among the many nasty side affects of SSRI drugs, namely Paxil, that is one of them. I have referenced it, and I have met people that said the same thing. Even celebrities and baseball players have in the media been noted, same thing, and they had all the money needed, and was often no need for the items they took. Common denominator? SSRI drugs. Ask yourself, why did that not ever happen before in my life nor after, was it ever even a fleeting thought?

What do you think would cause a person to do that, which had never done it before, and has never after. It is worst when you attempt a slow withdrawal phase, which can take from 4 to 6 months, cutting pills to dust and adding and subtracting to tolerance. You have no clue. Add some Xanax and you have a prescription for disaster, and actually death. I know far to well, perhaps better than most anyone, exactly what all those drugs do, and can do.

Places such as Human service agency here in S.D. are recommending these such drugs for treatment of alcohol and or drug addiction. How insane is that? And they are directed to do that by the drug companies. People put on SSRI's alone have nearly went back to their old ways, without 3 times a day being present at AA; they didn't even realize the how and why. These are the devils drugs. They are poison.

And the bike was one I thought was sure was abandoned, and someone had stolen my bike the day before. I simply needed a form of transportation and the $5 junk pile crashed, I left it there in a pharmaceutical induced cross addictive and cross tolerant overdose, and the cops were called by to 2 wantabe do-gooders. Hey I don't deny any of it. Never, never prescribe those drugs, especially Xanax or Klonopin to a potential addict of any kind, or someone who may have a tendency to it. In fact, those drugs are dangerous to anyone, and should have never been approved. And they hand them out like candy; and the needed diagnoses is all to often far to readily over diagnosed with no real nor validated basis. Thank you big pharma. Once again the point is driven home the hard way. This is additionally why I remain  a strong advocate against these drugs today.

But the fact is that was in 2002, and this is 2011. Learning things the hard way is what as made me the advocate for pharmaceutical and vaccine truth I am today. It is all long in my past, and today nothing but the truth matters, no matter how much you want to misrepresent the timeline and facts.

The fact is today, as anyone can see, I have become a tireless advocate of pharmaceutical and vaccine truth. The person that was, only became stronger for the experiences you noted here. Like it or not, any way you twist it Costner, those are the facts. As much as you would like to falsely proclaim it does; it has nothing to do with the credibility of what I put forth. In fact it in truth only strengthens that credibility.

The real story of SSRI's. But pharma; "they have ALL the science"! Really? Doesn't look like it to me? Complete ....pseudo science.

As far as your accusations as to DUI. 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005. I don't deny that, never have. Were prescription drugs involved; yes in 2002,  and 2003. 2005 was a set up and a false charge. I was not intoxicated nor ever above .08 legal limit. There were also illegal means left in the video tape, which helped seal a conviction. Namely the providing to the jury of information as to prior convictions; thus you see the federal documents you have noted. A worthless public defender, and an even more worthless and provided habeas attorney, hired straight out of the prosecutors office, Mr. Aaron McGowen; leaving much of the facts hidden, and no way to address or re-address those after the fact, and once the initial county proceedings took place. To do it again, I would have fired both of them and became my own attorney, and would have done far better. If you have the time I will explain that all to you Costner. When do you have time to sit down and you can even video tape it if you like.

You know what Costner. Being you have no guts to use your real name; how does that affect YOUR credibility? How delusional does a person have to be; to think that someone who with no identity and attacks another individual; what has it be now since last March on the Argus, to now the current date; somehow has any real credibility. Just based on that alone. And just look how I have answered to, and repeatedly refuted every last detail of the issues as to modern medicine and vaccinations that you have raised. Just look at as well all the times I have clearly refuted your main stream information; only to have you come right back into it and make the same and repeated false claims? So, how does all that stack up, in reality? Oh thats right, none of that matters to you as long as you think in your delusional mind that you can continue to mislead the public on every issue from A to Z. I mean, after all, clearly that is your intended job and mission!

Well dude, my mission is putting forth the real truth, like it or not. No matter what, that stands as is, and no matter how you want to pretend its not there.

My life since 2003 includes no such prescription drugs, and really if you were to ask those people around me now; they would tell you I have it together and I am one of the most honest, trusted, and and straight forward talking people they know. As I said and was posted to you Costner, feel free to have me psychologically  evaluated and drug tested at your own expense. You won't find shit! What I learned and what I personally changed from the whole experience is far more than you would have any idea of. Have you ever met me? of course not. Yet you falsely believe you know and can have the liberty to make those claims. But then all you want to do, and ever do is put forth anything at all that may shut me and my information down. Guess again! Not happening...ever!

As to what you put forth Costner in regard to that you claim I am against all of modern medicine and its protocols from square one to the end of their block. That absolutely is a fabrication of the truth. I am for one, not against emergency medicine and its protocols. At that point it is the many times the only thing that can be done to save a life. Obviously you should be able to understand that difference. Obviously what you want to do is to claim that well, if he is going to put forth what he does, then he is no allowed in our circle at all. But you are deceiving yourself and the public as to that view and to the reality of it all that you have put forth. Each and every case and each and every drug must be evaluated as to the risk verses benefit. The largest portion of the pharmaceutical drugs created in the last 25 years which are the bread and butter of the pharmaceutical industry and the top drugs prescribed today are absolutely worthless and do far more harm than good. That, while the natural means to the same thing and the same intended results are discounted or refused to be acknowledged and addressed at all. It is not a conspiracy theory; it is obvious fact!

Now Costner, in all reality, who is it that has their shit together here, and who in reality does not?  It certainly isn't YOU. But as long as you can continue to lie, it is seemingly in your mind, all good for you. You can decide which road you want to be on. The road of misinformation and lies, or the road of, on, and to the truth. We can see that without doubt that the medical establishment is actually the third leading cause of death in the U.S. And those studies are well done, and no-one has ever refuted them. You know how much damming evidence I have on all levels, no matter what subject you want to bring up. What more would anyone need to know to jump ship and go with what actually works? You can continue to lie about it all, and all you want Costner, the facts are all clearly there. Indisputable to anyone that is honest; whether you like it or not. 

This truth mission is one I chose for myself, and it all began with mercury toxicity and allot more, due to and from amalgam tooth fillings, over 15 years ago. One thing lead to another, and learning of the truth. The medical arena had no answers, so I started reading books that had the answers, and that progressed to years later the internet and more books. Anyone can educate themselves to the facts, if they want; but clearly without the right unbiased resources, no-one ever will within the traditional medical establishment. If they do, they will be ridiculed and eventually lose all; seen time and again. And they clearly make an example of those people. Call it all only a conspiracy theory if you want, but nothing could exemplify more self chosen ignorance than that!

Gee Costner, the information just keeps rolling in? Do you have any idea how many good unbiased studies have been done that replicated Wakefields findings? You are lying! Just because the CDC refused to acknowledge that, and those studies, doesn't mean it is not true! Those studies are referenced to right here in this blog and on the site. There are also many studies that even though they did not replicate Wakefields, they additionally support his and his colleague's findings. Nothing is nor ever will be enough; you will always remain in denial of all.

Some new findings as well.



IMFAR 2011 - The 10th Anniversary Meeting!
Over 1000 abstracts submitted for IMFAR 2011.

The Journal


Take it or leave it the truth is THERE! You have NO right to stop or prevent the public from learning it, Costner!!! The parents also have the right to know, and they need that truth to make the proper decisions for THEIR child, not yours! 

When you mock me, you mock the vaccine damaged kids, alias Costner, and the parents that never knew the honest truth! It's always just a coincidence and another claimed conspiracy theory. You as well mock every patient that needlessly suffered and never knew the truth about what they had been mislead with as to modern medicine, and that as well a much better understanding and way had been suppressed for now actually 100 years! It is just plain and simple common sense; but they like you Costner, are so mislead they yet refuse to think for themselves; no matter how bad it gets.  It's long past time for those lies to END!  Keep doing the devils work, Costner! Your doing such a good job.

And I wear the black for the vaccine damaged kids, and because of the truth that those who need to hear it, have never heard, and because the misinformation and the lies never end.

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