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And What Do We Have Here? Another Mindless and Personally Attacking Blog

Lowell Hubbs' Opinion on the Moon Landings - Response To.

So Costner, or whoever is the main author of the said blog using my name as impersonation in the url. . Other than as always a flat out personal attack on me; what have you gained here? All of your information again has been refuted as clearly false. You have nothing left to stand on but the false and personal attacks on my character. As always you can not refute the information, and must attempt to make the person look crazy, in order to cast a smoke screen so people will not take what I put forth seriously enough to actually consider reviewing it. I clearly know you and your types - better than you know you!

Lets look at the latest failed and childish personal attack and attempt at false discreditation of the information put forth; I wont even link to it, but here is the title. This comes from an Argus voices post in 2008, involving reply posts made an equally desperate to shut me down, character name Seven57; how sickly desperate are you people? I think the answer to that is obvious.

Lowell Hubbs' Opinion on the Moon Landings.

What does that blog post have to do with anything? Amazing.

How about your attacks on me as to the issue prescription drugs, claiming that I took drugs, so therefore I must be a hypocrite.

Lowell Admits He Has Relied Upon Prescriptions!

That was 2002, this is 2010. That experience in what I learned, only hardened my resolve to put the truths forward, and rightfully so. The result was something just like this.

That is all again damning evidence of the problem and what it is, and that you want to prevent the public from knowing. Thus the personal attacks.

One such example is again right here excerpted from your blog!

So when Lowell starts experiencing symptoms, does he question what might be causing them?  No, instead he jumps on the anti-pharmaceutical bandwagon and assumes everything that is wrong with him is due to some miracle pill he is taking.  However what Lowell fails to understand is SSRIs such as Paxil build up in the system to a maximum level within four to six weeks.  So if the drug was really responsible for everything Lowell claims, why did he have no issues for six months?

The answer to that is that no-one ever has withdrawal syndrome, while they are on the drug! Obviously you do not even know nor have a clue what results,  as to SSRI withdrawal syndrome; especially in regard to Paxil; which is the worst offender, having a comparatively very short half life.

Why do you think you can find endless references to that on the SSRI information and support sites out there? In regard to Paxil there was a class action lawsuit involving 3000 people, who provided records and eventually received an out of court settlement 5 years later. Guess who was in it? The lawsuit resulted in removal of all the non-habit forming TV commercials, and as well a corresponding warning label in the insert. The end result was a media gag order as to the settlement.

What you copied and pasted was at a time when to be described, all of us went through such as the living hell of needed months of tapering off the drug, which you obviously would have no clue about. I do not have anything the likes of what you claim; nor was it that at all. You are a very sick person, who ever wrote that said blog. You have never met me, nor do you know anything about me, other than what your hackers and stalkers have clearly followed of me. And you ARE connected to that.

As far as use of alcohol, the charge in 2005 was a false charge, and the conviction was illegal as they gave the jury information on prior convictions. I was entirely sober, and they know it, in all 40 minutes of video tape, driving as well. I have no argument with any other conviction. As if it  is any of your business or has any bearing on the modern medicine and vaccinations truth I put forward. All you can do is falsely attack the messenger, as they have always done. This happens throughout all areas public and internet exposure of these truths, and has happened with almost all persons who have done exactly that. That is unfortunately how our world and our society work, and has become. They must keep the sheeple following that path, and deny all. As far as that time of my life, those were decisions I regret; however of course can not go back and relive it and make anything different. Many personal changes and as to what most important have taken place. I would challenge you to prove what you claim to in my current life. Oh ya, I still like a cold beer now and then, but has nothing to do with you nor the information put forth. You are a desperate lier, top to bottom! And if you have met me, where was it? Bet you can't explain that one either.

Keep up the good work! Fool!

One day maybe you will decide to actually educate yourself, but I doubt it. 

Immune System Dysfunction - Arizona Center For Advanced Medicine

Margaret J. McFall-Ngai, Ph.D. (author of the above article).

Peer reviewed papers contributed to  - 55.

Medical and vaccine authority, money and the politics of medicine have allowed thousands of children to be sacrificed to the requirements of 100% "scientific evidence", that they have been harmed by vaccines. That on an immunological and neurological level, among others. We can not continue to mindlessly dump the endless load of biologically and chemically toxic substances in vaccines, now quadrupled since the advent of the no liability National Vaccine Compensation Act. We can not continue to say that the absents of 100% scientific proof, and that is acknowledged acceptable proof to these claimed authorities, is the proof of safety, much more as to vaccine effectiveness and accumulated toxic load. We can not continue to make this said claim,
when the synergistic and combined effect of these vaccines is yet clearly and scientifically unknown.

We do not have even one expert toxicologist sitting on the FDA, the CDC, nor any other officially existing review board; ask why not. When these authorities can not even prove conclusively that a neurological
poison such as Thimerosal, (mercury), is safe in a vaccine; then we have not even scratched the surface as to the same issue regarding the additional remaining ingredients and known biological contaminants of any and all vaccines.

The element of blind trust, is long past the point of there being any left; nor reason to maintain any such thing. The parents trust the authorities, and know they can not refuse the vaccines, if their child is to be educate, and if not educated, at least home schooled, the child is taken away by the authorities. Thus the parents must
completely immerse themselves in the legal issues of exemptions, and have the fortitude to do so. Those avenues are there in every state; although are met by pediatricians and doctors that as to general health care of children, will kick parents out of their practice for refusing to vaccinate, or even waiting beyond the standard time schedule to do so. the question can then be asked, who owns your child, you or the state.

We can see by the even CDC documentary, that they feel the issue of vaccination is for the greater good, regardless of potential harm. They site the need for herd immunity; but we have had even herd immunity failures everywhere. We have had scores of claimed fully immunized children and teens come down with the very viruses they were vaccinated for. What does the CDC do  when that happens; do they ever address it or the fact that children who had the vaccines still acquired the virus? No, they never have addressed that in any media article. What they do is ignore the issue and further fear monger the parents, to vaccinate; blaming all of it on non-vaccinating parents and a claimed lack of herd immunity. Well lets go now to some information on how the herd immunity theory was first formed, and lets look at just how scientific the claim to herd immunity actually is.

Read it for yourself, as well as the information of the herd immunity failures that have taken place.

Secondary questions; should that many children be acquiring viral illnesses vaccinated for, if the vaccines actually work? Based on the clear lack of scientific evidence for the need of herd immunity-theory; how can they continue to promote that claim?  How can a load of injected toxins like that be highly effective in prevention of anything; even with a viral antigen in them? Why can they not recognize and admit that the methodology, theories, and science of the soil and the seed, even in the days of Pasteur and Becamp; proved
Becamp to be correct.

It is the soil not the seed? You will not find any reference to Becamp or others of that day even mentioned in a typical medical text book. Why is that? The answer is found when you research the real history of modern medicine. Until then, it does not fit together. Once you realize that, only then do you have the whole picture. Then as well you must research the true history of vaccinations. We have bought the for profit lies they have sold us for decades. What you see referenced to below also proves that in current modern day, that the soil and the seed concept is still proven and continues to be proven to be correct; regardless of they are will to even address it in main stream medicine. And what would do the typical damage control sources claim
as to this; exactly this, "oh they are a germ theory denialist, based on such pseudoscience, chiropractic and naturopathy".

Germ theory denialism explained.

They, the medically brainwashed medical sheeple, just continue to buy into bullshit like this! Calling chiropractic and naturopathy a pseudoscience; while they continue to push the obvious quackery of so
much of modern medicine; all brings the lack of honesty and the lack of true health care science, to a whole new level.

Experts differ while children continue to suffer autism

It is not just the listed ingredients in vaccines, causing problems!

Top 10 vaccine stories of the year (so far).

Vaccines Dark Inferno

Dispelling Vaccination the REAL Myths
: by Rev. Alan Phillips, Director

Citizens for Healthcare Freedom, Last Revision: May 2001


Cancer: The cause, reversal and cure for cancer has been known decades; but they refuse to allow all the many natural treatments that have worked.

Then just what would they think to be that the actual cause of cancer? Instead of just the radiation and chemical cure that only cures some people not all, why have hey not actually found  the cause and put that forth worldwide. That after millions if not billions being spent on looking for the all time cure, and running and walking for the cure. I would like there to be an active effort put forth to teach people how to prevent cancer as well. How can they; they do not seem to know the answer to that?

Well, just maybe we have some answers right here!




Testimonials-general conditions

Can you deny it, when it works?


Here is a similar situation, and a facility having similar outcomes.

Tree of Life REJUVENATION CENTER, (more testament to how and why it works).

A very good video below and explains how and why it works, and why the average citizen does not know about it.

Healing Cancer From The Inside Out.

Healing Cancer From The Inside Out. (Part 1 and 2).

The studies on positve affect of vitamin D as to all areas of health, are clearly there.

Vitamin D and Cancer

I know that information post just may be deleted, as it has been

before. You have a right to this information, and to judge for



Nutrition Journal 2004, 3:19 doi:10.1186/1475-2891-3-19

Published: 20 October 2004

Nutrition and cancer: A review of the evidence for an anti-cancer


Excerpt from the conclusion;

As reviewed above, reductions of 60 percent in breast cancer rates have already been seen in human diet studies, and a 71 percent reduction in colon cancer for men without the known modifiable risk factors. These reductions are without taking into account many of the other factors considered in this review, such as markedly increased fruit and vegetable intake, balanced omega 3 and 6 fats, vitamin D, reduced sugar intake, probiotics, and enzymes–factors which all are likely to have an impact on cancer. Certainly cancer prevention would be possible, and cancer reversal in some cases is quite likely.

And I'm.... the fool? Really. How's that? I am good at what I do, and if the information is there, I find it and use it very effectively You fools know that, and is why I am gone after in such ways as that said blog. That, regardless if paid to do it or otherwise.

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