Monday, June 06, 2011

Response to: Lowell Hubbs: Banned From Commenting

Oh Costner, I am just crying a river, banned from commenting again. Wow, you have such a large ego, and as well such a self inflated high regard for yourself and your misinformation and lies. You refuse to publish the truth of all the major damaging replies I have ever sent that shows your blog pages be full of what you KNOW are lies and misinformation, time after time. The only reason you refused to publish those is that and are that they contain to much truth, and you now it. Your blog pages are absolutely worthless, the truth be known.

As well, all you can do is lie about what was there in those replies repeatedly, or cut out a small section as if that were all that was there, and then concoct a lying twisted little expose about it. You allow me no defense of the slanderous claims that were made, ever! No response allowed. You know that has been done repeatedly.

Who in their right mind looking for the actual truth would ever consider your blog worth the time to read, considering as well your insane determination destroy one man, me! With all that deception and literal evil within the pages of that blog.

If you have over 245 unpublished comments which you claim over 95% of which are from me, then obviously you received allot of comments you refused to publish, that did not come from me. I see you do that crap time after time, claiming it was me and it never was.

Go ahead, see if you can pass this test....  Costner!


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