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Response to: The Real Victims

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Here we go again, more media, CDA and the W.H.O. lies and misinformation from Costner.

Here we can clearly see right from the start how credible the World Health Organization, their website and statistical claims really are. And what is the basis of their claims? There is no real basis. False speculation, and only that.

Flu Vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO -- all exposed by Richard Gale and Gary Null

And what source of verification does the World Health Organization ever have for their claims? Do they have any science? Do they have any double blind vaccinated verses non-vaccinated science or studies? Absolutely not. Possibly they have a crystal ball or a team of world renowned psychic advisors that give them all their how many were saved and or would die without vaccines data, but clearly there is no basis in any form of studies nor science as to their said claims? The past historical data surely has no basis in fact as to those claims, nor does the present historical data nor science support those claims. I guess they also forgot to address all the vaccine and so called herd immunity failures, the CDC forgot to adequately address as well? The game plan they always use is to falsely fear monger the non vaccinating parents who never caused anything.

Vaccination is NOT Immunization.

Are New Vaccines Unsuspectingly Laced with Birth-Control Drugs?

During the early 1990s, the World Health Organization (WHO) had been overseeing massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in a number of countries, among them Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines. In October 1994, HLI received a communication from its Mexican affiliate, the Comite' Pro Vida de Mexico, regarding that country's anti-tetanus campaign. Suspicious of the campaign protocols, the Comite' obtained several vials of the vaccine and had them analyzed by chemists. Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy.

Read the rest of the article here:

I am not going to address every stupid comment here that he [Costner] makes, line by line, paragraph by pargraph; but will address some of the highlights of this blind to reality analysis he makes.

This comment right here that Costner makes.

Obviously vaccines are not the only determining factor when it comes to infant mortality.  There are other factors such as access to clean water and quality medical care as well as adequate supplies of food.  However if you examine the numbers you will find a direct correlation between vaccinations and child mortality rates regardless of these other factors.

Where in this, his referred to information, is there any validation of the claims he makes in suppport of vaccinations? There is none. This is the source he caims to quote the information from, as a source.

No matter where you link to in that information, there is absolutely no verification nor source of information listed as to any statistics in the US, as to vaccinated verses un-vaccinated information. That, as to vaccinated verses un-vaccinated cases of any form of communicable disease. There is nor are any scientific, nor peer reviewed studies in this information, period! There never are. They can not prove their case, nor ever have been able to prove their case for vaccinations; not at the CDC, nor the WHO!  Theres is always the reference to underdeveloped countries in regard to vaccine preventable disease, always a reference comparison to underdeveloped counties. But how does that relate to a country that has now the sanitation, and development it does nor for decades, and now in the year 2011? The answer. Theres is no correlation. In fact the vaccine initiatives in those underdeveloped countries in the past and present have mostly been a disaster. Going in with a live vaccine containing often Thimersoal, now except for the flu vaccine, banned for use in childhood vaccines in the US That story is never told in the mainstream media. What happens when you take an undernourished child in a country that has poor sanitation, and inject them with a toxin filled vaccine? Does their immune system become stronger, or weaker? The reality of that, they will never tell you, nor about the vaccine damaged children. Just like here in the U.S.

The CDC here in the US refuses to acknowledge the endless vaccine, and herd immunity failures that have existed in the historical past to the current day. If you go through this blog, you will find reference to much of that fact.  Yet, what do they continue to do? They treat the general public like uneducated fools, and claim those failures were 100% caused by the parents who sought and attained vaccine exemptions. That when the real truth is that the largest number of cases seen, validated by verifiable lab test or not, were fully vaccinated. Think about this, and it is basic common sense. What percentage of school children have exceptions?  How many are required to get the full vaccine schedule, because they have no exemption? How then can there not be so called herd immunity in that school that the claimed outbreak occurred in; or the state that claimed outbreak occurred in? The herd immunity phrase coined in all of the CDC information you will find has absolutely no basis in actual human physiological science, and never did.

I challenge anyone to find any scientific reference to actual herd immunity, in relation to vaccines! And wouldn't the average parent believe that claim had scientific validation? It doesn't.

Also see reference to the endless vaccine and herd immunity failures listed in this blog.

The REAL victims are the multiple vaccines damaged children!

Dispelling the Vaccine Myths.

Based on the information Costner provides, he hopes that any person reading his blog will take his claims at face value, and as fact and truth; but just as always, nothing could be further from truth. He thinks and believes, just like the CDC does, that no-one will ask; "are those facts really and verifiable.. there"? The answer is; they clearly are not! Like sheeple, you have again, all been mislead.

Here is another reference source he, Costner used.


Key facts

Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available.

In 2008, there were 164 000 measles deaths globally – nearly 450 deaths every day or 18 deaths every hour.
More than 95% of measles deaths occur in low-income countries with weak health infrastructures.

Measles vaccination resulted in a 78% drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2008 worldwide.
In 2008, about 83% of the world's children received one dose of measles vaccine by their first birthday through routine health services – up from 72% in 2000.

Yet in that analysis as always, there are no references, no scientific studies, nor any verification of those said claims. Just like the CDC made has always also made all sorts of outrageous vaccine benefits claims, but never have they backed it up with any hard facts, nor any verifiable proof of their claims. Go look at that evidence!? They simply assume that because they have the presumed authority, that the general public will assume that their claims unquestionably have been validated. But when you go to the actual information, it is entirely barren of verifiable proof of any of the claims having been made!

Oh, that can't be true, that would never ....happen???

[1] Gustafson TL, Lievens AW et al. (1987) Measles outbreak in a fully immunized secondary-school population. NEJM 316(13), 771-4.

[2] Tugwell BD, Lee LE, Gillette H, Lorber EM, Hedberg K, Cieslak PR (2004) Chickenpox outbreak in a highly vaccinated school population. Pediatrics 113, 3 Pt 1, 455-459.

Kids Get Measles from the Measles Vaccine!

Now this isn't from some wacky anti-vaccine blog.  This is coming from the MMWR which is the CDC's own weekly publication.  Here are 2 examples showing that we've always known that vaccinated kids can contracted measles from the MMR vaccine itself.

The first instance is from Illinois in which 17 high school students came down with measles even though 99% of the high school got the MMR vaccine.

The other example is almost identical.  It took place at a Corpus Christi Texas high school where 14 students came down with measles after 99% of the student population had gotten the MMR shot.  And that's from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Now here's the part that glib journalists with their AA degrees always leave out.  Before 1978, measles was a minor self-limiting immune-building disease of childhood.  You wanted your child to get it. Because then they would have lifetime immunity.  Then in 1978, the MMR shot suddenly became part of the vaccine package for all kids.  3 doses.  Even though the incidence was down by 90% by then.

After a decade or so, many incidents like the 2 cited above began occurring all over the country - groups of kids who obviously got measles from the shot itself. They got the exact disease the shot was pretending to prevent. Such examples continue to the present.

So what does this mean?

First it means the vaccine doesn't really work.  It doesn't provide the supposed immunity from measles that they're advertising.

Second, we have the principle of the atypical disease.  That's the term scientists use to describe a disease caused by vaccines.  Remember, in all vaccines they never use the actual bug that is associated with the wild disease itself.  Instead they use a laboratory mutation of the natural microbe which they make much more reactive, provoking a much stronger immune response.  And that's what's in the vaccine.  So through mass vaccination with mutated pathogens, we are creating brand new diseases that would have never evolved in nature.  Atypical versions of the original disease.

So that's what we're seeing in these outbreaks.  Manmade disease.  The problem is, the atypical versions are much more dangerous than the original mild version, with far higher rates of death and complication.  Everyone knows that adult onset measles is a potentially much more serious disease than the original childhood version.

Worse yet is that the adults who got the original mild childhood version of measles may not now be immune to the brand new Frankenstein version that has been created by our injudicious policy of mass vaccinating for a disease that had been part of building a  child's normal immune system for decades.  Get the picture?

All for marketing -- a billion$ a year for MMR shots.

With today's statistics, it's getting to where your child has a better chance of getting measles from the vaccine than going unvaccinated.

The last  idea is this.  The unvaccinated have signed exemption forms.  That's the agreement that if a disease breaks out in school among the vaccinated population, you agree to keep your unvaccinated child at home.  Why?  So you won't sue them for your unvaccinated kid getting a disease from their vaccinated kids.  See how confident they are in their vaccines?  Exemptions are all about liability.

Now actually this works out good for the exempt unvaccinated kids.  You want to keep kids out of school when these outbreaks occur.  Because when the vaccinated kids get this atypical version of measles, it's a much more serious disease than the old fashioned version.  You don't want your unvaccinated child to be around these diseased kids, who are true reservoirs for disease.

A little different from the way you usually hear that story, huh?  Tired of only knowing half the story?  See the new book Vaccination Is Not Immunization, also an e-book.

Then lets go to his next link of information, titled. How big a problem is measles? What is being done to prevent it?

Again, the WHO information. Then we link through to that article and site, to this article, which is again the WHO's so called ... proven information, titled and found here.

Measles mortality reduction: a successful initiative.

In that article they go on to present this information.

Measles deaths worldwide fell by 78% between 2000 and 2008, from an estimated 733 000 in 2000 to 164 000 in 2008. In addition, all regions with the exception of one, have achieved the United Nations goal of reducing measles mortality by 90% from 2000 to 2010, two years ahead of target. Vaccinating nearly 700 million children against measles, through large-scale immunization campaigns and increased routine immunization coverage, has prevented an estimated 4.3 million measles deaths in less than a decade.

However, global immunization experts warn of a resurgence in measles deaths if vaccination efforts are not sustained. Experts fear the combined effect of decreased political and financial commitment could result in an estimated 1.7 million measles-related deaths between 2010-13, with more than half a million deaths in 2013 alone.

Notice that they are stating world wide figures; not USA figures; which in the U.S. there is adequate sanitation and largely better nutrition. Notice as well that they have absolutely no verification of any kind as to their claimed to facts. trust us, we are the WHO and CDC.

I had as a child both measles and rubella, and I am still here. In fact if you eliminate sugar and supplement adequate levels of vitamin D, there is no virus you can not beat, and actually those so called diseases make your immune system stronger. Where is the CDC's science on that? It is there; but of course Costner would require that to be in a pharma journal, as proof. He is as delusional is a monkey chasing his tail.

I present, the claimed to facts that Costner presents in his blog.

Think of that - 164,000 people dying from a disease we have a known and proven vaccine to prevent.  450 deaths every single day simply because our vaccination rates are not where they need to be worldwide.  However there is some good news - measles vaccination programs have reduced deaths 78% from 2000 to 2008 worldwide.  Those are indisputable facts and prove that higher vaccination rates lead to fewer deaths, yet people like Lowell Hubbs still refuse to accept these facts and act as if the WHO, UNICEF, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Red Cross, and dozens of other agencies are all in on some vast conspiracy to push vaccines for the sake of personal profit.

Perhaps even more shocking than the number of children who die from measles is the number of children who contract measles but don't die.  It is estimated that between 1%- 5% of those children with measles die from complications from the disease, which tells us that 95%-99% recover and live.  That equates to over 16,000,000 children who contract measles each and ever year.  That is 16 million children that have to suffer in pain while their bodies fight against the virus.  Apparently in the mind of a vaccine conspiracy theorist like Lowell Hubbs, 16 million children suffering for two to three weeks is much better than those same 16 million children receiving a single dose of the measles vaccine.

So let me ask: Are those 164,000 children who die from the measles the true victims, or is it the children who receive vaccines in countries such as the US?  Is it the millions of other children who contracted measles but didn't die, or is it people like Lowell Hubbs who pretend to understand issues of medicine even though he has never set foot in a research lab or taken so much as a remedial biology or immunology course in any college or university worldwide?

Now, how much of this is verifiable fact? As we can see, little to none of it. How much credibility comparison can we as well put to comparisons of underdeveloped countries compared to the USA? And if we put that comparison, even if it were true, into and in light of the need of vaccines in the USA; how is that a fair and logical comparison? Just compare the whole world statistics in the picture of vaccine necessity in the U.S. That, when we know that so called vaccine preventable diseases were largely disappearing in the U.S., way before vaccines were available for any of the things that have been vaccinated for. How about the old doctors that have been quoted as stating, I have never seen a case of cancer in an un-vaccinated person? How about the fact that vaccines actually create a chronic disease state, that never really leaves the body, and for whatever time the vaccine is yet there for? We have seen chronic disease and disorders sky rocket since the 1987 National vaccine Compensation Act, and the quadrupling of vaccine numbers on the CDC vaccine schedule. Children are sicker today than they have ever been; and there is no denial of that fact. Yet the Amish that do not believe in vaccines, and trust the creator, their God to have provided everything the body needs, remain the healthiest children and people in the country. Mayer Eisenstein, head doctor of Homefirst Medical Community. Over 36,000 files all unvaccinated; no autism, no ADD/ADHD, nor asthma, diabetes, nor cancer, especially the near in history comparison - epidemic levels of cancer now seen in children today.

Go here for more information.

These references tell an entirely different story as to the effect of all those vaccines, and as well pharmaceuticals. That, as to the numbers and information you put forth from the WHO, as to infant mortality, and as well general mortality, etc! The U.S. is not rated very good, on any level, and comparatively to even other industrialized nations.

Modern medicine; now the third leadings cause of death in the U,S.

Modern Medicine Facts.

But you refuse to educate yourself.

Vaccine Warranty, think many doctors could or would sign that?

Autism, No Vaccines No Autism.

Nearly half of Americans still suspect vaccine-autism link.

All Vaccines Cause Neurological Damage.

Petition: Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children say NO to Mandatory Vaccinations – Testimonials

VRM: The Problem With Vaccines.

The Brain & The Immune System, Dr. Russell Blaylock

VRM: Vaccine Ingredients.

VRM: The Problem With Vaccines

Aluminum A Neurological Gamble

New Warning About Everyday Poison Linked to Alzheimer's, ADHD, and Autism, Aluminum.

Complete List of Vaccines Licensed for Immunization and Distribution in the US, with inserts.

Vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases of the Adult

VRM: GlaxosmithKline Implicated In Systemic Clinical Drug Trial Deception & Insider Fraud.

They really CARE... about YOUR health!!!

The man lost 100 pounds doing it the right way; and it is not the way mainstream medicine would tell you about.

Flu Shots are Silly

See the references to the non biased studies on flu shots in this blog and on my site,

I guess you forgot about Dr. Mayer Eisenstein to personally attack in your blog, Costner? Is there anyone else... left?

Now lets go to some more enlightening information.

The Amish Don't Get Autism but They Do Get Bio-Terrorism.


People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people. The Amish do not experience autism, or any of the other learning disabilities that plague our technological society. The Amish live in a society that consists of outdated technologies and ideals, by contemporary standards. Their diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce, and of course, they do not follow the established vaccination routines. To the dismay of the mainstream media and the medical establishment, this has resulted in a healthier people, that are void of all of our chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are virtually non-existent in Amish villages. Equally non-existent are modern, chemically-engineered medicines, enhanced (chemically-engineered) foods, G.M.O. foods, and of course, vaccines. How is it that those who are without the "miracles" of modern orthodox medicine are healthier? The truth about health, medicine, and how they both relate to the Amish is becoming an embarrassment to some rather powerful people.

There have been 3 (yes three) verified cases of autism in the Amish, and at least two of those children were vaccinated. No information is available for the third. The strong correlation between vaccinations and autism is absolutely undeniable, unless you work for the medical establishment, the government, or Big Media. Proponents of the status-quo claim that the Amish obviously have a special super gene that makes them immune to autism. They pathetically try to rationalize that autism is some type of genetic failure (i.e. God's fault), which attacks a brain based on religious affiliation. We're tentatively expecting a space alien theory next, in a similar vein to the aliens theory used to attack those who believe in a Creator. This is truly is F.D.A. and A.M.A. science in all its shining glory. Vaccine proponents are willing to espouse any ridiculous explanation, so long as they do not have to accept that their entire industry of vaccinations is causing chronic disease, leaving autism for 1 in every 100 children now.

Beware When The G' Man Comes Knocking

Read the REST of this embarrassing story to the And no, I do not use the word HERE, and hyperlink it, because I think the urls add a bit to the truth... effect!

Polio Quotes:

Now what do we know as well about the WHO? Well, we know that they falsely produced a fear mongering pandemic level 6 as to H1N1 in 2009-10. Then went on to declare that there was no need to actually test for H1N1, as any flu or respiratory bug known to man was hen classified as H1N1. The typical quick test used by most health care clinics was used to tell everyone that they had H1N1 flu, when the test itself determined no definitive conclusion as to what type of flu strain the person had. The lines at the community H1N1 flu shot clinics swelled to capacity in every city in the country, and everyone walked away with 25 mcg. of mercury injected into their body; children included; boy what a good deal that was. That, while the CDC again refused to address how many people died of the H1N1 flu, (again most were unconfirmed by lab test); after being vaccinated. I guess we were just to assume none of them were? The Real Time RT PCR protocol test was for the most part abandoned in the late summer of 2009. Ask why? That, if they wanted to report the true numbers, Trust us; were the W.H.O.; it's all H1N1.

Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots.

Thirty-Six Thousand People Do Not Die Each Year from "Regular Flu" (Confirmed)

Annual Number of Flu Deaths: It's a Guess.

Now lets go to some more reasons as to why the World Health Organization can not be trusted.

Reports accuse WHO of exaggerating H1N1 threat, possible ties to drug makers.

Chronological order of  H1N1 events, by the WHO.

World Health Organization & Vaccine Manufacturers Implicated In Massive H1N1 Financial Scam Involving Kickbacks & Cover-ups

WHO list reveals flu advisors with financial ties to pharma, vaccine manufacturers

WHO list reveals flu advisors with financial ties to pharma, vaccine manufacturers

VRM: Flu Death Statistics – WHO & The Big Lie

VRM: Aids & The WHO Connection – Criminal Intent

VRM: Council On Foreign Relations 10/16/09- Major Influence on Government Vaccine Policy.


Oh yaaa; lets trust the WHO and the CDC for all the vaccination, "false, for profit protecting the interests of the pharmaceutical companies fear mongering," information we need??? So much for their ....credibility!

Then Costner goes on to proclaim this claim as to me and what I put forth:

The antivaxxers would be more than happy to see millions of children die each and ever year if it meant there were no vaccines, because in their minds vaccines are responsible for autism.  Aside from the fact that is zero scientific evidence to support this theory, and although there never has been any scientific evidence to support such a theory,  even if it were true antivaxxers like Mr. Hubbs would have us believe millions of dead children are better than a few thousand with autism, even though the vast majority of children who fall within the autism spectrum go on to lead relatively normal or near-normal lives.

No, quite obviously the opposite is true... Costner! Regardless of what you want to claim to.

So really, what is Costner stating here? He appears to be stating that even if vaccines cause autism, that the benefits are still worth the risks, even though the autism rates have risen from 1 in 10,000 pre 1987, to now 1 in 100; directly parallel to the quadrupling of vaccine numbers on the CDC schedule since the federal no liability act was enacted, placing the liability on the federal gov't. Well, lets look at what they have paid out?

$2,133,732,901.23 since 1989. That, while yet near just as many claims were turned away. And how many that could have filed, and never did? Vaccines are safe and effective, and severe vaccine reactions are rare. That is the false information all clinics and pediatric offices will tell you.Well, not according to the reports at VAERS; with a well known 1 to 10% reporting factor.

We also have Costner claiming to all the studies that the mainstream side has, as proof that vaccines do not cause autism. That while yet also he fails to address any other form of neurological damage, immune suppression and dis-regulation, and also neurological damage that vaccines are known to cause. Referencing to such garbage as this.,9171,1003673,00.html

No amount of specific fact analysis as to those said studies have been, nor ever would be enough!

A Complete Analysis on the Main Stream Studies on the MMR Vaccine and Thimerosal.  [They are all CDC funded studies, and/or Pediatrics studies even claiming that thimerosal improved the performance scores of children. Imagine...that?

A complete analysis of all the main stream studies claiming there is no Thimerosal connection to autism.

[These studies as well are absolutely ...worthless].

Summary of Science Demonstrating the Harmful Nature of Mercury in Vaccines

SafeMinds Authored Commentary, Critiques & Presentations

14 Studies, the Analysis

Studies that Count, Studies that Don’t
F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP


And yet he keeps referencing to the Danish epidemiological studies as well, and while the lead CDC funded author has clearly been proven to be a fraud.



And here.

The Breaking News. This is what we waited for, for to long!!!

We have had as well, the British Lancet also telling us that Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a fraud. And also we have in Costners blog that he claims as per the mainstream information that he Wakefield is a fraud, and committed fraud in producing his 1998 study in the Lancet, as to the MMR/ vaccine autism connection.

Well, lets take another look that picture as well. You know, I have always stated that the any doctors and people that put out the vaccine truth information are systematically destroyed. Costner states that this is not true, and there is no proof that it is true. He as well claims that any anti-vaccine information is pure quackery by misguided souls that do not understand the scientific method. He claims that any information by the anti-vaccine movement is purely only a conspiracy theory, put forth by people that should be wearing tin foil hats.

Well, meet fact verses the real fiction!!!  The British Lancet currently looks a little shabby, in its claims that Wakefield was the fraud. Looks more like, The Lancet was perpetrating the fraud!!! And what is the pharma advertising money mislead mainstream media going to eventually do with that now? There is no way out.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield - Truth



Dear NaturalNews readers,

Documents have emerged today proving the innocence of Dr Andrew Wakefield, the vaccine / autism researcher who has been falsely accused by the British Medical Journal of "fabricating" the study data he published in 1998.

The documents, just made public yesterday, reveal that other researchers replicated his results independently and with documentation, 14 months before Dr Wakefield published his own work.

We have the full story and the links to these documents that now shatter the BMJ's false reporting and blatantly dishonest misrepresentation of the facts:

Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts.

 Dr. Wakefield is now demanding a retraction from the British Medical Journal. Will the BMJ issue one? Unlikely, given that this whole thing has been a political witch hunt to begin with and never had anything to do with scientific truth from the very beginning!

Here is Dr. Wakefield's retraction demand:

Dr Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ after documents prove innocence from allegations of vaccine autism data fraud.

Interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield about vaccines and autism

Lancet Boss Failed to Disclose Own Conflicts to Parliament while Denouncing Wakefield

Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision/BMJ.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield on his new book Callous Disregard.

"Exposed: This Book Uncovers the Truth That You Were Never Supposed To Know" 


Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and the GMC, Dr Andrew Wakefield Autism MMR Film  [The real facts. Learn about the lies you have been told!] 

Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield, with 28 studies.


Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and the GMC, Dr Andrew Wakefield Autism MMR Film  [The real facts. Learn about the lies you have been told!] 

VRM: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Being Crucified By Big Pharma

Listen to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Clifford Miller and Isabella Thomas on The Gary Null Show

And Wakefield's original Lancet findings HAVE been duplicated in independent studies; the fact is that the CDC refuses to acknowledge it.

See what happens to doctors with real integrity who challenge the Medical Mafia? They get the equivalent of a public lynching. You don't question the vaccine sacred and cash cow!

VRM: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Being Crucified By Big Pharma

MMR—responding to retraction.

Andrew J Wakefield a, Peter Harvey a, John Linnell a

Why they did it! The REAL reason!

Dr. Andrew Wakefield  part 1 of 10

This series of 10 videos, posted on June 26, 2010, shows a presentation by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who is working in the U.S. now, about a collaborative 5 year project between Thoughtful House and the University of Pittsburgh looking at aspects of vaccine safety.

(These videos explain the vaccine primate studies showing the adverse effects of specific vaccines).  If you do not think that had any affect on the retraction of that 1998 Lancet study, and the further false smearing of this man, and as to that the powers that be have done. If you continue think as many people do, that this as to these said vaccine/ primate studies, had no effect as to Wakefield information being falsely put to the worlds major media, and that as well the parents; then you are either not paying attention, or simply choose not to know the truth. Most of the parents and the population have never been told of these studies. 

J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2010 Jan;73(19):1298-313.
Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine: influence of gestational age and birth weight.

Hewitson L., Lopresti B., Stott C., Mason N.S., Tomko J. 
Influence of pediatric vaccines on amygdala growth and opioid ligand binding in rhesus macaque infants: A pilot study. Acta Neurobiol Exp 2010, 70: 147–164

The 1998 Lancet study.

Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children.

A J Wakefield, S H Murch, A Anthony, J Linnell, D M Casson, M Malik, M Berelowitz, A P Dhillon, M A Thomson, 
P Harvey, A Valentine, S E Davies, J A Walker-Smith

It's not just the BMJ that's spouting lies, by the way. It turns out that much of modern medical "science" is technically and scientifically speaking just pure hokum and quackery. Get the facts on the fraud of modern medicine:

Medical research proven to be mostly flawed.


Cancer experts speak out about natural cures in live, uncensored webcast event, Saturday, February 5.

And HERE, according to Costners blog he states that he is involved in a conquest to destroy me, as person who puts out the truth information. I notice that as well that he has placed information on "get their profile", [cheap fraud] sites out there on the internet, and guess what; they have the same picture you see here on this blog page. That, together with even my mothers address and phone number. How desperate to stop the truth from being put out there is that? He wants to attempt to embarrass me enough to stop what I do. Like that, will ever happen! All of it is an attempt to stop me from putting the truth information out there, just as he attempted on the Argus Leader, Voices section, Sioux Falls, S.D. He has even instigated a current FBI investigation of me. "Good luck ....with .... that"!  (Read below).

With all of this said, there is another smaller group who suffers negative impacts from anything and everything Mr. Hubbs stands for, and that group includes other people who just so happen to share the name "Lowell Hubbs".  Imagine sharing a name with a prolific vaccination conspiracy theorist who spends dozens upon dozens of hours each and every week writing on blogs and forums and websites and discussion groups all about various conspiracy theories.  

Imaging interviewing for a job only to have the potential employer type your name into Google and see all of this quackery associated with your name.  Imagine people emailing you or calling you and asking if you are the nutcase on the Internet who believes all vaccines are harmful or that science should be determined based upon wild theory or fabricated evidence or perhaps even nothing more than a strong opinion?

There are a lot of victims here, but I dare say anyone who shares the name Lowell Hubbs is harmed (at least on an emotional and psychological level) as much as anyone who has ever suffered from a disease treated or eradicated by a vaccine.

You see Costner, I told you, ALL people who put the vaccine truth forward are systematically ...attempted to be destroyed! And really, in the work I do, no one checks that SHIT anyway! And you said that doesn't happen?

And hey, Costner!!!!

Here is something I posted to Costner's blog today, and something he likely will not publish in his comments section; just like he did not publish several other comments I posted there, that were just to damaging and revealing, as to him!

Say Kelby! You belong in federal prison! I have all the proof I need as to your payment of $75,000 to shut down my pathways of information! And also that of Mr. Vuong; which is or was a situation unrelated to me. Your hackers aren't to smart; revealing that information directly to me; and I have a copy of it. Who was responsible for installment of the large box in the back yard, that contained three smaller boxes installed on the internet line. That takes allot of nerve to go into a back yard and go up on a ladder and put up a box like that, professionally installed. Don't worry about getting it back, the police have it. When you get out of prison, you will be a very old man; if you ever do!

And really, if what I have for information is all myths, unproveable, and nonfactual and if you can refute it; then why would you need to go to such lengths to silence it? Any why do they need keep putting a bug in my phone? Thats 5 phones now. It's easy to do, just go to youtube. Death threats and hacking to no end. Boy, if what I have is all nonfactual, then Costner would have been able to shut me down long ago. But the truth was all he could do was make denial of all, and lie and lie some more; and you know it. All he could do is create what you see here; and thus as you see here. However, where does he reference to my actual information? He doesn't; and ask yourself - why that is? The answer is obvious.

You and I need to have a meeting and a talk face to face; better yet at the federal building, would be my preference!

And I dare you to post that!

And as well Costner. As to your slanderous claims of brain damage, and diagnoses of any mental condition. Put your money where your mouth is! I will gladly be evaluated at any licensed facility of your choosing; at your expense. Surely Kelby Krabbenhoft can help you out with the costs, as he has all that money to throw at shutting me down; and apparently a financial stake in doing so. If you want to be fair about it, set up an appointment for your own evaluation as well. If you are to chicken to provide your real name, just have it blacked out and verified that it is you, the author of this blog.

As well, please provide full details on what the relevance is to my background information; and as relates to the vaccine and modern medicine truth I put forth. That being in regard to the obvious issue of that I am not the actual provider nor original author of the information I provide. Nor am I the person nor connected to the persons who did the peer reviewed studies I have put forth in my information. That's allot to answer to, for you; but really it points out the reality of the most significant issue there is, regarding what you have attempted to put forth here.

And how many of my message posts total have you now refused to publish here. To much truth isn't it. It isn't any wonder, they go after me. Thats my mission, and will always be; until the real truth is known by all.

That background you refer to, in part, actually has a large part to do with what made me, a truth warrior!

The HACK man cometh!!!

"To MUCH Sanford Koolaid@"!!!  "Drunk On The Misguided Power"!!!

"Oh hey, I know what; lets hire that guy, Costner; he nows all the sheeple information, and I just know that all  of the house of information cards Hubbs has, will fall"!  "Yaa, he insulted me on the Argus, lets get him"! "I bet he will need us yet at Sanford, and then we will kick him out..again"! "Tee he heee"!

A Faulty Medical Model:  The Germ Theory

Who was RIGHT? Pasteur, or Becamp?

This guy? Or Becamp?

"I think insane vaccine thoughts"! "The medication didn't help"?

People who need a foot up their ass affect the lives of many. There is still no cure for someone who needs a foot up their ass, except a foot up their ass. Please help raise awareness as 93% of people won't speak out about the vaccine and modern medicine truth. WHY? Because they need a foot up their ass too. Thank you for your help.

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