Friday, January 21, 2011

Reply to: An Analysis of the Lowell Hubbs "Counter-Blog"


The Truth About the False Smear Campaign Against Andrew Wakefield.

Hey Costner, take a look at that; you do not have a  factual pot to piss in; and never did. You LOSE again! All you are is a pharma damage control liar, and always were; that operates as well with no identity. How credible is is that; think about it ... fool!


Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and the GMC, Dr Andrew Wakefield Autism MMR Film

Again, you lose, and again you refuse to admit it. Nothing is ever enough, nor will be. By the way, Dr. Andrew Moulden is not and any longer in nore around these circles to even represent himself; and he is a better doctor than you have in most of your circles, and with far more knowledge and honesty; I guarantee it. By the way I got an email from him yesterday, and he is still working in research and intends to present for peer review in the near future. The site that used to have his name on it,  no longer is controlled nor monitored by him; nor does the content any longer represent anything to do with him.

In response to your said blog page; as a fact, such a twisted and ongoing delusional attack on one person is not even deserved nor needed be a response made to it. You are so clearly and obviously beyond sick, that there is really nothing much more need be said. It is all to self evident what this person actually is, as the person who created the said and referred to blog. The fact that you even lied to the point that you claimed that I have provided 0 scientific reference studies, is so far beyond comprehension of any sense and form of any honesty. Just more lying and twisted drivel from Costner, as always. Of course you still refuse to link to this blog, which proves your intent, ignorance, and simply dependence on biased information and studies that have failed the American public and its children for decades. Anyone can do what you do, if they are brainwashed sick enough. But you know what, I think you do know the truth; and thats why you do it. Or would I need to draw you a picture of that with some captions?

And how can you accuse of copyright infringement; when you have copied and pasted personal emails into your blogs pages, that from my email account that were hacked by a black hat hacker, that has been providing you that information. Either that, or you hacked it yourself. And as fact there were hacked from my personal email account. What a hypocrite! You see, all you want to do is prevent the truth from being put out there, and personally harass anyone with the ability to do so. 

Link to said blog, found here.

How delusional can any one person get? Only in your sick mind could anyone believe all that garbage. And how as well are all these people discredited; just because you state they are? Based on what; lies on top of twisted lies. So then what do you have left? You were purely sick on the Argus, and you are proving to be increasing sick here; with every page you add. You used the same lying tactics and endless denial of fact that you did there; the same as you do here. Same thing with the endless studies you were provided. You denied that you were proved real and unbiased scientific studies on the Argus Leader; just like you are denying the existence of them here. Only the depths of that which is going on here in this said linked to blog, has become only a further extension of, and truly a testament to how evil a mans soul can become; (yours). That when there is to much to lose for someone, by the truth being known. That fact is clearly evident in the revenge on the truth sickness that permeates ever word and page of this (your) blog. Use of an url, with someone else's name in you chose to personally attack. That, without any identity of your own. Twisted SugarDealer still by your side, and supporting your lies. Isn't it wonderful; and you are as proud as can be. You are truly sick to the core. You as well as always clearly can not respond to anything in this blog, and that has been referenced to here; that unless you create twisted in denial lies about what it is. That was always the case, and always will be.

The only thing you mock, is the endless children that have been needlessly harmed and died due to vaccines. As well, your denial of protocols to true natural heath care, and all that information, is a well only a mockery of the people that have needless suffered and paid the price, when they never had to. That given the proper information, which mainstream medical circles refuse to provide any information but as to a pharmaceutical selling sickness ongoing nightmare that it has been for far to many people. That, while it never had to be that way; they were robbed of what could have been, given the correct means and knowledge. But that you will never know, because you refuse to educate yourself to the facts  of what actually works. You mock it, and choose for all people to stay in the same uneducated pharma only boat that you are in. and why is that. If your identity were known, we as well would have some insight into that issue as to why you do it, and that would come to light, for quite certain.

You are an extremely sick person, as are some of those around you alias Costner! Nothing would be enough proof for you concerning the ineffectiveness and harm of vaccines, and the death they have caused. Even VAERS clearly shows evidence of that, with a known 1 to 10% reporting factor, do the math. Just that alone tells us we have been lied to by the CDC; much more to add all the rest that is well known. Nothing would be enough proof for you, because you lie about and intend to make a mockery of anything you are shown and provided for information. Nothing but the CDC WHO information is acceptable to you. And where is there science. Look at the clear analysis of that science; you have nothing and they have nothing; no matter how many CDC funded studies you can come up with. It has been put in front of you time and again; only to have you deny anything was ever there. Just look at what is on this blog! You lied top to bottom about that. As well again in the blog page linked to above.

Vaccine Liberation Army. Armed with Knowledge.

VRM: The Rockefeller Foundation Drafts A Post-Pandemic Scenario

You see I have always tried to see things from your point of view Costner, really I did. However, its like allot like this!

You see I do understand your problem completely.... Costner! That's just the way it is.

 Head up ass

You NEED to get in line for that one, Costner!!

This little girl got 9 vaccinations in one day, and became very ill, and developed autism.

Her name is Hanna Poling, and her family was one of the few that was compensated by the 1987 no legal liability to vaccine makers, National Vaccine Compensation Act. Many more, in fact thousands have been denied the same due benefits.

Government Awards Hannah Poling $1.5 Million in Vaccine Injury Case

NVCA pay outs. $2,133,732,901.23 Half the cases turned away. Many more never filed.

Autism In Amish Children – 1 in 10,000

Homefirst Medical 

The witch-hunt against Andrew Wakefield

Ben Zeller, same thing NVCA settlement.

No proof EVER, always claimed as just a coincidence. "Nothing is enough".

Brainwashed to the point, even doctors will not think for themselves.

And some people just will NOT listen to the voice of reason, no matter what!!!

Saying No To Vaccines.

Are Vaccines Safe?

Just like I said, you Costner, are mocking the truth, and the vaccine damaged children, as well as the real facts as to the truth about vaccines! 

The REAL false profit!


Would you trust that guy, with the real vaccine truth?

You would be better of trusting this guy.

Or THIS guy.

Maybe this one?

A local meeting of the pediatrics dept. of vaccine supporters! You will likely find Costner there.

Some Men You Just Can't Reach!

Be sure you link to that Costner!!!! You know you won"t. A couple of the sheeple might actually wake up?

"The poor kids, and the parents have been lied to about vaccines for decades"!

Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Wakefield




Biggest fan said...

You are a fucktard.

You are a spineless, hide behind your computer, pussy, who doesn't have the balls to post any comments that people put on your blog.

Truth my ass. All you spew is senseless, mind-fucking bullshit. How can one even read this shit you post? I read a paragraph last week and honestly felt dumber afterwards.

If you are a messenger, then posting these comments wouldn't be an issue.

Not only do you fuck sheep, but you try fucking people with this useless crap.

Get a life you worthless, pole-smoking, cum guzzling, twat snot.

You make me sick enough to print a picture of you, vomit on it, and then defecate all over it and set it on fire.

Editor said...

I think you need a double dose of Zyprexa,and some shock treatments; and to get the help you need call Avera's psych. ward. People like you are beyond anything that can safely be allowed to remain amongst the rest of us in society, and in that condition.

This is Costner's posting partner that sends me messages repeatedly, and then bitches because most aren't published. I wonder.. why. This is what these people are made of; and they call themselves medically and lab educated. Thats odd then that this person has never been able to refute anything I have ever put forth. Can you see the frustration in that lack of ability? Seems obvious to me.

And don't just try to tell them at Avera that your name is Sugardealer; they will need a real name!

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