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Reply to: Need Another Reason to Get a Flu Shot?

Need Another Reason to Get a Flu Shot?

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This blog page again contains a collection of nothing but obvious epidemiology based pseudo science, Mr. Blogging Editor. Yet, when provided it, any real and unbiased science, you refuse to acknowledge and consider. How’s that for being fitting for the obvious title of hypocrisy and being hypocritical, Mr. Editor?

Nothing produces inflammation like a vaccine by the way, especially aluminum and/ or mercury containing vaccines; and they are going to claim a vaccine reduces arterial inflammation? You don’t know much about that adjuvant related science in Pubmed do you? Maybe its long past time to educate yourself. What about the mercury in a flu vaccines effect alzheimers? They obviously forget to study that?

Check out the comments on that article you linked to as well, that pretty much as well tells the story.

When they as well go as far as claim that these two below vaccines also prevent heart attacks, they are simply full of it.

The herpes zoster vaccination against shingles.

Vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia.

What about all the unbiased studies and as well the analysis done by Cochrane database main line that show the true ineffectivenss of flu vaccines; and as well the high level of bias in any most flu vaccine study connected to pharma, editor? Does that matter in and as to defermining the worthyness of getting a flu vaccine? It should. Should the ingredient list matter, as to what you are actually injecting? How about the unproven safety of flu vaccines and especially containing thimerosal, and for and given to pregnant women, that they still irresponsibly promote? What about all the reports of miscarriages after the thimerosal containing H1N1 and the flu vaccine; and you are ignoring all that, of course. Doesn't matter, to you? Of course not, just more added denial of all; right, editor? If the FDA and CDC can continue do it, so can you, right?

Danger and Ineffectiveness of Flu Vaccines

Flu Vaccine Ingredients

Flu Vaccine Ingredients As Lethal As Ever: Don't Risk Your Health, Pass on The Flu Shot

Health Basics: The 11 most toxic vaccine ingredients and their side effects

And by the way editor, as to your third article down on your page in which you made a reply to my comment. The article, one you titled, Will Antivaxxers Embrace the HIV Vaccine? Wednesday, November 7, 2012. Here is my response to that.

Any person who would state that they would allow themselves to be experimented on with a proposed HIV vaccine, and especially given the immense failures and side effects that vaccine in clinical trial phase has seen, is either lying or extremeley ignorant; which is it? Trusting the science is one thing but being flat out fool hardy is quite another. Anyone that would trust any form of HIV injected into the human body obviously does not understand the dangerous and crude process of vaccine development; especially with a pathogen like that. Dumb!

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