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Reply to: The HPV Vaccine and Promiscuity

The HPV Vaccine and Promiscuity
Again the following reply was sent to the above linked to editor of the page titled as you see above. That reply likely and as always, will never be published, and as it is to much truth.

[So since it is so easy to discredit many of the claims made by antivaxxers surrounding Gardasil, and because they have absolutely zero data to support their claims about deaths and serious injury caused by the vaccine.] Unquote.

Reply. That is because NOTHING would be enough for you to admit to anything ever Costner. There are endless personal accounts existing of the non recovered from outcomes, and as well as to numerous deaths. In fact that all do follow as well very similar patterns. Just because the FDA has failed to do their job because there is to much to lose, and in that they have found the need to whitewash it all, does not mean that what I am stating is not fact. As well there is plenty of actual science to show there are clearly recognized mechanisms of harm with this vaccine. You blog full of denial is simply worthless for any form of consideration, in regard to those who are looking for the real truth. As well the actual efficacy of Gardasil is in major question for some obvious reasons, and if you had the honesty to actually do unbiased research, and to consider such information at all, you would as a fact be unable to deny that. For any parent to be so mindless as to allow their teen to receive Gardasil or Cervarix in light of all the clearly adverse outcome information about it, and as well in regard to its unproven efficacy; as to that said approval of HPV vaccine in itself, would be highly irresponsible. If the life of your own son or daughter means so little and that little to you that you are willing to sacrifice their health and well being to such a proven dangerous vaccine, just because the mindless medical establishment tells you to; that in itself is literally reckless, and unconscionable. In the very least it represents a parent or parents that have only been mislead, without doing any unbiased research on the issue, whatsoever. HPV vaccine is clearly a game of Russian Roulette with your childs life. All for what, to profit the proven without any question very corrupt pharmaceutical company, Merck. Why would anyone do that; in simple dedication to being a mindless sheeple, that does anything you are told to do by an equally clueless and falsely indoctrinated medical community???

[Rest assured, even in spite of overwhelming evidence surrounding the safety and effectiveness of the Gardasil vaccine, and even though it has been shown to save at least 2,500 lives each year due to the reduced risk of cervical cancer, antivaxxers are unwilling to concede the vaccine might actually be a good thing... because once again it is a vaccine.] Unquote.

Face it Costner, you do not have any overwhelming evidence of the safety nor the effectiveness of either Gardasil, nor the equally dangerous HPV vaccine, Cervarix. So, you are you basing that on what? On the premise that 1000's of doses were administered, and no serious adverse effect was reported? What if as well all those girls are now sterile, or will have major fertility problems; which is a very real possibility. How many cases of lasting adverse effects were never recorded anywhere? Do you know? Of course you don't, because you refuse to acknowledge even the ones that have been. No proof of anything ever, right Costner? if the CDc and the FDFA both denied it all, its still all good right?

Where is your proof that this vaccine saves 2500 lives per year? Where is there any proof, when as a fact there has never been any evidence nor proof that their of these HPV vaccines have ever prevented a single case of cervical cancer. A vaccine as well that claims to prevent cancer, is an entirely new frontier that has never been so to speak, ever traveled before. To make that said claim is simply beyond delusional, Costner. And as far as increased levels of antibodies as result of any vaccine in history; never has that been proven to actually equal a proven level of efficacy even against illness, much more a thing like cancer. You are nothing but a literal false Wizard of Oz, Costner; standing behind a curtain desperately pulling all the levers and switches, with smoke and stink and all sorts of wild craziness coming from a big false in your mind savior god in the front of the room, you know as VACCINES. By the time you ever wake up and/or in the very least get honest about the whole issue of the more harm than good in relation to vaccines, hell will have long frozen over. As always, your level of mindless denial and dishonesty here again in this blog page, is simply beyond ridiculous.

You never have had, nor will you ever have enough honesty and willingness, to allow the readers to judge for themselves, and as to the complete information that is available. You simply refuse to allow the public to realize the information that is there. So, in that; you repeatedly keep trying to drag any possible readers of this blog, down to your level of refusal to accept facts. You attempt to keep everyone in the same state of denial that you are in and insist on staying in. You repeatedly throw false discreditation mud and poo at all other available sources of information and actual science existing anywhere else on earth. You repeatedly attempt to keep any readers in the same state of needed denial that you are in, and as a fact the majority of the medical profession chooses to and must stay in.

Now once and for all start putting all the information on the table, or stop your endlessly in denial and dishonest blogging.

Gardasil - The Real Truth

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