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Response to: The Difference Between Caring and Pretending To Care

 The Difference Between Caring and Pretending To Care

What was not published, and refused to published by Costner - Below. Citing only more twisted and false excuses and accusations as to why he wouldn't and couldn't publish it..  


As a fact I found no actual contact link in their site contact link, or that would have been done! Of course I have no hatred toward the autistic, that claim is absolutely replusive. They that post on that thread need a wake up call; what they believe is flat out stupid and they have been so very much mislead. Harsh language there, yes; and I leave nothing in uncertain terms, as you can see. You see Costner, you caused that need and the problem, and then you capitalize on it, again much like modern medicine. Go figure.

As far as disrespect, you will obviously, falsely and intentionally twist that claim until hell freezes over. As a fact I do have allot of respect for the autistic, but I do not have much personal respect for autistic people that keep spreading, and are involved in spreading such misinformation, and as well that the autism epidemic is genetic. That claim has no proof; and that (the) actual science has never proven that. It would be impossible to have a sudden genetic defect that resulted in that large an increase in autism; common sense tells you that. The only thing that may be some what genetic is the low levels of glutathione in some children, needed to detox thimerosal, and only that in the 3 way protocol options in biomedical treatment.

You see Costner, obviously that site supports your ridiculous claims that vaccines have no connection to autism, so it is all good for you. As long as they blamed it on anything else but, even Dominos pizza, you would support it. The science that supports the fact that it is the vaccines, is endless and you would deny that no matter how many endless studies you have been shown. What have you to counter that with Costner? 14 CDC and AAP funded studies that are as proven bogus as it gets. You have been shown that over and over. Then the current situation with Poul Thorson fraud and regarding the Danish study, used to deny thousands compensation at the federal court. But of course you falsely claim to that Wakefield was a fraud; no matter how much evidence I presented that he is not. Yet the fraud committed by Thorson will never see the media nor CDC spotlight. Right Costner, nothing for information is suppressed, money, power, credibility and saving careers have nothing to do with it. And what about the the thousands of parent s that have seen their children regress into the hell of autism, right have a load of vaccines? And you have the audacity to claim it is I that does not care about the autistic? Talk about a twisted and delusional and rant you have going. How is your denial of all helping those children; including the major help they could be getting, but the medical establishment denys it. Why? To admit it points directly to vaccines, and they are not going down no matter how many children are damaged. Thats why I got into this information and putting it forward. For you to claim that the real reason is some related to some sort of  of perversion in regard to children, is just flat out asinine, and as well IT Firestone claiming my putting the truth out there on Gardasil was related to some perverted interest. 

You know what, if you can not address the information, you/they will lie about it and falsley attack the messenger. How many times have I said it and has it been seen so many times as well throughout the systems of organized so called health care? You don't question their false authority. 

Now you go crawl under a rock or your pharma journals, which ever you prefer.


Then when the above was refused to be published, this reply was sent and again was refused to be published.

Just like I thought. Just as always, the truth was again to much for you to handle, and that put forth would allow any reader here to thus see right through your lies and misinformation.  And again you refuse to publish another reply comment. As always, you refuse to publish anything that puts the actual truth into perspective. If you are going to make the accussations you do against me, the least you could do in honesty is publish the replies you recieved. Like I said, your game is lies mockery and silencing the truth. The excuses you once again used here to falsely deny the publishing of that reply, are just so beyond pathetic; it is flat out sick.

You have recieved no threats, and you are balsy enough to create this blog with no identity; why is it you have no courage to debate me in person? Only seems fair, to me?

What exactly was unfit for publication in those two replies. Nothing Wow, is there no end to your lies?

Hey Sugar, S. Dealer is proving once again what she is made of. Wasn't that impressive? Wow. And the least of your concerns here, are spelling Costner; was that the best you could do? Again, wow.

That's ok, you are to dishonest to allow it, so I guess I will just have to publish the copy of those comments, on my blog.


And as to SEV's lying reply comment which he Costner again did allow to be published, which is nothing more lies that he knows is lies, and those comments clearly aimed at retaliation for exposing Costner, and what he has been involved in. Again, attempting to falsely bring me down to their level.

You SEV, know those accusations are lies and nothing but lies. I have the proof of what I claim to as to Costner, and you have no proof nor any reason to claim to what you have in that reply. As well, your claims have been clearly addressed before and have been refuted as absolute slander. And it has been stated again and again, I have no association whatsoever with Manning; once it was proven that he is the same person with the charges, and that he is still clearly involved in the same thing; the manufacture of child porn and allot more. It is you is clearly involved with him, and that would make far more sense here. Slanderous retaliation for what I know, that is all that is. If you can give me one single reason and/or excuse and /or reasoning for your false claims that would lead anyone to come to any other conclusion, go ahead and post reply that SEV!!!


So that is how it works. Any false accusations at all are allowed to be published on Costner's blog, yet the truth is not allowed to be published, claiming theres no proof or using some other lying excuse. Wow, is there any end to the demented sickness and dishonesty of this man?

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