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Vaccines and Infant Mortality Rates

Response to: Vaccines and Infant Mortality Rates

Here is a lying comment that Costner made as to this blog page. He stated that even after being provided with the information response - below. He is a liar, knowing he is a LIAR!


thē editor said...

As I suspected, Mr. Hubbs cannot dispute the science behind the numbers, so instead he resorts to telling me to go "straight into the pits of hell", suggesting I will "burn in hell" as well as calling me a "demon".
Lowell Hubbs is a classy guy. I guess when you don't have science or facts to fall back upon, you have to resort to childish name calling. I think that says more about him than it does about those he seeks to insult and berate on a daily basis, so personally it doesn't bother me in the slightest. If anything, Mr. Hubbs' words just continue to expose him for the hate-spewing, pathetic, lonely man that he is.
June 24, 2011 12:46 PM

Reply to:

How can THAT be Costner, look at THIS!!! All you have is more CDC ....bullshit!

Infant Mortality Rates Increase With Vaccines.

Looks like you read the wrong article there, Costner!

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

And the CDC and the WHO claim vaccines prevent the deaths of 3 million people a year, and prevents this and that number of cases of. All with no PROOF! WHERE is their proof???

You can't even do basic math, Costner! Like I said, total bullshit, every time! Whatever it takes to lie to the public - sheeple - that you hope you can keep following the path to their own destruction.

What? You didn't read that? Wouldn't matter; you will still lie about it. Never retracting a thing.

Response to: Lowell Hubbs Quote of the Day

SIDS was a common cause of death before the current vaccine schedule??? What? Are you that ignorant? The old timers, people before vaccines were used at all and/or were very limited, can and will tell you they never heard of SIDS then, and a baby slept with tons of blankets and in was left in any position.

And you keep lying and repeatedly stating just as you did over a year ago on the Argus, no matter what you are shown; bullshit like this;

[Obviously the latest trend for Mr. Hubbs and his fellow anti-vaxxers is to claim that vaccines cause autism, and even though we have zero scientific evidence to support that wild theory, we can play along with that line of thinking for a few minutes.  So if we were to end the distribution and usage of childhood vaccines due to the concerns and fears surrounding them, what would be the alternative?  You guessed it... thousands of dead children each and every year as a result.]

No evidence nor studies showing anything ever; you know very well you are a proven sick and twisted liar!

And you have proof of this? Thousands of dead children. What proof??? That so called, the diseases disappeared? That's your science? And what as well has been shown to you in regard to, that? 

We certainly have the proof of the harm vaccines have done. And we certainly have the proof of vaccine and herd immunity failures. We have as well the clear proof of the major failure of polio vaccine and as well the seeding of millions with cancer causing SV-40 virus. We have the clear proof of small pox vaccine failure, and as with polio vaccine causing more small pox than before the vaccine was manufactured and used.

I also see by what you reply posted in the Argus that you clearly are an atheist? Well, what is in store for you I believe will be one day your lying ass blindsided straight into the pits of hell, right along with the likes of Paul Offit and many others like him. You can all sing the praises of vaccines and the no real cause ever found nor real cures, more harm than good, modern medicine death camp on your way and after you get there.

Your quote: There is no evidence to suggest vaccines actually do cause autism, and then you go on to falsely- with no actual evidence - fear monger the parents and anyone else, just like the CDC falsely does.

Burn in hell, and after ALL you have been shown, you still attempt repeatedly, again and again to lie to and deceive the public. In your view they have no right to the truth; nor anything else but the false savior Costner and his in error lies about modern medicine and vaccines.

Next, will coming the response to: Autism and Prenatal Vitamins. What a fool! Get ready!

The time hasn't been there lately to get these idiotic blog posts responded to. Other things to tend to.

I love this song, only thing I would change is instead of the words "stupid girl", I would change that to, "stupid ...Costner"!!!

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