Friday, June 10, 2011

Response to: Quack of the Day: Dr. Russell Blaylock

Quack of the Day: Dr. Russell Blaylock

His reply was left on the blog linked to above, but of course will never be published, he would again as always-rather lie about it all, with no refute nor response allowed. Wow, the lying insanity of this very delusional man; attempting to silence another. 

I don't want to burst that bubble and large ego you have Costner, but again everything you have in that blog page is a bunch of lies. Where does all that bull crap get dug up from Costner, "he has no proof nor evidence to support this and this and this"; when you have been provided that again and again. Common sense as to the toxic effect of mercury in amalgam tooth fillings, you even deny that there is evidence for that? Oh, that's right, you understand absolutely nothing about toxicity, even if it is one of the most neurologically toxic substances on earth. Wow, let the mindless brainwashing you attempt to support and do, continue. 


Having been a board certified neurosurgeon now retired, I doubt Blaylock needed the obvious little bit of money he could make selling the products he apparently does.

It gets more desperate, and as well more slanderous and lying with every blog page. And is there anyone out there yet you haven't personally attacked, that has actually far more on the ball than all of big pharma ever will? Why aren't you following that scam and the corruption of their billion dollar snake oil industry? And you want everyone to believe, and you expect them to believe that ALL these people are mentally defective, and as well only scam artists that are only out to put false claims out there to make money selling sham snake oil. And you do not see pharma and modern medicine doing any of that? Wow. There has to be a special place in hell for people like you, Costner!

Blaylock's main site:

Here is where Costner hides, he will never be known as to who he really is! That's just as desperate and delusional sidekick SDealer coming up to the door; just left her laboratory job. 'Im educated", "but can refute nothing but to lie as well and make personal attacks". 

Here is his Costners picture! The white haired guy.

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