Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Response to: Lowell Hubbs's Personal Website Seized by Homeland Security!

Lowell Hubbs's Personal Website Seized by Homeland Security!

Update:  In fact ICE and Homeland Security did NOT seize the site, and it was hacked and made to look like that was the case. This has been a process of understanding, as not much was known at first as to what happened. The one news media link that put this out on the net also contacted ICE and as you can see also requested a statement from ICE, and they denied having seized the site.

Feds did not seize conspiracy domain

No, ICE didn't seize your domain; you've just been punked

Earlier articles:

Feds seize conspiracy theorist’s domain




This below is a pretty cool statement left on yahoo. April Renee is the mother of the little girl Casey who is pictured on m site, and now is deceased as result of the harm from vaccines.


We all must be making a difference, because two of our close supporters are
under attack. We support A. True Ott www.atrueott.com and Lowell Hubbs
www.vacfacts.info, formally www.lowellfacts.com and thank them for standing in
truth! The more we expose the facts, the more "they" will do everything in
their power to stop us. We could be next, but as the front page of our website
states "The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us!"

Many of you donated in response to our cry for help last week and we will be
ordering another 25,000 "Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" business cards today, so
please email your mailing address to receive your package of FREE seed planters.
Words can't even begin to express our appreciation to all of our supporters and
Yah (aka God) bless you dearly, April Renée

VIC (Vaccine Information Coalition)
Autism is 1 in 67 children today and it's impossible to have a genetic epidemic!
Please learn from our mistake and educate BEFORE you vaccinate!
For more information visit www.vacinfo.org


Thank you, April Renee!


This as well is a reply I left on alias no identity Costners blog, the one linked to above impersonating my name in the url. That reply will likely never be published by him.

Quit being stupid "editor", alias no identity Costner! You are twisting it all around. I have never stated that the feds ever stated to anyone it was taken down for illegal content. You are claiming that all out of context. And why? So you can now attempt to make yourself look like you weren't the real fool that you were in your initial claims. So, you falsely blame it on me. I know you better than you know you! You are just covering for yourself again, imagine that. You clearly made false claims, admit it!

I now know exactly what happened now. I like everyone else was of course confused about what happened at first, until the real truth was known. It actually helped that it went out as it did on the net, and some of the work was done for me as to the contact. Unfortunately now the whole world can know about it all.

As far a attorneys Costner, you actually know nothing about me, and I assure you more than one attorney was working on it on my behalf. Keep guessing.

What is that worth Costner? You are again as always-lying through your teeth! You have as well clearly refuse to acknowledge all the information on his other site, with the published papers as well. No pharma related journal would accept those no matter what. You live in the world of make believe, dude! You obviously and clearly are a complete lunatic, and no one can prove themselves or their case to a lunatic! Any honest, mature, and thinking person with the actual mentality of an adult can see that! Wow. Unbelievable.


This below was earlier published on this blog prior to the knowledge I have of the situation now.

You were just shown what the truth is Costner, and it was explained to you in no uncertain terms, yet you keep lying. My blog is on the internet - fool, just like yours! Details all there. And you would never do what you do if you had a real identity. You are borderline to some very serious and getting sued slander! 

Also, you want to talk about copyright infringement? You, going and copying the Homeland Security emblem and posting and publishing it in here. Thats more ballsy and at risk than anything I have ever published, put all together. What a hypocrite.

And the fact that I have no been prosecuted and that I am still sitting at a computer, does that tell you anything? Those agencies had to take down the site, they had no choice considering what was in it. I am in the process of getting it back up on a different domain right now. Enjoy! Your lies about that site are pathetic. You wouldn't have attacked me for over a year now, if there was nothing but nonsense there. Endless bullshit from Costner; wow. For the sake of humanity, it is sure nice to know you clearly are not normal, and as a fact the only place for you would be to get some serious mental health help; if thats even possible for someone that mentally defective. At least we have yet the majority of society that has yet a conscience and some basic common sense that leads them to know right from wrong and as well can determine what is truth verses lies. 

You wouldn't know a conspiracy, from a fact, nor  truth from a lie. I would wonder if you even question if you are real. Obviously your not, because you have no name. How credible is THAT? I bet you just can't wait to see my site back up? More steam from Costner's ears tonight? I bet your even grinding your teeth? I can hear it!

Heres my site back up! All the hacked into it crap cleaned out of it! Imagine that ...Costner! 

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