Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Response to Costner!

Comments: made recently on Costner's blog.

On the page - Facts:

Anonymous said...
Looks like the FBI seized Lowell's website!
Take a look for yourself:

June 6, 2011 4:26 AM

 thē editor said...
That's hilarious. The only problem is that will just convince Mr. Hubbs that the government really is out to silence him. However, I told him in the past that publishing other people's material and images without consent will get a person in trouble... so it looks like he is learning that first hand.

Either that or Mr. Hubbs has been sending crazy emails to the government again. Go figure.
June 6, 2011 10:57 PM

My reply to alias Costner!

As a fact the website was NOT shut down for anything I have done! The website is apparently full (as I have been told), of porn links that were hacked into it. By what it states by the authorities on the pages. Apparently, as I was told; there are links or hidden links hacked into my site that go to illegal porn and as well likely music down loads or movies, or links to counterfeit something. I don't know what is in there personally, nor how they did it, and I don't know yet all of what is going on; I am just getting beginning information, by someone who has looked into it and is more knowledgeable than I as to computer systems. Clearly some of the pages have been tagged and listed by the authorities, as containing such links to something in that regard. I myself would not have even known to link into the actual pages for more information as to what was written by the authorites there as to what was claimed to be there.

I would not have the ability to do what they apparently did to my site, no matter what. Would it even make sense that I would support truth information that I do to try to help people know the facts about the issues I have, and yet put porn links into my site? That makes NO sense. Its my understanding that this happens and has as well happened to other sites without their knowledge. It is apparently how these people hide what they do and circulate what they want. I have no part in it nor did I have any knowledge of it. Certainly there have been a number of people in the past who wanted to destroy me and my work, including you. Effectively silencing the truth. There was known of previous attempts launch investigations that failed. Hacking email accounts and sending it all to the govt, in an attempt to get me arrested for spamming. I never sent the gov't anything, nor would have any reason to. If I were you Costner, I would not be so quick to judge falsely, because it may just implicate your knowledge of and or involvement with what has gone on.

Again, there is nothing to my knowledge that I have ever done that would have resulted in shutting down the site. It was apparently a very professional job. I have never taken a computer course, nor do I know how to hack anything. I grew up in a time when there were no computers in schools, and everything I know about computers was self taught and is comparatively very limited to that of what most people have knowledge of and the ability to do, as to computers. Clearly there would be no sense at all to doing anything like that on my site, whatever was done. It is time for you to shut the hell up, unless you want to become an even bigger fool than you already are.

I do one thing and one thing only, put the truth information out there, and I do it well. It is all I have ever done.

I was warned they were going to do something like this, long ago. They had one way contact with me through their hacking efforts going back already a long time ago. It appears that possibly this started happening as early as when the first Argus Gardasil truth letter was written, and there was only a one page website and couldn't figure out why my disc space suddenly was all used up shutting down the site itself. A 999 page larger site, with slightly more money paid for it, thus fixed that problem, which was then nearly unlimited for my use.

Again, I had no knowledge of what was apparently happening.

New info. Well, guess what, it has now been found all of it right there in the upload page, what was put into the site. In fact they clearly got in through the website tonight log in which I never use, as I use the Godaddy log in, and never had written down the website tonight log in. So, quite obviously I never put that in there as I never even  had the website tonight log in ever written down nor recorded. When I changed passwords many times, I only changed the Godaddy account password, never realizing what I had overlooked. Apparently there were 17 pages that had an unknown link somewhere that accessed the files of what was fraudulently placed in my site; unknown to me. It has all since been removed. Even though the gov't agencies apparently have file copy of all that was there and what was there, at least now I know what happened. Apparently what was there was a very large file, judging by the space that it took, about 70GB. And how in the hell would I have acquired anything like that? For anyone to believe I am responsible for that, I can tell you-you are flat out-insane! Anyone with any common sense looking at this picture, would know the chance of that is zero! Period. Nice try though, just one more attempt to falsely destroy me, and a huge one. There is nothing these people will stop at in attempting to do so. To much truth.

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