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Response to: Off the Deep End... Or Worse!

Response to:  Off the Deep End... Or Worse!

Well, just when you thought you had seen it all, and this above page clearly deserves and can not go without a response. This below, is a reply to that blog page that was sent to [alias, as always, no name nor identity] Costner's corresponding and current blog page. He refused to publish it, [the below comment], and as he never has published any reply directly by me, that showed the clear error in his information [misinformation]. If he had anything at all to stand on, he would be willing to publish those replies, but he is not and has never been willing to publish any of it. Instead he of course has always made lying and twisted excuses as to why he won't publish it, and as to what was there, thus never allowing anyone to judge for themselves he again grossly distorts the reality and truth. Had he published those it would have blown his claims in the dirt and exposed him for what he really is and does, and he knew and knows that. His blog should have been titled The Lying, Very Sick And Delusional - Bullshitters Digest, [attacking one man with no identity]. Wow, how credible is that? 

In the reply Costner made in his blog, [without publishing it] to the two reply posts the below excerpt was divided into, he of course again goes on to conduct a huge slanderous smear campaign on me and a full on lying attack. The psyhopathic rant and the extent of the lying Costner does, should make any person seeking actual truth want to vomit and never read further. Nothing  is truth, and he knows that. But he doesn't care; he has mission to silence and destroy truth and fact. The game is denial of all.  

And as well Costner, do you actually expect anyone to respond to the rest of that twisted and moronic bullshit you wrote in that above said blog page? You actual stupidity is unmatched. Those are clearly the ravings of a very delusional mad man, and little more! Is that the person (Costner) you should be trusting for information as to vaccines for your children, or your own health care? He is an eptiome of everything that is wrong with this world, period. Everything sick, dark, and of evil! Where you do not want to go.

Moving on.As said, here it is. What I will respond to as to the said blog page; and as was sent to Costner in a reply post, which he refused to publish.

You can just ditch your petty bickering and bratty child like mud throwing Costner. Focusing on anything but you.

Quite obviously here, there is something very important that you attempting to ignore. You can take all the above garbage and the twisted crap you continue to post and and put it in a garbage can. Face the facts! You were CAUGHT operating right in the middle of one of the most twisted multi-state sex rings imaginable; headed by their Kingpin, H. Manning.

You can not excape that, and that numerous statements you made were noted. Those statements as well all fitting into very well into the game plan of my intended destruction you have right here in this blog. Everything from admitting to hacking my phone and stating he thinks he won't be heard if he removes the battrery, what a dumbass, to the latest expose of your involvement in some very involved stalking, that as well went on throughout that same day. It is a network of people that several are and have been on or involved in the same said destructive agenda you have been. To include uploading sick videos of me to the site motherless that have had my face spliced into it.

I couldn't make up a story like that if I tried, and it would be pointless to even make such an effort.

Don't even think of attempting to tell me that someone used the same character name Costner and added a 360, but it is not you? The methodology and what is known about you matched perfectly.

Your blog is finished and you under that cahracter name are finished. You are just to far into denial to admit it. You see your alter ego is so falsely inflated that you just can not stop using that name attached to everything you do. And really, why would anyone just want to make you look bad by using your name Costner? That, especially when at that time (initially), they had no idea anyone was monitoring anything. Everything stated here as to that, was truth.

You can keep posting your blog pages like some wacko nut job, while at the same time you can see that all your claims were being shot down on my blog, whcih of course you have pretended did not exist, and then created a page filled full of bogus nonsense about it, yet failed to ever link to it, so the real truth would be seen. If you had anything to stand on here, you would have as well published all the replies that clearly showed your claims, and your mainstream claims to be in major error. But no, again you ignored that as well. All in all your grandstand event here with no name nor identity hiding the IP amoung a bunch of perverts, looks pretty shabby. Shabby, just like your latest showing on my letter on the Argus. But then you never were good at admitting to the truth, nor to defeat. You are the self proclaimed leader of the keeping the sheeple ignorant and mislead movement, just like Gorski. If you couldn't copy Gorski's work you would be clueless.

If you couldn't lie you would have nothing. And as for an extensive criminal record and your claims as to that. You are a joke, and apparently you believe everyone will just buy into your lies and as well as your warped and exaggerated misinformation. I made some mistakes in life and that's life. However, unlike you I have corrected thsoe errors and moved on. And that is no matter how badly you would like to drag me into the ways and means and well as the stench of your own pit. Just like Manning does! Same thing.

Keep blogging that internet highway Costner, you know it doesnt matter what you are accused of because you have no identity, attacking one man that had the fortitude to do the right thing and put the truth out there. And unlike you he had the guts to use his full identity without hiding it like you. Personal attacks and denial of all is the only game you have going, thats rich! How you doing Seven57; Costners old disinformation predessor on the Argus.

End of reply.

So, lets recap that Costner!

You were caught operating in a sex ring connected to several states and divisions. Including accessing blogger through that system. You did that through a system that allows multiple people to log in under the protection of an onion router and/or whatever else is there. Netgear firewall, thats there too; being abused.

You were caught directly involved in the hacking of my phone and the use of it as a listening device, by the comments that were made by you as well. That also has clearly been accessible by several individuals.

You were caught directly involved in reference to the placement of small wireless cameras to monitor my activity from more than one location. There were other direct references to that as well by phone, by your associate/s who contacted me directly several times. There was evidence of that same activity being done directly through a window and details of what was going on, directly logged. You were as well involved in the direct monitoring of those cameras and a police scanner while you told them to start their plans; your own words. And you think someone is scamming and spoofing all that with your name in it, as the ring leader? "Oh, there is no proof"? Bullshit!

You were caught admitting to having called my workplace and placing a fake call attempting to impersonate the contracted to job site claiming I had been terminated. It cost me a day of work while that was investigated and straightened out. Then when asked if you were going to call again, you said "yes, it worked the first time". Sick stuff.

And what about your connections to the destruction of Dr. Moulden and his site? Dr. Moulden had some of the most devastating evidence as  vaccine damage anyone has ever had the guts to collect. You know, the same information that you denied and made you look like a fool again and again on the Argus. There is an outcome there of how he and his site were destroyed, and you Costner are directly connected to it. Moulden has been heard very little of since then. The silencing of truth. I have no proof of any of that? Oh, but quite clearly I do.

You can deny it all of course. The fact is that evil has no greater player than you and no greater con man, liar, nor deceiver has ever been born than you. That, if we made exception for perhaps Lucifer and Hitler himself. You are purely human scum Costner! Costner, the very sick and long tongued lier!

Just think about it. How much destruction could you create attacking someone with full identity on the internet, while having no identity yourself. There has to be a special place in hell for your brand of bullshit and deliberate mockery of truth and fact; being met by your being blind sighted one day, straight into hell where you belong. Thats my opinion however, I obviously will not be your judge.


You see, these people must defile and bring others down to their own level, to feel better about themselves, even if that involves slander of the opposing person they are intent to destroy. It is pure evil on center stage as it can ever get. This has been seen not only here but as to the whole system of modern medicine for decades now, and that history of silencing of the truth and as to alternative means and knowledge is well established. You just need the desire to educate yourself to the facts, no matter how much they deny the facts. Really, how is it that modern medicine is clearly confirmed by very well done studies to be the third leading cause of death, yet that so called science in Costners mind can not be debated it is so solid. No more a delusional man exists anywhere. That doesn't even factor in the harm that clearly has been caused by vaccines, and the now endless insanity of the added repeat multiple vaccines on the CDC schedule.

Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity

Go as well to the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired board certified neurosurgeon.

Costner doesn't care about you, all he cares about his his sick agenda. Send him a message and ask who pays him for that? Who is it that has so much to lose, and is so deteremined to not only deny the truth but actively destroy its presents. Wow, talk about a twighlight zone!

And to think this all started with only putting the vaccines and modern medicine truth out there for people to make proper and fully knowledgeable decisions. Just goes to show, just how much they have to lose and how far they will go to send the real truth back into the darkness. Amazing.

Life is Beautiful (Planet Earth Rendition)

People like Costner have no respect for life and it all revolves around them and their twisted agenda. You lose!


Here are some bed time stories for you Costner, copy them out and read them, hopefully they won't give you to many nightmares about the failures of modern medicine and vaccinations, and how you were wrong all along.

North Carolina SB 31 bill seeks to turn healers into felons; but the health freedom backlash has already begun

Health Freedom victory within reach in North Carolina as SB 31 amendment clarifies definition of medical felony crimes

I Am Josh. A Boy After His MMR. (amazing denial)

The ‘Unknown’ About Polio Vaccine: SV40 and Cancer


Thimerosal: From the 1930s to 2011, a large collection of pubmed studies.

Crimes At The CDC, (as to thimerosal removal).

The Fallacy of Thimerosal Removal & Autism Increase: A Failure of Science, A Bigger Failure to Children Worldwide. [An in depth evaluation of the sham claimed to studies].

Overview of the main stream studies claiming there to be no connection between autism and vaccines. Yet the mainstream  hasn't even looked at the endless other ingredients in vaccine as to their own CDC funded studies. They claim to have looked at only two, the MMR and thimerosal in their sham CDC funded studies. They have no looked at aluminum nor anything else; yet they state their conclusion is established as to the safety of vaccines.They as well discount vaccines link to neurological harm, immune system dis regulation, autoimmune disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, and much more

"Trust us, were the CDC and have ALL the science".

And there are still trace amounts from manufacturing in those vaccines that claim to be mercury free, and they do not have to disclose how much.

Chapter II: 1999-2000
Simpsonwood Conference, (how they cover it up, and get away with it)!


Flu vaccines revealed as the greatest quackery ever pushed in the history of medicine

2010-11 Flu Vaccines

2010-11 Influenza Prevention & Control Recommendations
Additional Information about Vaccination of Specific Populations.

CDC allegedly falsifies reports--ignorning up to 3,587 Miscarriges from H1N1 Vaccine.

More vital information, below !

And then we have the failures of modern medicine in itself, the whole other issue.

How about THIS one, you sure made a good showing there, Costner; just like you did here. Nothing is enough, no proof is enough for the too much to lose sheeple!

Autism Study Not fraudulent

No amount of lying is enough for you anymore Costner, nor actually ever was! I know this stuff far to well and you know that. Thats why you need to attempt to shut me down; and/or someone who pays you! And you claim there is NO silencing of the information. You are a flat out liar on all fronts and levels. And you know it. Thats is some real accomplishment there, Costner! Professional liar and mis informer/ personal attack artist. Wow.  And who pays you, and has, for what you do? And they can only find people like you to do that? Why not some doctor in the field, or specialist? Well, I know why; because then they could not lie like you do and conduct what you have. Because the real doctors could not even begin to take on information like what exists, and they know that.

And YOU do know the truth, and you still keep misinforming the public on all levels! 

Nice job.

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