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Response to: More Comical Idiocy From Mr. Hubbs

Dated November, 24 2010

Found here.

Response to the blog page:

The only comical idiocy in the referenced to blog, is again his own; as well having the mistaken audacity to give this said blog the title it has. This author is again putting forth information that is false on every level.

Making such comments as in the below:

Mr. Hubbs left a comment on one of the posts, and once again he proves his ignorance to technology. This is his idea of a response to when I posted information about his idiotic website including the registration data, the IP address of the hosting server, and the expiration date of his hosting contract.

So what does Mr. Hubbs do in response to this information?  He tries to do a DNS lookup on this blog and use this information to show how completely clueless he is.

Note to Mr. Hubbs: This is a blog hosted on the Blogger platform. Blogger is owned by Google, and I pay zero hosting fees to anyone, thus I am not listed as a registrant to this particular URL or website.  If you had an even basic understanding of "the Internets" you would know this, so quit trying to act as if you have a clue when it is so obvious you don't.

And further:

That being said, Mr. Hubbs seems to believe the IP address of a Google-owned and operated server is somehow "my" IP address, and he even went so far as to post the physcial address that Google uses for their server registrations via ICANN.

The truth is that this matter is entirely different than what he Costner is telling you. Showing again that it is he that hasn't a clue about what he is claiming to.

Let me give you a basic outline of where the real idiocy is found here.

That actual message had absolutely nothing to do with tracking ANY ...IP address of the blogger blog site. In fact I use the same blog myself; so what point and sense would that even make? He is well aware of this blog.

 The author claims I was trying to track his blog IP address in return for his tracking my website information, And isn't it amazing that if that really is true, that he has never once linked to that actual blog, so the readers can attually judge for themselves? And of course that could be anyone.

First, I could really care less if he tracked my website information; that is publicly available; but really what point was there and would there be for him to be airing that information on his blog. It was essentially pointless, other than having again the element of pointless harassment to it.

The actual truth to the comment made to him was is that IP address stated found, was found through an email that was sent to me through my website contact link. That email regarding made sure it let me know that his said blog was out there on the internet. That email to me and the link to that said blog, stated only, "nice blog". It would be quite obvious to me that the sender was Costner, and/or someone else connected to the publishing of that blog.

Here is where the truth comes in. When I sent an email back to this stated sender, it came back as a default and non send able. In that result, the back track senders IP address was listed. Obviously Costner and his hacking cronies would never send any contact that could be traceable.

The default script simply noted the IP of the sender, which was as said the google corporation. I simply made a messaged a comment, asking if that was his new IP address, (google corporation). The point was that sender clearly had his IP masked at the time of that send.

Now watch him be to stubborn as always, to remove his own idiotic statements and that page from his blog!

As far as this said authors denial of being involved in any hacking. I have had repeat intrusions into my email accounts these past weeks as well, drafts removed. At one point  the last two pages of the blog edit page were made to appear missing the text.  It was  blocked with a string to cookies put in it at the IP address I was using. After that was  removed, the text came back up.

The obvious use of cookies and other higher tech. black hat hacking techniques have clearly been used to attempt to make this blog edit side not only un-editable, but un-publishable as well; requiring some
techniques I won’t detail.

Costner, your repeat ramblings are of a very sick man with some very deep seated problems. You also want to operate without anyone putting the real truth and counter information next to yours; that as any google search.

The very reason you created your blog entirely surrounds the issue of your revenge, due to that fact you were made an in denial lying fool of for over 2 months straight; that in the Argus Voices section. There were two autism and vaccines related letters, posted on repeatedly. You know it and I know it. If he can not address the message, he deny it, as well as attack and mock the messenger in an all out attempt to falsely discredit the information. It is flat out sick.

In fact anything you have or ever will put forth has been and clearly been refuted. If you were honest. You can sit on your blog day and night creating more lying, twisted and personally attacking posts - all you want. The truth and facts still will not be changed. You can as well continue to knowingly and falsely claim you have all the science, that has following that scientific method, and regardless of how many times you are repeatedly shown that it is not true. You can ignore all the evidence you want, the truth is still and will always be there.

Making any such comments like this below, only shows your true denial of the fact that even after the number of studies you have been shown and as well the evidence you have been shown; that you still remain in your delusional state as to the facts, and flat out lying.

I would go as far as to say that if the Federal Bureau of Investigation ever did any real investigation into you and your computer IP address that submits those blog pages, they would likely find that address hidden. Just as the hackers do that hacked into my computer at the time Saturday night, by sending endless tabs to the
tab bar - crashing the computer and as to any further work being done at all. And guess what was I working on at the time? And you are going to claim you are connected to none of that. Just like you deny being connected to all the rest of the occurrences. Oh ya, its all just my imagination. And how would you even have the means know that it is or isn't? I bet the fact these hackers were also able to insert anything they wanted into the mouse that, so that the next time you copied and pasted anything, there was left a sick and sexually deviant comment where you pasted into. Oh ya, they have improved their hacking abilities, because they never were before able to get through that system. Like they said, its amazing what you can do when you have the power and money of those three men behind you; one being Kelby Krabbenhoft. Oh ya, I know all about it. the how and the why as well. The fact that a while back my face book was attempted to be hacked, and facebook locked it out, with an email to me with a map attached showing the hack attempt came out of LosAngeles, CA. Likely another onion router hidden IP; or done by whatever sytem they have available. All my imagination.... right? Why they do or do not do what was refered to, and the reasons being; matters not to me. The fact is they do it. 

Let me ask you this, author of that blog? Why have you obviously been so obsessed with and concerned with that, and in your claims it never happened; falsely attempting to claim what you have, and as well in putting forth the kind of related mockery in the form of harassment and denial of that? Outlining your knowledge of computers and hacking, only puts more credibility to the claim I made. That, as well as the fact that you wouldn’t know if it happened or did not happen; to falsely make any claim that it was only imagined.

You as the author of that blog can just sit back and make all your repeated false claims that have been refuted over and over before. You can sit there like a child throwing rocks at me and any and all sources of truth. You know, sort of like the hackers and their associates have done in the back yard?  It matters not as well how foolish you are or look to people who know the truth; you have no identity. Thats right, your sick identity is hidden. It wouldn't matter to you, as long as you can help keep the sheeple out there all yet  in that line, with your ignorance and false misinformation.

Here is another excerpt from that blog I would like to address.

Secondly, if I did have the ability to hack Mr. Hubbs, why would I bother deleting comments from the Argus Leader website or remotely shut down his PC or block his ability to post when the most logical way to annoy him would be to simply erase his entire website and replace it with a pro-vaccination message from the CDC?

Reply to that above paragraph: Do you mean like they did to Dr. Andrew Moulden, right after I had repeatedly put his information forward posted in the Argus voices comments section? You now, the information you repeatedly vilified as snake oil selling; and couldn’t even begin to address? That website contained a large expose of how it happens, vaccine induced ischemic stroke; with the pictures from a collection of 5000 images of vaccine damaged children and adults. What has happened to Dr. Andrew Moulden since that time, no-one knows. The timing of all that may be coincidental, but it is quite interesting. I am sure Costner was very happy the day he realized that had happened and will note that oddly he has never mentioned it. I would say, chances are; he knows more than he claims to. Look again at the above paragraph!

Like I said, as author of that blog I dare you to provide a link to both this blog, and as well the website; on your blog. Being you claim it is all idiocy that I have put forth; let the public judge for themselves! You want a real basis for what you claim to right? So why haven’t you done that? Because you KNOW what is there!

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