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Reply to: Conspiracy Theorists and Other Enemies of Science

Friday, February 15, 2013

Conspiracy Theorists and Other Enemies of Science

Again, as was sent as a reply to the editor of the said blog, was a s follows below. Again, nothing is enough.


These blogging articles just get more and more mindless, twisted, and desperate as you go, editor. You as well again only made false excuses and failed again to answer to the information in counter blog page that I put together as to your previous blog page. If you can not stand up to the counter information to these blog pages, then you have no business creating more blog pages based on only your own highly hypocritical and twisted insanity. Readers would instantly see that if you allowed any counter arguments at all here. You refuse to. Common sense actually would and should tell anyone with an actually rational mind; that your ramblings are purely nonsense.

To categorize all people who put forth the vaccine truth, and as well the massive amount of actual existing vaccine harm science that I do, as conspiracy theorists, is mindless enough in itself. But then as well top that off, equate those said people as all one group that believe as fact there were such as no moon landings, nor the holocaust is simply exposing your own twisted and unbelievably warped and conspiracy theory filled mind, Mr editor. The level hypocrisy all in all, found in your writings here, are near to absolutely mind boggling. What is actually wrong with you?

The evidence, data, and the existing science on the harm of vaccines that you can find right in Pubmed itself; shows you to be extremely incorrect and flat out delusional. You have been shown that science, and you know right were it exists that collection if it, right in on my website. Still you deny all. Do you have a basic comprehension of what the terms, more harm than good; actually mean? No, but if you did you have to admit your defeat, as would all of the known pro-vaccination claims and rhetoric.

If you do not want to deal in and with the facts and real science, then simply quit writing these mindless and in denial blog pages. If you can not stand nor hold up to any real debate with all the information on the table, then your blogging here is nothing but endless array of in denial make it up as you go, fairy tales.

If you actually wanted to go head to head with the facts and the real science with me, you can and could at any time; but you simply refuse to because it is much easier to simply keep writing your twisted misinformation and garbage. You continue of course to insist on that, without a word allowed from anyone that actually has the real facts and information. It would end your blogging, as you be on the same blog, exposed for what you really are. You know that. It would expose your blog as having been from the start, a complete waste of time. You know that and I know that.

Every time you create a blog page with a in your view vaccine or modern medicine issue in it; what happens? It gets and has been responded to, and the actually truth has been exposed, and that as said in my blog, with a corresponding page. Then what happens? You refuse to acknowledge that there were ever any opposing information ever there. Am I right? Of course I am, and all the public needs to do is go look my blog.

There is nothing that you can lie about and misinform the public about, that I can not correct and respond with the actual truth about it. You have known that since day one; and yet you continue irregardless, with your endless deception. You are all to clearly very angry at the truth, editor; and angry at anyone that dares put forth the truth and expose the truth. This blog, all of it that you have written, is indeed and as fact, all to obviously some very, very strange and sick stuff.

Don't forget, to claim that something is actually only a "conspiracy theory"; you have to show some proof that it is only a theory, and not actually verifiable fact and truth. There is actually a bit of a difference, you think?



My reply to the said blog page, part 2 

Your focus on this page is one directed at and to a book you suggest reading, titled The Heretics: Adventures With The Enemies Of Science. In that suggestion in itself, editor; you in fact are facing your own obvious hypocrisy, which you are clearly either oblivious to the existence of that, or you are simply again deliberately ignoring the obvious facts. In fact there is no entity on earth that has ignored the existing and available literal bulwark of existing science, in the way that the CDC has. So, in your reality, that obviously as well and of course includes people like yourself, editor. I have outlined that science quite well on my site, and you can not claim that those studies are irrelevant nor obscure, and nor can you in any  truth claim that those said studies are not from any reputable journal, when the majority of them have been published right in Pubmed as well.  Studies clearly showing the mechanisms of harm regarding vaccines and as well their direct connections to ASD.

Let me as well begin by showing you the book regarding heretics, that if you actually cared and wanted to know and realize the truth, you should actually instead be reading. If you want to actually promote educational books, editor; why are you not promoting, these? To much truth for you, is it?

Confessions of a Medical Heretic [Paperback]
Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. (Author)

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor [Mass Market Paperback]
Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D. (Author)

I would like to address again for a second here, as well your endless accusation of so called sock puppet accounts; which only of course again allows for you to refuse to acknowledge and address the actual information and facts provided to you. Do you not find any hypocrisy at all in making and accusing this; when you yourself as editor, have no identity whatsoever? There is no hypocrisy found in that? Maybe you need to get to wikipedia and find out what hypocrisy actually is.

Now, lets again get to some real information and actual analysis of the pertinent issues.

How many studies and of what type does the CDC proclaim to in their ludacris claim that all the needed studies have been done and that in study after study it shows that vaccines for example have no connection to ASD? They are all only epidemiological, (population) studies, and were ONLY done on one vaccine, (the MMR), and one single vaccine ingredient, (Thimerosal).  The so called top studies that even the federal vaccine court has used, are only studies funded by the CDC.

Where are the safety studies aluminum adjuvants, multiple vaccines, vaccine contamination,(which clearly exists and there has been no solution found to, (admitted to by both the CDC and FDA) . Where are the safety studies on the use of human diploid tissue in the manufacture of vaccines?  As for vaccine contamination, the vaccine purification techniques of today are very little better today than they were in the 60’s when they know SV40 contamination was present. If you do not even know what you are trying to identify, how would you develop a test to find it? They know this and have stated exactly that. How do you purify contamination from a vaccine that is just as small or smaller in size than the antigen components you must save in the vaccine? Gardasil and the vaccine strain HPV/DNA that Merck claimed was not in the vaccine, has been indeed found in the vaccine, and is said attached, firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant. Is that a serious problem; oh yes it surely is. And has the FDA only again white washed it all; of course they have, and they have no choice. Pig virus found in Rotarix, is that a problem? Of course it is; and what has the FDA again done; white washed it. These are not of course the only known examples of existing vaccine contamination. To expound on all the issues here, this reply would end up pages long., and if I were to provide the corresponding references. Nothing is enough is it editor, it must all be denied.

In its basic form, you can see what I do. I take this all from the ground up, and I show the real history of so called modern medicine, and that and the details of that entire historical record are all still there. That’s if you have the honesty and desire to actually know the truth. Why do you think modern medicine actually remains so failed, and it is only getting worse. There is more needless suffering as to health than there has ever been previously at any time in history. What has all their chemical pharma ignorance and deliberate in denial stupidity, become? How did it get that way, and why does it stay that way? I outline that all right here. VacFacts, www, You know that, and yet you deny that as if it that information never existed. Instead and in your anger and resentment against the truth and anyone who puts forth that truth, you attack the person and as well any source that would dare to challenge with the facts and truth, the allopathic medical and vaccines are claimed the savior and literal holy water, Goliath. And would you continue to tell me that you do NOT see the in denial sickness of your means and ways, editor? How obvious would it need to become? There is no way it ever would be, right? It all must remain denied. Why is that, do you have an answer?

How basic and simple is this, and you refuse to get it, editor. True health only comes from preventing the bad things from entering the body, which include toxic and potentially biologically contaminated vaccines. Now, if a conscious effort is made in understanding what toxicity actually is; and if an individual realizes how to avoid putting that in their body; would that be a health benefit, or a detriment?  In your world editor you have it backwards in your realization of what health care is really all about. If a person has health problems, be it of whatever variety; when that person learns how to actually detox the body, and add back in the necessary cellular nutrition, and all their health issues resolve; would you call that cure. When a person not only learns of these means but as well why and by what means they should not let toxins be put back into the human body; is that something in your mind that would result in improved health, or a worsening situation for their health?

In your world editor, you believe that endless toxic and potentially biologically contaminated vaccines are the only way to so called prevent horrible and fear mongered about diseases. You claim those vaccines save lives and that it is the only way to save those said lives. You would tell me as well that pharmaceuticals as well are the only way to treat any unwanted health conditions and adverse health conditions. You would tell me that naturopathic means to health is all utter quackery, and that unless there are pharma like peer reviewed studies on all of it; it can thus be deemed as worthless. You say this even though you know that there is no way to make financially feasible any FDA acceptable clinical trial on a natural substance. Who would in their right mind spend millions of dollars on such a clinical trial, done in an adequately acceptable FDA approved lab, on a substance product  or common food, herb, or other; when there is no way to patent it for millions if not billions in profit, such as big pharma does? If that were feasible, pharma would have done it decades ago. So, in and as to your claims editor; at what profound level of literally massive ignorance and denial are you existing in and do you remain in?

You have as well bashed the field of chiropractic. This too is only based out of the endless denial that modern medicine has had as well regarding any competition from the chiropractic circles. How much basic common sense is it all, and again do you deny? The body is literally a large circuit of nerves, bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments, a spine, organs; and with it all connected electrically. If there are no longer any electrical impulses in your body editor, what are you? Dead, that’s what. How simple is that?  And it is thus extremely difficult for you editor to comprehend actually what a subluxation is? A place of blocked interference with that bodily function process? You can not comprehend this simple matter? And you still deny it all even though 100 studies have been done showing the benefit of chiropractic regarding the immune system. Any study that does not conform to your pharma mislead beliefs, is automatically discounted by you as not having come from a reputable journal. So, if all trade organization journals are off limits, then why are not pharma’s connected journals, and the AMA’s journal not as well off the table?  You do not find any hypocrisy in that? And do you not as well find any hypocrisy in your claim that people like me have disregarded the facts and the science. How much more utterly ludacris could anything get; Mr. Editor?

All in all, so called modern medicine and as to and regarding the issue of vaccines; their whole failed system of selling sickness and disease, and creating more sickness chronic illness , disorders, and disease; looks more for profit crazy than a monkey chasing its tail. In fact that modern medicine monkey has in fact chased it tail for the last 100 years, and become nothing but a further major detriment to society. Why? Because it was all based on false and incorrect foundations to begin with; which is something I have clearly outlined time and time again. True health and healing does not come from a pharmaceutical chemical company; how simple is that. True health as best it can be comes from the knowledge of how to support the body with cellular nutrition and detoxification need be, and in knowing to never put the toxins back in. Why and how editor do you think that so many people are walking AWAY from allopathic so called medicine and regaining their health. Or would you have to see and read a peer reviewed study in an in your mind approved medical journal to ever realize and admit to that said reality?   The evil in this, is in your endless attempt to keep on misleading the public, editor; and that intentionally keep them trapped in that failed system of so called pharma health care, and toxic endless vaccines. I would like to ask you editor again; in light of it all, where do you now still maintain the real charlatans and the quackery is found? You can keep spitting at and mocking the truth and as well those who tell it and put it I front of you, and while conducting your well know personal attacks all day long and for the rest of your life. It doesn’t change it, nor make any actual reality go away; nor regardless of how much you would choose that to be the case! It may provide an outlet for your hatred of reality Mr Editor, but it definitely and quite obviously does not serve society in any beneficial way.

The Real History of Modern Medicine

The False Foundations of Modern Medicine

Death By Medicine
Again, take a look at the massive amount of damaging truth information, data, and actual science on this site Mr. Editor. And you in fact do know that is there. Keep scouring my facebook for any dirt you can find as well, in your twisted desperation I am sure you can find some frivolous issue to stammer and ooh ah about; like some 4 year old brat. Perhaps you can falsely discredit it all again by claiming is all, the in your irrational mind, all of it a conspiracy theory site. Historical record recorded by those that lived at the time, regarding vaccines and modern medicine, is not a conspiracy theory. That kind of thing is just to damaging to your concept of truth and reality; of course you must attempt to discredit it even though you end up looking and sounding pathetically in denial, insane.


Again, if you want to actually promote educational books, Mr. (blogging) Editor; why are you not promoting, these? To much truth for you, is it?

Confessions of a Medical Heretic [Paperback]
Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. (Author)

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor [Mass Market Paperback]
Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D. (Author)


The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.
Stephen Hawking
English cosmologist and physicist (1942 - )

14 more quotations

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein, (attributed)
US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)

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Sent 2-28-2013, to the same said blog page, February 15, 2013 having been the publish date of his said and linked to above, blog page.

You again forgot to publish this and respond to it, in which this corresponding page directly refutes everything you wrote and published on this blog page. This page again shows perfectly the errors you have made in your claims. How does that feel to know that you are again lying about everything on this page, and still yet knowingly misinforming the public as to the facts? What a prize blogging editor you actually are, editor! Don't they make a prescription drug for that kind of grandiose and delusional thinking? Surely, they must? How many times have I told you that you have no right to create further blog pages, when you have not responded to what was sent to you directly refuting the previous pages? LOL

Reply to: Conspiracy Theorists and Other Enemies of Science

Research References

                                        Biomedical Treatment in Autism (ASD)

                                                 The Real History of Medicine    

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