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Reply to: Anti-Vaccination Groups: What's In a Name?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anti-Vaccination Groups: What's In a Name?

Editor, your claim is said that as to NVIC, that they are quick to point out what their perceive as "risks and failures" of vaccines, yet they never seem to mention any of the benefits. 

Perhaps you would like to outline all that scientific evidence for the benefits? How exactly does that go? Oh I know.

Diseases disappeared, therefore vaccines MUST be responsible, irregardless of what the real historical record shows and that the opposite outcome is actually true. As to vaccine harm however, claim directly that no amount of so called anecdotal evidence is enough. Shout out immediate claims of anti-vaccine hypocrisy, at every turn, and never put a mirror in front of your own face. Call all opposition anti-vaccine, when all they actually represent is vaccine truth. Lets face it, if vaccines worked as advertised, few people would could speak nor defend against them.

Here as it goes, the science and the scientific method used, and promoted by the pro-vaccine zealots; and as it stands.

Step 1. Pharma does a clinical trial. First, screen applicants like you would a potential jury. Then they must inject a vaccine with often an assortment of untested for safety, chemicals. The vaccine as well has a potential for known and unknown contaminants, that pharma nor the FDA and the CDC have known about, nor are they actually willing to get honest with the public about.

Step 2. Test the vaccinated subjects for any increase in antibodies to the pathogen vaccinated for, as if there is absolutely nothing more at all, to acquiring immunity. Spin the multiple end point numbers, until you get what you like. Always use the word vaccination as automatically synonymous with immunizations. Never use a true placebo in any vaccine clinical trial. Actually use another vaccine, or such as the aluminum adjuvant. After all amazingly the FDA has no problem with that. Document any adverse reactions for a very short period of time, and never follow up anyone longer term. Cover-up what needs to be, as the FDA will never know nor be able to prove it.

Step 3. After vaccine approval, make denial of any and all vaccine connections to post market reports of severe reactions, unrecovered outcomes, death. Anything at all that is reported to VAERS, claim it to be an unproven coincidence; and you can do that because both the FDA and CDC protect industry and never actually the public. They will back anything that pharma needs to have ignored. Gardasil being the most largely obvious and the greatest example of that fact.

Step 4. Ignore no matter how much of it exists, any and all unbiased research on vaccines, showing the direct mechanisms of harm, and as well the connection to ASD. Promote only the epidemiological studies regarding only one vaccine (the MMR) and one vaccine ingredient, (Thimerosal),funded by the CDC, AAP; and as well any of those connected to a pharmaceutical company. Nothing else is considered to have ever existed, nor is it ever to be recognized in the public light.

Step 6. Again, repeatedly claim to have all the science that anyone should ever needed to prove vaccine safety and effectiveness. NEVER produce any of it, no matter how many times you claim to have it, that said science. Always maintain that pharma, the CDC, and such as Paul Offit at CHOP, have it; (even though that when a search is done, that actual science certainly does NOT exist, anywhere). Again do not forget to accuse of the hypocrisy of the anti vaccine conspiracy theorists, any chance you get. When and if you are pressed for that actual said science; refer them to David Gorski's blog, called science based (in its name and url; which actually is going to be, (hopefully yet unknown to them), only filled with repeat redirects to more angry and falsely attacking opinion pages.

Step 7. Deny as well that biomedical treatment protocols have ever worked, no matter how many children are detoxed from the vaccines and the damaged reversed. Deny any access to ever talking to the parents as well. They are to be considered as nothing and to know nothing.

Step 8. Always have plenty of excuses ready for the question, why has there never been any study funded by the CDC, addressing entirely vaccinated verses un-vaccinated health.  

As for the need of vaccinated verses entirely unvaccinated studies; this is a handy reference that the vaccine truth side may be using; just so you are aware of it.

12. Academic Integrity Fund Interview: Dr. Andrew Wakefield

13. Academic Integrity Fund Interview: Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Autism Media Channel-Video Playlist

End of reply sent to the above blog page:

One of these times, editor Costner; you should actually attempt to back up all your claims with the evidence, and I am talking about the scientific evidence you claim to have, and that you continue to claim is there, but that you never have any of. By the way editor, NVIC actually does have plenty of science on their site, and especially compared to the zero science, that you have on your blog!


NVIC Launches National "Know The Risks" Billboard Vaccine Education Campaign

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Vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines 

June 3, 2010
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Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D. (Author)

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The False War on Unvaccinated America, (an analysis on the pro vaccine brainwashed hate and ignorance level)

Three children per thousand (0.3%) in the United States are completely unvaccinated.  Yet, the rise in anger and hostility toward these children and their families is becoming louder then ever before.[*]

If you are reading this, then it is safe to presume that you’ve been in some type of discussion or debate regarding vaccination status.

While we may all agree that selecting any medical intervention or medicine is a personal choice, it seems at the mere mention of vaccination every Tom, Dick and Harry has conjured up an opinion on the subject in a no-holds bar brawl.

In vaccine debates, you’ll most commonly witness juvenile name-calling and low blow attacks or criticism. Parents who choose an alternative schedule will be called ‘self-centered’, ‘stupid’ or ‘anti-doctor’ for not following the advice of their respected physician. [*]

Some will go on to suggest that people who are unvaccinated be somehow labeled to distinguish them out amongst the group or advocate for schools to reveal the vaccine history of their students. [*]

The 9 Magic Words That Prove Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unafe!

THESE are the words.

“If this vaccine injures my child, who is responsible?”

Here’s what you do.

The next time you visit your doctor, after your doctor is done telling you how safe vaccines are, ask him this question with the 9 magic words: “If this vaccine injures my child, who is responsible?”

Your doctor will likely blush, get angry with you, or avoid the question altogether. What the doctor will avoid telling you is that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe! This means that even if vaccines are handled and given properly, some children will die or will be hurt.

The reality—and the answer to the question—is this: You are responsible if your child is injured!

The National Child Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 protects the manufacturer from liability for unavoidable adverse side effects as long as the vaccine is properly prepared and accompanied by the proper directions and warnings. [14]

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) also protects your doctor from any liability if a vaccine injures your baby.


If you decide to vaccinate your child, you do so at your own risk.

Your doctor can tell you vaccines are perfectly safe and your child will be “protected”, but the ones who are really “protected” are the doctors and the vaccine companies. What can you do? Take action right now.

Click on this link and download the vaccine ingredients. Then, look at the vaccine schedule and see what is going to be injected into your child.

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

$2,550,640,666.73 is the current total figure paid out of this federal court fund, for attorney fees included, (paid out, win or lose the case).

Since the first Vaccine Injury Compensation claims were made in 1989, 3,110 compensation payments have been made, $2,389,329,250.45 disbursed to petitioners and $94,604,103.72 paid to cover attorney’s fees and other legal costs.

To date, 9,785 claims have been dismissed. Of those, 3,982 claimants were paid $52,680,057.05 to cover attorney’s fees and other legal costs.

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - Payout Data

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