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Response to: A Typical Day in the Life of a Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist

    A Typical Day in the Life of a Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist

Oh ya, here we go again, more lies from editor alias Costner. Blogger in 2006-07 with a fake name Costner Matthews, listing himself as employed as a consultant. When he found out I knew of that he immediately removed the profile. Logged in as Costner, opposed me on 2-300 plus Argus Leader Voices letters regarding vaccines and autism.

Here again is one of the reply posts that were sent to this said above blog page.

Totally debunked...really, editor?  Has the FDA finished its business with this yet? No, they haven't even started; but they will be forced to come to terms with it and respond. They really have no other way out. But yet you claim end of story. Wow. The depth of your lying denial amazes me beyond anything I have yet seen so far from you. And that is allot of denial.

HPV-Autoimmunity Science, (there it is,; this is the kind of thing and what you lie about and claim again and again does not exist and that I do not have).

I have never read such a deceptive, twisted, and rambling account ever, editor; as to what you describe to be the replies sent to you regarding your previous blog page.[ See a copy of those replies on my previous blog page - here].  And, is there some reason you could not publish the actual replies? I excerpted straight from your said blog page what I found worth highlighting and responded directly to each of those sections. You see, you can not actually debate me. Instead, you refuse to actually publish it and give instead an entirely fabricated and distorted version of what was there. Therefore you eliminate any evidence of the actual points made, and never have to give me any reply, nor publicly put forth what was there. You did not have the balls to publish it, period. You couldn't, it was again to much truth. You then turn around and misrepresent and mock the information and reference material on my website, that again you know you would never be able to respond to as it is far to damaging to your false claims that I have no proof and no science. It is all there.

And what seems to be the real problem editor? Same scenario as always, you get proven wrong again and again on each and every blog page, so in retaliation you create another personal attack page. False discreditation and personal attacks are all irrelevant as to these issues. Facts are facts, like it or not. No matter where those facts come from.

Did I not I tell you, it is always the same; if they can not address the message they will personally attack and try to falsely discredit the messenger! Or if they do attempt rebuttal they will weave and dodge their way around acknowledgement of and admitting to anything for science and/or facts; making yet again complete denial of all. Same story with Gorski. Same story with you.

Like I said, again...YOU lose!

The only one here that is obsessed is you. The only mission I have is putting you in your place, each and every time. You created a bog on me, I had not created anything on you, you might recall that fact. Hey, that list of studies and the information is on my site and my blog page; anyone can view it. But looking like a fool was never a concern for you. You have no identity. As a fact you wouldn't and couldn't do what you have if you did. That, just from the adverse effect it would have on your life and the perception people would soon have about you. All it is to you is a personal vendetta.

Dr Russell Blaylock - Retired neurosurgeon explains how vaccines cause neurological damage leading to autism. Part 1 of 14 parts

Go to published papers

Dear NaturalNews readers,

In yet another creepy escalation of the medical police state in America, the CDC has now been caught running a vaccine surveillance program that involves calling private homes and requesting that parents produce child immunization records during phone interrogations.

Vaccination 101

To begin your journey on learning about vaccines, the biomedical paradigm and why the only truly informed choice regarding vaccines is complete avoidance and refusal, we offer you the following weblink to well-footnoted articles and resources.

For those who want to see a list of vaccine harm medical journal citations, here is a great link --

Dr. David Gorski and His Merry Band of Idiots Don’t Like Full Page Ads

Pharma - Junk Science Based Medicine

David - Pharma - Bought Off And Burns in Hell - Gorski - The Vaccines and Pharma Horror Show.  



The CDC's owned, Paul "For Profit" Offit
"Did I say children could safely tolerate 100,000 vaccines? I meant to say - only 10,000"


Profit- Greed - Tyranny - CDC- Control of ALL Information

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