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Response to: The Pill Popping Hypocrisy of Lowell Hubbs

The Pill Popping Hypocrisy of Lowell Hubbs

Against better judgement I am going to respond to this. I have intentionally not responded to alias no identity Costner's personal attacks pages before, because they are as well filled with nothing but false and twisted information; intentionally. you see when all else fails and it clearly has, he must attack the messenger again and again by putting forth more grossly distorted character assassinations. This as well comes straight out of the pro-pharma, vaccines and modern medicine liars debating manual. It doesn't matter who it is, be it Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Blaylock, Dr Mercola, or anyone else that is in the know of things; they must attempt to destroy the character of any such person as somehow in their sick minds they feel that destroys the credibility of the information put forth. Yes, even though that information always stands on its own merits, every time. How sick are these people like Costner? Do you now see how and why these people themselves have no honesty nor credibility? Nothing they claim to or state can be depended on for accuracy nor truth. They either have to much to lose, or are connected to someone or some establishment with to much to lose. No one could be that ignorant of common sense and fact; they just want the sheeple and the population that are still unaware, to stay unaware.

What is interesting, is how he allows reply posters on his blog to make the same false claims and support those false claims without any proof nor merit whatsoever. He allows as well in that reply posting even additionally more false and twisted claims that are have no basis in actual truth. What a fine man, Costner Matthews is the name he used to blog under, since what was it 2006 or 7? He blogged even then with an obviously false name, and that was even before he knew who I was. So, one could ask him, what his game plan and agenda has been all along? Who blogs at all, with no identity a puts forth a fictitious name? What was the reason? He even had in that fake profile the claim that he was in the consulting field. Strange indeed.

Lets look at some of Costners distorted lies!

Quite some time ago, a frequent visitor to this site sent me a URL to a Yahoo discussion group where Mr. Hubbs has posted in the past.  Aside from some of the rather interesting statements made by Mr. Hubbs, what is even more interesting is how once again we find evidence proving that although Mr. Hubbs claims to be anti-big pharma (anti pharmaceutical company), he is more than willing to use their products when he feels they may benefit him.

He have witnessed this same pattern of hypocritical behavior with Mr. Hubbs' usage of Paxil and Xanax.  We have also seen it with Mr. Hubbs' use of Alprazolam, and he has also mentioned using Klonopin in the past.  Although Mr. Hubbs admits those drugs were all prescribed for specific reasons and he attempts to defend their usage, it doesn't change the fact that he is more than willing to use the products from the very same companies he claims are responsible for conspiring to keep people sick and dependent upon medications.

Costner knowing better, speaks of these drugs like Xanax and Dostinex as if I am currently on multiple pharmaceutical drugs. He has been informed that none of it is true, yet conveniently ignores it. he has been informed that I take no pharmaceutical drugs at all, and he ignores that as well, too. He has it so twisted as to the time frame in it all, that it is pathetic, and he does know better, but he continues to lie.

I am on no pharmaceutical drugs whatsoever, there Costner. I have been entirely off any benzodiazapine drug such as Xanax etc. since 2003. I went through a hellish withdrawal syndrome that took weeks to taper from and withdraw from the drug. That is well known of by thousands of people that have discovered they were experiencing a near heroin like withdrawal from these drugs, and it is misery that untold endless numbers of people have experienced. Just go to the information and support sites that are out there. These drugs should have never been approved for general use in the public, ever. Many MD.s are witnessing what has happened to their patients and refusing to prescribe such drugs, today. However the rest of that pushing psychotropics industry of death is yet slow to realize the facts.

Likewise in 2002 I after a slow 5 month taper finally got through and off Paxil. Which neither drug I actually ever needed, but somehow was conned by the slick TV advertising that I would benefit from it. Actually all I needed to do was learn to deal with the profound stress I was under at the time. No details need be given, and are irrelevant to my points being made here. There was a class action lawsuit I was part of because Glaxo Smith Kline neglected to inform anyone of the severe withdrawal that Paxil had going on. There were 3000 people in that lawsuit, and we ended up with a fraction of what we all deserved for compensation. As well we ended up with a gag order that none of us could present what went on to the media. GSK admitted no fault. We did get the non habit forming TV commercials pulled from the airwaves, and as well new labeling on the inserts as to the withdrawal syndrome; although that was clearly not enough. Paxil being the worst offender for withdrawal syndrome of the SSRI drugs, due mostly to its short half life. However all SSRI's can cause significant similar problems. All again you need to do is go to the information and withdrawal support sites to learn the truth on any of these drugs.

Thus not only for that reason but for several reasons was born the truth activist you see now! I created this page here quite a while back and it clearly shows the hazards of these drugs.

Psych Drugs Truth

As for Dositnex. I was diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumor in 2005. The outcome is and was low levels of testosterone due to higher levels of prolactin that the small tumor produces. To much, particularly higher than normal levels of prolactin in turn reduce the necessary lutenizing hormone levels which in turn lower testosterone levels. Quite simple. Dostinex is one of the only drugs that reduces prolactin levels which then allow testosterone to return to normal. It worked quite well in that the drug did what it was supposed to. However the drug is fraught with side affects that do at times result in the issues I described at the time. the drug in itself does that, and it is not uncommon nor unknown as to the side affects of Dostinex.

The alternative is surgery, but is very costly and in fact was the best option, however even Mayo is not experienced enough to be comfortable with such a surgery, as they do not do enough of them. Such people need to go such as Oregan State University or there are ones more experienced as well on the east coast; having done hundreds of them.

Now, after that 2005 diagnosis I took the drug for 18 months, and I was told, (was only big pharma deceptive rep. talk) my endocrinologist believed at the time; that this drug would shrink the tumor in that time to negligible and may not ever need to take the drug again. That was clearly incorrect information and that has never been found for anyone anywhere, ever. In redoing an MRI, it was found no change 2 years later.

I have taken no Dostinex whatsoever since early 2007. What I take is a herb known as Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) from time to time. So, no Costner, that drug did not cure anything as to attempted to assume and proclaim. That herb seems to be sufficient and I always know when the endocrine balance is significantly off again, and it is not. With that condition, once you understand it, you always know.

Over and over again in that referenced to blog page above, Costner angrily and falsely accuses me of being a hypocrite. Such as right here is an excerpt:

Never mind the blatant hypocrisy involved from Mr. Anti-Big Pharma himself taking numerous prescription medications while continually attacking big pharma...

Look at that garbage, all lies and again a bunch of twisted crap!

I have always said Costner, each and every medical condition and each and every drug and protocol needs to be judged on its own merits of actual benefits verses the risk. One of the risks of that drug as well is thickening of the heart valves, take long term even as the lower dosages. If people are not told of the lies they are fed as to actual benefits of any drug, due to all the lying cover-up junk science studies these drug companies put forth, how can they determine the benefits verses risk ratio at all? On my site  I expose allot of that information. people need to go to the unbiased sources to learn the real truths that are there. That is clearly in no way being a hypocrite.

If there is anyone at all that needs anger management and some serious help as to their anger and as to the psycho nature of being that obsessed with one man, (me). The fact that you have spent the endless time that you have creating one blog page after another, filled with angry personally attacking rants, taunts and insults, as well as obvious lies, what does that say about you? And ALL from a position of having no identity of your own. What is wrong with any person like that? Face it!

Who is the REAL hypocrite here Costner, you or me? Who is a sick and lying sack of garbage? You or me?

One more blog page from Costner, full of garbage; one more blog page again... refuted!

Your lying and twisted garbage and you, are just SICK Costner, and anyone with ANY honesty can see that! 

In fact this is a reply message I made to Costner's above referenced to blog page comments section. As always he will never publish it, as it contains to much truth, and he definitely doesn't like the truth; as it sort of has a bad affect on his ability to continue to lie.  


The facts are these, and you can not deny it, no matter how twisted your false expose again is. That pharmaceutical drug experience happened BEFORE, I was aware of all the information that I am obviously aware of now. There was a lesson about Big Pharma that I clearly learned allot about, in that previous time period of my life, and as well quite clear was learned the hard way. I have no problem admitting that Costner, I was a once as well a trusting sheeple at one time, believing all the lies they were feeding the public. Obviously I am not any longer one of them. Therefore, there is no hypocritical nor hypocrisy element present in what you see me put forth... today. What I put forth as well on my blog as to Dostinex, (which as well I am no longer on, by the way, either), is as honest and straightforward as anything can ever get or be. You need to read that blog page and see how actually ignorant you really are, and as well just how twisted you blog page is right here. My blog is listed right above yours in the google search for my name, by the way.

What you have put forth here is clearly and intentionally false character assassination. And why? Because you can not shut me down, head to head on any of the information you have ever put forth. You end up looking like a fool each and every time; deny it all you want. That, when both sides have their information on the table and open to the public, with no censorship and denial of a response from me.

Your statement right here [  ... although I don't visit his blogs or websites as I found there is nothing of value there and I don't feel like giving him the pleasure.]

What a lying bunch of bullcrap, you know exactly what is on that site, as you have searched it for any dirt you could find, multiple times. You as well you know what is on that blog as well; only a fool would continue publishing what you have here in complete disregard for the facts published on my blog. Are you actually that delusional and is your falsely fed ego that large, that you think no one will nor would check out my blog and see that you are actually full of crap on every level? Do you think no one has nor ever will realize any of your dishonesty? You must deny it all, to maintain your lies going on right here, and as well regarding the lies and misinformation in your published posted replies. If you had to actually publish your real name and identity, I think it is likely more than a guess, that you would be so embarrassed by the insanity in this blog-that you would delete it the minute you knew your identity was made public. And if I likewise started creating a blog with your real name in url; you would be finished, and you know it!

That was a typographical error by the way and you both know it, and has been corrected.


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Tell us again how SMART you are Costner! Some day just try and correct even a small part of your selective ignorance!  Then as well go to the support and information sites. You know the same place you get all your dirt on people like me? What an asshole!  You are as sick as they get Costner, and as sick as they come, period.

Here are a couple of Costner's false and ignorant hero's!

DUMB    " I said children can safely tolerate 100,000 vaccines, but then I changed it to 10,000, as they said that was stupid"!

And DUMBER!   Ignorance, or Criminal Insanity, which is it?

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