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Response to: Vaccines and SIDS

Vaccines and SIDS

Another blog page full of endless crap as always, lets start with a couple claims alias no identity Costner, made.

I recently wrote a post about vaccines and infant mortality, and as you may expect, Mr. Hubbs didn't appreciate data and statistics that serve to destroy his misheld beliefs. As a result, Mr. Hubbs tried to direct me to an opinion piece to claim vaccines actually cause higher rates of infant mortality along with him rambling on about SIDS (as he has done so often in the past). Unfortunately, Mr. Hubbs once again displays the fact that he fails to understand correlation does not equal causation.

I see you again used your typical tactics of refusing to actually link to the information and the study that you claim is only an opinion piece. Refusing to actual link to the study so people can actually see what is there, is again representative of a quite high level of deception. Apparently your intellectual dishonesty has hit one of its high points here Costner, because anyone that actual can read the study, knows that what it contains is far from just opinion. The document is not an opinion based article, it is an actual study published in a peer reviewed journal, regardless of if or not you choose to face and accept what it found.

The Study:

New Study Proving Vaccines Can Kill Children

Infant Mortality Rates Increase With Vaccines

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

Human & Experimental Toxicolgy

Full Text


And here:

Case in point:

"There is no such thing as SIDS" ~Lowell Kevin Hubbs
However, if there really is no such thing as SIDS how do you explain SIDS deaths in non-vaccinated kids? Here are a few studies that have focused on SIDS - none of which have found a statistical difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated infants:

Jonville-Bera AP, Autret E, Laugier J. Sudden infant death syndrome and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-poliomyelitis vaccination status. Fundam Clin Pharmacol 1995;9(3):263-70.

Carvajal A, et al. [DTP vaccine and infant sudden death syndrome. Meta-analysis] Med Clin (Barc) 1996 May 4;106(17):649-52.

Mitchell EA, Stewart AW, Clements M. Immunisation and the sudden infant death syndrome. New Zealand Cot Death Study Group. Arch Dis Child 1995 Dec;73(6):498-501.

I really don't expect Mr. Hubbs to be able to explain these studies - in fact I'm quite sure they are far beyond his reading comprehension level. Even if he did take the time to actually review them he would soon find out they disagree with his viewpoints, which is why (as always) Mr. Hubbs will just simply choose to ignore the science and the data as he continues his quest to make the world a dumber place. He will then attempt to change the subject to some other topic such as random 'toxins' in vaccines or he will return to his pattern of accusing someone of hacking his computer or hiring a hitman to silence him.

In my parents and grandparents day, SIDS was unheard of, period! They can say what they want in their studies. Now you hear of it allot. Just read the obituaries as well. The problem is as well that coroners often make a SIDS diagnosis for anything and everything they can not conclusively determine, (such as an adverse vaccine reaction). No matter what just vaccinated time line circumstances were known; and no matter what the parents seen and knew; it matters not.

And really Costner? I clearly suspect you did not even read those studies yourself, other than the conclusions.  How many times have you seen me do it, and seen me show you how dumb these (your) studies are, with multiple holes every time - all the way through them, Costner! No analysis nor link to an accurate analysis has ever been enough for you.

The first one of course the Clinical Pharmcology study; they aren't ever biased in their predetermined outcome studies, are they ...Costner? 

Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 1995;9(3):263-70.

It is hard to tell from only the abstract and exactly from this study, if they only tested DTCP, the Europes version of DPT, or if other vaccines were used? 

(This section)
There was a statistical difference between vaccination status of SIDS cases and controls aged less than three months. Nine percent of SIDS cases under 3 months had been vaccinated whereas the matched controls had not. In our study DTCP vaccination was not a risk factor for SIDS; although more of the SIDS infants less than 3 months of age had been vaccinated. This result however, concerns only one subgroup of the population studied and needs to be confirmed with another study of only SIDS infants less than 3 months of age, because DTCP vaccination was not a risk factor for SIDS when considering the total sample of the study.

Analysis: Does that actually sound conclusive to you Costner? It sure doesn't sound so to me; and what about if you included 2000 children or more, or 10,000; instead of  just the 118 SIDS and 332 control children?


Med Clin (Barc). 1996 May 4;106(17):649-52.
[DTP vaccine and infant sudden death syndrome. Meta-analysis].

Analysis: Just another epidemiological study like all the rest that can be twisted the numbers any way they want, depending on what they want to find, and the abstract does not even state how many children were in the study. Check out what it states about those studies below!


Med Clin (Barc). 1996 May 4;106(17):649-52.
[DTP vaccine and infant sudden death syndrome. Meta-analysis].

Mitchell EA, Stewart AW, Clements M. Immunisation and the sudden infant death syndrome. New Zealand Cot Death Study Group. Arch Dis Child 1995 Dec;73(6):498-501. 

British Medical Association.

Results: Infants were at increased risk of SIDS if they had not received the 6 week, 3 month, and 5 month immunisations. After controlling for potential confounding variables, including those which measured health care use and infant illness, the relative risk of SIDS for infants not being immunised at 6 weeks was 2.1 (95% confidence interval = 1.2, 3.5). Four percent of cases died within four days of immunisation and 7.6% of control infants had been immunised within four days of the nominated date. There was a reduced chance of SIDS in the four days immediately following immunisation (OR = 0.5; 95% CI = 0.2 to 0.9).

Analysis: Are you kidding me, what a bunch of crap! And just exactly how would vaccinations protect for SIDS? Did any of the children live in an know area were so called infection was proven prevented to a so called vaccine preventable disease? That's just like when the American Academy of Pediatrics did a study claiming that mercury, thimerosal, (a neuro-toxin)  improved the the functioning scores of children. 

And here Costner, you linked to a CDC article on SIDS; who would have guessed? And then an AAP study; I am sure their honesty and trust worthy claims are absolutely impeccable? Auugh!


Ok now, pay attention here Costner! Read carefully and pay attention!!!!

Here is your statement below: Yet you couldn't even actually link to that study.

I should also mention that the Immunization Safety Review Committee was established by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to evaluate the evidence of possible causal associations between immunizations and certain adverse outcomes.  The Committee concluded that there is no evidence of a causal relationship between these vaccines and sudden infant death syndrome, sudden unexpected death in infancy, or neonatal death.  I suppose the IOM is in on some vast conspiracy too though... so I suppose they aren't a trustworthy source when compared to a bastion of knowledge such as (sarcasm intended).

Now see if you can follow some of this science, Costner!

Why case-control studies showed no association between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and vaccinations

Valentina A. Soldatenkova, MSc

3. Conclusion

Systematic inclusion of higher proportions of vaccinated living controls in case-control studies which investigated asso-ciation between SIDS and vaccines as well as unusually low vaccination coverage among study infants younger than 3 months in all but one reviewed study constitutes potential selec-tion bias.

Thus, the finding: “The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relation between SIDS and vaccines” is more scientifically sound and appropriate than the conclusion the Institute of Medicine committee published in their 2003 report:

“The evidence does not support a causal link between sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and either the diphtheria, tetanus, and whole-cell pertussis (DTwP) vaccine or exposure to multiple childhood vaccines.” [17]

Read the full text study!

The 2003 IOM said study.

Excerpt from the IOM study abstract:  

[Based on this review, the committee concluded that the evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between some vaccines and SIDS; and that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between other vaccines and SIDS, SUDI, or neonatal death.

The committee found no basis for a review of current immunization policies, but saw a clear need for continued research on adverse event following vaccination and on the biological basis for sudden unexpected infant deaths.]

Pretty conclusive huh, Costner! Is that why you didn't actually link to the study? Meaning, you obviously did not even read it. They don't have a clue!

Here is your other falsely believed noteworthy study!

Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths, CDC

EXcerpt: For a medical examiner or coroner to determine the cause of the death, a thorough case investigation including examination of the death scene and a review of the infant’s clinical history must be conducted. A complete autopsy needs to be performed, ideally using information gathered from the scene investigation. Even when a thorough investigation is conducted, it may be difficult to separate SIDS from other types of sudden unexpected infant deaths, especially accidental suffocation in bed.

After a thorough case investigation, many of these sudden unexpected infant deaths may be explained. Poisoning, metabolic disorders, hyper or hypothermia, neglect and homicide, and suffocation are all explainable causes of SUID.

So, in other words the CDC intentionally attempted to explain away the diagnosis of SIDS by any other means they could.  Just like the FDA and the CDC did with Gardasil; when the obvious was right in front of them. No link found, ever. If they admitted it they would be screwed in every way!

International Trends in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Stabilization of Rates Requires Further Action

Full Text:

Excerpts: [SUDDEN INFANT DEATH syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death among infants between 1 month and 1 year of age in the developed world. In the United States, SIDS accounts for 22% of all postneonatal deaths.1 Many countries have launched educational campaigns in an effort to prevent SIDS, focusing on the modifiable factors that had been shown previously to be associated with SIDS.2 Although campaigns vary in the content of their other messages, the leading message of every campaign has been avoidance of the prone position for sleeping infants. Dramatic declines in SIDS have been attributed to these campaigns, which were found to be primarily a result of decreases in prone-sleeping rates.3–9

Finally, in addition to infant sleep positioning, other well-established risk factors should receive attention,
such as maternal smoking in pregnancy, infant overheating, and soft bedding.15,53,54 These are especially important in countries that have achieved high supine sleeping rates and which have seen increases in other
risk factors such as smoking among women.55,56.

 In addition, research that investigates the underlying pathophysiological etiology (or etiologies) of SIDS should be ongoing, because it is likely that reaching the goal of eliminating SIDS will occur only when we fully identify its causes.]

Do in other words all they did was advocate change in the sleeping position of the infant/child to the side or face up. And in years past and before vaccines and all the vaccines being added, SIDS was comparitvely rare and literally unheard of and babies sleep any way and in any position at all. And no I do not trust the numbers, and right here as stated is a good reason why epidemiological and case control studies can not be trusted to give accurate results, and there is much more information on it all, below. Read the studies. They do not have accurate numbers, it sounds more like it is all over the place, as uncertain.

Why case-control studies showed no association between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and vaccinations


Here's a better pubmed study for YOU Costner! Something better than the junk science the IOM put forth! Imagine that; but I expect you will not be able to understand science like that, nor explain that study - in fact I'm quite sure it is far beyond your reading comprehension level. Why? Because you only choose to see what you want to and what fits into your safe and effective .... B.S. agenda! 

Pediatr Infect Dis. 1983 Jan-Feb;2(1):7-11.

Possible temporal association between diphtheria-tetanus toxoid-pertussis vaccination and sudden infant death syndrome

Baraff LJ, Ablon WJ, Weiss RC.


Because diphtheria and tetanus toxoids pertussis (DTP) vaccine is routinely given during the period of highest incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), this study was undertaken to determine if there is a temporal association between DTP immunization and SIDS. Parents of 145 SIDS victims who died in Los Angeles County between January 1, 1979, and August 23, 1980, were contacted and interviewed regarding their child's recent immunization history. Fifty-three had received a DTP immunization. Of these 53, 27 had received a DTP immunization within 28 days of death. Six SIDS deaths occurred within 24 hours and 17 occurred within 1 week of DTP immunization. These SIDS deaths were significantly more than expected were there no association between DTP immunization and SIDS. An additional 46 infants had a physician/clinic visit without DTP immunization prior to death. Forty of these infants died within 28 days of this visit, seven on the third day and 22 within the first week following the visit. These deaths were also significantly more than expected. These data suggest a temporal association between DTP immunization, physician visits without DTP immunization and SIDS.


(Shaken Baby Syndrome)
(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Package Inserts and Manufacturers for some US Licensed Vaccines and Immunoglobulins

Warning to Parents: This Vaccine Linked to Sudden Infant Death…

Refuse This Routine Procedure - Or Expose Your Baby's Brain to Severe Danger...Hepatis B Vaccine.

Excerpt: Routine use of the hepatitis B vaccine for all newborns began in 1992, and according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), operated jointly by the CDC and FDA, there were 36,788 officially reported adverse reactions to hepatitis B vaccines between 1992 and 2005. Of these, 14,800 were serious enough to cause hospitalization, life-threatening health events or permanent disabilities.

And 781 people were reported to have DIED following hepatitis B vaccination -- and this is likely an underestimate because only a fraction of the serious health problems, including deaths, following vaccination are ever acknowledged due to a lack of public awareness about how to recognize signs and symptoms of vaccine reactions.

Hepatitis B Vaccine, The Untold Story

Hepatitis B /About the vaccine

Excerpts: Hepatitis B vaccine as a cause of sudden infant death (SIDS) has not been ruled out.

The mere observation that the incidence of SIDS has decreased while hepatitis B immunisation rates have increased proves nothing whatsoever. In other contexts, the Back to Sleep campaign is credited with a dramatic fall in SIDS; the fall might have been much greater without hepatitis B immunisations. The presence of findings such as brain edema in healthy infants who die very soon after receiving hepatitis B vaccine is profoundly disturbing, especially in view of the frequency of neurologic symptoms in the VAERS.

The fact that vaccine just happens to be given during the time period that babies are most likely to die of SIDS complicates the analysis. Also, there are a number of other confounding variables (sleep position, socioeconomic status, and possibly smoking behavior). The data in VAERS are probably too incomplete to answer the questions. A very detailed statistical analysis and an aggressive attempt to obtain more complete information are urgently needed. Glib reassurance, based on the secular trends shown to this Committee, is dangerous.

And don't forget VAERS has a known only 1 to 10% reporting factor, due to doctors and pediatricians indoctrinated reluctance to report a severe vaccine reaction or death; although required to. They simply think it is not possible, and will look for anything else but. Then they turn around even despite the VAERS data and claims severe and damaging reactions are rare. It is not rare within the NVCA either, when you know of the endless many cases wrongfully turned away as well. Unreasonable time lines or due to only what they unreasonably again, say qualifies. Then more yet lose, in actual federal court.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

STATEMENT of the ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS to the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources of the Committee on Government Reform U.S. House of Representatives RE: Submitted by Jane Orient, M.D.

June 14, 1999 Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee:

Hepatitis B Vaccinations: Michael Belkin Testimony to Congress Tuesday May 18, 1999

Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys

The Dangers of Excessive Childhood Vaccinations

Why a Shingles Epidemic is Bolting Straight at the U.S.

Posted on: November 2, 2010

The incidence of adult shingles has increased by a stunning 90% -- just from 1998 to 2003. Discover the facts about the ONLY way to establish lifelong robust immunity, and how that immunity is now being systematically destroyed…

Chickenpox Outbreaks Among Vaccinated Children.Officials wonder if its due to a new strain or ineffective vaccine..

A recent analysis of a chickenpox outbreak in Arkansas showed that those who were fully vaccinated against chickenpox still became infected.

Varicella Outbreak Among Vaccinated Children --- Nebraska, 2004

Chickenpox Vaccine Loses Effectiveness in Study

So instead they take bososters and boosters, or get chicken pox while pregnant?

Combination MMRV Vaccine Increases Risk of Febrile Seizures

Aren't vaccines great? Its all about the.... MONEY! 

See if you can comprehend the significance of THIS study Costner. Explain that study - in fact I'm quite sure it is far beyond your reading comprehension level. Hint: it has to do with the differences between vaccine derived antibody claims to immunity, and difference between that and the immunity derived from natural immunity.

The Suppression of Immune System Disorders by Passive Attrition

Louis Pasteur vs. Antoine Bechamp: Know the True Causes of Disease 


Scientific Fraud and Conflict Of Interest In Vaccine Research, Licensing & Policymaking

2nd International Public Conference on Vaccination 2000, Arlington Virgini

Don’t Let Your Child Be the Next Victim of This Deadly Vaccine, Gardasil!  (3 videos) Wake UP, Costner!
Vaccines and Brain Inflammation

Vaccine Side Effects from Aluminium Adjuvants 

Two Dangerous “Experts” You Should Never EVER Believe: (Offit and the Danish studies, Thorsen)

Vaccines and Scientific Studies

Images Of Poliomyelitis, A Critique Of Scientific Literature

Polio/SV40 (That was a good vaccine deal, seeding millions with a cancer and tumor virus!)

60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child


Manipulation of Polio Statistics in the 1950's

Polio Vaccine - Page 1

Court Protects Vaccine Manufacturers, Not Injured Children

Supreme Court Decides Bruesewitz v. Wyeth 6-2, Foreclosing Civil Lawsuits for Vaccine Design Defect


Contradictions between Medical Science and Immunization Policy

Multiple Vaccinations and the Shaken Baby Syndrome 
F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalomyelitis?
The Story of Baby Alan

The evidence base for shaken baby syndrome, and they of course mention nothing of vaccines!

{SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME OR VACCINE INDUCED ENCEPHALITIS - ARE PARENTS BEING FALSELY ACCUSED? BY Buttram M. D., Harold(Author)}Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis - Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?[paperback]

The Possible Role of Vaccines in Causing Retrogressive Changes: Reminiscences of America’s Children in the 1930s, and the Profound Changes That Have Taken Place Since Then.

Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines Meeting
Vaccine Safety Advocate Harold E Buttram, MD, Presentation
September 2, 2010, FDA, Rockville, MD

Primary Immunization of Premature Infants with Gestational Age <35 Weeks: Cardiorespiratory Complications and C-Reactive Protein Responses Associated with Administration of Single and Multiple Separate Vaccines Simultaneously.

Current childhood vaccine programs: An overview with emphasis on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and of its compromising of the mucosal immune system

Vaccine Scene 2001: Update and Overview, (101 references).
Harold E Buttram, MD

How unnatural vaccine derived antibody immunity differs greatly natural immunity. Man can NOT even come close to duplicating what we have created within... naturally. Realize the differences, and this along with all the vaccine toxins in vaccines, is exactly why children with the large increase in vaccines are only becoming more and more unhealthy! 

Read full article here.


Excerpt: However, vaccine proponents would have us believe that vaccines have been largely responsible for controlling virtually all of the former epidemics of killer diseases in the U.S.A. With the exceptions cited above, the facts do not bear this out.

According to the records of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, from 1911 to 1935 the four leading causes of childhood deaths from infectious diseases in the U.S.A. were

* diphtheria
* pertussis (whooping cough)
* scarlet fever
* measles

However, by 1945 the combined death rates from these causes had declined by 95% before the implementation of mass vaccine programs.(l) Other statistical information provided much the same pattern.(2)

According to a report in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, July 30, 1999, improvements in

* sanitation
* water quality
* hygiene

and the introduction of antibiotics have been the most important factors in control of infectious diseases in the past century. Although vaccines were mentioned, they were not included among the major factors.(3)

Another factor, which is commonly overlooked, is that the virulence of micro-organisms tends to be weakened or attenuated with the passage of time and with the serial passages through human hosts.(4)

Also, populations develop immunity with continued or repeated exposure.

One example of this is whooping cough (pertussis) which is clearly a milder disease in Western nations than it was 100 or so years ago.

Read full article here

The MMR Vaccine (Measles - Mumps - Rubella) and Autism:

In our own practice we have carried out a partial sampling of the charts of autistic children seen here in the year 2000. Among 32 charts that were reviewed, it was found that in 16 cases (50%) the onset of autistic features in a previously normal child took place in a time-related fashion following the MMR vaccine.

It is important to point out that an uncombined measles vaccine had been in use in the U.S.A. since 1961, with only a slight rise in autism from 1961 to 1975 when the combined MMR vaccine came into use, bringing with it the sharp increases in autism. As a result of this, some are coming to believe that the 3 vaccines should be given separately, about which more will be said later.

In our opinion, one of the prime researchers in the field of autism is Vijendra Singh, Ph.D., Department of Biology, Utah State University, who published the report of a study in which he found that a large majority of autistic children tested had antibodies to brain tissue in the form of antibodies to myelin basic protein. He also found a strong correlation between myelin basic protein antibodies and antibodies to measles (almost all of the children had been immunized with the MMR vaccine, and none had had these diseases).(54)

Read full article here

Childhood Immunizations and the Increasing Incidence of Atopy (Allergies):

Excerpts:The increasing incidence of allergic disorders in Western nations is now universally recognized, with every third child in industrialized societies having an allergic disorder.(66) In some areas the incidence of asthma has increased 200% in the past 20 years.(67) Another survey showed a 46% increase in death rate nationwide from asthma between 1977 and 1991.(68)

There is a school of thought that the so-called minor childhood illnesses of former times, including measles, mumps, rubella (German measles), and chicken pox, which entered the body through the mucous membranes, served a necessary and positive purpose in challenging and strengthening the immune system of these membranes.(69)

In contrast, the respective vaccines of these diseases are injected by needle directly into the system of the child, thereby bypassing the mucosal immune system. As a result, mucosal immunity remains relatively weak and stunted in many children, complications of which may be the rapid increase in asthma, eczema, nasal allergies, food allergies, and a general pattern of sickness in today's children.

It has not gone unnoticed that the increasing incidence of atopic disorders has coincided in a time-related fashion with the childhood vaccine programs, and reports are now appearing from widely separated geographic areas in which vaccinated children were found to have significantly more allergic disorders than children with limited or no vaccines.(70-73)

The suspected role of the pertussis vaccine in potentiating allergic disorders tends to be confirmed in animal studies(74-76) as well as a human study.(77) Thimerosol, an organic mercurial compound widely used as a preservative in vaccines, also has been studied for its sensitizing properties.(78)

A second prime researcher in the field of autism, in our view, is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Reader in experimental gastroenterology, Royal Free Hospital and University College Medical School, London. This researcher and coworkers were the first to suggest a possible link between the triple MMR vaccine and clinical combination of autism with bowel disorder, now referred to as the autistic enterocolitis syndrome.

As a result Dr. Wakefield has become the center of a storm of controversy in the United Kingdom, as well as a highly sought speaker at conferences in the U.S.A. Although coauthor of many peer-reviewed clinical and scientific papers, the course of Dr. Wakefield's pioneering work in this field can be found in a series of three articles,(58-60) as well as his presentation to the United States House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform, April 6, 2000.(61)

Read full article here

In summary, Dr. Wakefield and coworkers have studied over l50 developmentally delayed children with colitis, in which enlarged and inflamed intestinal nodes are a prime feature. Wakefield stressed that patterns in these children appear to be distinct from other forms of inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Working in collaboration with a state-of-the-art laboratory in Ireland, subsequent molecular studies from intestinal biopsies performed on these children detected measles virus genetic material in 24 out of 25 specimens (96%), in contrast with only 5% of detected measles virus in control specimens sent in a "blinded" fashion.

In explaining the ability of the MMR-derived measles virus to establish itself in the intestinal mucosa of affected children, Wakefield cited earlier reports warning of the potential of viral interference in the triple MMR vaccine, whereby one virus could interfere with another.(62,63)

Commenting on these early articles, Wakefield stated,

"The ability of mumps virus to interfere with the cellular immune response to certain strains of measles virus and thereby, in particular combinations potentially to reduce viral clearance and increase the risk of persistent (intestinal) infection, is an intriguing hypothesis to some of those involved in the current debate."(61)

Parenthetically, Dr. Wakefield is not opposed to the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines, but he does believe that their administration should be widely separated.

In an article just released at time of this writing in the Adverse Drug Reaction & Toxicology Review,(64) Andrew Wakefield and coauthor Scott Montgomery carefully reviewed the inadequacies of the early pre-licensing trials of the MMR vaccine with a maximum follow up of 28 days and even shorter periods in some of the studies.

And they DESTROYED WAKEFIELD, falsely calling him a fraud, with a conflict of interest; well quess who really had the conflict of interest?

Dr. Andrew Wakefield - TRUTH

Lancet Boss Failed to Disclose Own Conflicts to Parliament while Denouncing Wakefield

Read more in the article: VRM: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Being Crucified By Big Pharma, READ MORE, on the conficts of interest of the Reed Elsevier Group (which owns The Lancet)

Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision/BMJ. [Lots of Information].

Farce at British Medical Journal as Double Standards Persist Over Undeclared Competing Interests

(58) Wakefield AJ et al, Persistent measles virus infection and immunodeficiency in children with autism, ileo-colonic lymphoid nodular hyperplasia and nonspecific colitis, Gut, 1998; 42(Suppl 1):A86.

(59) Wakefield AJ et al, Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children, Lancet, Feb. 28, 1998; 351:637-641.

(60) Wakefield AJ et al, Enterocolitis in children with developmental disorders, Amer J Gastroent, Sept., 2000; 95(9):2285-2295.

Read full article  - here

Are Vaccines Skewing the Human Immune System?

Excerpts: In brief summary, the immune system is divided into two major classes: Cellular immunity, in which the mucous membranes of the body play a prominent role, and humoral immunity, with the production of antigen-specific antibodies by plasma cells in the bone marrow.

Cellular immunity, which involves macrophage activation and the cytotoxic T lymphocyte as its major agents, is responsible for control of viruses, fungi, as well as bacteria. Humoral immunity, on the other hand, is predominantly involved in control of bacteria.

Both of these classes are governed by TH lymphocytes, the "T" referring to the thymus gland, from which they are derived, and the "H" referring to a helper or activating activity. Early in life these "naïve" or uncommitted TH lymphocytes are differentiated into either armed TH1 cells, which governs in cellular immunity or armed TH2 cells, which governs in humoral immunity.

This initial differentiation , at which naïve TH cells become either armed TH1 cells or armed TH2 cells has a critical impact on the outcome of adaptive immune response, depending on whether it is dominated by macrophage activation of the former or antibody production of the latter.(79)

It has been found that this differentiation is profoundly affected by cytokines, which are produced by lymphocytes and serve as chemical messengers. The two cytokines, Interleukin 12 and Interferon gamma, in vitro, tend to promote the development of TH1 cells. Interleukin 4, 5, 6, and 10, on the other hand, tend to promote the differentiation of TH2 cells.(80)

Once one subset becomes dominant, it is difficult to shift the response to the other subset, as the cytokines from one subset tend to dominate the other. The overall effect is that certain reponses are dominated either by humoral (TH2) or cell-mediated (TH1) responses.(81)

Among the different cytokines, some have been shown to have damaging effects: Interleukin I may cause increased blood brain barrier permeability and meningeal inflammation(82) and brain damage in experimental animals.(83) Interferon-gamma has been found to reduced the intestinal barrier and increase permeability,(84,85) and to bring about profound morphological, functional, and permeability changes in human brain blood-vessel endothelial cells.(86)

In both the New England Journal of Medicine(88) and the journal, Thorax,(89) articles have appeared stating that a healthy immune system has a "bias" towards the TH1 immune system, while people with allergies, asthma, and diseases of an autoimmune origin have what is known as the TH2-skewed immune response. However, either antibodies or T cells of the cellular immune system can cause tissue damage in autoimmune diseases.(90)

A study of cytokine levels in 20 autistic children by S Gupta and coworkers found that TH1 cytokines were consistently lowered and TH2 cytokines were consistently elevated as compared with controls.(91) Once again, does this tie in with immunizations? Are immunizations tilting the immune systems into TH2-skewed immune response? Considering that vaccines are administered by parenteral injection, designed primarily to stimulate antibody response, this would appear to be the case.

However, we cannot know the answers to this and other similar questions until definitive studies are done, testing both the immediate and long-term effects of vaccines on the human system. Among these, the testing of cytokines and related lymphocyte subpopulations before-and-after immunizations appear to be the most promising.

Vaccine Scene 2001: Update and Overview, (101 references).
Read full article above - here


If you WANT to understand how vaccines work and actually often do more harm than good! The below two articles explain it quite well.

Basics of the Human Immune System Prior to Introduction of Vaccines: Are Vaccines Turning Our Children’s Immune Systems Inside Out?  Part 1  

by, Harold E Buttram, MD and Catherine J Frompovich, June 10, 2011

Basics of the Human Immune System Prior to Introduction of Vaccines: Are Vaccines Turning Our Children’s Immune Systems Inside Out? Part 2

Index of articles:

Vaccines and Immunization Harm - References and Research Citations.

No proof science huh.... Costner!!!

Vaccination Citations and Death, (from above link).

Na, "DPT Vaccination and Sudden Infant Death - Tennessee, US Dept HEW, MMWR Report, Mar 23, 1979, vol 28(11): 132. 

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 Mortimer EA Jr, "DTP and SIDS: when data differ", Am J Public Health 1987 Aug; 77(8):925-926.

SIDS and Seizures, MORE studies and discussion.
Harris L. Coulter PhD

Falsely Accused SBS

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalomyelitis?
The Story of Baby Alan

(Mainstream again ignores the obvious, below).

The evidence base for shaken baby syndrome, and they of course mention nothing of vaccines

{SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME OR VACCINE INDUCED ENCEPHALITIS - ARE PARENTS BEING FALSELY ACCUSED? BY Buttram M. D., Harold(Author)}Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis - Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?[paperback]

The Possible Role of Vaccines in Causing Retrogressive Changes: Reminiscences of America’s Children in the 1930s, and the Profound Changes That Have Taken Place Since Then.

Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines Meeting
Vaccine Safety Advocate Harold E Buttram, MD, Presentation
September 2, 2010, FDA, Rockville, MD

Multiple Vaccinations and the Shaken Baby Syndrome 
F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Do Vaccines Work/ History of Failure

Vaccines and Immunization References and Research Citations. The harm done references!


Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Is There a Link?


Review of Vaccination by Viera Scheibner: Irene Alleger

Hearings on Hepatitis B vaccine

Adverse Effects of Adjuvants in Vaccines,

by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D

Manuscripts about Specific Conditions or Events

Shaken Baby Syndrome

By Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.


Education On Vaccine Dangers

Syndrome child who is shaken - link to immunization

V. Scheibner/Journal of Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) 2001 August 5
Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis On Shaky Ground

Viera Scheibner, PhD
Principal Research Scientist (Retired)

Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Volume 20 Issue 2 (2001 Aug)
Shaken baby syndrome diagnosis on shaky ground.

Scheibner, V

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalomyelitis?

The Story of Baby Alan

Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis On Shaky Ground
J. Aust. Coll. Nutr. & Env. Med. Vol. 20 No. 2 (August 2001) pages 5-8, 15

Vaccinations and the Dynamics of Critical Days

Underlying Mechanisms of the Cycle

Vaccination and Cot Deaths

Cot Deaths Linked to Vaccinations

Medical Research on SIDS and Epidemics

Vaccinations and the Dynamics of Critical Days

Vaccinations and the Dynamics of Critical Days the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (J ACNEM) 23(3):1-5, December 2004.


About the Author:

Viera Scheibner, PhD, is a retired principal research scientist with a doctorate in natural sciences. During her distinguished career she has written three books and had over 90 papers published in refereed scientific journals. She has been researching vaccines and vaccinations since the early 1980s and is the author of Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the System (1993; reviewed in NEXUS 2/16) and Behavioural Problems in Childhood (2000; reviewed in 7/05).

Dr Scheibner's article on the dynamics of critical days was first published in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (J ACNEM) 23(3):1-5, December 2004.

Previous articles by Dr Scheibner on vaccines and vaccinations have been published in NEXUS: "Adverse Effects of Adjuvants in Vaccines" (NEXUS 8/01-02), "Shaken Baby Syndrome" (5/05); "Brain-eating Bugs" (3/03), and (with Leif Karlsson) "Cot Deaths Linked to Vaccinations" (2/05).

Dr Scheibner is often asked by lawyers to provide expert reports for vaccine-damage court cases, and she regularly conducts lectures. She was a speaker at the 2005 NEXUS Conference in Brisbane in September.

Dr Scheibner can be contacted by email using the form provided here: Contact Viera.

She is happy to provide additional references for this article as well as accompanying diagrams on request.



Shaken Baby/Impact Syndrome: Flawed Concepts and Misdiagnoses

(Based on a Review of Twenty-Eight Cases)

by Harold E Buttram, M.D. February 5, 2003


The parents speak about their vaccine damaged children and the gov't. Washington Vax/Autism Press conference:

Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination; check out the additional references to the same below, (endless). 

"Following Vaccinations" -- 900 Voices Telling the Truth

Hepatitis B Vaccine: More Dangerous than the Disease? 

Attached is a superb article published today in Ohio, where the legislature is reconsidering its mandatory Hepatitis B vaccine. Note two important aspects of this article: (1) it discusses actual physicians opposed to the vaccine and (2) it discusses the financial ties of the AMA and AAP which taint their endorsement of the mandatory vaccine.

Cluster of "SIDS" deaths in north Idaho prompt parents to blame vaccines; doctors, government deny vaccine link.

Why a Satisfactory Solution to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Has Not Been Achieved, by Dr Archie Kalokerinos

The Answer to Crib Death “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS), ascorbate supplementation.

Antiviral Vitamin C, and as well helps detox such as vaccine toxins.


More than 2,000 vaccinated babies died: The cost of doing business

Hypocritical pediatricians push for stricter chemical laws at the same time they inject babies with toxic vaccines 

A Positive Association found between Autism Prevalence and Childhood Vaccination uptake across the U.S. Population

Petition link

A Case Series of Children with Apparent Mercury Toxic Encephalopathies Manifesting with Clinical Symptoms of Regressive Autistic Disorders

A Prospective Study of Mercury Toxicity Biomarkers in Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review

Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes—A review. 

Journal of Immunotoxicology, 2011; 8(1): 68–79

Helen V. Ratajczak

"Danish Study" CDC Doctor who "Debunked" Autism Vaccines Link Indicted on Fraud

One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All...

Excerpt: Ratajczak says human tissue (aborted fetal tissue) is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked.”

Vaccines Grown on Aborted Fetal Tissue

A Brief History of Human Diploid Cell Strains, used in vaccines.

Rene Leiva, M.D.

Herd Immunity-Truth

Government vaccine compensation payouts prove autism link.

Unanswered Questions from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury.

New Study Confirms Role of Environment in the Development of Autism.

Fox News Reports: Probe to Reveal Link Between Vaccine Settlements and Autism


Thank You JAMA, HPV Vaccine Warning.

Editorial -Gardasil

JAMA. 2007;297(17):1921-1923. doi: 10.1001/jama.297.17.1921

Mandatory HPV Vaccination

Public Health vs Private Wealth


Vaccine Ingredients


The attack on anything alternative, that works! They want you sick. Well people do not make money for pharma! 

Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness
Ex-Pharma Sales Reps Speaks Out - Pharma Not in Business of Health, 

FDA unleashes end game scheme to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements formulated after 1994

FDA's scheme to outlaw nearly all nutritional supplements created after 1994 would destroy millions of jobs and devastate economy.

FDA’s New Sneak Attack on Supplements

“Dietary Supplement Labeling Act” a Huge Smokescreen

Threat to Texas Chiropractors’ Scope of Practice
Read more: THIS is the bullcrap you support, Costner!


Wake UP Costner!!!!! Your blog is all a bunch of crap! One page after another!

Doctors Denying Vaccine Risks: An American Tragedy, (notice at the end of the video what she states about "intellectual dishonesty"!)

Autism, Vaccines, Mercury and the Culpability of the American Academy of Pediatrics, (Video) 
Excerpt: Kenneth Stoller, MD was trained as a pediatrician at UCLA and was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades. In 2008 he resigned from the AAP after realizing that the AAP has known that mercury in vaccines can cause Autism and other neurological damage, yet the organization has refused to make a determined effort to have mercury (in thimerosal) removed from all vaccines. And in fact, has instead engaged in a cover-up to protect the interests of the vaccine makers and pharmaceutical empires.

Autism, Vaccines, Mercury and the Culpability of the American Academy of Pediatrics, (Video)

Autism Is A Medical Problem And There Is Proven, Effective Medical Treatment - Dr. Stoller, MD

Vaccines Cause Autism, ADD/ADHD & Brain Damage - Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD

Biomedical Treatment    [And you want to deny this Costner, and deny these children a chance for a better life than what main stream medicine can offer them. Of course they refuse to acknowledge it because they caused it!]

Crimes at the CDC

Excerpt: According to Kennedy, in a July 1999 letter, vaccine producer SmithKline Beecham tells CDC that it is ready to produce non-Thimerosal DTP (Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis) vaccines immediately and has sufficient inventories to supply the entire U.S. market during the remainder of 1999 and the first half of 2000, by which time other vaccine manufacturers would have their Thimerosal-free DTP vaccines on line. Thimerosal-laden DTP vaccines containing 25 micrograms of mercury apiece (75 thousand trillion atoms of mercury) were then being administered to American infants at two months, four months and six months — far exceeding EPA’s recommended safe level for mercury. Had CDC accepted SmithKline’s offer, it could have immediately reduced the mercury exposures to vaccinated six-month-old children by 40%.

Kennedy continued, “However, in November, CDC mysteriously sent a letter back rejecting SmithKline’s offer. Then, on July 14, 2000 CDC published a deceptive press release promising to require that all vaccines be Thimerosal-free as soon as “adequate supplies are available.” This was a full 12 months after the agency had denied SmithKline’s proposal.”

Vaccine Nation, and THIS is what they deny; claiming no peer reviewed study proves? A very informative video on vaccines!

New Warning About Everyday Poison Linked to Alzheimer's, ADHD, and Autism

49 Doses of 14 Vaccines Before Age 6?

Measles cases soar, despite rise in MMR jabs, actually read that article, they have an at least 90% MMR jab rate [and they are STILL as always, falsely blaming the non vaccinating parents. ]

Report Vaccine Reactions. It's the Law! But doctors and pediatricians refuse to.

YOUR CHILDS DEATH WILL BE A COINCIDENCE AND NO ONE IS LIABLE - Gardasil (The problem with non reporting of serious vaccine injuries and death, 1 to 10% reporting at best).
If this video does not make you mad; if it does not enrage you; if you are still that far into lying denial, then in my opinion people like you belong somewhere else than among us in society. This is the problem for ALL vaccines. Rotateg caused intussusception was to obvious and they had no way to deny that; do not beleive just based on that-that all vaccines are opennly and honestly safety monitored. (Video)

Nor for their resulting infertility!

Gardasil & Swine Flu, Inconvenient Truth 08-24-09

Why Isn’t ‘Herd Immunity’ Working?


Formaldehyde in Vaccines

What Is It You Don’t Get About Vaccines?

Interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries, on vaccines; very informative!

The Vaccine Monster With Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Vaccine Primer Health Professionals Speak Out

Vaccine-autism link: New investigation, check out this video which details the typical situation with vaccines causing autism; THIS is what they deny! Every study they have claims to find no link ever. Listen closely. Richard Deth, MD.

What Happens When Your Government Chooses to Side-Step Scientific Truth?

Corrupt to the Core!

Vaccine Epidemic

Parts 1-6

Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child A Parent's Guide to Childhood Shots
By Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH
What on of several had to say.
"A comprehensive research-based review for parents wanting to hear
the untold story about vaccines. Thank you for this reputable resource;
I will continually recommend this book to parents and healthcare professionals alike."
--Susan McCreadie, MD, Board Certified Pediatrician

DR. MAYER EISENSTEIN, MD, JD, MPH, is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health, and the John Marshall Law School. In his 38 years in medicine, he and his practice have cared for over 75,000, children, parents, and grandparents. He is the founder and Medical Director of the Homefi rst® Health Services. He is Board Certifi ed by the American Board of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians. He is a member of the Illinois Bar. His latest book, Making An Informed Vaccine Decision goes along with his other books: Give Birth at Home With The Home Birth Advantage; Safer Medicine, Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate, 2nd Edition; Unavoidably Dangerous - Medical Hazards of HRT and Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy. Some of his many guest appearances include: “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Hannity and Colmes”. His weekly syndicated radio show “The Dr. Mayer Eisenstein Show”, airs in the Chicagoland area. One of his goals is to lower the use of pharmaceuticals in the American population.

Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, (also listen to the commentary by Neil Miller) By Neil Z. Miller.

What one of several had to say.

"This is the best book ever written on this subject. I cannot imagine how many hours were spent researching the information. The chapter on the HPV vaccine is one of the most incisive, data-packed and well-argued pieces of scientific journalism I have ever seen. This book will go a long way toward helping people make critical vaccine decisions."
--Russell Blaylock, MD, Neurosurgeon (retired)

VACCINES: Are They Really Safe and Effective?
By Neil Z. Miller
New, updated and revised edition! This is the best selling introductory vaccine book in the world.
What three of several had to say.

"Compelling evidence! This book deeply affected me. I strongly recommend it to all concerned parents."
--Rayna Siegler-Dineen, M.A., Early Childhood Educator

Many thanks to Neil Miller for the thoroughness of his research. The evidence compiled in this book will help people of every persuasion to clarify their views."
--Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

"There are grounds for questioning both the safety and efficacy of current childhood vaccination programs. These reasons are reviewed with clarity and thoroughness in the main body of this book."
--Harold E. Buttram, M.D.

The for profit insanity of chicken pox vaccine! Well, then they can profit again from a nor increses need for a shingles vaccine. (And the sheeple come marching right in for whatever they tell them to do, and mandate.)

Smallpox Vaccine: Origins of Vaccine Madness

The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences
Neil Z. Miller, Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute

Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates

The Possible Role of Vaccines in Causing Retrogressive Changes

Research Shows Vaccinations Are Causing Surge Of Asthma In Children

First they cause the problem, and then they prfit again by another haphazard way of fixing it! (Nothing is enough).

‘One size fits all’ allergy jab for hay fever, asthma and eczema on the way.

'One size fits all' allergy jab for hay fever, asthma and eczema on the way

Vaccines: Prevention or Poison?

Corrupt to the core!

Oh ya Costner, its ALL... a ......"conspiracy THEORY"!  No wonder you attack me like you do! I have it RIGHT!

THIS is why I do what I do, and always have Costner!


I see your latest page is on Pertussis vaccine! Didn't I already kick your butt on that subject... before? And YOU refused to publish any information on that in a reply to your page? Keep ....lying! And you expect me to waste my time creating ....another page?

Response To: You can’t hide in the herd.

Whooping Cough Kills 5 in California -- State Declares an Epidemic, [get the real story].

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) & Pertussis Vaccine

Why Dr. Snyderman's Whooping Cough Vaccine Rant is a Total SHAM…

Whooping Cough Increases Despite All the Vaccinations

Using Fear & Prejudice to Attack Vaccine Exemptions Part 1

Using Fear & Prejudice to Attack Vaccine Exemptions Part 2

Using Fear & Prejudice to Attack Vaccine Exemptions part 3


In your page prior to that titled: More Evidence That Autism Caused by Genetic and Environmental Factors, you made this comment below.

The only question remaining is, how many more studies will it take before an antivaxxer like Mr. Hubbs admits that vaccines are not the root cause of autism?  Put another way, how many more times will the scientific and medical community release a study which make Mr. Hubbs and his fellow antivaxxers look foolish?  

Time will tell.

And, alias no identity Costner, you still think there is some genetic link that caused the autism rates to go from one in 10,000, in 97 to 1 in 100 or less in 2011? But NONE of their studies have ever concluded THAT; even Offit's study at Children's Hospital in PA! Anything to blame something other than vaccines, which by the way quadrupled after the 1997 no liability NCVA. Thats good, Paul (for profit) Offit still believes its all genetic too; the same guy that stated children can safely tolerate 10,000 vaccines! Did you hear what Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC said about him in that video? Pretty much sums it up.

The ONLY person actually looking mocked and foolish here.... is YOU Costner! Deny it all you want. And YOU have all the science!? Holy smokes, can anyone get any more in denial and delusional than that? Wow!

You need to go back to your castle or where ever you exist and get back to work on some more bullshit, call the CDC, or maybe Gorski, Orac, and Quackwatch too, for some more updated counter... material? I don't know what you look like, but I figured that likely this guy at the bottom might come as close as it would get.

Anyone that does what you do Costner and goes to the lengths with no identity that you have, (for this long); in an attempt to destroy others (me), that put forth the truth, is actually just more than a bit ...SICK and... CREEPY! But you never could admit how badly you get your butt kicked, ever! Try it again.. Cowboy! You have ALL the answers and that great pharma/CDC science; which for the most part has made a quite poor showing for you here so far.

Nickelback- If everyone cared lyrics

Collection of a bit more of the selected information on vaccines and why the whole basis for modern medicine is wrong. Starting right here.

Bechamp or Pasteur: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology [Paperback]

The Blood and its Third Anatomical Element

The Third Element of the Blood
(Out of Print)
by Antoine Bechamp

Antoine Béchamp

Is Modern Medicine Founded on Error?

Soil Theory vs Germ Theory

The Other Players (of that time).

Rockefeller Drug Empire

Pasteur exposed - the False foundations of Modern medicine

Louis Pasteur Exposed.

Book Review of: Pasteur Exposed: The False Foundations of Modern Medicine



Germ Theories

by Walene James


Disease arises from micro-organisms outside the body.
Microorganisms are generally to be guarded against.
The function of microorganisms is constant.
The shapes and colours of microorganisms are constant
Every disease is associated with a partciular microorganism
Microorganisms are primary causal agents.
Disease can "strike" anybody.
To prevent disease we have to "build defences".


1. Disease arises from micro-organisms within the cells of the body.
2.These intracellular microorganisms normally function to build and assist in the metabolic processes of the body.
3.The function of these organisms changes to assist in the catabolic (disintegration) processes of the host organism when that organism dies or is injured, which may be chemical as well as mechanical.
4.Microrganisms change their shapes and colours to reflect the medium
5. Every disease is associated with a particular condition.
6. Microorganisms become "pathogenic" as the health of the host organism deteriorates. Hence, the condition of the host organism is the primary causal agent.
7. Disease is built by unhealthy conditions.
8. To prevent disease we have to create health.

Why Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory Is A Curse. It is Pasteur (1822-1895) who remains the father of vaccination and it is with him that the long string of lies begins.

The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur
by R. B. Pearson (originally Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter 1942)

Louis Pasteur & The Pasteurian germ theory

Pasteur, Plagiarist, Impostor!: The Germ Theory Exploded! [Paperback]
R. B. Pearson (Author)

Neuroglial Activation and Neuroinflammation in the Brain of Patients with Autism.
Ann Neurol 2005;57:000–000
(Read the conclusion).

One Big Fat Lie That Is Endangering Our Children… That Almost Everyone Believes!

There's More to Vaccination than the Shot
Get the Facts. Know Your Rights

Vaccinations Parents Informed Choice, (Getting it RIGHT!)

Vaccine Ingredients, Definitions and descriptions of what's in vaccines

Duration of Humoral Immunity to Common Viral and Vaccine Antigens


More Resources:

Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics

Excerpt: The Measles mortality graphs are enlightening [more below] and contradict the claims of Government health officials that vaccines have saved millions of lives. It is an unscientific claim which the data show is untrue.

Vaccination Information & Choice Network

Autism, Information on the link between Vaccines and Autism

Clin Infect Dis. 2004 Aug 1;39(3):389-94. Epub 2004 Jul 9.
Fever after immunization: current concepts and improved future scientific understanding.(They don't have a damn clue, that fever is not necessarily bad in processes of the immune system).

Articles of Interest from Medical Journals that do not fit under other headings.

The BIG Lie II – British Medical Journal Caught Out – Wakefield Fraud Allegations Based On Incorrect Information

Images Of Poliomyelitis, A Critique Of Scientific Literature

If you think vaccines are SAFE??? Side effects of vaccination

Updated VAERS Reports - HPV Vaccines



Did Not Recover

Good links.


Gardasil Primer: Doctors & vaccine injured families speak out!


Truth About Gardasil


Vaccine manufacturers Protected from Liabilty in Vaccine (KANGAROO) Court

The Supreme Court says you cannot sue for a vaccine injury

Personal vaccine harm stories.

Vaccine Injury Info.

EXCLUSIVE: Government Paid Millions to Vaccine-Injured Kids


Vaccinations and Immune Malfunction [Paperback]
M. D. Harold E. Buttram (Author), John Chriss Hoffman (Author)

Dangers of Vaccines - Part 1 , Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Adjuvants and You, August 2009

Gardasil Truth/Info.

Dr. Palevsky, Childrens Natural health

Aluminum and Vaccine Ingredients: What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know?
Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, FAAP

Formaldehyde in Vaccines

Aluminum in Vaccines: Where Are the Safety Studies?

Research Shows Vaccinations Are Causing Surge Of Asthma In Children

Rise In Childhood Food Allergies Being Linked To Vaccinations

The UN’s Push To Vaccinate Every Female for HPV, Gardasil/Cervarix.

Is There A Hidden Agenda In Vaccines?

My Kids My Choice

Why Isn’t ‘Herd Immunity’ Working?

Polio: Causes and Effects Part II, (a little of the real history on cause and effect).

Cow Fetuses Contaminated Vaccines, FDA Did Nothing

We Must Study the Health of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Vaccination Liberation - Home
"Free Your Mind....From The Vaccine Paradigm"

Think Twice -Vaccines

Conflicts of interest in vaccine approvals, and policy making.

Extensive vaccination TRUTH Websites List

Part 1 of 3. Unanswered questions about the Hepatitis B vaccine

Part 2: Unanswered questions about the Hepatitis B vaccine

Reasons to Question Vaccination
by Walene James, author of "Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth"

Common Belief is that Vaccines are Safe...BUT Doctors & Scientists Speak Out

Excerpt: “Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with complex vaccines began to be introduced? I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.”
~ Dr. W.B. Clarke, MD, (1909)


Hidden in Plain Sight: the Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease

The Controversy of the Latent Period following Immunizations, Harold E Buttram, MD

Immunization Graphs:
Natural Infectious Disease Declines; Immunization Effectiveness; and Immunization Dangers

Radio interview with Dr. Philip Incao 38 minute, 13 megabyte mp3 file - (vaccines).

The research findings of Dr. Gary S. Goldman, published in the International Journal of Toxicology, support the theory that shingles, which is known to cause three times as many deaths and five times the number of hospitalizations as chickenpox, is naturally suppressed by occasional contact with chickenpox. Dr. Goldman's website presents numerous radio interviews on the chickenpox vaccine controversy. Hear them at

Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System
by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.

Excerpt: Following this finding, Dr Scheibner studied some 30,000 pages of medical papers dealing with vaccination. She found no evidence that vaccines are safe or effective. Vaccines are highly noxious. They contain formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate, thiomersal (mercury compound), foreign proteins (antigens) and contaminating animal proteins and viruses from the tissues used as growth medium to culture the viral and bacterial components of vaccines. None of these substances should ever be injected into human beings. They erode the immune system and alter the immunological response to diseases.

Basic review of the book:

Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System

by Viera Scheibner Ph.D.

This book (published 1993) is a concise summary of the results of orthodox medical research into vaccines and their effects. It aims to inform medical professionals, parents and the general public about short and long-term dangerous side-effects, including brain damage and death, of vaccines; of the ineffectiveness of vaccines in preventing infectious diseases, as shown by epidemics in fully vaccinated populations; and the causal link between DPT and polio vaccines and cot death.

Dr Viera Scheibner, retired Principal Research Scientist for the NSW Government with a doctorate in Natural Sciences, has published 3 books and some 90 scientific papers in refereed scientific journals in Australia and overseas during her distinguished career.

She and her husband, Leif Karlsson, an electronic engineer specialising in patient monitoring systems, developed Cotwatch, a true breathing monitor for babies. Vaccination proved to be the most prominent stressful event to sound the alarm. A microprocessor version of Cotwatch recording babies' breathing patterns presented the effect of vaccination clearly on the computer print-outs and the link between vaccine injections and cot death became painfully obvious.

Following this finding, Dr Scheibner studied some 30,000 pages of medical papers dealing with vaccination. She found no evidence that vaccines are safe or effective. Vaccines are highly noxious. They contain formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate, thiomersal (mercury compound), foreign proteins (antigens) and contaminating animal proteins and viruses from the tissues used as growth medium to culture the viral and bacterial components of vaccines. None of these substances should ever be injected into human beings. They erode the immune system and alter the immunological response to diseases.

The appearance of many new, autoimmune diseases like asthma, affecting alarming numbers of children, childhood leukaemia, and cancer, the enormous upsurge in the incidence of cerebral palsy and infantile convulsions seen in children of vaccination age and not before, should all be taken as serious warnings. Infectious diseases contracted at the appropriate age and allowed to run their course are beneficial because they serve to prime and mature the child's immune system.

The overwhelming evidence from the numerous human clinical and epidemiological studies cited by Dr Scheibner demonstrates beyond any doubt the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccinations and her book is a most valuable contribution towards exposing the myth of vaccinations.

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

MMR and Late-Onset Autism -(Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower, (and several studies).


MMR Vaccine,Thimerosal and Regressive or Late Onset Autism (“Autistic Enterocolitis”) A Review of the Evidence for a Link Between Vaccination and Regressive Autism, March 2006


General Index: of articles written by Viera Scheibner

Review of Vaccination by Viera Scheibner: Irene Alleger

Hearings on Hepatitis B vaccine

Amish & Autism

The hoax of modern medicine and its toxic medications.

Gardasil Victims – In Memoriam – Healthy Young Women – Aged 15 to 21

Some excerpts from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reports.
(COD = Cause Of Death)

Vaccination - A Parent's Dilemma

The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in
the United States in the Twentieth Century


Without claiming they are definitive findings, and eschewing pretentions
to an analysis as sophisticated as McKeown's for England and
Wales, one can reasonably draw the following conclusions from the
analysis presented in this paper:

In general, medical measures (both chemotherapeutic andprophylactic)
appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in
mortality in the United States since about 1900-having in many
instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline
had already set in and having no detectable influence in most
instances. More specifically, with reference to thosefive conditions
(influenza, pneumonia, diphtheria, whooping cough, andpoliomyelitis)
for which the decline in mortality appears substantial after the
point of intervention-and on the unlikely assumption that all of
this decline is attributable to the intervention-it is estimated that at
most 3.5 percent of the total decline in mortality since 1900 could be
ascribed to medical measures introduced for the diseases considered

These conclusions, in support of the thesis introduced earlier,
suggest issues of the most strategic significance for researchers and
health care legislators. Profound policy implications follow from
either a confirmation or a rejection of the thesis. If one subscribes to
the view that we are slowly but surely eliminating one disease after
another because of medical interventions, then there may be little
commitment to social change and even resistance to some reordering
of priorities in medical expenditures. If a disease Xis disappearing
primarily because of the presence of a particular intervention or
service Y, then clearly Y should be left intact, or, more preferably,
be expanded. Its demonstrable contribution justifies its presence.
But, if it can be shown convincingly, and on commonly accepted
grounds, that the major part of the decline in mortality is unrelated
to medical care activities, then some commitment to social change
and a reordering of priorities may ensue. For, if the disappearance
of X is largely unrelated to the presence of Y, or even occurs in the
absence of Y, then clearly the expansion and even the continuance
of Y can be reasonably questioned. Its demonstrable ineffectiveness
justifies some reappraisal of its significance and the wisdom of
expanding it in its existing form.

In this paper we have attempted to dispel the myth that medical
measures and the presence of medical services were primarily responsible
for the modern decline in mortality. The question now
remains: if they were not primarily responsible for it, then how is it
to be explained? An adequate answer to this further question would
require a more substantial research effort than that reported here,
but is likely to be along the lines suggested by McKeown which were
referred to early in this paper. Hopefully, this paper will serve as a
catalyst for such research, incorporating adequate data and appropriate
methods of analysis, in an effort to arrive at a more viable
alternative explanation.


Referenced also in the article titled; The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences.

Excerpt: Despite official denials of any correlation between polio vac-cines, SV-40, and increased cancer rates [91], by April 2001, 62 papers from 30 laboratories around the world had reported SV-40 in human tissues and tumors [84:10]. The virus was also discov-ered in pituitary and thyroid tumors, and in patients with kidney disease [84:10,13]. Even the National Cancer Institute issued a statement that SV-40 “may be associated with human cancer [84:11;92].”

Studies regarding pituitary tumors and the SV-40 virus. [I have a prolactinoma, diagnosed in 2005! L.H.]

Detection of polyomaviral DNA sequences in normal and adenomatous human pituitary tissues using the polymerase chain reaction

Conclusions. These findings, that polyomaviral DNA sequences are detectable at low levels in certain normal tissues, are in agreement with those of other groups and, to the authors' knowledge, serve as the first report of polyomaviral latency in human pituitary tissue. A role for polyomaviruses in pituitary tumorigenesis could not be established in this analysis. Cancer 1995; 76:490–6.

Mice Transgenic for a Vasopressin-SV4O Hybrid Oncogene Develop Tumors of the Endocrine Pancreas and the Anterior Pituitary A Possible Model for Human Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1

[PDF] Cell lines of the pituitary gonadotrope lineage derived by targeted oncogenesis in transgenic mice

Targeted pituitary tumorigenesis using the human thyrotropin beta-subunit chain promoter in transgenic mice.

Abstract excerpt: These results indicated that the 1109 bp sequence of the human TSH beta 5'-flanking region is essential for pituitary-specific expression of SV40 large T antigen in transgenic mice, which exhibited a dwarf phenotype and developed pituitary tumors. The tumors were composed of undifferentiated cells and did not produce thyrotropin. These transgenic mice should provide a valuable animal model for studying the pathogenesis of anterior pituitary

Post-translational processing of proopiomelanocortin (POMC) in mouse pituitary melanotroph tumors induced by a POMC-simian virus 40 large T antigen transgene.


Multiple studies on SV-40 that was in the polio vaccine, linked to human cancer and tumors.

Three study examples:

Anticancer Res. 2000 Nov-Dec;20(6C):4745-9.
Oral polio vaccine and human cancer: a reassessment of SV40 as a contaminant based upon legal documents.

Conventional epidemiology and the link between SV40 and human cancers

Dr Regis A Vilchez a b , Claudia A Kozinetz c, Janet S Butel a

Simian virus 40 (SV40) is known to cause tumourigenesis. The main types of tumour induced by SV40 in laboratory animals mirror the human cancers that have been found to contain SV40 DNA or the viral oncoprotein. Increasing amounts of data support the notion that SV40 may be an aetiological factor in the development of human cancers. Retrospective birth cohort studies have been used in attempts to refute the alleged causal link between SV40 and human cancers. However, these observational studies are affected by several important confounding factors, which mean that firm conclusions cannot be drawn. In this essay, we consider the unique features of SV40 infection in humans and examine the limitations of conventional studies that seek to disprove the aetiological link with human cancer.

Increasing evidence for involvement of SV40 in human cancer

Department of Molecular Virology and Microbiology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 77030, USA

SV40, a small DNA virus, is known to possess strong oncogenic potential. Millions of people were exposed to SV40 as an unknown contaminant of some early poliovaccines. This article briefly summarizes the increasing evidence of the association of SV40 with certain types of human cancer, including mesotheliomas and brain tumors. Unanswered questions pertaining to the pathogenesis of human infections by SV40 and the functional role of the virus in tumor development are noted. It is concluded that SV40 should be considered a candidate human tumor virus and that vigorous efforts to clarify the role of the virus in human disease should be supported.

Chapter 17. SV40 and Human Tumors

The Horrors of Statin Drugs: The Misguided War on Cholesterol

Screw you and your lies alias Costner, and your further promotional agenda you have regarding your failure to  recognize and admit the fraud from the beginning and the lies we are fed concerning all of modern medicine!

One day maybe you will wake up - and get it.

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