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Here we go again! Another blog full of more lies, denial and misinformation from Costner and his damage control minions!

Titled: Yet Another Conspiracy Theory From Mr Hubbs.

The blog author starts right off on the personal attacks, and then makes again this same false claim, and is excerpted below. It is interesting how desperate they are to keep diggging what they think is dirt. Interesting as well that there is no actual reference to the source of the quoted information. Interesting as well is that-that is the same thing that Costner always did on the Argus Leader Voices section, Sioux Falls, SD; that when he opposed me in that posting. And what would that be? He continually there as well made claims he could not back up with the facts nor the science. Shot down time after time, as worthless misinformation. Then when his claimed to his beleived facts were all proven to be bogus misinformation, he came right back on again and again, claiming to the same false previously made claims that were made earlier. You can see that this was all addressed again before, and in the reply section to, Quote of the Day. Yet he comes right back on again claiming that there is a proven science of vaccines and modern medicine. Go to that blog here, and check that out.

His statement:
So I guess in Mr. Hubbs world, the proven science of vaccines and
modern medicine in general are all about to "collapse".  Sort of makes
a person wonder what will replace all of the proven treatments and
remedies, but I suppose to a crazed conspiracy theorist like Mr. Hubbs
a little back cracking via a chiropractor should be good enough to
cure almost anything that ails the body, and a little baking soda can
take care of that pesky cancer that kills millions each year.

I would ask you, if all that is truth, then why does modern medicine as fact remain the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.? You can not deny that modern medicine is a leading cause of death, and that doesn't even take into account the evidence of the harm of vaccines. You were as said, shown this again to be to be true in the response made here to your, Quote Of The Day blog, also falsely attacking me as to that issue. You are aware of this counter blog being out there right along side yours. Yet you continue to lie about the facts.

Here are again the references to what I have stated:

I don't know about you but these page entries on the site are pretty darn self explanitory, as to what is being put forth. Of course these damage contol minions would rather that the world never had access to real cures that get the real cause. More for profit drugs and vaccines!

Just so you know; although it would not be my only and first choice in reversing cancer, the baking soda does work to reverse cancer; the evidence of that and as to way, is right here. It can be used with other natural protocols. Deny it all you want! It all makes modern medicine look pretty shabby as to those issues, doesn't it?

You see the futility of the work these people do, and as said he continues right on the same old false attack as always, and refers to nothing I have put forth on cancer, but the same old and worn out issue of, "he claims baking soda can cure cancer". What is actually on this site is far more extensive as to the issue of cancer information, than just that of baking soda.

What is cancer? Is has a large part of its basis in an overly acidic body ph; something the mainstream will never address, as that deals with actual causes, and the Amercian Cancer Society as well will never even mention getting to the real cause. When you correct the ph and stop feeding the cancer, with such things a sugar and bad diet; substituting that for raw vegetable juices and largely a raw food diet, cancer has and does reverse. There are many other natural substances that have been used for decades, and work as well. What do they do? They purify the blood and rebalance the detoxification pathways, so essentialy the body heals itself. One such is ESSIAC Tea; nd works even in capsule form. How would you know if you never considered the history of it and the testimonials.

And ask why did the FDA ban from use darkfield blood microscopy? One of the most effective tools you can use to diagnose cause of disease. Sick blood returns to normal and cancer reverses, with these protocols, and that proof has been and would be found using darkfield technology. Imagine that being that simple. The technology was first used by Becamp in early 1900, using crude microscopes but still got the job done. What did they do with that; it has been ersed from any medcial text book, all you will read about is Pasteur. The soil and the seed.

The other in denial aspect to all that is that they fail to address the fact that the human body makes cancer cells every day, that the immune system has to destroy. I bet all those chiropractic studies shoing up to a 400% increase in immune function, would never have any affect on development of cancer, would they? The denial and intentional ignorance is just mind boggling!

 Chiropractic and the Immune system. Contains an overview of the above said Ronald Pero, Ph.D, study.
[3] Pero R. “Medical Researcher Excited By CBSRF Project Results.” The Chiropractic Journal, August 1989; 32.

110 scientific peer reviewed references, to the benefits of chiropractic and the immune system, and are many more that exist!

If the immune system is benefited anywhere from 200 to 400%, by chiropractic adjustments; that to me would be a better bet than shooting up endless toxic vaccines and taking pharma drugs! The past historic record and the facts also show on how chiropractic has clearly benefited our population, and during times of past epidemic life threatening illness, where the standard medical field was a near complete failure. Add some vitamin C and D, and there you have it.

Page 1
Page 2

Vitamin D

Vitamin C

No human physiological science there? Ok, keep taking your failed pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Next time there is an outbreak of pertussis, get the facts about how many were vaccinated and still came down with it. In fact the largest percentage will be in those vaccinated. Doesn't matter if it is measles, mumps, or pertussis; same result. What does the CDC do? They refuse to acknowledge that, and then blame and falsely fear monger the non-vaccinating parents, and mock their exemptions.

Herd Immunity - Truth

As to cancer; the the best route amoung many is the green vegetable juicing and raw food diet, which also gets the body ph. out of the acid range and back into the slightly alkaline state. Something modern medicine ignores as essential. This protocol continues to be used successfully as well at the Gerson clinic. A facility that modern medicine run out of the country, decades ago. Nothing competes. View the DVD Healing Cancer From The Inside Out, for more detail on that - referenced to here.

More evidence for that information is found right here with numerous testimonials. But they do not care about that, its all about protecting the lies and the misinformation on all levels.



Testimonials-cancer, over 200.

Testimonials-general conditions

Nutrition Journal 2004, 3:19 doi:10.1186/1475-2891-3-19

Published: 20 October 2004

Nutrition and cancer: A review of the evidence for an anti-cancer

Excerpt from the conclusion;

As reviewed above, reductions of 60 percent in breast cancer rates have already been seen in human diet studies, and a 71 percent reduction in colon cancer for men without the known modifiable risk factors. These reductions are without taking into account many of the other factors considered in this review, such as markedly increased fruit and vegetable intake, balanced omega 3 and 6 fats, vitamin D, reduced sugar intake, probiotics, and enzymes–factors which all are likely to have an impact on cancer. Certainly cancer prevention would be possible, and cancer reversal in some cases is quite likely.
You see, we do not need Howard Hughs Insitute to shine a light on the truth, because we already have that truth clearly in sight! Your bogus expose on trying to claim nothing is hidden, is in fact pure in denial... lunacy!

Here is a similar situation, and a facility having similar outcomes, below.

Why is it that modern medicine can not reverse nor cure diabetes, but these people have been doing it for a long time already? How is it that they as well get people 15 at a time, off all their for profit and more harm than good pharma medications; no matter what it is? Oh, and even better yet they are doing it by natural means..(diet). And you claim the information is not suppressed? The mainstream allopathic sheeple, refuse to not only review it, but to even address. Like Costner, they are to busy crying about people out there with conspiracy theories that have claimed no pharma peer reviewed studies to back their claims. Attempting repeatedly to claim that the truth tellers are unstable and insane! But I guess we have no evidence for that either, in their mind.

Tree of Life REJUVENATION CENTER, (more testiment to how and why it works).

A very good video below and explains how and why it works, and why the average citizen does not know about it.

Healing Cancer From The Inside Out.

Healing Cancer From The Inside Out. (Part 1 and 2).

The basics are further outline right here.

More on Vaccines.

VRM: Vaccine Clinic – A Concise Compendium To The Problem With Vaccines.

VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 2 – Synergistic Effect of Heavy
Metal Toxicity On The Body

VRM: CDC-Gate Exposes A Trail of Fraud Behind Autism Studies.

VRM LAUNCHES WORLDWIDE AUTISM STUDY, (The right study, the CDC refused to do)!

VRM: Former Pharmaceutical Representative Gwen Olsen Exposes Systemic
Industry FraudVRM: Former Pharmaceutical Representative Gwen Olsen
Exposes Systemic Industry Fraud

This below is a very eye openning... READ! The level of denial of truth, and the evil there in the statements made and comments, are just amazing. Same thing as these people that created that misinforming and slanderous blog are doing, ya ...think Costner???

Anti-vaccination Liars; (NO the TRUTH is it is just the other way around!!! Who are real liars and the misnformed???)

Un-Vaccinated are more Healthy
Selected quotes from around the world

Homefirst Medical Community

Vaccine Choice

     Homefirst® Gives its Families Choice

Since 1973, The Homefirst physicians have been offering vaccine choice and awareness
Unlike most doctors, the Physicians of Homefirst are honored to serve your family if you give all some or none of the vaccines.

They have virtually no asthma, allergies, ADHD, ADD or Autism in their more then 35,000 un-vaccinated children.

Don't forget to go to Dr. Sherri Tenpennys site!

Saying no to vaccines.  350+ medical references.

Listen Closely!!!

Vaccines - The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices.

Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices 1/18

Polio Vaccination Presentation by Dr. Tenpenny

Dangers of Vaccines - Part 1

National Vaccine Information Center

Oh, but these are all conspiracy theory, helicopter and UFO sites, ya know.

And this fool that created the said blog even claimed that eating a can a tuna was more dangerous than injecting a child with thimersosal. Just maybe you need to correct some of your mindless and selective ignorance. Read the expose below!

America: The Land of Doctors in Their Wrong Mind

That is the information they do not want you to have; they want to shut down people like me, as they know I will never stop putting these truth forward!

I thought of you Costner when I seen this below video. I could care less who wrote this said blog. The fact is that it surrounds everything you in the past put forth, and is good enough for me. Your shameless nameless faceless lack of identiy is actually the pinacle of deceit and as to your slanderous attack and mission of misinformation. There has to be a special place in hell for people like that.

sheeple.jpg sheeple image by Khajuraho

"Did they say they just voluteered us for the next 140 vaccine clinical trials coming out"?

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