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Reply to:Thimerosal in Vaccines: Questions and Answers

Friday, October 29, 2010
Thimerosal in Vaccines: Questions and Answers

Ok, so here right out of the right out of the box, Costner or whoever made and is connected to this blog, makes the clearly incorrect claims as to the said studies that can be read right there in the first paragraph. I am starting to wonder who the idiot really is that created this said blog, because even I didn't think even he was that ignorant and misinformed about the past and current studies.

Then to compare the amount of mercury in a can of tuna, to be less exposure to mercury (thimersol), than a typical vaccine injection with 25 mcg. of mercury into the body of a child or infant is pure mislead insanity. Injection goes straight to the blood stream and tissues, organs, and the brain. Amazing. For a very informative expose on this very same issue; you can go to Renae Tocco's blog, under the title, America: The Land of Doctors in Their Wrong Mind, I will put that up here in its entirety for you at the end of this blog page.

The author of this referenced to blog, Thimerosal in Vaccines: Questions and Answers, other than to reiterate claims the FDA has made; references only studies at the blog page bottom that are related to externally applied optomology products. To imply that-that is the same or comparable to the mercury thimerosal in vaccines being injected in a human body; shows purely ignorance to even basic toxicology. Those studies have nothing to do with vaccines. Ask, where are the expert toxicologists on the FDA and CDC, advisory panels; there are none, and as a fact!

More false statements made by the blog author; Thimerosal in Vaccines: Questions and Answers.

As with most, antivaccinationists (or antivaxxers as they are so affectionately called), Mr. Hubbs often finds himself making claims about the effects of thimerosal in vaccines.  He refers to the (now discredited) Andrew Wakefield study which attempted to link thimerosal with autism along with speaking of newer Wakefield studies with primates trying to suggest this link actually exists.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs, there is not one single peer-reviewed study in existence which proves such a link exists.  In fact, of the dozens of studies which tried to determine if such a link exists, they all have found no correlation between thimerosal and autism whatsoever.

I have addressed this before, there are countless studies I have put forth that would conclude thimerosal to be a contributing factor; and most of them are on my website. Any person interested can find plenty of those studies. Although each and every time, there is flat out denial that those studies validly show proof of anything; and or that they even exist in a viable trusted journal.

Thimersol is not the only factor in vaccine caused autism; it is a combination of factors. There are children as well that have low levels of glutathione and thus can not detox the level of mercury  that vaccines formerly had. This is well outlined on my Biomedical Treatment page. There is also the issue of ischemia/hypoxia and biomedical treatment plays a role in that as well in the healing of not only of the gut, but the whole picture of.

Example. (Nevaeh Gelineau section). Black book pamphlet. Now that the end vascular territories are impaired, this is like a series of areas wherein the blood vessel pipes are "crimped,", partially blocked..or obliterated. At this point, any immune hyper stimulating triggers Nevaeh is intolerant of (e.g. Casein, Gluten, etc..) will lead to an immune response. It is the immune response that has these partially "closed vessels/pipes" cannot handle. This aggravates ischemia - and symptomatology.

Why is no-one looking at this additional connection, as to why biomedical treatment works?

As well; and as was incorrectly stated by the blog author, Dr. Andrew Wakefields 1998 study now retracted from the Lancet, had nothing to due with thimerosal!!! It surrounded the issue of the MMR vaccine, which has never had mercury. As well his primate studies so far published also have not been with intent to prove mercury causes autism, although there are more refined as vaccine harm studies in the works. Due to the false attack on him he has pulled his name from those studies; to help further the chances of publishing those said further studies, which they will do.

Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Interview with Dr. Wakefield.

With 28 studies that support his work .
Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines: The Truth Behind a Tragedy [Hardcover]

CBS News's Sharyl Attkisson Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Influence of pediatric vaccines on amygdala growth and opioid ligand binding in rhesus macaque infants: A pilot study. The initial study Wakefield had his name on; since that time he has needed to remove it because of the intensity if the false attacks on him possibly causing the preventing publishing.

Hewitson L, Lopresti BJ, Stott C, Mason NS, Tomko J.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Full text available here


Now lets go to this related article written by Renae Tocco; which additionally has dispelled the thimerosal myths Costner has eluded to in his blog.


Lets take a look at this information by her mother, Mary Tocco, with some endless Vaccines and Immunization Harm - References and Research Citations.

But of course the author of the replied to blog here doesn't care about healing kids but only damage control for the medical side.

America: The Land of Doctors in Their Wrong Mind 


The hallmark of American pediatric healthcare is the childhood vaccination policy.   It is a portion of healthcare that is promoted by the government and enforced by the educational system.  Parents are rarely even knowledgeable about the fact that in almost every state, whether to vaccinate is their own choice.   We give up to three times the vaccines as other first world countries and there has never been more controversy and scandal surrounding another topic in medicine.

Of the hundreds of potentially dangerous vaccine additives, thimerosal has been targeted as a main concern by doctors, researchers and many organizations.  Thimerosal was developed by Eli Lilly in 1929.  Thimerosal is a form of ethylmercury, and is 50% mercury by weight.  Mercury is almost the deadliest element on earth, second only to plutonium.  Nervous system and brain damage are both proven effects of mercury exposure whether the toxin is inhaled, eaten or even placed on the skin. Starting in the 1990s, infants were being given multiple doses of mercury-laced vaccines.  During this decade, babies were injected with mercury levels that exceeded the federal safety levels for dietary mercury by 87 times.  By 1999, the government had asked pharmaceutical companies to remove all thimerosal from vaccines.  However, there is plentiful evidence that the CDC was working against the government recommendation.  In 2010, even though many parents are misled and believe vaccines are mercury-free, the thimerosal disaster continues.  Many vaccines contain “trace” amounts of thimerosal.  When a child receives numerous vaccines in a single day, trace + trace + trace still equals a toxic exposure.  And unless special ordered, flu vaccines still contain up to 25 micrograms of this dangerous additive.

A common rebuttal given by medical and health officials to defend injecting thimerosal is the fact that children can eat mercury-containing fish and not suffer brain damage.  Let’s explore this argument used to confuse the real issue at hand.  What American parents should know is that eating tuna that contains mercury is totally different that injecting a vaccine with mercury.

A first important factor is that the mercury we ingest when eating fish is methylmercury.  The mercury that we inject with vaccines is ethylmercury.  Research used to ease parental concern showed that ethylmercury is rather rapidly eliminated from the bloodstream. Many parents relied on this fact when accepting vaccines.  What would horrify these same parents is the knowledge that although thimerosal does indeed leave the bloodstream, it deposits in the worst place possible:  the brain and other organs.  This effect has been shown in research time and again, but even our own National Institutes of Health funded a study in 2005 that spells the result of ethylmercury exposure.  The findings are that ethylmercury is more toxic than methylmercury because it crosses the blood-brain barrier quicker and converts to inorganic mercury.  This inorganic mercury is most difficult to excrete and stays in the brain longer and in higher levels.  

Of a greater concern is that vaccines are injected, not ingested.  The gastrointestinal tract is equipped to eliminate heavy metals from foods we eat.  When you inject into the bloodstream the body has no defense.  Every organ and tissue is left vulnerable.  Another area of concern is that all safety levels ever established are based on ingesting the toxin. Comparing injecting to ingesting and comparing ethylmercury to methylmercury is even more ridiculous than comparing apples to oranges.   We literally have no research to substantiate the safety of this practice.  Conversely there are hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled children who have been raised with the childhood vaccine policy.

As a side note, thimerosal has been banned in Russia, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a policy on mercury exposure: “Mercury in all its forms is toxic to the fetus and children, and efforts should be made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and children as well as the general population.”

We are injecting babies, toddlers, pregnant women and the elderly with high levels of thimerosal to attempt to avoid the yearly flu.  The question I am left with is What doctor in his right mind would inject thimerosal into a human being?”


If you want to actually understand the main and major problem with vaccines, you need to read this article.

Immune System Dysfunction - Arizona Center For Advanced Medicine

Margaret J. McFall-Ngai, Ph.D. (author of the above article).

Peer reviewed papers contributed to - 55.


Vaccine Data Leads to a Shocking Discovery.

..."Under independent investigation, CDC's data concludes children are 27-times more likely to develop autism after exposure to three thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs), than those who receive thimerosal-free versions."...

The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup, Part 1 (of 5)

Why would anyone want to inject these toxic vaccines when there is so much proof that they do not work; in fact these outbreaks occur more-so in the vaccinated than the un-vaccinated. Un-vaccinated children are always much healthier. They never have the endless problems and doctor visits that vaccinated children do. Why are there no cases of autism nor the rest of what has become an epidemic in the rest of the vaccinated population; in the Amish community.

Lowells Facts - Herd Immunity Truth - page.  Long list of vaccine failures, even within claimed herd immunity attained populations. Find out how they developed the concept of herd immunity, there is NO science to it!

And yet the CDC has the nerve to blame it on non-vaccinating parents and fear monger the use of vaccines. The vaccines simply don/t work as advertised! This should be a deciding factor in if or not you want to inject all those toxic substances. (List of ingredients).

Immune System Dysfunction - Arizona Center For Advanced Medicine  (In relation to vaccines). A must read!

Margaret J. McFall-Ngai, Ph.D. (author of the above article).

Peer reviewed papers contributed to  - 55.

Vaccine Failures

Whooping Cough Outbreaks & Vaccine Failures

Using Fear & Prejudice to Attack Vaccine Exemptions

Index of some other articles.

National Vaccine Information Center claims are always referenced!

Whooping Cough Kills 5 in California -- State Declares an Epidemic.  (Read the real story).

Whooping Cough Increases Despite All the Vaccinations.

Why Dr. Snyderman's Whooping Cough Vaccine Rant is a Total SHAM…  (More on the misinformation and false fear mongering lies we are fed, to keep the sheeple in line and prevent the vaccine program from losing profit)!!! With a video by Barbara Loe Fisher.

Dosage  and Vaccine Failure
Recent measles outbreaks throughout the world may be due to vaccine failure. Primary vaccine failure (PVF) occurs when the subject does not make detectable antibodies in response to the vaccination. Secondary vaccine failure (SVF) results when the subject initially makes detectable antibodies in response to vaccination but these titers fall with time.

The occurrence of secondary vaccine failure and vaccine-modified measles does not appear to be a major impediment to measles control in the United States (A flat out lie) but may lead to underreporting of measles cases and result in overestimation of vaccine efficacy in highly vaccinated populations. (AMA Journal).
Vaccine Failure -- Over 1000 Got Mumps in NY in Last Six Months

Excerpt: The boy had been fully vaccinated against the mumps, as had 77 percent of the patients in New Jersey.

The Drug Story: By Hans Ruesch


More mercury related references

The beneficial effect of amalgam replacement on health in patients with autoimmunity.

Adverse immunological effects and autoimmunity induced by dental amalgam and alloy in mice.



sDepartment of Pathology Link#{246}pingUniversity, Linkoping, Sweden;

Elimination of mercury from amalgam in rats.

The Weston Price Foundation

Root Canal Dangers - DNA Studies Confirm Dr. Weston Price’s Century-Old Findings.          
Holistic Healthcare - Dentistry
Friday, 25 June 2010

If you believe mercury placed anywhere in the human body is safe??? Note what it states about the advent of high-copper amalgam fillings, and the increases in auto-immune disease!

Excerpt: My attention was drawn to the increase in autoimmune disease after the high-copper amalgams of 1975 were initiated as “state of the art” fillings, which ADA claimed released no mercury. On the contrary, studies from Europe1 found that the high-copper amalgams released fifty times more mercury than previous amalgam!

Note in Figure 2 that the actual number of cases of multiple sclerosis increased tremendously, from an average of 8800 per year during the period 1970 to 1975, to an increase of up to 123,000 in one year. That year being 1976, the birth date of high-copper amalgams.

Perilous Pathways: Environmental Chemicals and Environmental Illness, A Major Role for Vitamin A
Health Topics - Environmental Toxins
Saturday, 08 February 2003 21:44

Excerpt: Vitamin A (retinol), and vitamin A hormone (retinoic acid), must be present in our bodies for normal functioning of the immune system and for the protein synthesis processes involved in reproduction. Lack of retinoic acid, the hormone form of vitamin A, characterizes most human autoimmune diseases. The question is whether these diseases are caused by lack of vitamin A or whether lack of vitamin A is caused by autoimmune disease? It turns out that lack of vitamin A is a precondition for the development of many if not all autoimmune diseases. This leads us to ask, what causes a lack of vitamin A?

Journal Home

Fertility and Sterility® is an international journal for obstetricians, gynecologists, reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, basic scientists and others who treat and investigate problems of infertility and human reproductive disorders. The journal publishes juried original scientific articles in clinical and laboratory research relevant to reproductive endocrinology, urology, andrology, physiology, immunology, genetics, contraception, and menopause. Fertility and Sterility® encourages and supports meaningful basic and clinical research, and facilitates and promotes excellence in professional education, in the field of reproductive medicine.

The Official Journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Environmental toxicants and female reproduction.

Oh my my, what do we have HERE! You searched for "mercury" within Fertility and Sterility. And the CDC claims that as to injecting mercury into a pregnant woman, that the benfits outweigh the risks. And additionally if she has had amalgam fillings? Insanity, for profit! There are no end to the falsely trusting the authorities - sheeple.

Fertility and Sterility


Mercury studies! Although oddly this scientific information and the studies, do not even address mercury in amalgam fillings, it is a damning account of the adverse effects of mercury in the body - (below)!!!

Data Network - Search - Mercury

Mutagenicity And Teratogenicity Of Mercury Compounds.

And has the FDA or CDC reviewed these studies? You can bet they have not! They already have all the relevant science, don't you know? They have nothing! No toxicologists even exist on their review boards! Fact!

Mercury: Environmental and Occupational Medicine, pages 449-463, 67 references.

Requires a library to provide Loansome Doc service to get the above full text articles.

Another research search engine.

Mercury related Articles:


Mercury Production. on October 27, 2010.

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