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Response to: Chiropractors Admit Their Treatments Are Based On False And Outdated Beliefs

This is a response to the below linked to blog page.

In this blog Costner makes all sorts of wild claims that I have supported chiropractic as being a preferred and viable treatment for anything from autism, asthma; to you name it. He generalizes that all the claims he claims to have heard that chiropractors have made to that, that I support the same, just because I support chiropractic treatment in general. 

Lying, twisted statements, making things up as he goes; all true to form for Costner anywhere he posts anything. Chiropractic does help keep the body in optimum working condition, and that does effect overall health. There is no doubt. And I will reference some studies. But he would have us believe that we are a bunch of mislead stooges, and that when in need, filling our bodies full of pharmaceutical drugs and endless vaccines is the better answer. He doesn't want anything competing or making modern medicine look bad; so he even went to the lengths to claim that massage therapy and physical therapy are equally effective. Well, that depends on what type of, or specific condition you are referring to. I can tell you as fact that although massage therapy is good, and I have been to both; it does not correct the problems that chiropractic does. Experiencing that is believing, as well. I have met people as well that had no real relief after an accident, from modern medicines physical therapy; and did not get relief and healing until they went to a good chiropractor!!! Then it was, "I have never felt better"! 

Now, when you add to your chiropractic practice information for your patients in seminar form such as Maximized Living Chiropractors do, then you have the whole package of health care and preventative care. Things like detox, correct exercise, proper diet and eliminating sugar and junk food; anything with a label that has refined ingredients and chemicals you can barely pronounce. There is a whole new protocol there depending on how far you want to go, and where you need to go.    

Chiropractors Admit Their Treatments Are Based On False And Outdated Beliefs

Excerpts from Costners blog, discrediting chiropractic.

However, for those of us who don't wish to remain blinded by ignorance, there is a growing mountain of evidence which continues to show chiropractic care for what it is... nothing more than a modern version of snake-oil.

Ok, so prove that; where is that mountain of evidence, as I can show you a mountain of proof that you are flat out lying!

In any case the article that references these developments can be found here and the published article that appears in the journal of Chiropractic and Osteopathy appears here. Although both the article and the paper itself are informative, here are a few highlights: (two links in it).

And exactly what is in (Costner's) links? Lets take a look. The first one goes directly to an article put forth by Gorski, at his (Not so) Science Based Medicine - site. Dr. David Gorski is also the author of the blog known as Orac; which has major similarities to Quackwatch, a pharma front that also bashes anything that is within the realm of alternative medicine, protocols, and related information. In other words these people have a mission to bash anything but the sheeple blind promotion of modern medicines goals of retaining false allopathic superiority, no matter what.

Orac the Nipple Ripper...references Dr. David H. Gorski as (a.k.a. Orac),

Costner's said reference evaluation article, from of the Journal of Chiropractic and Osteopathy article is here - below.

Chiropractors Admit Their Treatments Are Based On False And Outdated Beliefs.

So, here we have Costner ridiculing me for using which is comparatively a small part of what is on my website, Yet he goes straight to the same author as the infamous Orac for his evaluations of so called science. And by the way there is absolutely nothing wrong with the vaccination and modern medicine truth information on Costner can not refute any of it, and all the medical sheeple that have reviewed it, know that, or they would have attempted to. They scoff at the truths they can not deny.

In the very first article paragraph of Costners evaluation of the study article, it makes this false statement below:

An article written by 4 chiropractors and published on December 2, 2009 in the journal Chiropractic and Osteopathy may have sounded the death knell for chiropractic. 

The End of Chiropractic.(The original stated Gorski article).

David H. Gorski, MD, PhD – Managing Editor 

Respectful Insolence, (also the editor is the same Dr. David Gorski). Just so you can see what his actual said mission in life is. Be sure to read, Who, or what is Orac.

The referenced Journal of Chiropractic and Ostheopathy study is below.

An epidiological examination of the subluxation construct using Hills criteria of causation.

Here is the comment section of that article, with some interesting comments clearly outlining why this study design is in no way conclusive of any claims against chiropractic at all. That in regard to claims of its viability as to greatly benefiting the general health of an individual. And as well as to being and aid in the prevention of illness. I will also reference some actual peer reviewed studies in this writing. The comment section of this study, contains an excellant analysis by James Demetrious, as to the said study. Put forth are the flaws in the interpretation conclusion that it contains. I will not post those comments as they are very easily linked to here. There are other good comment evaluations of the study there as well. Encouraged reading! Clearly, in no why does that study sound the death knell for chiropractic, and that conclusion is nothing but an extremely ignorant and biased statement. 

Chiropr Osteopat. 2009 Dec 2;17:13. (Also at Pubmed).
An epidemiological examination of the subluxation construct using Hill's criteria of causation.

Mirtz TA, Morgan L, Wyatt LH, Greene L.
University of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota, USA.

The concluding main points of this study I will also excerpt for you here.

Hill's Criteria and subluxation: temporal sequence

Temporal sequence is the only absolutely essential criterion for a cause-effect association [12]. It asks the question "did the exposure occur before the disease began?" It (temporal sequence) must be clearly defined as the "cart is firmly behind the horse" [3]. This suggests that subluxation must always precede the clinical condition for a true cause and effect scenario to take place. If a subluxation is present for any period of time, a progression of ill effects should be observed when there is an increase in magnitude over the same period of time. However, to date there exist no evidence to support a temporal sequence of any population being exposed to subluxation and the occurrence of any clinical condition.

Limitations to utilizing Hill's Criteria

Hill's Criteria do have some limitations. The only criterion of Hill's that is truly a causal criterion is temporality while suggesting that the other criteria were vague [11]. Although these criteria were never designed to be hard and fast rules they do provide essential guidelines for establishing causation [30]. Nevertheless, the criteria of Hill remain as basic principles in finding causal relationships. Henneken and Buring's criteria are better due to the incorporation of statistical concepts and de-emphasizes the weaker criterion of analogy [31]. Nevertheless, if a concept such as subuxation fails the test established by Hill's Criteria, it would seem that the application of Henneken and Buring's criteria is premature.

Hill's criteria are the most commonly used epidemiologic model for suggesting a causal link for any diagnostic or treatment approach. There is a significant lack of evidence in the literature to fulfill Hill's criteria of causation with regards to the chiropractic subluxation. No supportive evidence is found for the chiropractic subluxation being associated with any disease process or of creating suboptimal health conditions requiring intervention. Regardless of popular appeal this leaves the subluxation construct in the realm of unsupported speculation. This lack of supportive evidence suggests the subluxation construct has no valid clinical applicability.

My note: So in review of that, just because the peer reviewed studies were not done nor were found to support the claims of chiropractic subluxation being associated with any disease process or that of creating suboptimal health conditions requiring intervention; dues this conclusively prove there are no other benefits to chiropractic, other than treatment of pain???


Here it also states interestingly on Quackwatch that the lead author of that chiropractic subluxation study, endorses Quackwatches guidelines! Amazing.

South Dakota (1)

Timothy A. Mirtz, DC, MSE, CHES —R L 
Dakota Dome 221B
414 East Clark Street
University of South Dakota
Vermillion, South Dakota 57069
(605) 677-5933

Here below is one of Costners comments in his blog.

In the 114 years since chiropractic began, the existence of chiropractic subluxations has never been objectively demonstrated. They have never been shown to cause interference with the nervous system. They have never been shown to cause disease. Critics of chiropractic have been pointing this out for decades, but now chiropractors themselves have come to the same conclusion.

Well now, lets see if that is actually the truth?

Vertebral subluxation

Spinal Anatomy 101

Costner has made the claim that there are no peer reviewed studies to show that chiropactic can treat anything but back pain, and he claimed chiropractic is no better than massage or physical therapy. Costner stated there were no scientific peer reviewed studies. There are actually studies and papers that come from a wide variety of distinguished scientific journals including JVSR, Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics, Chiropractic Research Journal, Australian Journal of Chiropractic and Osteopathy, Pharmacological Reviews, Circulation, Annals of Internal Medicine, Advances in Neuroimmunology, and International Journal of Psychophysiology.

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research
A Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal

Format of their required peer reviewing process.

But Costner has been linked to these studies before, and what did he claim to? Oh, that is done by the chiropractors, that is biased and not a reputable journal. Then what is reputable, only a pharma journal? 

110 scientific peer reviewed references, to the benefits of chiropractic and the immune system, and are many more that exist!

If the immune system is benefited anywhere from 200 to 400%, by chiropractic adjustments; that to me would be a better bet than shooting up endless toxic vaccines and taking pharma drugs! The past historic record and the facts also show on how chiropractic has clearly benefited our population, and during times of past epidemic life threatening disease outbreaks, and as well where the standard medical field was a near complete failure. Costner does not know his history. The real history.

If chiropractic is proven to do all that, then what are its overall effects on general health? The answer is obvious!

Does Chiropractic Strengthen Immunity?

Chiropractic Subluxation and Neurology Articles and Studies.

More links:

Here is the hight of Costners hypocracy, this statement he made right here at the end of this particluar blog page.You can not get anymore selectively ignorant than that.

The simple truth is, if chiropractic care had to undergo the same scrutiny as pharmaceuticals, the FDA would most likely have banned it years ago.

Really.... Costner? People going to a chiropractors office and also one that has the correct information going on like the Maxized Living Chiropractors do, and then getting healthy and throwing away their prescription drugs in a large container that is nearly full to the top, sort of blows your bogus claims in the dirt.

Watch This video: Maximized Living Makeover.

Here are some more of the articles at the bottom of Costners initial reference and evaluation of that study article. Amazing and selective ignorance.

Chiropractic Medicine: Its History And Pseudoscientific Practices

Alternative Medicine’s Flawed Reasoning: The One True Cause of All Disease.

My articles make more sense!
Is Modern Medicine Founded on Error?

A Faulty Medical Model:  The Germ Theory

Louis Pasteur, Antoine Bechamp and the True Causes of Disease.

History of Medicine, (go there for more on the well known soil and the seed concepts, that were erased from the text books when the Rockefellar oil money put Pasteurs false concepts and work into every medical school in the country; promoting that only a drug or vaccine can prevent or cure disease. All other proven protocols were branded as quackery and snake oil, decades ago; as now the mislead Costner has been continued to be brainwashed to believe is the correct protocol).

Disease; Understanding The Cause.

Excerpt: Dr. D.D. Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic stated, “Disease is abnormal performance of certain functions: the abnormal activity has its causes. “ Chiropractic has sought to find these causes which often are due to nerve interference along the spine caused by a spinal misalignment, called subluxation.  Subluxations can impair normal nerve transmission which then causes abnormal body function, lowering the bodys resistance and making the body susceptible to disease.


Costner, if modern medicine is so up on the current technologies, why are they not using DARK FIELD(LIVE BLOOD CELL) MICROSCOPY? Why are they not using it to determine the cause of any disease process? (Oh, thats right, the FDA banned it from use as a diagnostic tool). Why are they also not using it to determine what happens to the blood after vaccinations, especially in those with severe adverse vaccine reactions; (oh thats right, those never happen, they can't admit that). Its always a coinsidense, and some other cause; 1 to 10% known reporting to VAERS. 


Budwig diet protocol, read what it states about sick blood, in cancer. 

Live and Oxidized Blood Analysis  hlb (high resolution blood) analysis

Also called Bradford Peripheral Blood Examination - BPBA . A lot of scientific research was done at Bradford Research Institute, San Diego, USA by Prof Robert W Bradford, DSc and Henry W. Allen

This is where modern medicine should be in the year 2010, why aren't they? They are still in the dark ages!

Live Blood Analysis

Who are these blood analysts? 
What qualifications do these people have?

It is not like it is unknown. So why haven't we heard of it being used? 

This blood analysis would also show the blood sludging and abnormal blood after vaccinations, especially in those with a clear adverse reaction. the same thing Dr. Andrew Moulden showed us to be true! And where is he now? It appears that the powers that be have finally destroyed him.

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.

Hallelujah Acres

Current understanding of the relationship between cervical manipulation and stroke: what does it mean for the chiropractic profession?

Conclusion to the above:

The current understanding of the relationship between CMT and VADS provides new responsibilities and new opportunities. The response the chiropractic profession takes to these responsibilities and opportunities will impact its continued maturation and will help to limit suffering among its patients and the public at large. While current evidence suggests that CMT is associated with but not causally related to VADS, it can be expected that patients with undetected VADS will continue to see chiropractic physicians and it is essential that focused attention be made in an attempt at detection of this uncommon but potentially devastating disorder. In addition, the profession would do well to engage in a public health campaign designed to educate the public about VADS to increase recognition of the early signs of this disorder.

Most chiropractors today, do not crack necks! The knowledge has progressed beyond any need of it.

So much for your false information, again!

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