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Reply to: SBM: Dr. Google and Mr. Hyde

SBM: Dr. Google and Mr. Hyde                                               
Ad hominem
This reply was again sent to the above linked to blog page. As with the blog page before, and the one before that; I wouldn't be expecting him to actually publish, and respond to these said replies. He simply can't. It is to much truth, and he only publishes replies where he can control the information, only partially publish the reply, or does not publish any reply at all, but yet twists it all and lies about what was there. Just like the CDC, he must control the information, and in this case what the public is actually allowed to see. He must as well completely ignore that there is any counter blog to his, and refuting repeatedly his said blog pages, right in and at the top of the google index listing, next to his. How sick and pathetic is that?

Here we go, a reprint of the said reply sent!

Costner, when are you going to get it through your head? Gorski is as intellectually dishonest, mindlessly twisted, and as intentionally in denial as you are. Why do you think he is there? To support real science, and fact? No, he is there to represent a false illusion that has and that there is real science to support his claims, and as well the vaccine safety and effectiveness claims. No such thing exists. If it exists, then why when you have been asked repeatedly for that, can you not produce it? After what, 80 personally attacking blog pages here, you have produced nothing. Creating one blog page after another, while never having addressed the issues of the last one, is in all truth just as worthless as if you admitted to having nothing. Anyone can go to my site and counter blog page and read what you have ignored repeatedly.

By the way, as I told you before. I do NOT have any multiple sites nor multiple blogs. There is ONE site, and ONE blog only. There have been known spoofed sites in my name, and that is a whole separate and endless story. Take an actual hard look at those, if any remain.

Your Gorski sourced article is nothing but the same old worn out personal attacks on credibility, grind and spin. It is about as  worthless as used toilet paper; and actually about the most twisted and rambling waste of time rant I have ever read. He sounds insane!

Where he as well in quoting it, claims to this said bit of well worn out trash.

Quote:[Kata also correctly identifies most of the common tropes and tactics of the antivaccine movement. First, the tactics:] unquote

Then he goes on to list four paragraphs of said accusations, that he actually in all of his hypocrisy, is the most guilty of himself. Exactly that. He is a complete hypocrite, and so are you Costner; because you follow the same repeatedly failed and worn out outline of false claims and accusations that he does. That's why he is there. But he is not smart enough to realize he needs to come up with anything or something far better. Why? Because like you, he is lying about it all. He has absolutely nothing to base those claims on; and I will tell you, if he were debating me, he definitely would NOT have any.

Right out of the gate, he shows his hypocrisy, and lack of any tolerance for alternative information and the existing science any person has and can put with it. And who is cherry picking? You can bring all the pharma and CDC funded studies you want, (if you have any), and you know I can and have (if you were paying any attention), shot down every one of them. Can he or you do that with my studies? If you could, you would have already done it. No, its better to refuse to acknowledge any existence of that.

Quote: [1.Skewing the science. This involves cherry picking studies, denigrating science that doesn’t support an antivaccine viewpoint, and endorsing bad science that supports antivaccine agendas.] unquote

Did you READ what he said there? He is not willing to accept any science that does not support the pro vaccine agenda. There you have it, just like you. No one even needs to denigrate the provaccine safety and effectiveness science, because for the most part it does not even exist. What said science that is claimed to be and exist, falls apart at the seams as not even close to what it was said to be, by anyone that has actually read it, and knows what is going on. As a fact.

He has and never will be able to come up with anything better; than what he has in that article. It is truly pathetic. Where in that article anywhere, does he actually refute the information that is out there, as to vaccine truth? I am specifically talking about as to the information we or any of us put forth. Where does he ever back any of his statements, with proof? He is YOUR hero? Wow.

In any real debate, each person has a set of information, and as well a set of reference material, and in this case must have the science as well to back up their claims. Do you have that? No you don't, and you clearly do not. All you can do is repeatedly deny the information, as if it does not exist. You must ignore any information and the science that does not fit with your intended and deceptive pro-vaccine safe and effective agenda.

So, what you have again here is just another page of foolish nonsense, and personal ad hominem attack that you can not back up, and that makes you look even worse than the page before that, and before that. Maybe you can publish this and point out some spelling or grammar errors to make yourself appear smarter; but all yet while you are failing and sliding further and further down the informational and fact finding slope?

Modern Medicine and Vaccine truth

Here's some tin foil, Costner! Make yourself a HAT, you don't want any truth getting in there! And you know, any form of fact and truth that doesn't fit your pro-vax agenda, "is only a conspiracy theory". Just like an ostrich, head right back down the hole.


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