Monday, June 18, 2012

Reply to: CNN: Don't Fall at the Finish Line in the Race to Eradicate Polio

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Polio Vaccine Historical Facts / The Real Truth

Check that out; the information in my linked to site page above; go ahead and review it, alias no identity Costner!

And you are still so mislead and in denial, that you call what has been going on with the polio vaccine, and to date; a SUCCESS story??? Really? It is clearly not a success story, and if you ever pulled your head out of the WHO and CDC's rear end, you might figure that out. But it doesn't matter to you what the truth is; your job clearly is to keep on with mindlessly denying it all.

Do you know anything about vaccine caused polio paralysis, and how many endless cases of that they are seeing in those said underdeveloped countries? How about mutation of the polio virus, caused by the oral vaccine itself?

Why is not Bill Gates instead, or as well, concerned with providing clean water, improved sanitation, and nutrition? Other than digging one single well, and then presenting water for vaccine bribes to get that clean water; or they can continue to drink out of a pooed in ditch? The oral polio vaccine keeps failing and even more-so largely because of the reasons described They obviously don't care. They just keep mass vaccinating anyway, as apparently the vaccine pharmaceutical companies are not wealthy enough yet. They know very well, they can never eradicate polio; that having gone in the directions they have. And that, even if the vaccine worked.

As to and for all the CDC, WHO, UNICEF, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative based said statistical data; how many times have I told you, there is absolutely no data to back those claimed to and for those numbers, and there never has been. As a fact. They simply get away with making any claims they choose to, and no one is to supposed to be the wiser. They simply get away with that because as supposed and self proclaimed authorities on the issue; they know their data is assumed correct, no matter what it is. That has been the way it has been throughout history, and for multiple levels of and for those supposedly at a level of public health agency public trust. It has all clearly been a fraud, since day one. The evidence of that clearly exists on multiple levels.

Here, you are a big herd immunity buff, right? And you proclaim for vaccines to work, there must be vaccine induced herd immunity, right? There is no such thing, and the concept of herd immunity has been a fraud as well, that, from day one. There is no physiological science based data to to it; it is just another fraud. In fact you do not even need any science to show that to be true. Common sense will show you the real truth, all by itself. Here is why, and it is all on this site page below. See if you can find any form of refute and/or denial you can make, to that information. Have fun.

The Myths Of - Vaccine - Derived - Herd Immunity

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