Thursday, March 01, 2012

Response to: Reuters: Indiana Has 13 Cases of Measles as Vaccinations Decline, Part 2

Reuters: Indiana Has 13 Cases of Measles as Vaccinations Decline  Part 2

As you can see with this particular blog page and the one before that; there have been some reply activity. To put it in context as to what this blogger has refused to publish, I will again show you some of that here, copied as it was sent. In chronological order, last being first. Simply put, to show you the nature of this actually quite sick man (Costner's) ways. Stop feeding into his stupidity, you might say; well that is right, and it has long ago been at and come to that point, and needs to happen very soon, as well as to any more done with this blog. The point made here clearly shows the truth of what he has had on his twisted agenda to do.  What you see here was posted to one or the other of those last two blog pages, and most of it he never allowed published. Again, to much truth.

First of all, Vuongs blogging was not of any concern to me, as to and as far as what may have violated HIPPA laws; and I aware of that issue as well. That portion of it involved a separate section of his blogging. Apparently as well you never read what he wrote on that blog, just before he shut that blog down; as to regarding why that was done.

From the start the blog I created, was only in response to the garbage filled blog pages Vuong created on both I and Ben Rall. Vuong was told from day one, when you have had enough, (and he eventually did); you shut your blog pages down on I and B.R., and I will pull mine down as well, if you agree to that. If it were only about HIPPA violations, he had the option to shut that part of the blog down and leave anything that remained, still up. He knew that what I had published on him, (all truth); looked bad for him as far as his future intended application for residency, etc. Being as well that the college itself already had a bad impression of him as being an arrogant, smart mouth bratt; clearly evidenced by their own blog; it was not in his best interest to have remain on the internet the blog pages I had out there on him. So he buckled and as well due to the advise of his own fellow students gave him; as to how bad it looked for him. He then emailed me and agreed to pull the blog, and after he did, I pulled mine. Same thing that is going to happen to you, if I ever have your identity. So, your account of it is again, just more misinformation.

As far as your claims of my inability to debate you and the science. That's hilariously laughable, and you know better. If that is the case, then why have you repeatedly and again refused to publish my actual reply, and thus as well prove that you can actually respond to it in honesty. You would not and have never stood a chance with me in any actual debate. And guess what; you do know that. To much truth, and you and truth have always been unable to stand together on the same level with any rebuttal. No, you must control the information, refuse to publish rebuttal that shows to clearly be wrong; and then you just distort and take out of context anything that was there, and write an angry rant making sick and false claims about what was there. Then if you really can't handle the facts anymore; you just add a  statement to it of banned for two weeks, or perhaps now 30 days. You don't even know what the word debate, means; you extremely sick and twisted bastard.

Don't be raising yourself so far on your sick and rotted pedestal, I actually don't visit this sick blog every day; but every now and then if I can again stomach it, I go see what kind of bullshit and personally attacking garbage you recently published. And if I make a reply comment, I follow it up later, to see if you posted it, and most of the time you refused, because again it was more truth than you could handle.            

This latest reply and self defeated angry rant, only again exposes the nature of your own twisted insanity. I would take it quite clearly that it you, not me; that is seriously paranoid. All those false accusations with no merit. Unlike you, I can prove every word of what I have claimed and stated. Where do you come up with it that I have claimed to have weapons; or all those weapons? You aren't exaggerating anything whatsoever that you claimed to in the 4th and 5th paragraph; nothing? Those are the clear ravings of a mad man, alias Costner!!! Capable of violence; and you have personal evidence of that? And I have a proven track record of violence against others, correct? Where, and who was harmed? Multiple felony convictions? Two convictions, neither were non violent. Simple DUI, now the last 6 years ago; and has nothing to do with who I am today. Unlike you, I have the ability to change a few things.

So instead, everyone should listen to someone like you, who claims big pharma and the mainstream has the only way there is that works; no matter how failed that is nor how much it has done more harm than good. Everyone should listen to someone like you who denies the 100's of children who have been vaccine damaged, and as well the Gardasil girls, and rapidly now including a list of boys. Everyone should listen to someone like you, that endlessly and falsely parades himself as actually a false purveyor of actual and real science. Science that would and actually back his claims. Someone who thinks Gorski is a and his literal god. Someone who thinks Gorski has and uses real science to back his claims, and as well runs to his blog repeatedly to copy what he states.

I think if anything ever were full evidence of a mad man in action, it would be your blog right here, with the and its repeated obsession with one man. Your latest reply rant I just read, would be evidence enough for most anyone, that your statements and credibility hold no more relevance and fact, than reading some insane mad mans diary. One with no identity; using the the name of another man with full identity in his blog url, no less. How flat out to much to lose and sick is that?


Any time you decide you have enough honesty within you to actually debate the real facts and the science, and are man enough to stand up to me and do it, let me know!!!!!

A real debate does not involve a repeat of the same old, same old; "here's the information and the real science"; "nope", "not reputable in my world", SWATTED, off the table, with a not allowed for my consideration. "Here's more", "nope" swatted of the table, again. "Here's the evidence", "NOPE"; not allowed for my, nor anyone else's consideration, ever. Starts writing some more angry personally attacking garbage, intermixed with some more Gorski copied information, and publishes it on a blog with and having no identity. As sick as it may be; that is your reality and that is YOUR world, alias Costner!

You know what, asshole? In every reply you make, you look worse and worse. And as usual and always, you can't even figure that much out?

And as well. How does anyone move the goal posts when talking about adjuvants, to include the new adjuvants. I can address both, can you? How about DNA contamination of vaccines; I know what they are saying and claiming to on both sides, and can show anyone the real truth. Oh, oops, moved the goal posts again for you. Throw another pail of poo at the antivaxer opposition! What dirty dogs. You know what, I don't know how you even function in your daily life; you know, gnashing your teeth at me continually and conjuring up the next attack, with no identity. Do you think I could destroy you like I did Shaun Vuong, and he walked away, taking my deal? Oh yes, I think that is exactly what would happen to you.

And as far as the browser links; what exactly is it you claim I am lying about? And exactly what is the claim you are accusing that I am lying about? Any reader that would have the misfortune to run across you sick and ugly blog with its what now 80 some pages of obsession with one person, can see that you are doing nothing but obsessed as well with sick and twisted denial of all; no matter what. I told you before. You lost as to the Argus, just as you have lost on 99% of the blog pages here. That, the truth be known. Get over it and start doing and supporting some real good in the world, instead of spending your life obsession with on single person, me. Stop trying to be a Gorski clone, and wake up to some actual realty and real science. Your sickness invades and permeates every disgusting accusation and in denial claim you have ever made. You can't actually back up anything but to in your twisted mind never admit to anything in front of you. All other information off limits. Your day of judgement will one day be coming, and I would do some soul searching if I were you, before its to late.

Have a nice day, oh endless false purveyor of science; and fact. Has anyone put your name in yet for the most twisted and obsessed blog of the year award yet? They should. Oh, that's right, that would present a need to reveal your identity; not happening for you is it?

1. There is absolutely no hypocrisy there, alias Costner. You are more than a bit confused. No one ever said using a traditional MD was a problem, as long as you know what you options are and the real benefits verses the risks of the protocols and drugs you are talking. You have it all backwards Costner, and you either do it intentionally or do to the fact that you fail to understand what is actually being put forth in it all.

2. You are putting words in my mouth and distorting the real meaning of what is being said, and as well taking much out of context.

3. The fact that you again and again track and follow me around on the internet attempting to determine statements I have made, shows again another sick obsession. Then taking anything you find out of context adds just the right sick and in your denial touch to it all.

4. There is no paranoia on my part, but in your twisted accusation of that, leaves me to believe again and again that you are quite sick and clearly very much in need of some serious help, yourself.

5. Its easy to make false and delusional accusations about what transpired as to the Argus, but much harder to back them up with fact. If you had actually followed and paid attention to that; you would have clearly seen who it was that had their rear end handed to them. Quite obviously that was a fact; and you intentionally missed that, or were to uneducated to the facts to even catch it. Typical is it for you Costner; same crap as always, different day. You get nowhere unless you can deny the facts. But that's actually not worth anything is it. If you think I lost the argument as to if or not the human of formaldehyde is the same thin as chemically made formaldehyde; then you can get started right here and now and lets start discussing that.


Someone sent me this picture and said it is Costner, but I doubt it because he likely looks much worse and much more depraved than that.

         Costner's favorite, falsely pretending to                                
      be a smart guy on the Argus Leader, image. 


            His real image, a mislead sheeple!


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