Friday, January 20, 2012

Quack of the Day; (alias) Costner Matthews

Quack (blogger, want to be) doctor slapped for practising allopathy

At least there are couple places in the world that have it right?
Here COMES...(below), alias no identity "Costner", again. In his world, everyone that puts forth the truth is a ... quack", "and anyone that puts forth the quackery in a pharma peer reviewed journal, is a health care genius and a respected scientist".

(Costner says)


"You fellow sheeple's and pharma drones, listen to me! Modern medicine has all the peer reviewed science we will ever need??? I'm just not going to show it to you. Not today, maybe not ever; you don't question it, its there"! "Ask everybody else that disagrees with you, for theirs. "And call them all quacks and conspiracy theorists". "Dam it, we ain't never giving up this sinking medical ship". Get out there and fricken, LIE"! Tell them car accidents are the leading cause of death, and not us! Spin the math on those studies, and we NOT going to get stuck for the responsibility nor the bill for all the autism, nor the responsibility for all those vaccine damaged kids. "Vaccines saved us all, you damn quacks and conspiracy theorists"! I would rather take vaccines and eat pharma drugs every day, rather than ever accept these myths that we actually fuxked it all up. Damn it is cancer really curable by natural or any other means?

If there was any other way than nearly killing the patient before you get rid the cancer; the WHOLE world would know. And that person would be eligible for the NOBEL prize! And hey you know what, I know this; all the insurance agencies and rich guys would finance every bit of those studies and clinical trials that they say they cant afford because there is nothing to patent. Hey, that Hubbs guy he said you can cure cancer by eating a box of backing soda and drinking urine from restrooms in local parks; like that said very successful nut job, "All those videos on you tube and those websites are faked, just to get our medical dander'z up". The FDA never suppressed anything, and they dint attack him and fudge his clinical trials, while trying to steal and take credit for his patent; he attacked himself? Quackery, its all quackery. "Every one of them". "Not one of em are not a quack". "All of them, but me"!!! You all mind your p's and q's and keep your medical politics straight and right, or I will label YOU a damn quack, too. "See, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK"!  ...QUACK!!!!! "I need to come up with a new claim and term; cause this ones getting a bit worn out; fudgery, spoofery, something"? "If they ever all actually figure this out; were done"! I would tell you anything, as long as I thought there was one person left that might believe it.



This PAGE is dedicated to one of the most twisted and intellectually dishonest bloggers on earth... Alias/ Costner Matthews.

An pharma internet TROLL who created a blog using my full name in the url, to intentionally harass me and due to the information I put forth. His sick agenda and intent is to personally attack and anyone that puts forth anything but the main stream medical and vaccine dogma, to include any doctor on earth that promotes alternative health information and/or vaccine truth information.

This is the sick and very twisted blog right here!

Lowell Hubbs : Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist

A blog describing the actions, lies, and continual hypocrisy from one of the area's most prolific anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists: Mr. Lowell Hubbs.

This character has repeatedly and irregardless of how strong the evidence is, or of better way than modern medicine has or uses, proclaims that anything and everything in that information can be self proclaimed as quackery. As well the same exact thing and situation exists as to the issue of vaccines. He continually believes he can deny all and call everything put in front of him for information to be only conspiracy theories and anyone putting it forth is branded as a mislead and incompetent and wack job "conspiracy theorist". Everything is mocked and ridiculed and anyone that puts the facts and information forward.

He does all this at the same time while not providing any peer reviewed study proof of his own claims within the medical field of claims nor is it provided for his own pharma claims. He repeatedly thinks he can get away with claiming that his supporting peer reviewed science is there; and that it should be just automatically assumed that it is there, because he represents the halls of modern medicine, and again you simply again do not question it nor the Great Wizard. There have been a couple times that Costner was pressured for the science, and for example he finally he coughed up a medium sized hairball of supposedly supportive science to back the theory of herd immunity. When I did a reading of the studies and an analysis of those studies; which anyone can do; the supporting information in those studies was so weak it was virtually meaningless. Par for the course. as well how many blog pages does he have there that he did not have to go to the also bashing any and all alternative information, Gorski blog; to get his misinformation?

That's actually and absolutely pathetic; if you realize what Gorski actually is, which is all to obvious.

This internet troll Alias/ Costner, has been forced to debate me before with all the information on the table, and he knows he is made into a fool each and every time; and of which his delusional and refuse to get it mind, of course he refuses to concede to that. So, he creates a blog where he can control all the information that people are allowed to consider; while continuing his campaign of provable bullshit and complete misinformation. All in hateful revenge and sick and deliberate attempts to falsely discredit anything to do with me the information I have put forth. the one thing he doesn't seem to ever get is that I didn't create this world, nor what exists in it. As for health care and the failures of pharmaceutical so called modern medicine; it not my creation that - that said failure and the harm done exists, Now known to be in well done studies, to be the thirds leading cause of death in America. Something he tried to re spin the numbers on and couldn't even do 2nd grade math correctly.


Instead he attempts to be and pass himself off as some medical genius in terms being educated verses accusing me of being uneducated. Well, where is his medical degree and what is it; he doesn't even have a name. You can actually claim to that without any identity? How much credibility does that straight up lose?

No, he instead operates like a literal Wizard of Ozz, "no one asks any questions and you make no requests to see his proof of anything that he is the proclaimed medical wizard he eludes to. Pulling levers and creating endless smoke screens and deceptive noise intended as an indication of power. "I.. am the Great and Wonderful Wizard of Ozz"!  Bang, boom, and smoke coming out of the sacred and holy shrine of modern medicine and vaccinations and their white coat filled brainwashed church of allopathic medicine. All brought to you by BIG pharma, and you know they all have nothing to lose!

The problem with this guy is there is no way to get him convinced that he is NOT the "health care" wizard! Nor can you convince him of the fact nor show him that is is exactly the opposite.

He claims to having a bag of sick rabbit tricks, but you can NOT convince him that what he actually has is a bag of fools gold, directly and clearly labeled, "Will Do More Harm Than Good"!      





 Nor can you convince him that he is not this, some smart space guy which he always used as always used as his reply posting image on the Argus.

Well, he has as advertised NO IDENTITY so I guess it might get a little confused at times about who he actually is. Sick!


   Here is what he Costner, actually is, a running from the actual debate - "chicken"! 


This information you will see below is the kind of stuff Costner likes to call all link dump of conspiracy theories and conspiracy theory sites. That way he can refuse to educate himself to any real unbiased information; and as well also refuse to directly debate any of the information, which he has been shown repeatedly that he can not do, and he knows he can not do. He could NEVER do it that but to repeatedly lie about and deny anything and everything at all. The fact is though, if you refuse to accept anything but the mainstream misinformation. And if you as well refuse to actually read, study, and debate the unbiased information; you are effectively NOT debating anything at all. He is standing on the assumption that anything to do with modern medicine and vaccinations can not be wrong. And that stubbornly is exactly what he does. And that's the way he wants it, to stay in denial of all, and to never have the hard questions put honestly to him or in front of him again. That's about worthless in my view; because these issues are directly debatable on all fronts; and most of it directly provable, and as well that there was truly an actual conspiracy to hide the truth that actually took place.

If a person with the level of information that has been put in front of him; still refuses to accept any of that reality; it is done deliberately. He doesn't want to actually debate anything; his agenda is clearly this; because he knows actually can not conduct honestly any form of a debate; he must then attempt to make a mockery of any truth and fact information whatsoever, and anyone that puts it forth. He must personally attack and use literal slander against every opponent he encounters, just look at what is on that blog. He must belittle them and cast before them in their path a net of falsely labeled incompetence and and of course the all inclusive branding of being QUACKS and Quackery. No matter how failed 

That false and hollow, medical and vaccine Goliath he for some reason refuses to stop defending on every front; he will simply not allow to fall; nor to admit that the Goliath has fallen. Somewhere there is someone with to much to lose. And I will guarantee you if you had and knew the information on his identity; that clearly would become identified. That's why he has no identity, and these people never do.

The Law Office of Patricia Finn Attorney, P.C.

Located in Piermont, New York

Patricia Finn is the Senior Attorney at the firm.  Attorney Finn is a New York State licensed attorney who concentrates on providing legal services regarding immunization exemptions and cases involving vaccine injuries.

She has dedicated her practice to protecting the freedoms and rights of individuals who hold sincere religious beliefs in opposition to vaccinating.

Show Me The Proof - some actually, "UNBIASED SCIENCE"

Doctor Calls Police, Child Services on Mother Who Refuses to Vaccinate Son

Polio Vaccines Now The #1 Cause of Polio Paralysis

Polio vaccine blamed for outbreaks in Nigeria

Oh uhhhh" .. .."ummm".. "Well" ????"Its gotta be another vaccine conspiracy theory, AND with allot of   QUACKERY"???  

"They'r - ALL QUACKS" "And only Conspiracy theories"! "I can tell you, and tell them that"  
                                                      "To much to lose" 

                            The MOST proficient and dishonest debater on earth

   He has ALL the science! "You don't understand the scientific pharma 

                                                         "Alias No Identity - Costner"


Government Inquiry Has Found That Polio Vaccines For Infants Funded By Gates’ GAVI Are Causing Deaths And Disabilities – Express Tribune

Bill Gates funds covert vaccine nanotechnology

More examples of desperation, to contain the vaccine truth movement!

CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program

Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day

7-Year-Old Vermont Girl Dies After Flu Vaccine.

In Loving Memory Of Kaylynne Mae Patricia Matten

The Flu Vaccine–What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (Or Probably Doesn’t Even Know)

Myth #4: If I Get a Flu Shot, I Won’t Get the Flu! (And My Body Will Be Healthier and Stronger to Boot!)


Hey if you think you know more than I do and because you have a medical degree; then as to any subject you see here, I would be happy to schedule a debate with you!

As a fact the internet can be best university out there, to learn more about vaccine and modern medicine truth. ! Looking at this situation and outcome, their medical degrees mean one hell of allot of nothing, when it comes to knowing what the real facts are... How else are people  NOT going to remain... a mislead... SHEEPLE? If we hadn't been fed the misinformation and the lies that we have, it obviously wouldn't be need to go to the internet, to get the real and ubiased information.

There's Costner on the horse, looking at his blogging, train wreck


RE: Information on a blog trashing and slandering Burzynski Clinic, as Quackery

Dear Lowell

Good evening,

Thank you for your e-mail. We did see the “Quack of the Day” blog. It’s sad and unfortunate that some individuals can be so cruel, evil, and closed minded in their behavior even with the facts clearly in front of them.

We will focus on doing what is right and that is treating our patients and giving them the attention they need.

Thank you again for your support.

Best regards,
Azad Rastegar
Director of Business Development
Director of Admissions Department
Company Spokesperson
Burzynski Clinic

9432 Katy Freeway, Suite 150
Houston, TX 77055


In nature, and creation, we were all given what we need, pharmacies and needles do not provide health. They never have and they never will. There are times when medical care is needed; however you can not evaluate the true risks verses the benefits, if you never know nor were told what the real risks verses the benefits are as to that decision. Man can not solve the problems he thought and believed he could; in the way he has. Profits, control, and to often to much to lose, has corrupted far to much. The only way we can solve the health crisis today, is to go back to creation and nature, and not man. Man must stop making the environment we live in sick, and stop making the things we consume and put in our human bodies, from altered, over processed and nutritionally lacking substances. Look at the very real result, and the negative outcome man has attained. Look at the actual and over-all health status of  the children and adults within our population. And they want to push more and more pharmaceuticals, more vaccines, more protocols, testing, and interventions. And they want to mislead us that the mortality rates have, improved? Such is simply not the case, overall.

If Pasteur was right, and Antoine Becamp and others of their time were wrong; then the health of the public should be amazing and thriving with the advances in modern so called medicine. Clearly the opposite is true. If that is not reason enough to educate yourself on every health issue you encounter, and take your own health care into your own hands, then what is?

They want you to be told, don't be an internet mom; just keep listening to our brainwashing bullshit. Keep sitting in your living room in front of your TV and we will tell you of the pharmaceuticals to ask your doctor for, and as well bombard you with information on a few needed and toxic vaccines.

Does it puzzle anyone that they claim to not knowing what causes much of anything; yet they tell us immediately that vaccines have never and could never cause autism? Should it be puzzling that they only looked at one vaccine and one ingredient in those vaccines? Yet in and as to the CDC funded epidemiological studies they did; it is claimed that they now have all the proof there was or ever is needed, to again proclaim the toxic vaccines as once again the savior holy water - that we and you need. Think for yourself, and question anything you are told when it doesn't sound right.

Antoine Becamp

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