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Response to: Lowell Hubbs: Quote of the Day

 Lowell Hubbs: Quote of the Day

Just when I thought you could not out do yourself as to your selective lying about the facts and science, here comes ONE MORE blog page that topped that last one. In fact you are doing yourself more harm than good in your further efforts to deny all. There is not even the most died in the wool sheeple that wouldn't question the validity of your statements here. It is just that bad.

Lets take a look!

Quoting you. Every now and then, one of the comments Mr. Hubbs sends in is actually entertaining.  Most are filled with nonsense and chalk full of ramblings of a madman, but every now and then he says something which really makes you stop and think.  This is one of those times... Unquote

Who is the in REAL major, lying and in denial madman... Costner??? Are you THAT delusional?

Here we go again ...more.

Attempting to quote me.

"Whats the problem Costner, you can't read English. Do you not understand the most basic of common sense?"  ~Lowell Hubbs

What... Costner, you can't read a sentence if the "t" in a word is missing? I have no idea if it was actually missing, as you as always never referenced where you quoted it from. How pathetic is that?

Again quoting you.  I honestly don't even know what to say to this.  I guess I could just admit that yes... I can actually read English, but apparently Mr. Hubbs isn't much good with writing it.

Common sense?  Yea... not one of Mr. Hubbs' strong suits.  Yet he is the type of person who considers himself an expert on vaccines and science.  I guess that's one way to go.  Granted even if I overlook the errors in grammar to get down to the point which I believe Mr. Hubbs is trying to make, it still doesn't change anything. Unquote.

You have not much to brag about Costner with the number of misspellings in your own original blog page and in the fact that you could not even spell the word ...infant, so later you changed it to child. I guess you could spell that! Who actually writes your blog pages... anyway?

Quoting you. They don't care they science doesn't support their viewpoint. They don't care about the mounting evidence that reflects a strong genetic component to autism. Unquote.

But Costner you have seen me prove to you that the science does support their viewpoint. You have seen me show you and you know yourself that the genetic component as to autism and the large increases in autism running directly parallel to the increase in vaccines since 1987, is NOT supported by the science. If it was supported, the CDC and Paul Offit would be all over that; but they know as for conclusively, it does not and never will. Do you really believe after 1000's of years of human existence, that the human gene pool has suddenly for some unknown reason become defective enough to cause autism cases to go from 1 in 10,000, to now 1 in 100? In how any generations, two? Wow, that's your science? Start putting it up there!

Quoting you Costner. The problem is, there is no science to support these viewpoints.  Not only are cases of autism or other medical conditions nearly identical in unvaccinated populations, but there is not a single piece of peer-reviewed science published anywhere nor is there a single study which has ever reached the conclusion that vaccines cause autism. Unquote

Do you recall Costner, when you made this false claim before? Do you recall when I showed you that the study you referenced to, that the was not at all an unvaccinated versed vaccinated study. What is it was-was simply a MMR vaccine receiving group, verses a non-MMR reciving group. That was NOT an unvaccinated population study; they did receive the other recommended vaccines. So here again you are lying! You have no such study. What amazes me is that you claim to have all the science; yet you have not produced any to support your claims in this article. Do you see what I do when I make a blog page Costner? I back all my claims up with the proof and also allot of science.

It appears that you as well intentionally failed  to review and respond to this information. Of course obviously real life information is of no significance to you. Anyone that neglects to and or refuses to acknowledge
information like that, clearly does NOT care about the truth. They clearly have a different agenda.

Unvaxed vs Vaxed Health

Quoting you ...Costner. They don't care that they can't prove their theory or that unvaccinated children can still get autism.  They don't care about any of these things because they will tell you "they just know" vaccines are responsible, and no amount of science or research is going to be enough to convince them otherwise because their conclusions are based upon (you guessed it) "common sense". Unquote.

Who is it that is not proving their theories Costner? How about as well concerning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines? You, or me? I guess you haven't been to my blog and website lately; which is all easily found by the public. My website gets more views worldwide in a week, than your blog has in the entire time it has been up; by the way. Just hating that, aren't you.

Quoting you. Perhaps even more telling is that there has never been any peer-reviewed or reputable science that even suggested vaccines cause autism.  Ever.  Mr. Hubbs knows this, his fellow anti-vaccination friends know this, and the legitimate medical community knows this, which is why antivaxxers continue to try to move the goal posts and shift the debate time and time again as they attempt to ignore the fact their opinions have never been verified, validated, or even found to have any merit whatsoever. Unquote.

There are more than enough peer reviewed studies to back everything I state Costner! No one here moved the goal posts, I  have it exactly right.

Supporting Studies

Vacfacts. info

Quoting you again, Smart Guy. So why are all of these parents so convinced that vaccines cause autism, and why are vaccine conspiracy theorists so sure that vaccines are harmful?  Well a lot of it boils down to them being ignorant to the scientific method, but much of it also happens to be due to them relying upon anecdotal evidence.  Since many cases of autism seem to be diagnosed during the ages of two and three, and because that time frame also seems to coincide with when parents are giving their children vaccines they (for whatever reason) feel vaccines are to blame. Unquote.

The only people ignorant of the actual scientific method here is you and pharma itself, Costner. If you think they follow the scientific method and all peer reviewed science is based on fact and truth, you are beyond  selectively ignorant and there is no hope for you ever. Sheeple!!!! 

And really, all that is actually Quite clearly I have demonstrated over and over that I understand the science and that scientific method far better than you. Your repeated acceptance of proven junk science is only a further testament to that fact. I have demonstrated as well that I can repeatedly produce far more proof of the claims science than you, peer reviewed as well by the way.

Want to argue what proper peer review actually is Costner; maybe we should start with that? It isn't a bunch pharma for profit fools sitting spinning the multiple end point numbers. Nor is it people from Merck doing a clinical trial on Gardasil, using no real placebo.

Here is an example of that pharma scientific method your vaccine science Costner. Would you not think drug and vaccine clinical trial should be done using a true placebo? The FDA allowed an aluminum containing placebo, and as well a carrier solution containing placebo to skew the results of the damage and new medical conditions known of even in the clinical trials themselves? The only thing they actually replicated at all in those clinical trials was the damage Gardasil and now Cervarix have done. New now well known new medical conditions were clearly known of even in those clinical trials. For how many other vaccines is has similar situations of using no true placebo been allowed for? Quite clearly no real nor long term safety studies are done on vaccines. It is thus largely irresponsible to allow bogus vaccine clinical trials like that. Add to it the known 44% increased chance of believed precancerous indicators found in those receiving Gardasil while having an existing vaccine targeted strain of HPV. All of it was in the FDA VRPAC preapproval document. And now we have the HPV DNA that Merck stated was not in the vaccine, actually in the vaccine, locked to the aluminum. The FDA doing nothing. Ohhh, scream it loudly Costner, no proof no proof; always no proof. Vaccines saved the world; again I would say; clearly there is no proof. How about what the true historical account of the polio and small pox vaccine experience really shows? Does that matter; obviously to you it does not. The CDC ignores it, so you can ignore it, correct? You have all the science. Bullshit.

You are being hypocritical Costner. On one hand you claim that anecdotal evidence is not good enough for you nor anyone; touting science you don't actually even have, and never did. Vaccines wiping polio, small pox or anything else, is clearly only anecdotal evidence. Actually it does not even qualify as being, that good. WHO numbers they can not back up with real evidence; does as well not even add up to qualifying as anecdotal evidence, much less being science nor scientific. Are undernourished and underdeveloped countries at the same risk for viral infections as the US? No differentiation for risk is ever made by the WHO. That is being blatantly dishonest.

Quoting you again, Costner! This is why the anti-vaccination crowd will never be successful and why they will never be taken seriously, because instead of them wishing to find the truth they would much rather dabble in what they perceive as "common sense".  The ironic part is that anti-vaxxers don't seem to have any common sense... yet they put an enourmous amount of faith in it while ignoring everything else. Unquote

No, you have that all wrong, Costner. It is YOU that has no common sense. I thought you said common sense had nothing to do with it? The vaccine truth movement has been very successful in many ways. Did you ever look up the word "denialist" in Wikipedia? The internet is a great tool for attaining truth knowledge, when used in the right way. The problem for you is that you want to believe all people are supposed to be as selectively dumb as you. Your self image of the real world is all wrong. You want to think that NO ONE can think for themselves, and YOU will prevent them from ever being able to if you have your way. Your concept that the average adult has no way to ascertain the truth other than to listen to their doctor or pediatrician, is beyond ...bogus. What you have in your blog is actually quite sick! Makes a person wonder what is actually wrong with a person like YOU, and actually what possess a person like you to do what you do??? It certainly does not involve any real nor honest concern for humanity.

And here we have it Costner!

Quote. The problem with Mr. Hubbs' logic is that "common sense" does not dictate fact nor does it influence scientific discovery.  Anecdotal evidence is just that... anecdotal.  For example if someone sees a child start developing symptoms of a learning disorder or sees them have a seizure, they may think it was because that child was given a vaccine a few weeks or months earlier because in their mind there were no other possible causes.  However that requires them to ignore million of other environmental and genetic causes. Unquote.

The problem for you Costner, is that thousands of parents have seen the same thing repeatedly. That's called in the real world, the ability to replicate or duplicate the study. There is plenty of science to back that so called theory, but every time it is put it in front of you, you repeatedly deny that it is there; you are lying. Or in the alternative you claim the actually peer reviewed source is not recognized nor reputable. The only thing that is reputable in your mind is what supports your twisted and intentionally in denial views.

The fact is that autism is only part of an even larger picture of neurological and immunological harm and damage resulting from now the multiple vaccines on the CDC schedule. Nothing ever would be enough for you Costner, nothing ever was. Therefore your credibility in evaluating any of this information is entirely down the shitter, period! Always was. You are doing your agenda here far more harm than good; no matter how delusional about that you remain

Vaccine Ingredients

Costner, there is little to nothing there that can not be proven, and as well with the available science; get over it.

"I gotta create another misinformation filled and lying blog page, this guy is kicking my butt all over the place"!  "Those damn vaccine conspiracy theorists have got to be stopped"! - alias no identity Costner


Costner! A monkey could write a better informed and more honest blog than yours!

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