Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Response to: The Difference Between a Skeptic and a Denialist

The Difference Between a Skeptic and a Denialist

This is a copy of the reply that Costner refused to publish, and lied about its content. And why? Because the real truth is to damaging! Go ahead and go to the linked to blog above and read misleading read the comments he made to it.  This is the same thing he has done repeatedly, as to my replies to many of the pages he has created. 

The only person having a repeated train wreck here is you, alias Costner. You have been again reading and quoting to much of the David Gorski false propganda. The only reason Gorski exists is to keep the sheeple mislead.

You have had it proven to you that every last statement you made in this blog is false information. Time after time you had that shown to you and you keep on lying.

I have shown you again and again how those CDC and AAP funded vaccine/autism studies are fatally flawed, and all as well having had clear predetermined outcomes. I gave you the sources repeatedly that proved that point. I as well given you countless studies that would prove in any rational mind that in fact vaccines do cause autism. Yet, you keep lying, and as well keep making false claims and accusations of their nonexistence.

I have shown you repeatedly the undeniable facts that modern medicine is clearly the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The U.S. as well now ranks dead last amoung industialized nations for its efficacy of health care, being as well yet the most expensive. That which you believe is such wonderful pharma science, is doing far mmore harm than good on ALL levels; and THAT is only getting worse. You can not put that kind of million and billion dollar profit in front of humanity, without there being mass corruption. You also fail to realize that Gorski is wrong about the germ theory; something I realized long ago. You do not make people healthy pushing endless toxic drugs, and more than you do pushing endless toxic vaccines! What produces health and a strong immune system is something that comes from making the body strong from within by providing what the body needs to heal itself. Those pharmaceuticals, for the most part, and vaccines only serve to cause more dysfunction within the human body than had existed already. Most of the health problems seen today come from toxicity. Unhealthy over processed food, with all the added chemicals and processed and altered oils and fats. When you detox the body and add back in what it needs to repair, something you obviously have no clue about; then people start getting healthy. It has been seen over and over again. But you need to see a peer reviewed study. Let the people just go on suffering needlessly; it's all yet good for you Costner!

Take a look at the exceptionally healthy and brite children that have never been vaccinated! Compare that to the average highly vaccinated children going in and out of the medical clinics these days? Which would you rather have. And don't even attempt to tell me that herd immunity is protecting them, because you know how many endless herd immunity and vaccine failures I have referenced. Oh, thats right, you probably weren't paying attention; you know allot like you claim that the people who put forth what I do all have a personal bias. There is noone more bullheaded and biased than you Costner!  

If you were honest enough to look at and review the successes of alternative medicine and the very successful natural protocols that exist; it would leave no doubt in an honest mind as to which is the best route. But instead you choose to keep lying about it. No matter what, you always will.

The man who is presented with the truth of both sides of an issue like this and yet refuses to accept that there is any validity whatsoever in the other sides views and evidence; THAT man is a TRUE denialist! Period. At some point you have to use your head Costner, and you clearly refuse to.

Even I, once believed that modern medicine had all the science, the best that there could be, and also that the FDA and CDC would know if anything were in need of correction. Well, I was personally lead down a road where I eventually found that to be far from truth. I wish I could have said, yes you are right Costner, and I would have liked to believe that our world is not the corrupt place it is. However, at some point the facts become all to evident; and there is and no longer can be any denial of what is there, and what is going on with modern medicine and vaccines. I do what I do, to get the truth out there. As for you - you can keep promoting that to much to lose, (the truth be known), tyranny and greed propaganda. You can choose to do that, while thousands needlessly suffer, and all while there is a much better and proven way.

You can live in your delusional state all you want, alias no identity Costner, and keep on patting yourself on the back as to how much good you are doing society by attacking me like some insane mad man. The fact is, you are entirely wrong; and quite clearly you could care less!


Read it here!!!! More lies from Costner!


 thē editor said...

Mr. Hubbs, aside from the fact your comments are just more of the same ramblings, what gives you the right to say what is fact versus what is myth? You have no training, you have no expertise, you have no education... all you have is the word of some fellow antivaxers who for the most part either have already been entirely discredited (Wakefield, Moulden, et al) or they have never provided any evidence in the first place.

I realize you have a problem with Dr. Gorski because he relies upon valid scientific studies, but the simply truth is your opinion matters not. You aren't a compelling expert and your opinion is essentially worthless because there isn't any science to support it.

For a guy who complains every time I post a link to an article by a real scientist or real doctor, you might want to go visit your website sometime and see how much of your "data" is written by others. At least when I post the work of others I'm up front and honest about it and I don't pretend that it is my original thought.

Your misunderstanding of the data is only matched by your hypocrisy.
May 24, 2011 2:18 PM

 thē editor said...

Mr. Hubbs whining about me not posting the same comments over and over which don't include anything new and are full of your continual false accusations and lies isn't going to change a thing.... and it surely isn't going to convince me to publish your nonsense.

The fact is you wouldn't know 'truth' if it introduced itself while holding a long-form birth certificate and social security card... but since I have no idea what color the sky is in your world, you are free to believe whatever you choose.

Bye bye now.
May 24, 2011 9:03 PM


Who is the REAL "denialist", Costner? Me, or YOU?


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