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Response to: Yet Another Identity for Mr. Hubbs

Yet Another Identity for Mr. Hubbs

And Here

Just look at this sick and twisted Costner go, attack, attack, attack.

He DEMANDS to know the identity of any Argus Leader reply posting character name used that even suspects could be me, yet in over a years time of attacking me, he has refused to provide any identity nor qualifications for the endless misinformation and lying and attacking rants he puts forth.

If alias Costner doesn't get provided with a direct answer to who the Argus posting character name is for true identity, he gets angry and claims the poster is being dishonest, if they do not admit to who they are when he demands and requires that they do. How sick is this man. How delusional is he about who and what he is? The man with a falsely enlarged ego, so large that he thinks he rules the (truth) information highway on modern medicine and vaccinations. No truth information gets by him that he will not attack, slander the author, and mock person and the information put forth; to include any sources of that information.

What kind of a man does what he does? Then denies all that he has been involved in. No proof is enough for him of anything. He denies all as swiftly as if it all came off the devils tongue - himself. And he has the audacity to claim "MY number is 666"? Wow.

He goes on to claim that there is no proof of anything, yet he allows sick and perverted and slanderous reply comments to be made and published about me on his blog; yet as well refusing to allow any rebuttal nor reply from me to be published, as if ti were never there. Or in the alternative he will make lying excuses why to could be published. Like some child or a sick and deranged being with a power and control complex, repeatedly bans me from posting for two weeks over and over for stupid reasons. When the real reason is he has just published more bullshit that he knows he can not defend against, if I were allowed to comment on it.

How many replies have you refused to publish from me now, all in all Costner; that totally blew your claims to pieces, and exposed you for the misinformation liar you are? There are on almost every blog page you have, still unpublished, and/or as well lied about as to why you refused to publish it. What is that worth, when you must maintain such a high level of dishonesty? Which is a larger issue, your falsely inflated ego and self image, or your dishonesty?

Costner then tops it all publishing a new blog page, praising the likes of the CDC and vaccine patent profits as well as conflict of interest ridden ...Paul Offit. You refused as well to publish any rebuttal, with the information I provided to you in response to that page. There is a special place in hell for Paul Offit, right along side of you Costner! As well as many others that deserve the same. I obviously won't be your judge, but I would take a long hard look at what you do, and the misinformation you KNOW you represent! 

Paul Offit's Science Friction's_Desk/post/Paul_Offits_Science_Friction/

Paul For Profit Offit


Here below is a reply I made to the comments section of the blog page linked to above. Just in case he doesnt publish it and he likely won't; you can read the real truth he knows he alias - no identity - Costner is covering up.

By the way Costner, it was never stated nor were you ever told there was any "hit" put out by Krabbenhoft; CEO of Sanford. What was involved was that payment made to shut down my pathways of information. And yes, like you, I made a fool of Krabbenhoft and his facility, that on the Argus articles reply posting, and he knew that. The money was to not only shut down my pathways, but also that of Shaun Vuong, a medical student at USD, who through his blog and school activity had created some problems, and also that regarding violation of the hipaa laws.

I still have the copy of the script sent by someone claiming to be a black hat hacker, and that works for anyone who pays him. He did a good job of shutting me down on the Argus, and he wiped out every reply post I made. In fact I watched him hack that system reply posting right in front of me, and show me what he was able to do. In fact at first I didn't know how that was happening, or if the Argus itself had done it. Thus you see the need for the change in character names, and none of that was done because I wanted to use a different name. The long list of names you claim to however, include several names I have never used. Quite obviously that was not ever my intent to use any change of character names, but became necessary to counter the hacking of the reply information I was leaving on the Argus. And all of it was truth information, to counter the lies and misinformation that was there. But again you cause the problem and then capitalize on it by making what you know are false claims about the issue. You knew the real story, and as well you were told.

Kelby Krabbenhoft, Dave Link, and Paul Richards, WERE involved in that payoff, as a fact.

And as far as the identity of character names on the Argus. You have the arrogance to demand the identity of and to be able to personally identify character names, that you claim to be me; yet in over a year you have never provided your own identity; isn't that a little sick? You want to be intimidating and domineering with me; good luck with that one!  When you can provide your own identity, you may have something to say; even then you really would not. Quite clearly the Argus uses character names instead of real names because of people like you who do things like you have. Personal attacks of the nature you have conducted, are clearly against the Argus terms of service policy. The only reason you get away with it is apparently because it helps defend and support the hospital advertising money they get. You deserve to be removed from that reply posting registry, and never has there been a better example of it.

I would read this below article Costner, if you believe there is no cover-ups!

Infant Mortality Rates Increase With Vaccines

In Memoriam: Infant Deaths & Vaccination

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died After Vaccination

Sudden and unexpected death between 1 and 5 years

Blue breath holding is benign

More than 2,000 vaccinated babies died: The cost of doing business

Learn more:


Another picture below of refuse to get it, arrogance! They will never get it or admit it. So, delusional that they have to hire people to hack the sytems of people who put the real truth forward.

"I am ready to take over the country". "We will OWN every hospital anywhere in 500 miles. There will be so many blue lights, you will never get the image of blue lights out of your head, and we will own you and your health ". "Don't listen to those conspiracy theorists that claim there is a better way, there is NOT"!

You can not have the Rockefeller family owning and buying out the original AMA, trashing all existing alternative means to health, pouring millions into the medical schools pushing a drugs and vaccines only approach, and then once that is established expect anything to ever change. Once they are this far into it, to admit they were wrong and mislead from the start, would destroy endless careers and the credibility of the whole medical establishment, to now go back and make it right. As well the profits of the pharmaceutical companies would literally disappear. They will refuse to let that happen even up and until the time hell freezes over. Educate yourself.

"I am T. Denny Sanford, and I am here to improve your human condition", (and yet the children and adults are increasing sicker than they have ever been). How is that happening? Because the principals of modern medicine have been in error all along. You do not heal, cure, nor prevent, with toxic substances. The soil and the seed. Becamp and several other real scientists knew the truth 100 years ago. What did they run with, the only thing that could make billions in profits, the false teachings of Pasteur.

When  the FDA can remove the ban on darkfield blood microscopy that it has placed on this diagnostic procedure, and that in determining the causes of human health conditions; then we will have a chance at real understanding of human health and the real causes of what goes on, and as well the real understanding of the adverse effects of pharma drugs and vaccines. It would cause to much to be realized and they are not about to let that happen. Becamp already had a crude form of darkfield blood microscopy he used in what was known, 100 years ago. Learn the real history by going to the History of Medicine pages above, and as well do more of your own research. We have all been lied to. For profit.


His intentions were good, but apparently he just doesn't understand what is really going on!

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

Examining the Caduceus: The Symbol of Greed and Profit in Modern Medicine
Learn more:

Health Ranger unveils The God Within documentary, exposes the false philosophical foundations of modern science
Learn more:

Cancer – Preparing To Deal With It God’s Way

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