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Response to: Medical Veritas: The Journal For Quacks

Medical Veritas: The Journal For Quacks

I had second thoughts about even responding to this incredibly and selectively ignorant blog post page, Costner. Your demented rants against anyone supporting vaccine truth information or anti-vaccine are becoming increasingly more, baseless, mindless and lying as you go. And you are the person claiming others are intellectually dishonest. Amazing.

But you know what? I find the same thing over and over with you. Guess what that is? You conveniently as always attempt to discredit the information, without ever even addressing the actual information, much more by refuting the information and the science that is there. That site is far to damaging to the medical bullshit that is force fed down our throats, and has been fed to us for decades. You know it and I know that. I have never spent much, in fact I have spent very little time on the Medical Veritas site. But in review of what is there, I know as a fact from what I have seen and know of you, that with your lack of even basic honest evaluation of information ability; that you could never address nor refute the information that is there on that Medical Veritas site, nor as to any of those medical and vaccine issues. You never have, and never could!

What makes you the expert to what is valid science or not; quoting Gorski? Or is it your no identity internet blogger title? Maybe it is your mis-informer and dis-informer techniques? Just like I have always stated. When they can not address the message, they will attempt to falsely discredit the source/s and the message! This is simply how that system works, every time. What system is that? The false system in error of so called modern medicine. On my site and in this blog I have addressed that quite well, regardless of if you ever admit that or not. And you won't.

Here is one of Costner's blog comments below:

Now I'm not trying to suggest every editor affiliated with Medical Veritas is uneducated or not qualified to speak on medical issues. I'm sure there are numerous doctors and experts who have given their names to Medical Veritas and who speak on other matters unrelated to vaccines, but as I have shown above there are also a number of individuals who are totally unqualified to speak on the subject of vaccines or any other human medical issue for that matter.

In response, apparently you did not actually check Costner, as to how many well qualified authors there are on that site, and as to the actual science that is there as well! The only one that real science doesn't matter to, is YOU! Cherry picker!

This just goes to show if you dig beyond the surface, you always find the lack of science and dishonesty associated with the anti-vaccine movement.  They generally don't care because the people they prey on aren't intelligent enough to figure these types of things out on their own, and antivaxers generally don't care about facts in the first place, so any antivaxer who reads this information will find excuses to dismiss the facts as if they don't matter.  Science does matter however... it matters a lot.

And Costner, your claimed science has been shot down time and again, including the worthless 14 studies the CDC and AAP funded to try to claim vaccines are harmless and don't cause autism. Then suggest to me, what does cause autism? They have never actually found it to be genetic, and that would be impossible to have that large a genetic failure directly correlating to the large increase in no liability vaccines. Furthermore, you are in major denial even thinking or attempting to claim I have no valid science on this blog nor on my site. Nothing is enough for any lunatic denialist!

How can you  have an allopathic system proven to be the third leading cause of death in the US, and yet claim that all your science is solid, and furthermore all the in opposition science is thus quackery. Who is the real quack, Costner???? Where is the real quackery going on and has gone on since the Rockefellers took control of every medical school in the country; replacing and driving out any means to natural health. Homeopathy, to natural cures, and even natural cancer cures that had proven successful. All replaced with an falsely indoctrinated AMA, and later a profit corrupt and incompetent FDA and as well the CDC.

The reality is, there are dozens upon dozens of legitimate medical journals out there who would be more than willing to publish peer-reviewed science that can improve upon modern medicine.  You will often hear anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists such as Lowell Hubbs claim that "big pharma" or the CDC, FDA, AMA etc controls all of these journals, but that simply isn't true.  In fact, there are dozens of journals from other nations far, far outside any perceived influence of the American government.  In fact, The Lancet did in fact publish Wakefield's MMR "study" where it remained for years before his fraud was finally discovered, so that just goes to show that respected journals will in fact publish information which is contrary to popular opinion.

Heres is a question for you Costner. Then why are you not acknowledging the studies I do have from some of those journals? What, they weren't peer reviewed properly enough for you, or by the right sector of people? And if you actually believe there are dozens of legitimate peer reviewed medical journals out there that will accept vaccine truth information of the known type you are opposed to, (no matter how well done) then you are again delusional beyond all sensibility as always. You are flat out lying about that, and you know it. If that is true, why was Wakefield's primate study accepted and then pulled from the Journal Neuro-toxicology, as soon as the UK garbage went down on him? That was the intent; to prevent publishing of those studies. You make the same false claims over and over again. You see you have the need to stay in your delusional state of mind, as that is the only thing that can prevent you from acknowledging truth, and you sure don't want to do that.

Other medical journals have published numerous articles which have called into question knowledge which was previously accepted, and that is the entire point of continuing to study medical and scientific issues.  Doctors, scientists, and researchers are continually improving upon established treatments and they are continually learning new things about the human body, which is why we see thousands of studies and articles published each and ever year many of which expand upon or even correct existing knowledge.  Nobody is trying to suppress such knowledge, but they do require studies to be peer-reviewed and the results must be able to be replicated by others, which explains why so much of the garbage found within Medical Veritas could never be published in a true medical journal

And only a complete lunatic would actually believe a pile of garbage rant like that! How do you even know what information would be published or not, and based on what? You have not even referenced a single one of those Medical Veritas studies, nor have you addressed in any way of showing error nor refute. It is the same game as always Costner! Attacking the source directly and never addressing the actual information. You are insane dude, a flat out mindless lunatic.

More evidence of your mindless insanity.

How far will these people stoop in order to sell a few nutritional supplements, some newsletters, or a few books?  It is not only disappointing, but it is downright disgusting, and the editors and contributors to "Medical Veritas" should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to circumvent the system for their own selfish interests.  If you have legitimate peer-reviewed science to publish there are countless journals who would love to have it, but if you have to resort to rewriting the rules of publication just so you can play... all you have done is show that you are incapable of meeting the qualifications for legitimate publication.

Every qualified study participant and author out there, no  matter who it is, who puts forth the type of study information Medical Veritas does, KNOWS those kind of studies will never be allowed published in a high impact mainstream journal. What part of no dissent is allowed, do you not get??? The how and why is all to obvious; but your game is denial of all, and always was and will be. It is flat out sick!

More in denial insanity:

That is really no better than collecting all of the medical conspiracies you can and posting them on your own personal website as if that somehow adds credibility to them.  Then when someone challenges your claim on an issue, you don't refer to a legitimate medical journal or peer-reviewed study, but rather point them to your personal website where you have collected a vast assortment of unscientific nonsense as if quantity somehow suggests quality.  Unfortunately for the editors and publishers of Medical Veritas, it just doesn't work like that.  Real science can stand on its own merits and doesn't need to bend the rules in order to be proven or accepted as fact.

And why is it then that you can not address any of those studies and dissect them and prove them as false information, and only a medical conspiracy theory???  I can tell you as a fact Costner, I have put forth more real science, and scientific fact than you could even begin to; you falsely mocking, lying and delusional Fruit Loop! And look how and the way I have dissected your studies one after another, leaving you with nothing! Why is your pharma science connected the third leading cause of death in the US, if it is so solid. And those said studies came from so prestigious places and have never been refuted. If you find some actual refute of that, let me know. You created a blog page on that subject, and what happened to that, when you compare it to mine. but no, you won't even link to it? Nor any of it Why, because again you have nothing and you know it.

And why can I refer to my website? Because the TRUTH is THERE...dude!!! Imagine that. When was the last time you could honestly address any of that? No, hell no; just more attacks and attempting to destroy the messenger and their credibility; false attacks one after another. The story reads like a literal war novel. To much to lose by the truth being put out there. Hell couldn't burn hot enough the day you leave this earth and anyone like you that puts forth the same lies; and keeps feeding people those same lies. Lies that you KNOW are lies. Either that or you are the most twisted in the brain individual ever to breath air! And you hope that everyone who reads your garbage is going to stay as brainwashed as that sickening and selling sickness and disease for profit titled modern medicine system has made them. Discounting, mocking, and harassing every form of counter truth that is out there; and every person who puts it worth. It is interesting how your vocabulary mirror images that of David Gorski, MD. Well look at how many MD's back what I have put forth? Does that matter? I think surely it does.

You would rather have continue all the sickness and disease your way and modern medicines way, and all the protocols that lead to them rightfully earning that title of third leading cause of death in America. One of the least effective and most costly systems in the entire industrialized and modern world. What part of that don't you get? Denial doesn't save nor heal people. When you actually see the bullshit we have been fed, it is and should be just shocking, and unbelievable... yes. None the less is fact. Is America and their children getting healthier, or sicker? That should have been your first clue; but you fail repeatedly to admit it.

What you have going on in all of this is exactly what you stated it is, mockery of fact, and anyone that puts it forth. No matter what their education and experience; it is all classified as quackery. When you look at the real history that is there, and the quite simplified concepts of the soil and the seed, that even a 2nd grader could understand; why can you not comprehend it (alias) no identity Costner?  How is that zero identity serving you right now? A small collection of followers that just how you can shut me off? They have to much to lose also. They are in just much denial as you are. They can not believe they were that hoodwinked by their so called training. After all it was in the best universities and medical schools, was it not? If you never investigate nor accept the understanding of how it all became that way, nothing can nor ever will change. To simplified isn't it. But it is that simple.

You have two choices; and that included patients as well as so called medical professionals. You can stay on the mislead path you are on, or you can learn what real physiological understanding of health care really is and means. You can see the failure that is there, and no real cures to be found; nor any that get to the real cause. Why do you think that is? It is because they will not allow it, as difficult as it may be to imagine that level of mislead and hidden from you real history of that for profit evil. it is all there Costner, right in front of you. The problem is that you have chosen to do everything within your ability to silence those truths and make a false mockery of it. Now really, who and what are you making a mockery of??? The answer is, yourself. The answer is all the people and the children that have needlessly suffered. Even though you attempt to portray yourself, modern medicine, and vaccines as the savior, and only savior there is.

Like I have stated, I am only the messenger of that truth. Someone needs to do it, and there isn't near enough of it. This proverbial Goliath needs to fall. The only thing I can do is put forth those truths, and that was the mission I chose to go on. It isn't that there is no good to be found in that system. There is quite honestly that too; however in the big picture there is far more harm than good being done. It is all undeniable to any honest person who dares to cross the false information barrier, and truly think and learn what is there for themselves!

Obviously nothing will stop the continued personal attacks and misinformation campaign you are on Costner. You have wasted allot of my time, that never should have been. And where did it get you? If you had to put your name and personal identity on that blog, without doubt it never would have been written. You go on endlessly about lack of credibility; but what does all that say about you? First the Argus, now here. And attack on one man. Quite obviously I had some significant truth going on here, otherwise it wouldn't have been worth all your (that) time. You know it, and I know it; and it becomes obvious to anyone with the honesty to actually learn what is and has been put forth. For you, as a blatantly intentional denialist, nothing would be enough proof of anything, ever.

More information below you can not answer to Costner! All you can do is lie and lie some more; that is ALL you have ever done. I would be a little embarrassed if I were you. Repeatedly attacking the source personally and nothing more. No refute nor address of any of the actual information, nor even the studies put in front of you. You must deny anything you have been shown and seen, as if you never seen it, thats how it works for you, and the only way. You other attempted avenue is and has been to misrepresent entirely what was there. You wouldn't have spent a year going on the personal attack here, if I had nothing! And your continued denial of the real facts that have been clearly put in front of you as to Wakefield, and your ongoing support of the mainstream false smear. What does that tell anyone with any honest about what you you really are, and what your true agenda is?

Video Information

This is a special 4-hour investigation by Dr. Gary Null who offers a complete deconstruction of the British Medical Journal and its outright fraudulent accusations against Dr Andrew Wakefield, the vaccine / autism researcher. While this is a very long program, it contains truly astonishing revelations that, without question, PROVE the innocence of Dr Andrew Wakefield and reveal why the British Medical Journal must now print a retraction.

More on Medical Veritas, below.

Here's YOUR medical Savior, Costner! Treating a physiological deficiency of pharmaceuticals.


And Toxic Vaccines!

See, thats you below on the left Costner, the cowardly fear of the vaccine truth ...lie..on!!!

"Its ok Costner, you can admit you are afraid of the vaccine and modern medicine TRUTH"! 


"But Costner, when you go to the wizard, you better ask for a brain, too; and some common sense"!!!

"Oh here comes SDealer too, with a stolen dog, to screw up the day. Toto actually jumped out after getting pricked with a bunch of stashed in the basket polio vaccines. This woman is so medically delusional and crazy she can't even type or speak coherently". 

"The Wizard states he won't grant your wish Costner, unless you agree to denounce all the vaccine lies you have told; and admit you lied. He wants wants as well for you to admit that you are the"REAL" quack! Well, so much for that. I guess you will just have to get some other treatment for your falsely claiming all truth to be a conspiracy theory, syndrome".

Heres one of those demented child molesting hackers, that keep trying to falsely accuse and set me up for what they are actually doing. Don't get to carried away with the office equipment. And these are the people they recruited to do the dirty work.

For the autistic children, and those with neurological and seizure disorders, their life experience is often in the land of the lost! For the Gardasil victims as well, nothing was enough; they still found no common link, no matter what. Like everything else, they refused to admit it. To much to lose.



The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequence.


Medical Veritas: seems to be somewhat closely related to this site as well, International Medical Counsel on Vaccination

No wonder Costner, just like the said Gorski, is so worried about falsely discrediting it ALL. To much information and to much TRUTH! Look what is below. More conspiracy .... theories!

60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child.

Smallpox Vaccine: Origins of Vaccine Madness, same bullshit as the polio vaccine.

Outbreaks Proof That Whooping Cough Vaccines Don’t Work.

Why the New Mumps Outbreak Puts You At Risk
Excerpt: Last week, at least 1,521 people in New York and New Jersey developed mumps. About 85% of the victims had the usual two doses of the MMR vaccine. What have they gotten for it?

Shingles Vaccine? Think Again!

Cotdeath: Vaccines & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
And actually, Medical Veritas has allot more specific information on that subject.

Why a Satisfactory Solution to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Has Not Been Achieved

Is the Killer the Parent or the Doctor? Vaccines and Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Shaken Baby Syndrome and Non-Accidental Injury: Are Parents and Caretakers Being Falsely Accused? (Article).

Healing a Generation of Vaccine-Injured Children: Autism Recovery.

Beyond Thimerosal: Exposing Aluminum – A crippling and neurologically debilitating vaccine adjuvant

The Ten Reasons to Say No To Vaccines.

Suppression of Vaccine Truth: A Research Insider Speaks. Gary Goldman, PhD

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Signing Physicians

Quack... by Suzanne Humphries, MD

WHO Disease-Mongers Have Big Pharma Ties, (same place Costner gets his false and quoted numbers).

No Vaccines For Me!
Kathleen Dunkelberger, RN speaks on vaccination and health. The author of No Vaccines for Me!

Vaccinations, Dr. Lorraine Day

Global Backlash on HPV Vaccines.

The Truth About Vaccinations.

The Effects of Vaccination on the Brain, Dr Russell Blaylock.

Vaccination - Why Fear Sells.

Allopathic Failure, Homeopathic Future.


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